with a hint of peppermint

no but do you ever think that Will falls asleep on Mike’s arm while watching a movie together

and Mike’s arm is all tingly and numb and he wants to move it so damn badly because it’s so uncomfortable

but then he just looks over at Will, fast asleep and peaceful for the first time in ages, still smelling like peppermint toothpaste and his pajamas having the faintest hint of cigarette smoke from Joyce’s smoking habit, his hair falling slightly in his eyes, his chest rising and falling gently with the waves of sleep, and Mike can’t do it. He can’t move, because why would he ever risk disturbing such a beautiful sight as this?

so he turns a bit and hugs Will to his chest very carefully, and it’s a win-win for them both. Mike, because his arm is no longer asleep as badly and he gets to hold Will, and Will doesn’t suffer any nightmares that night for the first time in /months/.


Peony Palace

I was totally inspired by @simlush ‘s Pink Cottage so I transformed my wacky holiday home Peppermint Parcel into an equally wacky pink house! (hint: look out for all a de-holidaying of all my seasonal houses coming soon!)

20 x 15 Pink Home (1 bed 1 bath)

§ 27,200 Unfurnished

  • 1 bed
  • 1 bath
  • Kitchen, living, and bar eating area
  • Patio and porch

Download on googledrive with no sign in required https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0dANgiJrR-BbVREZC1kS01DMTQ

bb.moveobjects and testingcheatsenabled cheats were used therefore make sure your game is fully updated before downloading.

TO INSTALL - Install the cc, download all 7 files, and place them in your tray folder (documents -> Electronic Arts -> Tray). This should make the lot appear in your library. The download does not come with cc, so you have to have the cc downloaded and in the Mods folder before placing the lot from your library.

CC Used:

  • Windows and door - [xx]
  • Flower box - [xx]

Thank you to @peacemaker-ic and @nygirlsims for the awesome cc!

The Signs as Winter Things
  • Aries: Half-melted marshmallows in rich, dark, hot cocoa with a hint of peppermint.
  • Cancer: Wearing a Santa hat at one point in time just for the fun of it.
  • Taurus: Buying a limited edition something or other because of the holidays (makeup, clothing, food, etc)
  • Gemini: Putting up fairy lights in their bedroom so they twinkle with wonder.
  • Leo: Getting the latest holiday trends and looking the best they can in -20 F weather.
  • Virgo: Reading a holiday themed book or going to a Christmas play of some sort.
  • Libra: Going ice skating in a park or central area with friends and/or family.
  • Scorpio: Snuggling up under a woolen blanket and bingeing so many Netflix shows. So. Many.
  • Sagittarius: Still stuck on thanksgiving for some reason or another. They love it.
  • Capricorn: Bundling up and making a snowman out of the perfect consistency snow.
  • Aquarius: Going to a park or forest where ski trails are accessible, and then go skiing.
  • Pisces: Dresses in warm flannels or sweaters to keep cosy and sits by the warm fire.

Oneshots and Imagines:

~ Steve Rogers

I Don’t Think I’ve heard That One Before

The Words Never Spoken (Soulmate AU)

All That I Have. All That I Love

Ashwinder Eggs, Rose Thorns, Peppermint, and Just A Hint of Powdered Moonstone (Hogwarts AU)

There’s A War On

Kiss The Girl

~ Pietro Maximoff

Why no, I didn’t

~ Bruce Banner

The (Kinda) Lost and (Sorta) Found (Soulmate AU) 

Red and Green Affair 

Admitting You Have A Problem

~ Bucky Barnes

A Twist of Fate (Soulmate AU)

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

At Arm’s Length

Stitches Don’t Make Friends

Paper Doll


~ Tony Stark

Victory Never Tasted So Sweet

When I Crawled Into Bed…

I’m A Wanted Man

A Family for Christmas

~ Avengers x Reader

Cold Eyes, Colder Shoulders

You Just Get Burned 


What You Watch On TV

What Club/ After School Activity Your Child Is In

How They Act When You’re Pregnant 

They Find Out They’re The Reason You Can’t Get Pregnant

Never Stop

You Decide to Adopt

Being In A Relationship With… Would Go A Little Something Like…

Bucky Barnes 

Steve Rogers

Loki Laufeyson

Pietro Maximoff

Kissing - BTS



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Kissing Jin would be relaxed and natural. He would welcome you into his arms and gently wrap them around you. His casual kisses would be short but sweet. His taste as well would always be perfect, a hint of vanilla or peppermint lingering on your lips after. When in the right mood Jin would also give passionate and long kisses, pouring his feelings into you and taking his time.


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Jimin’s kisses would be spectacular. Sometimes he would make them light and simple, other times heavy and dramatic. He would be spontaneous as well, always surprising you. He would be quite physical and forceful too. His plump lips, like Jin’s, would always make you a little bit weak as you devoured each other during passionate moments.


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Yoongi would be a sensual kisser. His kisses wouldn’t be as frequent as Jin’s or Jimin’s, but would be just as amazing. He always caresses your face when kissing, bringing your lips to his. We all know Yoongi is a professional sleeper too, he would give lazy kisses while snuggling with you, murmuring things.


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Jungkook would go full out all the time, in private. His usual kisses would be deep and sensual, capturing your full attention. This boy would love dominating your lips and making you weak. He would always get as close as possible to you while kissing, wanting to feel you against him and like Jimin he would be a little bit forceful.


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Taehyung’s kisses would be… not traditional all the time. He would sometimes run his hands through his hair carelessly before caressing your neck and giving you a sensual kiss. His passionate kisses would be deep and skilled, sometimes introducing his sinful tongue. Other times his kisses would be spontaneous like Jimin’s, but still heavy and flavorful.


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Hoseok would be the king of spontaneous, sexy kisses. He would be so surprising sometimes you would fall into a fit of giggles, out of breath, after. His kisses would also be skilled and dangerously addictive. You would often try to steal chaste kisses from him whenever you could.


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Namjoon’s kisses would also be full of meaning. His lips might be slightly clumsy at first, but eventually he would set a good pace. His hands would definitely be wandering and sensual, usually leading to something more. His other kisses would be tender pecks, given at random times.

A/N: When I say “forceful” I don’t mean anything against your will, just demanding. If you like this one, make sure to check out the other ones I have^^

OTL Namjoon’s gif looks like it is from a porno

I can totally picture Jin and Taehyung in their 1st gifs omg

little muse facts

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1. What does your muse smell like?

Upon approaching Lapis Lazuli you will get the pleasant aroma of coconuts, and her herbal essences shampoo, A hint of powerful sometimes chlorine or sea water. When going out on date strong potent teenage girl Victoria secret brand perfumes.
The most noticeable smell is a tropical paradise.

As you approach close, Peridot has a unique “nerd” smell. A hint of peppermint from brushing her teeth, fresh baked cookies lingers her body mostly that prudent electronics of a best buy store, clean soap, Suave shampoo or tea-tree shampoo that’s what her hair smells of. and this is most important! More than anything when she’s snacking Doritos!

2.How often does your muse bathe/shower? Any habits?

Lapis is keen on keeping herself clean. but she won’t dry her hair up washing it every other day she takes showers in the afternoon or morning it’s not consistent with it, since she’s not very good at schedules.

If she is forced to get a bath by anyone at all it would be someone who knows her well. Like Topaz, her Supervisor Raine, or Pearl from being muddy since she likes to play in the rain and get muddy and wet.

After going to the beach will be lazily and jump in the pool when she doesn’t feel like showering.

Peridot hates to be dirty! She will not roll in the mud with the pigs! Even if she has rolled in the dirt once before. Over all she prefers to be spotless. She is showered everyday in the morning or noon,

Mostly she will be forced to take a bath, when she sweats too much. When showers won’t do the trick. It’s out of her hands. If she is not forced individually to take a bath by the following people Lapis, Honeydew, and NCP. They all may at one point gang up to help really soak herself up and lather herself up properly!

On account of Peridot she wearing socks, she will often get them organic material quite dirty from walking around in dirt, mud, grime all the time. So the ones who care for her, have get that nasty annoying smelly corn-chip smell off her feet. Reeking from her smelly socks.

3. does your muse have any tattoos or piercings?

Lapis does not unless she’s a human.
Peridot does not she hates needles!

4. Any body movement quirks?

Lapis likes to move her hair behind her ear when she’s blushing her illuminates speckled freckles. Lapis leans across doorways or corners with her arms crossed when she’s bored or looking cool and relaxed. Lapis sits on her knees and holds them as a form of comfort. When she is is feeling confident she will obsessively twirl her skirt when she feels beautiful.

Peridot uses lots of hand gestures no doubt about that. Peridot makes Weird nerd noises slurring most of her words. She pushes her index fingers together when she’s nervous in a twiddling fashion. She often sits criss-cross-apple sauce. She’s also very clumsy when she walks slipping and falling on her face one hardwood floors.  

5. What do They sleep in?

Lapis will sleep in her original bikini top and blue skirt, spaghetti-string black tank top or a long black t-shirt, a dolphin night shirt or her sweatshirt with some sporty shorts or pajama pants

Peridot will sleep in her uniform since it’s as comfortable as footie-pajamas, A sweatshirt with her alien boxers, black with a green alien shirt, basketball shorts, pajama pants, or a giant mine craft t-shirt from her former supervisor.

6.What’s their favorite piece of clothing?

Lapis’s is fashion lover, her favorite pieces of clothing are her original bikini top and blue skirt, her adorable shark onsie, She has picked up lots of victoria secret brand clothes, stylish tank tops, fish pun t-shirts, crop tops, Lot’s of sporty basketball shorts, short shorts or rarely sweatpants. Absolute favorite She loves her Dark-light blue and starry galaxy sweatshirt.

Peridot is a lack of style nerd dress shirts and bow ties. She loves her countless sweatshirts, her uniform, Steven’s shirts, alien shorts, and a night mine-craft giant t-shirt from Honeydew.

7. What do they do when they wake up?

If they wake up, that is. They need to be awakened! They both shower, grab breakfast or don’t, put on their usual homeworld outfits or other types of clothing and head out.

8.How do they sleep? Position?

Lapis a bit of a restless sleeper, also Lapis snores sleeping with her dolphin plush Porpoise, loudly with a blowing berr~ noise similar to the sleeping of whales. She never not switches positions sleeping on her back to her side to her stomach constantly until she gets comfortable.

She kicks, groans, and sighs angelically. That is if she doesn’t have a night terror then everyone is doomed. Using her water powers in her sleep!

Lappy, will twist her blanket up from moving so much at night. the movement will pull her p.j. shirt up over revealing her belly. Lapis likes to feel cool and breezy at night so often her feet will stick out free of her blanket.

She has a bad habit of pulling her blanket over her head when annoyed or hiding making herself vulnerable to tickle attacks on her sensitive feet, but she insists on not wearing many socks so it’s a risk she is willing to take.

(Peridot & Lapis might talk in their sleep if they are stressed out.)

Now while Peridot snores, and it is loud she will settle flinching her toes and hands every so often. Little whimpers and kicks will be present to squeak out of her if she has a nightmare. Peridot sleeps balled up like a kitty-cat mostly on her side or back with her hands folded over.

She might have her thumb in her mouth sometimes or her hand resting on her cheek. When she doesn’t have nightmares or does she curls up to whoever she loves, purring like a kitten.

During the night, as Honeydew or her roommate Lapis knows. Peridot’s snoring,  I promise, it will calm down into slower breathing~ She is a cuddle-er, often sleeping with a recovered an alien plush or the most noticeable on the side of her bed a Mine-craft creeper plush named Zippy. On the other side a plush mine-craft pig that she beats up at night if she wakes and is furious she has a nightmare. 

9.What do their hands feel like?

Lapis strong, firm, hands, are quite rough and calloused from using them for physical movement. They are rather rough, but smooth and soothing at time little drippy and wet with her water.

Peridot hat the warmest, little tiny-baby soft hands. Because she moisturizes and washes her hands a-lot. Her small stubby fingers clamp around your hand like a toddlers hand hold, but boy! is her grip something legendary tight when she doesn’t get her way.

10. If you kissed them, what would they usually taste like?

Lapis brushes her teeth so blue-kids, toothpaste. Also since my Lapis wears a lot of flavored lip gloss, most favored blueberry, strawberry or cinnamon.

If she has been snaking while you kiss her it’s possible you will taste either breath spray, sriracha sauce, “Snickers” candy bar, blue-slushies, ice cubes, or gummy worms.  

Peridot is very good at brushing her teeth so you can taste Mint Green toothpaste. If she has been munching on mints, Peppermint.

If you kiss her while she’s eating there’s a huge possibility you will ingest- Glow-stick juice, (toxic! I’m afraid.) 

Other tastes includes- Cookie Butter, Apples, Oranges, Doritos, and Mountain Dew.

What Free! Characters probably smell like

Makoto: A mix of clean laundry and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. A small sprinkle of forests after it rains

Haru: Mostly the sea with small hints of butterscotch 

Nagisa: Vanilla, fresh baked bread, and oranges

Rei: peppermint coffee or hot chocolate

Sousuke: Mostly cinnamon, but sometimes can have a small hint of ginger too. Also has a strong ‘boy’ smell.

Nitori: Crayons and olive oil

Momotarou: Pine trees, roses, and freshly cut grass

Rin: Home smell but mostly coconut 

Ashwinder Eggs, Rose Thorns, Peppermint, and Just A Hint of Powdered Moonstone (Steve x Reader Hogwarts AU)

Got a request for a Hogwarts AU! I love Harry Potter so this was a dream! I hope the anon who requested likes it! Sorry it took forever to write! Hope you enjoy!(:


”(Y/N)!” You jumped in surprise at your best friend Natasha’s voice. You had been looking over your Potions notes and lost track of reality, leaving just you and Nat in the Great Hall.

“Oh hey Nat!” You smiled brightly at the red headed Slytherin who had been your best friend since you met on the Hogwarts Express your first year. “What’s up?”

“I’m trying to get my overly studious best friend to stop studying long enough to go to Hogsmeade for the day,” Natasha snatched up your notes as she talked and started looking them over. “Honestly, sometimes I wonder why you weren’t sorted into Ravenclaw.”

“I do not study that much!” You defended yourself as you snatched back your piece of parchment and tucked it away into your bag. “Besides I look much better in yellow and black.”

“Sure you do my little honey badger,” Nat slung her arm around your shoulders as you stood up from the table. “Now hurry up! Everyone else is already at Hogsmeade and if we want to grab a table at The Three Broom-”

“Wait!” You stopped in your tracks and gave Nat a funny look. “I thought I already told you I couldn’t go to Hogsmeade today?”

The Slytherin tilted her head to the side a little and gave you a puzzled look. “Um… No?”

“Oh Nat! I’m so sorry! I made study plans today and I can’t go.”

“Study plans?” Nat sounded incredulous as she scoffed. “You can study tonight when we get back!”

“No it’s not like-”

“Is it for that Potions test next week? You’ll be fine! You’re the best in our class! Now come on and-”

“I can’t go because I’m helping someone else study!” You finally blurted out. You had really hoped you could have kept it a secret from Nat, but she wasn’t really giving you much of a choice. It’s not like you kept secrets from her often, but when it came to certain things the Slytherin could get a little… overprotective. 


Even though her voice held nothing but curiosity you still felt the need to deflect the question. “You don’t know them.”

“Bullshit I know everyone.” She crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes. “(Y/N)?”

You averted your eyes and mumbled under your breath.

“What was that?” Now she was just taunting you. 

You looked her straight in the eyes and nearly yelled out, “Steve! It’s Steve okay?!”

“Steve Dawes? What the hell does Steve Dawes need help in Potions for? I thought he was-”

“Not Steve Dawes!” You interrupted in exasperation. You looked around the corridor you were in and deciding it was clear you whispered almost inaudibly, “Steve Rogers.”

“QUIDDITCH CAPTAIN STEVE ROG-?!” You quickly clasped your hand around Nat’s mouth as she looked at you with wild eyes. She pushed your hand off and started speaking in a much quieter, but still frantic, tone. “What in the fuck does a seventh year Gryffindor want with a fifth year Hufflepuff?”

“He just wants some help with Potions Nat.” Even as you said the words you hoped they weren’t true. Steve was a truly nice guy and you had hoped by helping him with Potions you could get to know him a little better. 

“Yeah right!” Natasha once again had her arms crossed. “He’s got something planned and I don’t want you meeting up with him alone until I figure out exactly what it is!”

“Are you saying I should just ditch my study session with him today?” You were kind of hurt that Natasha didn’t think you could handle yourself. This is exactly why you didn’t want to tell her in the first place. Every time she heard that a boy was even close to getting a crush on you she scared him off before he could make a move. 

“And why not? You don’t owe him anything!”

“But I want to help him! He’s a nice guy just trying to get through his Potions class Nat.”

“Fine…” Natasha huffed in agreement since she knew you could never resist helping others. “But only on one condition….”


“So… um… I thought we were going to be alone?” The blond haired, blue eyed Gryffindor shifted uncomfortably in his seat as the red haired fifth year Slytherin across the table stared him down with narrowed eyes. 

“Not on my watch Rogers,” Nat promised with an icy tone.

“Steve I am so sorry,” You were so embarrassed right now and all you wanted to do was disappear. “If you want to reschedule I totally understand.”

“No! No it’s fine!” He frantically answered trying really hard to put you at ease. “I’m just glad you could make it.”

His bright smile made the corners of his eyes crinkle as his twinkling blue eyes held your own. A small chuckle left your lips as you averted your eyes briefly, willing away the blush you could feel creeping onto your face. Before you could go back to looking into Steve’s beautiful eyes which had not once left your face Natasha obnoxiously coughed to remind you both of her presence. You were so startled that you knocked over your bottle of ink making it spill all over the table. 

“Oh gosh! I’m so sorry! Here I’ll be right back!” You rushed off to get something to clean up the mess with cheeks blazing in embarrassment before Steve or Nat could stop you.

“Sometimes I think she forgets we’re magic,” Nat broke the awkward silence as she waved her wand, instantly putting all the spilled ink back into its now upright container. 

Steve simply hummed in agreement refusing to even make eye contact with the Slytherin.

“What are you planning to do to (Y/N)?” If Steve wasn’t going to engage in pleasantries then Natasha was just going to skip them altogether. 

“I’m sorry?” For the first time since realizing she was crashing his study session with (Y/N) Steve finally looked Natasha straight in the eyes. His tone was shocked and honestly a little offended. No one ever really talked to him this abruptly. Well no one except for his best friends Sam and Bucky.

“(Y/N). The cute, innocent, pure little fifth year Hufflepuff you dragged to the library when its most secluded. What are you planning on doing to her? Because Rogers I am not afraid to take you on and take you down.” Natasha’s voice had remained completely level during this whole little speech. But rather than looking scared like she had expected Steve just looked… overwhelmed?

Steve sighed heavily and placed his folded arms onto the table. “I just… I wanted to ask her out. I know she’s younger and we don’t really talk a whole lot but… She’s so… her. She always wants to help people. And she’s so smart. And she’s beautiful. And every time we play Hufflepuff I wish it was me she was cheering for instead of her House. And every time we make love potions they always smell like her.” 

“You honestly like her…” Natasha was slightly surprised by the Gryffindor’s answer. Usually when she interrogated guys who claimed to like (Y/N) they just cowered off in fear or shrugged their shoulders with unspecific mutters. 

“Yeah.. But hey if she asked you to come today because she didn’t want to have to tell me that she’s not interested that’s totally fine,” Steve started packing up his parchment and Nat could see the frustration in his eyes. 

“She didn’t ask me to come today.” Natasha’s words stopped Steve in his tracks as his eyes snapped up to look at her. “I invited myself because I didn’t want her getting hurt by some loser.”

There was yet another awkward pause as Steve was torn on whether or not he was supposed to be offended by the red heads blunt words. 

“But… And it pains me to say this Rogers, if you promise not to hurt her I’ll leave and you can ask her out like you had planned.” Natasha kept her eyes focused on the side of the table as she offered Rogers the deal. She didn’t want him to know just how hard this was for her to do. 

“I promise Natasha,” the sincerity in his voice made Nat give a brief nod before turning on her heels and start walking away. 

“Tell (Y/N) I had to go help Clint get out of a tree again.” Natasha called over her shoulder. She paused briefly at the door to give Steve one last warning look before leaving, “And next time don’t plan anything when we’re supposed to go to Hogsmeade. Chicks before dicks and all that good stuff.”

Steve was still chuckling lightly to himself when you rushed back in the library with your arms full of paper towels. “I think I got enough to-… oh.”

“Hey!” Steve turned around and looked at your flushed face. You had been running around the castle looking for as many paper towels as you could hold. “Natasha cleaned up the spill almost as soon as you left.”

“Of course. I once again forgot we could use magic,” you muttered under your breath before picking up your volume again. “Where is she anyways?”

Steve looked a little uncomfortable but managed to get the lie out in a smooth voice, “She said something about having to help Clint out of a tree.”

“Oh…” You slowed your movements as you were placing the paper towels onto an empty table nearby, realizing that if Natasha had left it meant you and Steve were all alone.

“Yeah…” Steve spoke in the same cautious tone you did, studying your every move, and hoping he didn’t scare you off before he could ask you out. “(Y/N) I have something to confess.”

“What did she do?” You closed your eyes tightly and prayed Natasha hadn’t scared Steve off like she had everyone else.

“What? Oh- no! Nothing! It’s not about her.. It’s actually about this whole study excuse.” Steve was rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly and peering up at you through his eyelashes. 

“Excuse?” You could feel a smile tugging at your lips as you realized your earlier wish was coming true. “Steve Rogers did you pretend to need help with Potions just to spend time with me?”

“Maybe?” He was no longer playing bashful, but instead had a full blown grin on his face. You both laughed as you stepped closer towards each other. 

“That’s not very nice now is it?” You teased now having to tilt your head up to look at him.

“How about I make it up to you?” He was grinning down at you and you could tell his hands were itching to grab yours.

“How?” You took his hands in yours and started playing with his fingers.

“Would a date work?” A tone of nervousness returned to his voice.

“I don’t know,” You teased, pretending to think about his offer. “I have a lot of studying I have to do.”

Steve just laughed as you gave him a bright smile and without even thinking about it connected his lips to yours like he had been wanting to do for so long now. And as cliche as it may seem you swore the kiss was magic. 


Again so sorry for the incredibly long wait! I hope it was worth it! Requests are open!(: 

Bambam as a boyfriend

The 5 senses version


  • Never holding still, always dancing around to amuse you
  • Trying on goofy clothes and hats in the mall
  • Taking selfies of the two of you at every stop during the day


  • Overly loud talking and laughter
  • Murmuring sweet, romantic Thai words in your ear
  • Always telling you how beautiful you look, especially on the days you don’t feel pretty


  • Cinnamon toast ~ sweet with a hint of that “kick” that makes your eyes pop


  • Peppermint ~ there’s always a hint of sweet to him, reminding you of candy and Christmas


  • Grabbing your hands and dancing around when he gets excited or hears happy news
  • Hiding under the covers in bed with you to watch movies on a laptop
  • Butterfly kisses every chance he gets

Overall, Bambam would be a sweet boyfriend that wouldn’t be afraid to be a little naughty from time to time. He can go from goofy to fierce in 0.2 seconds and you would never quite know what to expect next from him. 

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what the nordics smell like

aph finland: daisies, vodka, vanilla, a barely detectable trace of gunpowder

aph sweden: pine trees, furniture varnish, a quiet summer’s evening, sea breeze, earthy musk

aph iceland: frosting, licorice, fish, peppermint, a slight hint of sulphur

aph denmark: baked bread, pastries, beer, a burning fireplace

aph norway: seawater, coffee, forests, winter air

Klaine Valentines Challenge - “Au Nature-al” (Rated E)

Rained in and bored out of their minds, Kurt and Blaine break down and start making spa treatments out of fruits they have about to go bad…until Blaine realizes that the stuff they’re making tastes too good to waste on facials and hair masks.

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge prompt ‘That’s Amore’.

Warning for sexual content…with food and wine ;)

Read on AO3.



Blaine looks over the jars and the fruit scattered over the kitchen tables to where his husband is mixing a big bowl of lumpy grey that gives off hints of peppermint and cinnamon every time he stirs.

“Okay, which one do you have, because that smells amazing?”

Kurt lifts his spoon, letting the mixture glop back into the bowl before his eyes, checking the consistency, “I’m doing the oatmeal, cinnamon, and mint shaving cream.”

“Oh.” Blaine looks disappointedly down at the paste he’s created, face falling like he didn’t choose the right one. “I’ve got the avocado and olive oil hair mask.”

“Mmm” - Kurt peeks into his husband’s bowl at the mass of oily and green he’s created - “add some spinach, some pine nuts, and a touch of fresh crushed garlic, and you’d have a salad.”

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Big Bang Bubble Bar
Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Last night’s bath was wonderful c:
I began by crumbling up our newest bubble bar, Big Bang. It turned the water a lovely shade of sky blue. Big Bang smells strongly of zesty grapefruit and lemon, and even has a star-shaped mini bath melt attached to the top!
Next, I dropped in the Intergalactic bath bomb. This bath bomb has been flying off the shelves, and with good reason! It’s loaded with peppermint and has hints of grapefruit oil. It truly blends well with Big Bang. It also has popping candy hidden inside! 
This bath was so much fun, and definitely one of the most colorful ones yet. Would definitely recommend both products, especially Intergalactic :)