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Single Payer Healthcare

People who answer “single payer healthcare” every time a problem with the U.S. healthcare system is brought up are part of the problem.  

Mashing the SPH button every time the grownups are talking simplifies the conversation about US healthcare to a useless degree.  SPH is the goal, but just injecting those three magic words into every conversation does nothing to address the complexity and nuance, and only allows the person saying it to feel good.  Most of them are just as uneducated as people who want it to remain a for-profit system.  

If you are in favor of SHP, as every sane person should be, then you need to get your hands dirty and educate yourself on some things.  Here, I’ll start you off: 

1. Torte reform.  Want to curb over testing and over prescribing? Torte reform.  Doctors need to be able to not worry about being sued because they missed your zebra or something unrelated to what you saw them for, and they need to feel comfortable saying, “No, Barbara, you can’t have a zpak for your virus”. TORTE.  REFORM.  

2. The cost of med school.  As it stands, most students leave med school with 300-400k in debt.  As single payer statistically speaking involves a drop in pay, this becomes untenable.  They should not be paying a mortgage when they get out of school.  

3. Residencies are underfunded.  Doctors can sometimes come out of school, with the debt mentioned above, and not be able to match into a residency and finish their training.  

4. Doctor shortage.  2 & 3 would help address this, but if we want to switch to SPH we need more doctors to handle the load, otherwise you’ll be waiting weeks to see one.  Plenty of smart, potentially qualified people go to a different field because they don’t want to take on the crushing debt.  

5. Preventative care.  The whole conversation around this needs to change, to emphasize it over emergency care.  Treating stage 1 cancer is cheaper than treating stage 4.  2, 3, and 4 are related to this.  A heavier primary care load means we need more primary care doctors.  

6. Transparency of pricing.  Everyone involved in the process, especially doctors, need to know what things cost.  This also goes towards over testing (Noticing a pattern? It’s all connected.).  Right now that’s not the case, and to avoid being sued, expensive tests are probably being ordered in excess of what is necessary if there’s an efficient cheap one.  

7. Profit limits.  Now, I tend to lean more capitalist than most of Tumblr does, so I don’t have a problem with some profit being made.  BUT.  There needs to be a limit to how much drug companies, hospitals, and insurance companies can over charge.  That could be a flat %, I don’t know.  But it would definitely help limit the expenses and how much is paid in general (which makes it easier to switch to SPH.).  Drug companies especially.  

8. Doctors need to be educated about how the admin side works (thanks @md-admissions for that one.) so they can be better prescribers and be more aware of what it’s like on the other side of the fence.  Here’s the quick and dirty: Dr. dxs and codes for that.  –> treatments are added in the form of HCPCs –> After the appt, stay, etc. is over the billers charge the insurance company, after going through a whole host of corrections.  Mostly because of the next step, and because you can only use certain ICD codes with certain HCPC codes –> bill goes to a clearinghouse, whose only purpose is to check it for errors.  It’s an automated system that will reject for completely minor things.  Bill is either accepted and sent to the payer, or rejected and sent back to the provider for corrections –> Biller performs corrections and resubmits.  This part can literally go on for months, but it’s eventually sent to the payer, or the exasperated provider gives up –> once at the payer (insurance demon I mean company), they look it and either pay it or reject it.  Often they refuse to give you more reason for the rejection than an arcane code.  If it’s medicare you may or may not get a human-readable report.  It’s a crapshoot if you get a 277 or 999, as far as I can tell.  If the payer rejects it sometimes they won’t even discuss it with the provider, and insist you use the clearing house as a go-between.  They look for any reason to reject and providers lose *millions* to this BS. –> After all of this, the balance is either written off or forwarded on to the pt.  

9. Eliminate clearing houses and insurance companies.  This would happen as a by-product of switching to single payer, but none-the-less, it still addresses the problem of administrative waste that would still need to be watched out for under a SPH system.  Clearinghouses are useless.  People who do the job of checking the coding and whatnot tho (coding is important and necessary, because it allows for tracking of illness for stat reasons but also because that’s how they know what to pay.) could be transitioned to the same job in a SPH system.  

Ok this isn’t exhaustive, but I think it’s a good start.  

So please, SHP people, before you go beating that drum make sure you’re ready to address the complex mess that is American healthcare because I’m tired of listening to your smug assertion of “single payer would fix this” and I agree with you.  It’s lazy and uninformed.  

Pll Rant

For eight months we waited for pretty little liars to return… Hoping and waiting for 10 episodes that would be astonishing. Yet they have been nothing but fillers and boring to watch. Nothing exciting happens. The last two episodes should have been breath taking. We should be gripping our seats. But we arent.


(sorry for crappy image quality that is entirely my end; I drew all this in maybe 45 minutes)

Keith being long suffering over Shiro and Lance pining over each other and their eventual relationship.  He’s also the one that cries the hardest at their wedding.

Based off my Shance Headcanon post!

Dan liveshow recommendations

some obsessions, loud flailing, and exaggerated story time. What else do you need?
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The Pull - A Nessian Fic(let?)

This is just something that I wrote instead of sleeping.

“How many times must I tell you?!”
Cassian did not answer for one, simple reason: confusion. Standing in the doorway to Nesta’s room, watching her scowl and grumpily remove herself from the bed to stalk toward him, and waiting for her to come up for training always left his blood singing that had nothing at all to do with the lack of support and short length of Nesta’s nightgowns. He did not know what Nesta had told him too many times, or rather, he didn’t know what of many things he’d been ignoring that she was now referring to.
Cassian had been told numerous times that minute to get out of her room. Cassian had been told numerous times that week to stop looking at her like that. Cassian had been told numerous times that month that she wouldn’t be training with him—ever. Luckily for him, Nesta wasn’t the Seer.
He grinned down at Nesta as she tried to shove him out, flaring his wings slightly but otherwise remaining entirely immobile. Red light filtered through his wings, making her eyes seem to dance with molten fire.
How could anyone be so beautiful?
She touched his chest gently with one hand, looking up at him with parted lips and fluttering eyelashes.
He caught her knee inches before it collided with his nether regions.
“You’re getting predictable,” he breathed, casually reaching out with his not occupied hand to pull a rogue strand of hair behind her delicately pointed ear. He wanted to sink his teeth into that ear. Desperately.
He did not have the foresight or time to muffle his moan as Nesta reached out to touch his wing with light fingertips. He coughed out a curse and released her hair to grab her arm, warily keeping a hand to block any further attacks from her knees. She was getting better at distracting him long enough to be dangerous to him, and he really didn’t appreciate it. (Or the fact that it kept working.)
“No one ever taught you ‘look, don’t touch?’” Cassian asked. Nesta pulled her eyes away from the places she’d touched. Faint scars. Cassian didn’t care. It proved he survived. And gave Nesta an excuse to touch him.
She glanced down, “Feyre was right. You are sensitive little pricks.”
“Nothing little about it,” Cassian winked, risking release of her hand to brace himself on the upper part of the door frame, leaning closer to her. Nesta scowled at him. Cassian scented the shift in her as blood rushed to her cheeks. He didn’t need Nesta’s body though. He needed her and damn it if she wasn’t more stubborn than his High Lady.
“If you’re here to drag me up for more training, you may as well go jump off a cliff,” Nesta turned and returned to the safety of her room. Cassian followed, brushing past her to open the thick curtains she kept over the windows. The door creaked slightly, closing slightly on a phantom wind *cough* it’s Feyre *cough*.
“More? You haven’t had any,” Cassian said, unable to keep the cross tone from his voice.
“What of it? I’m still alive,” Nesta challenged, raising an eyebrow at him. Cassian felt that surge he’d talked to Rhys about hit him harder than it had since Hybern’s death. He decided to ignore it, as always.
“Luck will not carry you-”
“I’m Fae now, it’s not like falling down the stairs might kill me-”
“Did I call you fragile?”
“You’re an ass,” she made a rude gesture that he wouldn’t be surprised had passed from Rhys to Lucien to Elain to Feyre to her. He knew it as a predominantly Illyrian one, but he’d seen Lucien throw it before (mostly to him).
“If you’re to be our Emissary, you need to able to defend yourself.”
“I already am your Emissary, Cass,” she said, her voice softening just slightly. It was a gentle reminder of the trip she’d be embarking on in just a few weeks.
A trip Cassian would not be party to.
“And considering Feyre was too busy enjoying Rhys to do her job very well, I’d say I’m the best you’ll ever have,” Cassian growled slightly at her words. Nesta waved her hand, “I’m sure her duties including a variety of activities that didn’t involve Rhys in her bed-”
“Nesta,” Cassian groaned, pulling a hand through his hair. “Please. Please, let me teach you how to defend yourself.”
He tried not to look scared or pleased as she approached him swiftly, standing up on her toes so her eyes weren’t level with his chin for once. She rested an arm on his shoulder for balance. He ached to hook an arm around her waist, to hoist her up against him and spin and kiss her until the were both dizzy-
Cassian reminded himself that he was a warrior who was capable of killing many many people very quickly.
Then he looked into her eyes and wished it all the same.
“You don’t have to be scared for me,” Nesta said quietly. The dangerous line they had been toeing since they’d nearly died together had been tested and tested again after Nesta had finally stopped hiding in her room following the War. It happened every time she went out with the females with the specific task of finding her a male to bed and he waited for her to come home, and she did. She’d even kissed his cheek one night, after she drunkenly fell down the stairs and he carried her up to her room. The line had nearly fuzzed out completely when she found Cassian half naked and half asleep on the roof of the House of Wind, staring down at Velaris and waiting for the oh-so-exquisite sunrise. He’d had the drowsy nerve to kiss her then, too.
It was never enough for the burning coursing through him the sparked at each of her gentle touches.
“Cassian?” She touched his chin gently.
“I’m in charge of making sure Rhys and Feyre’s court can protect themselves. That includes you now and …” Cassian looked up to the ceiling for a second. “If something happens to you when I’m not there again, I … I don’t know … what I’ll do. To- to be with you again.”
“You are far too overprotective and-”
“And you aren’t mine to protect,” Cassian mumbled. “But- When you were human, that shit male- and then with Hybern, if not for Elain-”
“Cassian,” she brushed at his lip with her thumb. “Human males are called men.”
Cassian laughed lowly at this, shaking his head. Nesta’s humor always came in such a fashion, always wildly unexpected and brutally simple. Cassian rested his forehead against hers after a long moment, chasing her gently as she dropped off her toes.
“Be careful,” Cassian whispered.
“I’m not leaving for a while,” Nesta murmured, her nose running along his for a moment. Cassian lived for this collection of heartbeats. He lived for the scent of her pulling him slowly closer. He lived for the heat of her skin teasing his. He lived for the choice that was made as Nesta’s eyes fluttered shut. He lived for the call in her blood as his roared.
He’d never loved a female like this before. Usually it came after sharing a bed so many times she was no surprise. Nesta never failed to surprise him when it truly counted. He’d only been allowed the tiniest hint of a taste of her body. But there was something else, something other to her.
Nesta Nesta Nesta.
He kissed her, unable to wait any longer. It was lighter than a feather, a true testament to his tarnished self-control. He finally rested a hand on her lower back and tugged her closer.
Nesta, for all the lack of experience she claimed, had an Archeron tongue. He’d heard enough of Rhys’ muttering and Lucien’s bleary, drunken rants to have some hint of this familial brand of magic.
It was very different to experience it, with Nesta tugging on his hair and making delicious sounds into his mouth. He couldn’t touch her enough, couldn’t breathe enough.
Cassian had no idea how long it was until they parted.
“If you had any brains, you’d threaten to leave me if I don’t train with you,” Nesta said quietly. Cassian’s first answer was lost as he shuddered; she was touching his wings again. He buried his head in her neck, slowly moving upwards to her perfect ears. He could feel every moan vibrate through her as she leaned into him.
“Even I don’t have the restraint for that,” Cassian breathed into her ear. Before she could answer he bit her earlobe gently.
That was one thing to knock off his to-do list. Although, he may very well have to put it back on, just for the little gasp Nesta made.

So the idea that Melissa’s recent instagram posts are fake pr done by Supergirl’s pr team because they didn’t come from that night or that Mehcad’s posts of himself are done for the same reason are unfounded and kinda ridiculous.

Melissa has been steadily posting pictures on her instagram for a while this summer, Supergirl-related and non-supergirl-related, and she’s posted photos that were taken a while ago, too. She wasn’t ~deceiving~ anyone by posting a picture that wasn’t taken that night, and it’s completely within her behavior to do so, without any “ulterior motives”.

Mehcad’s aren’t even about Supergirl.

You’re seeing connections where there aren’t any, I think you’re inflating how important anti-mon-el twitter rants are to them. (Hint: not important enough to risk a weird lie, when they could likely provide true content that would work just as well)

I think, if they really wanted to “appease Katie fans” then they would be able to manage getting an actual picture of Katie. If you imagine that they can get Melissa to post a pic and then lie about the circumstances, you can imagine that they could ask other cast members to post any Katie pics they might have.

There’s no reason to believe that Supergirl’s pr person is posting on Melissa or anyone’s social media on behalf of them other than that for some reason you guys can’t stand the thought that Katie Mcgrath might not hate Chris Wood, the actor, and would be willing to go to dinner with him in attendance and take a picture of him and some other cast members.

(Katie not appearing in the pictures herself is not at all “suspicious” if you know her personality. She probably took pictures of the others and not of herself, then sent them to everyone at the dinner.)

But what are you gonna do if Katie and Chris sit next to each other during their comic con interviews? Or, god forbid, they talk to each other? If she says something nice about him?

If you’d say that the pr team forced her to do so, I’d say that’s not what happened, but I’d also point out how you got angry with Melissa for doing what the pr team asked her to do (and you also imagined, that if Katie being there was a lie -which again, is an unfounded belief- that they did it without Katie’s permission??? Another thing you have no reason to believe).

And you’re missing out on the fact??? That Katie and Melissa sat next to each other??? They chose to sit next to each other instead of next to other people??? and-

“Ms Katie McGrath” how cute??????

It’s just… if you’re gonna focus on how every good thing must somehow be a ploy to distract from the bad things, rather then realizing that some times good things are just good things, they just happen, and that the Supergirl team is capable of making genuinely bad and genuinely good things, why are you watching the show? Why are you following the behind the scenes news? 

Even if it’s just for Katie.

How can anything be enjoyable when you think it only exists to hide the negatives that are happening? 

Let go. 

Criticize the bad, appreciate the good. Continue pushing for more of the good. 

But don’t let the fact that we often have to push for positive moments darken them, because if you can’t enjoy them, what’s the point? 

anonymous asked:

I have to rant to somebody about this, I hope you don't mind... I've been thinking that klance should become canon because it'd be the first cartoon where two of the male protagonists are with each other. We've seen lead girls in gay relationships, being korrasami and rubyxsaphire the most prominent ones, but there hasn't been an occidental cartoon with male lead protagonists in love yet. And it'd be amazing and what the media needs imo, I hope it'll come true...

klance is SO important to me!!!!!

like you are right the only lgbt rep that is shown in cartoons is female and that alone is incredible honestly but gay men should have rep too in all forms of media as well!!!

klance has the potential to be such a good romance like their dynamic is incredibly healthy and if they include lance coming to terms with his sexuality?? that would probably make me cry,,, like a bisexual poc finding out who they are and being supported the whole way?? and their sexuality not made to be a joke?? god,,,, i think i would die that would be so amazing and good for younger audience members to see!!

its a lot harder for guys esp teenagers to find out who they are because there is so much pressure to be straight and if they showed a character being supported and love while figuring out who they are in terms of sexuality that would send out such a good message for the next generation like i could show my kids this show when i’m older and i can let them know that its okay to be who they are y'know!!!

like rep of all forms is so good like not only is it educational but it’s just nice for people to look at a character they love and say,,, wow that’s just like me

like if lance was confirmed bi??? god i would cry like that would make me,,, a bi,,, so happy 😭😭

also don’t even get me started on keith being gay. like if keith is gay?? that alone would be so incredible!! like keith is this badass character who isn’t part of the “stereotype” at all and i love that so much and god,,, i just,,,, i have a very strong need for voltron to do this,,,, i don’t even care about klance that would just be the icing on the cake tbh,,,

i just want two male lgbt character who are supported through and through and are shown in a positive light and i have a strong feeling they might actually do this,,, they picked netflix for a reason they wanted to develop an interesting story and have as much freedom as possible


anyways that was such a long rant :’)

The Matchmakers - Part 1

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

A drabble series I’m working on with @setthestarsxnfire, please enjoy! 

<    12:31    -    ZEN, MC    >

ZEN: But how did we get on this topic?
ZEN: Let’s go back to the main subject – Jumin Han
ZEN: Lately he’s been more annoying than ever

MC: Maybe you guys should talk to each other

ZEN: Hah! That would imply he actually listens

- Jumin Han has logged in -

MC: Hey Jumin!

Jumin Han: Hello MC.

ZEN: Are you seriously ignoring me?

Jumin Han: I wouldn’t be if you greeted me properly.

ZEN: Why would I have to do that just to get a simple hello?

Jumin Han: Also I see you’ve been insulting me again.
Jumin Han: If you were as productive in looking for jobs, you’d already be working full-time.

ZEN: Excuse you, I just got hired for a musical that will launch next year!
ZEN: What have you got to say about that, huh?

Jumin Han: I would say
Jumin Han: Congratulations.

ZEN: …
ZEN: Thanks.

Jumin Han: And that you should still consider my offer for the Holistic commercial.
Jumin Han: It’s good to have different options.

ZEN: And for a moment I actually thought you were being nice
ZEN: I can feel my allergies working up
ZEN: Go bother me another time, my break is over

- Zen has logged out -

Jumin Han: …

MC: Maaaybe you guys should meet up and talk?

Jumin Han: I don’t think it’ll go anywhere with someone as stubborn as he is.

MC: Right. So, the weather’s been pretty strange lately huh?

Jumin Han: I have to get back to work.
Jumin Han: Please ask him to think about it when he comes back.

- Jumin Han has logged out -

MC: …

- Yoosung★ has logged in -
- Jaehee Kang has logged in -
- 707 has logged in -
- V has logged in -
- Saeran has logged in -

MC: See guys, I told you.

Yoosung★: Wooooow, you were right.

707: Wait hold up, lemme do this real quick~!

- Private Mode activated -

707: There, now anyone who isn’t here can’t see this chat. :D

Yoosung★: You constantly tried to change the subject and Zen kept going back!

V: I suspected it earlier – whenever we talk, all it takes is the slightest of hints for Jumin to start ranting about Zen.

Jaehee Kang: Even if I didn’t know Zen had a new musical role. ;.;

707: Jumin really wants to see Zen in those cat ears hehehe

Saeran: It’s true, they’re complete morons

MC: Does that mean you guys are all on board?

V: Yes, I believe it’ll make them happy.
V: And it’d be nice to have less fighting in the chat.

Yoosung★: Not wasting hours when planning parties sounds like a win to me
Yoosung★: I might actually not be late for LOLOL evening raids on meeting days!


Saeran: Might as well, Saeyoung is going to force me into it anyway

707: Aww come on, I don’t want you to feel left out!

V: You’re lucky you have someone who cares so much about you, Saeran.

Saeran: Maybe you should be his brother instead

V: I’m not sure how I’d feel about that. ;;

Saeran: See, even V understands

707: (ಥ﹏ಥ)

V: Wait, that’s not what I meant.

Yoosung★: Saeran, stop picking on Saeyoung! D=

Saeran: Of course you would take his side

MC: Oi oi oi

Yoosung★: I’m not taking anyone’s side!

MC: Guys, focus!!! D:<
MC: Jaehee, you’re pretty quiet

Jaehee Kang: I don’t know
Jaehee Kang: I feel a bit awkward interfering with people’s love lives like this.

MC: Jaehee, how much more cat projects does Jumin give you whenever Zen says no?

Jaehee Kang: …Good point.

MC: At the very least, having them realize what tension there is between them will help us all out
MC: Let’s do it for everyone’s sanity!

707: My hacking skills are at your service (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

Yoosung★: I’ve got a few ideas :D

V: So do I.

Jaehee Kang: With my vast array of Zen merchandise and my job, I’m in the best position to help out.

MC: Yay Jaehee <3
MC: Then let’s get to work
MC: Operation Matchmaking has started!

Saeran: Just try not to be too obvious guys =.= 

What are you afraid of Aria?

I’ve been re-watching episodes BACKWARDS for clues, and I found something VERY INTERESTING about how I have perceived the show when watching it forwards. It sounds confusing but let me try and explain. ****WHILE READING THIS KEEP IN MIND WHAT SPENCER SAID****

 As the seasons progress (forwards 1-5) we can tell that A becomes more harsh, more “ballsy” and pretty much just WORSE towards the liars. Lies become bigger, and yet A has been one step ahead the whole time. A started out being in charge and calling all the shots, but as the liars grew up they grew smarter- well lets not go too far, more smart than they were in Season 1- and they become less afraid. When I say liars, I should clarify: Emily, Hannah, and Spencer become more smart and more angry than scared, ARIA did the opposite. She got turned inside out, if you will. 

Watching backwards, Aria- if we don’t have the A label on her- has grown into a strong level-headed person who likes a certain Fitz and who is involved with her family. Watching FORWARDS, the way the show is written and intended to be watched- WE SEE HER COME UNDONE. Literally throughout the seasons (in order), she has become unrecognizable. Question is, why would she be becoming MORE afraid? I believe we as (ARIA IS A) believers have known all along. 

The three Liars(Em, Han, and Spence), four if we include Ali, have been inching closer and closer to A’s identity since the show started, and if they haven’t always known, we as theorists have always figured it out for them. A is starting to sweat. Just in time for a Big A reveal don’t ya think? I have mentioned in a theory before, that A might be thinking of a way to GO OUT WITH A BANG. Let’s be honest, the whole Doll-House round up could’ve happened in Season 3 where it would fit the best, seeing as though that is where the most dolls came into play, SO WHY WOULD WE COME BACK TO THE DOLLS NOW? Only one reason, A wants to end her gAme on her terms. 

This would explain Aria coming UNDONE throughout the seasons, instead of becoming ACTIVE in solving A-ness, like the other liars. She played along pretty well in Season 1 because she thought she had it all under control.

 In season 2, her storyline is basically about her and Ezra. She seems pretty OKAY- or at least the happiest of the liars-in that season unless it had something to do with him. Towards the end of Season 2 we can see her being inwardly stressed about something (I think it is because the liars get closer to A and she had to make a plan, but I will explain that below.) Other than that, its been a nice season for her. Ezra came back in the end, all is good in la la lAnd. 

And where do we really see her start to shift into this new Aria? In season 3 it becomes WAY OBVIOUS. This the season we see her mental stability in question, she gets physically sick and looks terrible in a few episodes(which I think is more symbolic obvi), and she and Ezra start having some problems(did they ever recover from this season, I mean a broken hymen- does not a broken heart mend(Ezria sex)), really it is breakdown season for this girl in all aspects.

+MINI THEORY ALERT***||||||Aria loosing it in season 3 is VERY significant because Mona isn’t her right hand man anymore, because she is locked up in Radley. As I have theorized before, I have said that Mona wasn’t happy about having to reveal herself, and asking Spencer to join. She was upset with Big A’s plan. She wasn’t in the spotlight anymore, she was in Radley now. Missing all the juicy stuff. It makes since why she started acting specifically weird around Aria in season 3. It explains why Mona said someone STOLE the game from her. Basically, someone took it without asking, they TOLD her it was over. It also makes since why Mona tried to buddy up with Aria when she got out of Radley, and eventually why she called Aria with exciting news of the proof that “Ali is A”. She was promised a head position again, if she did what was asked of her: faking her death, proving Ali was A. She was trying to get her spot back. This is why it seems that things are getting harder for Aria. New A-team members are messing stuff up (Lucas.) No one can do it like Mona did.||||||

THIS BEHAVIOR AMPLIFIES THROUGHOUT SEASONS 4 and 5 AS YOU ALREADY KNOW. SHE GETS EVEN CRAZIER, if thats possible. I don’t even have to post pictures about those seasons. Oi vey. 

We know Aria is ANYTHING but dumb, and yet lately (seasons 3-5) she has only been helpful or active-in trying to piece stuff together- when, 1- it involves her family and 2- if their “discovery” turns out to be an A trick. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN ROSEWOOD. 

Unanswered questions about Aria: We literally saw her kill someone and A has done nothing about that? She wasn’t worried about college because she was worried about Ezra, then she couldn’t get in, then she got herself in, and now she isn’t worried about Ezra (not literally- she obvi still loves him- but now he is on the back burner) and she is all worried about college and moving on? The few times something DOES happen to her, it can be explained/proved that A wasn’t the culprit? She hasn’t even mentioned her family lately, except when she wanted to know what Mike knew, and that he was safe, and now that “he is”, he isn’t “on her mind”? (Yes, she did say something to Andrew but HE brought Mike up)
These questions shine some light. They aren’t all the questions, just a few.

I encourage you to go and watch the seasons backwards. You pick up on stuff, and maybe keep an eye out for little miss AriA. 

rosewoodspy killerariaisa

im so done oKAY

If I see one more post shitting on tumblr’s apparent obsession with Langst or Lance in general, I swear on my atheist soul, I will delete this hell app off of my phone, severing my connection entirely with such backwards people.

It sounds dramatic, but I’m about as annoyed with the people dragging langst as the people dragging langst are annoyed with langst, which is apparently a lot since I’ve seen nine posts in a damn row explaining that we need to stop babying Lance and Keith is more important/more tragic. Like, honestly, what the fuck is your damage? I shouldn’t be feeding into it, but the thing is that I understand where those people are coming from, I just think they need to shut their fucking fingers up, because the Voltron community is already full of hate and we don’t need anymore of it.

I have had lots of disagreements with what the fandom deems important, for instance, the BNHA fandom, the AC fandom, the AOT fandom, literally most fandoms I’ve been in, I’ve either disliked the main character or didn’t like a popular pairing. That doesn’t give me the right to spout bullshit because I feel bitter about it! You know why I think that I shouldn’t spread my unpopular, hateful opinions strongly? Because unlike the people being childish, I’m not a petty piss baby. I convey my unpopular opinions only when asked and let people enjoy their ships and characters because that’s the mature, responsible way to deal with a part of the fandom you dislike. You don’t intentionally try to tear that part of the fandom down because if you do and it’s a popular part, you’ll just end up ruining it for everyone, including your fucking self.

Yes, I understand that constantly hearing about Lance being deeper than comedic relief gets very repetitive, there’s been times I wish people would step down from it for just a second because I know if I had been exposed to a more vulnerable intake on another character, maybe I would have been able to sympathize with said character a little more. Instead, I was immediately bombarded with sad Lance, sad Lance, depressed Lance, but I don’t whine and bitch and cry and complain about it. I just sit the fuck back and enjoy the content that I enjoy and don’t mind that I only like it because everyone else does. Because, I’ve found I can relate to Lance, so even if I had been exposed to a different character’s insecurities and developed a bit of a bias, I know I would have eventually found my way to Lance’s part of the fandom.

Which, brings me to another argument. Yes, I understand that the other main characters have sadness and shortcomings of their own. Pidge is missing half of her family, Allura and Coran lost their entire fucking species, Shiro has crippling PTSD and bears the burdens every leader does, Keith is a fucking orphan, not to mention half Galra, and that’s exactly why the fandom probably disregards them. They’re not relatable. What does Lance have? A warped sense of self worth, insecurities, and home sickness. But, he’s portrayed as such an easy going, happy go lucky character. A lot of people can understand that because they’re like that too. Not everyone can have such complex tragedies in their life, sometimes you’re just sad and most people can vouch for that.

Since they can understand where Lance is coming from, feeling like he isn’t valuable, feeling like he’s not worthy of this amazing duty he’s been blessed with, they use him to portray their own feelings onto, for most people creating content for sad Lance, it’s a coping mechanism, so how about everyone wiping their ass with the largest part of the fandom go think about how wrong you are?

Personally, I don’t think that some of the other characters should get more sympathy than they’ve already been given, but I’m not going to start crying over spilled milk because this is a children’s show. I refuse to be so invested in it that I actively seek out offending other people because I don’t agree with them. The only line I draw is at blatant hate and ignorance. It shouldn’t matter whether or not you agree with someone, respect is a given. You respect the opinions that you don’t agree with, so long as they’re morally in the right. And sometimes, for fun, you could seek out a debate defending your own opinion, but you shouldn’t let it get out of hand. Correct someone when they’re in the wrong, but don’t attack them. This post isn’t meant to attack people, but I’m not going to lie, I’m angry at this idea. Not the people who present it because they just need a nudge out of that direction.

Oh my hod, I shouldn’t have to explain being a decent human being but the fandom is apparently full of people who don’t understand that. :)

If it’s so annoying that you can’t possibly bear to see one more post painting Lance as a precious baby boy who should be protected (a picture I don’t really particularly like either), then leave. It won’t go away and people bitching about it honestly only fuels the flames. And if you’re so sick of the other characters being invalidated when they’re so obviously struggling with their issues, then go out and make content for them YOUR FUCKING SELF! No one else is going to do it for you! I for one think Hunk should get more recognition, so you know what I’m going to do? Here’s a hint: I’m not going to scream about it on a rant post on tumblr, quite possibly the most useless site on the internet. I’m going to create content for him in any way I know how. So, you know. Do that. Don’t hate on one part of the fandom because you think you can’t provide for the part you enjoy.

I usually don’t get angry enough to make a vent post, but this just seemed so stupid and immature that me, a stupid and immature person, had to feed into. Sorry if I offended anyone :’>

Free To Be You And Me

Request made by @veritytyleruniverse

Hey, so about the prompts, how about jamilton where they are dating but because they insult each other so much, everyone thinks they hate each other.

Wordcount: 1783 words

Beta-ed by my lovely @smolchinerd

Note: It’s finally done! I liked writing this! <3 I’m sorry it took too long, but I’m quite pleased with the result! Enjoy! <3

There was a routine. Alexander Hamilton would always arrive before seven in the morning with tired eyes, plodding heavily his feet across the lobby. He would stop for a coffee in a shitty cafe and he would bring the hot berbage to the office, still warm and humming in his hands. His briefcase hanging from his shoulder, and his clothes clean but a little wrinkled in some spots.

He would greet the receptionist with a smile and head to the elevators. He would go up to his floor and enter his office. Then, five minutes later, Thomas Jefferson would come out from the elevator and smirk at him from his office door. The southern would occupy his place in the office across Hamilton’s, and then they both would start to work.

Along the day they would snap or fight each other. Jefferson denying his approval of Hamilton’s plans, Hamilton yelling at him to ‘sign the fucking paper’. They would fight over how coffee should be prepared like: Jefferson says with milk and sugar, Hamilton says ‘as black as my soul’. They would fight over anything they could.

And then, there were the meetings.

For anyone with the honor of being in the meetings, the fights Jefferson and Hamilton have along the day are nothing. Nothing, compared to the disastrous fights that usually took place in the meetings.

So yeah. That’s the way today started. Everything was fine. Or so it seemed.

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I’m so utterly disappointed with persona 5.

I can’t believe it. Atlus did it AGAIN. No gay romance option for the MC.


like srsly, we’re in 2017 atlus step your game up 

like wth u present me with this guy 

which is identical to the other gay character in the franchise

but no romance option.

It’s like they’re SUBTLY hinting: “HEY, THIS GUY IS GAY”

Nice, atlus


All Drugged Up

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Nothing. It should be really cute.

Prompt: This is a fanfiction that I was hoping someone else would write but it was too good for anyone to just wait around so I decided I would do it. Dan is full of morphine and is pretty damn drousy and as Phil takes him home, Dan lets go of a confession he would have never made in his right state of mind.

Word Count: 1,671

Based on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keZssF75XZY.

A/N: You must remember, this is from 2010 so Dan and Phil weren’t living together yet. Okay, enjoy.

From Phil’s Point of View


As we left A&E, I basically had to drag Dan out. He was on mass amounts of morphine after being in the hospital for the night and damn, he was heavy. We both stumbled our way to the tube and got on. I could barely pull out my Oyster Card without Dan falling flat on his face. Once I found us a seat and we were both settled in, he started giggling, and just leaned himself against me, soon enough falling asleep. Oh deer, this would be a long ride.

After much struggle and a lot of pulling, I got to Dan’s house. Even though he was awake, he was not willing to help drag any of his own weight. His parents weren’t home and I obviously couldn’t leave him alone, so I sighed and pushed my hand into his pocket, searching for a pair of keys. Luckily, he had them so I opened his door and hauled him inside and to his room.

His familiar smell washed over me and it somehow relaxed me. I smiled to myself. Oh god, why was his smell making me happy?

I dropped him onto his bed and he just groaned and rolled over. He was in his leather jacket and sneakers so I just shuffled over to his side and helped him take off his shoes and pulled the leather garment off and placed it on his computer chair. Just as I was about to go downstairs and let him rest, I heard a slightly muffled sound, followed by a stream of soft chuckles.

”Dan, do you want something?” I said quietly. The laughing just continued.

”Phi-iii-ll!” He dragged out my name, rolling around so he was now facing me as I stood slightly annoyed in the doorway.

I trudged over to his bed and got on my knees so I would be at level with his body that was currently lying on the bed. “Yes, Daniel?” I said with a smile, using his full name just because I knew he hated it.

”Ew, Phil.” The giggles continued. “Can you… stay here with me?” He said, words slurring slightly from the morphine. “Please?” He grabbed my hand and yanked me down onto his bed.

I yelped and fell on top of him, but he didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t really mind either, if I was being honest with myself. It felt wrong though. We were friends, best friends, so why was I on top of him, in his bed, smiling? I decided it would be best to roll off of him and just lay by his side. We stared into each others’ eyes for a few seconds and he had the stupidest grin on his face.

”Sure, I’ll stay as long as you need me.” The words I uttered were so true, but in a much deeper manner. I felt him snuggle into me and he sighed, pressing his head into my neck. It was an odd sensation, realizing how well we fit together.

”Just until I fall asleep.” he said, snuggling closer.

”M-kay…” I submitted to his cuddle and allowed myself to relax into his warm touch.

For the next few hours, I just listened to him as he rambled on about absolute nonsense. He was mentioning some sort of llama conspiracy then changed the topic to how much he loved the taste of white chocolate Malteasers but how they should fill them with different flavors. I couldn’t help but laugh every now and then at the utterly ridiculous things he was saying. I wondered how long the morphine would last.

Finally, he started slowing down his talking until it stopped completely. I smiled down at him and just as I was about to leave, I heard three little words. They were enough to make me stop moving. I looked at him. His eyes were closed. Was he sleeping? It was just the morphine that made him say that, right? Oh my god…

It was just three little words. I love you.


I had been at Dan’s home for a few hours now, just allowing him to sleep. That was until I heard a key rustle in the lock downstairs. That had to be his mother, so I decided that was my cue to leave.

I separated my limbs from Dan’s, allowing myself one kiss to his forehead before getting up and exiting his room. I thought about it for a second, then wondered why I felt compelled to do that. I walked downstairs where his mother was taking off her shoes.

”Hello, Mrs. Howell.” I said politely, trying not to scare her.

She did jump slightly but once she saw who it was, smiled and relaxed. “Oh, Phil, honey! What brings you here? Where is Daniel?”

”I just brought him back from A&E and he’s in his room resting. A bit drugged up, I might add.”

”Oh, well you must be exhausted. Please, stay. Have a cup of tea or something.” She offered, already going to the kitchen to get her kettle.

”Yes, of course.” I gave her a smile and took a seat at her kitchen table. Me and her made mindless small talk, and I told her about my Uni. life. She was just like my mother, always wanting to know about what I am up to. She was a nice woman, always making it easy to talk to.

After a few minutes, I heard a door open and close and footsteps coming up behind me. I turned around and saw Dan, slight bed head, walking up to us.

”Hi, mum.” He said quietly, and gave her a quick hug.

”Dan! I hope you got enough rest. I wouldn’t want you to get sick again.” She patted him on the head and kissed his forehead… the same forehead I kissed merely a few minutes ago.

His eyes met mine and for a moment, I thought I saw something there. It looked like, affection? No, I had to have been imagining.

”Well, I’m going to go set up dinner. Phil, you and Dan could go up to his room and relax for however long you want. You know you’re always welcome here.” She gave a warm smile then waved us off.

Dan began walking to his room, so I silently followed close behind, and as soon as we made it up, he closed his door behind us. I took a seat on his bed and he just stared at me. I think the morphine had worn off by now. He seemed fine, just a bit tired.

”So, what did I miss while I was out?” He said, sounding like the same old Dan, a hint of playfulness in his voice.

”Oh, well you went on many rants about llamas and talked about Malteasers for hours. Not much different from any other day.”

He chuckled and then looked at me again. “Hm, anything else?”

”Well…” I stuttered, not knowing how to word it. “You did say something else.” I instantly regretted bringing it up. I felt my awkward self creeping up.

”Now you have to tell me! You can’t just begin a sentence and stop.” He jokingly punched my arm.

Be a man, Phil. You mentioned it, so just say it. ”Uh, you said something while I think you were sleeping. We were cuddling and then-“

”Wait, what? We were cuddling?” He interjected. He seemed baffled by the idea, but a slight blush spread across his otherwise pale cheeks.

”Maybe that wasn’t the right word. I was just in your bed because you asked me to stay with you.” I corrected myself.

I saw him begin to say something, and then he stopped himself. “Okay, well what did I say?”

I took a deep breath and met his intense gaze. His chocolate colored eyes just melted into mine and I couldn’t help but feel a warmth surround me. “Well, you said the words ‘I love you’. I’m not sure who they were directed to, but you said them.” I could feel my own cheeks flushing. It all felt so embarrassing. Why would I care if he said it to me, or if he just said it at all?

He hadn’t said anything for a while, and I realized why. He was visibly shaking. Instantly, I was standing and holding him. “Dan? Dan, are you okay?” I shook him slightly, but he just remained still.

”You weren’t ever supposed to know about that, Phil.” He whispered, a single tear falling down his cheek. “Besides, I always knew you would never return the feeling! I would have never said that if I wasn’t full of drugs.”

So it was meant for me. My heart fluttered at the thought. What was that feeling? Did I feel the same for Dan? Did I actually return the feeling? In that moment, I realized all the wasted time I had spent denying myself of this feeling I had. Love. I loved Dan Howell. The realization of that was painfully amazing.

Instead of saying anything, I just looked at him, and leaned in without second thought. Our lips pressed together and his stiffened body unwound around me, and in no time, I felt him kissing back, our needy tongues dancing around each other. His arms wove themselves around me and pulled me impossibly close. Finally, we pulled apart to take in some air, and I used my fingertip to wipe away the lone tear on his face. He was smiling. Not his usual smirk, but a genuine smile, and it was so breathtaking that I had to lean in and give him another kiss, quick and meaningful.

”We should have done that a long time ago.” I breathed against him, and he just snickered and rested his head against my shoulder.

So finally I found where I was supposed to be. My home was in the warmth of Dan, but who would have known that some morphine would have been the way to find that out.

dreamfar628  asked:

Hopefully I got this in time? and only if you feel like doing it... How would the lords react to MC having trouble conceiving? Or you could do how the lords + Nobuyuki reacting to his lady hardcore fangirling over some idols (BTS) >_>''

Helloooo ~
This was sitting in the queue, waiting to be posted on your birthday! 
I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Nobuyuki reacting to his lady fangirling

He simply chuckled everytime when she was raving about various famous men and wouldn’t have any hard feelings, knowing and not seeing the need to deny that those artists were truly decent.
That is, as long as she was keeping that within reasonable bounds, as long as he was sure that her swooning and appreciation was due to their talents.
However one day it happened that he approached her, pulling her towards him holding her waist, pressing her body on his with one hand, while the other was freeing her neck from her soft hair.
She could feel his breath on her skin, as he was whispering to take her mind off those other men.
How about you focus on the man within your reach instead?

Your first request is under the cut, in case anyone is uncomfortable with that topic.

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anonymous asked:

Sophie why are there rumours on Twitter and so many prediction account saying that lauren and camila are going to get into a twitter feud /fight cz they need to continue this drama till album release and camren always blows up on sm whether its Laurens rants or camila giving hints. Do u want to bet too?? It will b really entertaining and hot if they do fight bcz at least they r not ignoring each other lol

Tbh I hope there’s no more drama, I’m on vacation next week, I don’t want to come back to a war zone

Holy shit I am so sick and tired of people saying it’s wrong to wonder if Miles and Brandon are dating/not straight and then in the same breath saying that they’re “pretty sure Brandon is straight”… do you not see how heteronormative and homophobic this is??? What the fuck??? I might make a youtube video discussing this issue. Also find it funny that they only say that about Brandon?? I wonder why?? (hint, because he doesn’t fit their stereotype for a non-heterosexual person)

anonymous asked:

WELCOME TO THE CAMREN CYCLE- where every year lauren has a new bf/gf and camila has a new PR bf (shawmila) but that doesn't stop lauren from ranting and getting frustrated about camren every six months and camila to keep dropping hints abt their relationship just after or before the rants. Yes they seem like a bickering married couple and I love my parents


anonymous asked:

How would the UF main four propose marriage?

Underfell Alphys:

She wouldn’t propose. At least not clearly. She’s REALLY nervous and she’s never been good at showing how she feels. So she’s very shaky when she attempts to bring up the thought of getting married, it get’s even worse when she tries to propose. Like her voice is really quiet and she’s talking the speed about mile a second. It comes out as one long word. ‘Ithinkyou’rereallyamazingandIloveyouandiwaswonderinguuuhhhhifyou wouldmaybeuhnothaveaproblemandifyouwantedtom-m-m-mmarrymeeee????’

Underfell Papyrus:

He just up and proposes really. It seems like a normal dinner date with him, nothing to fancy or special. Then he just flat out asks if they’ll marry him. He’s not one for flowery words or poetry when it comes to them. He’s so blunt anyone would know where they stand with him.

Underfell Sans:

He takes them to Grillby’s. It seems pretty normal, a meal like any other except he seems a little more on edge than usual. After that it’s a walk to and through waterfall, and they know somethings up cause normally if a destination is more then 15 steps away he teleports them there. When they call him out on it he freezes and just stares at them with dark sockets for moment while his hands fiddle in his coat pockets. He pulls out a box and nervously asks if they’d like to marry him.

Underfell Undyne:

She’s dropping obvious hints and really hoping that they’re picking up what shes putting down. If they’re not expect her to get more and more irritated throughout the day. Eventually she’ll be fed up with, practically through the engagement trinket at them and shout asking them if they’ll marry her! Is it really so hard to realize that she’s been dropping hints all day! She’s gonna rant for a little bit.