with a hint of peppermint

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader x Alpha!Steve

Summary: Wanting to start a family you come to realise how difficult it is to find the perfect home. Luckily you have the two most understanding Alphas in the world. 
A/N: So this is a prompt taken from here, we’re both suckers for Alpha!Bucky and Steve and we loved this prompt. Please let us know what you think!              Word count: 1,442                                                                 
Author: @writemarvelousthings

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You had always been told that when you bonded the urge to nest and find a suitable home would be strong. You had almost scoffed at your grandmother, the matriarchal omega of your family only smiled knowingly. But now as you sat on the old worn out couch in the small Brooklyn apartment you suddenly understood. The apartment was by no means small, it housed you and your two mates comfortably. You purred to yourself cradling your steaming mug of tea at the thought of your two alphas. Physically they were everything an omega looked for in an mate. Strong, protective, loving. But they came with a catch… they were already a bonded pair. It wasn’t common to hear of two Alphas bonded. Their need to have a mate submit was primal, but the close friendship they shared meant that compromises were made when necessary. But when you stumbled into their lives you had fitted perfectly and no one had any objections to a triad pack.

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Good Girls Don’t

There are a lot of things good girls don’t. They don’t laugh too loud, they don’t dress too short, they don’t swear and they don’t put themselves out there. They wait, and they do it while sitting properly in their pristine white dresses, with their hands crossed over their laps and their back sitting up straight.

There’s a lot of things good girls don’t and getting their panties wet every time they see a guy is definitely one of them.

You rubbed your thighs together as your fingers pressed tightly to the table you were sitting on, trying to hold on to a reality that was slipping away as you looked at him. You imagined the taste of his skin, and how it must have felt against yours when he was lying on top of you, and you thought about the fire of his kiss, and how it probably tasted like peppermint and just a tiny hint of sin. You thought about heaven and having him lie next to you at night.

The fire that had settled in your lower tummy was going to consume you all at any moment, and you shifted in your seat, trying to release some of the pressure that had built between your legs. You were definitely wet.

But as much as you tried, you couldn’t stop thinking about him, imagining yourself on your knees while your eyes obediently locked in with his. You imagined your lips wrapping around the two fingers he was offering to you, and the light bob you would do to take them all the way in, while your tongue pressed to them to suck them lightly, looking at him as his eyes, usually green and sweet, turned dark, the burning lust covering them as he gazed down at you. You even imagined the light gag of your throat as he pushed his fingers all the way in, and the moan that bubbled up from your very core when he slid them out, the strings of spit that fell down making you blush as you looked down.

“Look at me, yeah?” He would say, with his voice a little raspier than usual as he kneeled in front of you. “C’mon, kitten, look at me.” He would repeat his command slowly, a smirk curling up the corner of his lips as your eyes fluttered open to obey him. “Look at me while I fuck ya with my fingers, yeah? Use all that spit you left. Were you imagining my cock?” He would ask, his smirk growing bigger as you nodded, still unable to speak your own words, as your heart was knotting on your throat and beating rapidly at the sight of him. “You’re such a fucking good girl.”

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Doubt (reader x Bucky Drabble)

Characters: reader x Bucky, Natasha

Summary: A competition about who loves the other more reveals a deeper, sadder truth. 

Warnings: some fluff, then the angst. Sorry. 

Word Count: 1082

A/N: I don’t know where this came from but my brain wanted some late-night angst, so here you go. Perhaps I shouldn’t dwell on past relationships and their pitfalls late at night. Hm…

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You paused for a moment, tangled in an impossible dress that Natasha insisted you try on. Where the hell were the sleeves in this thing?!? Defeated, you decided to pull the dress off over your head and reassess the sleeves/neck hole/straps situation. Only Nat would find interest in such a complicated article of clothing.


Freed from the cloth, you smoothed down your hair and took another look at the dress.


“If you don’t answer that damn phone, I’m gonna smash it,” the redhead bellowed from the changing room next door.

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Peanut Butter - m.


member: Jeon Jungkook

genre: Smut, Fluff, Dogboy!au

warnings: Nsfw, Mature Content, Hybrid Smut, Don’t eat peanut butter while reading this!

↠  words: 2.1k

Originally posted by apgujeon

You threw your drenched backpack, filled with the school books that have drowned a couple of time, in the corner of the apartment door. The small, homely apartment that you shared with your boyfriend. Both of you and Jungkook were college students and juggled with a part-time job to afford the rent together. Since you and him didn’t want to live among the crowded students in the University’s dorm. 

The apartment was placed nearby the sea, making the rents much more expensive. However, the clear view over the Busan sea was unforgettable. Although they forbid pets especially dogs. There’s a big red sign right outside of the door with no dogs allowed. Of course, Jungkook being Jungkook got quite offended by that.

At the same time, no one can know what Jungkook really is. It’s best to keep it as a secret.

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no but do you ever think that Will falls asleep on Mike’s arm while watching a movie together

and Mike’s arm is all tingly and numb and he wants to move it so damn badly because it’s so uncomfortable

but then he just looks over at Will, fast asleep and peaceful for the first time in ages, still smelling like peppermint toothpaste and his pajamas having the faintest hint of cigarette smoke from Joyce’s smoking habit, his hair falling slightly in his eyes, his chest rising and falling gently with the waves of sleep, and Mike can’t do it. He can’t move, because why would he ever risk disturbing such a beautiful sight as this?

so he turns a bit and hugs Will to his chest very carefully, and it’s a win-win for them both. Mike, because his arm is no longer asleep as badly and he gets to hold Will, and Will doesn’t suffer any nightmares that night for the first time in /months/.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warning(s): super light smut but smut nonetheless, slightly NSFW, fluff, 

Word Count: 892

Author’s Note: this is my entry for @soldatbarnes‘ writing challenge! hope you all enjoy! based off the song “take me to church” by hozier.  this is so different to anything i’ve ever written before but i kind of like it.  please let me know your thoughts!

Permanent Tag List: @palaiasaurus64 @oh-shjt @haydieenzzibug @buchananbarnestrash @ironstank @owhatshername1 @missycamillex @feistytravel @slender–spirit @in-winchester-we-trust @wintersghosts @ladyrevealedofcloak (let me know if you want to be added here!)

Drabble • Smut Fic • Oneshot

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Oneshots and Imagines:

~ Steve Rogers

I Don’t Think I’ve heard That One Before

The Words Never Spoken (Soulmate AU)

All That I Have. All That I Love

Ashwinder Eggs, Rose Thorns, Peppermint, and Just A Hint of Powdered Moonstone (Hogwarts AU)

There’s A War On

Kiss The Girl

Cravings (Pregnant!Reader)

~ Pietro Maximoff

Why no, I didn’t

~ Bruce Banner

The (Kinda) Lost and (Sorta) Found (Soulmate AU) 

Red and Green Affair 

Admitting You Have A Problem

~ Bucky Barnes

A Twist of Fate (Soulmate AU)

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

At Arm’s Length

Stitches Don’t Make Friends

Paper Doll


Spring Cleaning

Superbowl Surprise

~ Tony Stark

Victory Never Tasted So Sweet

When I Crawled Into Bed…

I’m A Wanted Man

A Family for Christmas

~ Avengers x Reader

Cold Eyes, Colder Shoulders

You Just Get Burned 


What You Watch On TV

What Club/ After School Activity Your Child Is In

How They Act When You’re Pregnant 

They Find Out They’re The Reason You Can’t Get Pregnant

Never Stop

You Decide to Adopt

Being In A Relationship With… Would Go A Little Something Like…

Bucky Barnes 

Steve Rogers

Loki Laufeyson

Pietro Maximoff


hey y’all i know it’s been a while but i am back with a new fic! it’s one of my favorites and stars my love George Weasley. i have a bunch of new fics coming with peter parker, remus lupin, and barry allen. so, enough chatting, time for the fic! ps. request are open and feel free to send me your thoughts on my writing!!

     I was awaken from a peaceful slumber by loud yelling and my bed being jumped upon. Groggily, I rolled over and shoved my face into my pillow while groaning. The jumping and screaming on grew louder as the culprits notice I was waking up.

      “Come on!! Get up, it’s Saturday! It’s Hogsmeade day!” whined a familiar voice. I recognized the voice right away. It was my roommate and good friend, Ginny Weasley. That could only mean that the other person jumping on my bed was her partner in crime, Hermione Granger. Begrudging, I turned and forced my eyes open only to see two glowing smiles. Those smiles rapidly turned wicked as they yanked my sheets away and pulled me to the floor. The ginger and her curly haired friend looked down at me as I glared at them.

      “Let’s go! Breakfast starts in 20 minutes! Hurry!” rushed Hermione, glancing at the clock on my dresser. I pulled my tired body off the ground and began to get ready. I brushed my knotty hair into a neat ponytail. I changed my cozy pajamas into a pair of cropped leggings and my boyfriend’s old quidditch. I headed into the bathroom and started to brush my teeth when Ginny asked if I could be ready in five minutes. I nodded and quickly brushed my teeth then grabbed my wand.

    “Ready ladies?” I asked my two friends who were patiently waiting for me. They grabbed their things and we descended down the stairs. As soon as we reached the bottom of the staircase, we were greeted by a familiar set of ginger twins.

     “There they are! We were starting to think you all were gonna sleep the day away!” said Fred, the slightly shorter twin. Standing next to him was my boyfriend, George Weasley. I walked closer to the lanky twin I had the pleasure of calling my boyfriend the past 4 years.

    “Well good morning sunshine! How’d ya sleep?” he asked, grinning and wrapping me into a tight hug. I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his torso.

     “Mornin’ Georgie. I slept pretty well despite my rude awakening.” I told him, throwing shade at my two best friends, “So, how did you sleep hun?”.

    “It was okay but I would have slept better if I had you in my arms.”he remarked, being rather cheeky and sending me a sly wink. I giggled at his goofiness while our friends around us pretended to gag at our affection.

    “Ugh, we get it. You two are adorable, it’s disgusting, Now, can we get some breakfast before I vomit?” asked Fred, gesturing toward the exit. We all laughed and agreed, making our way to the Great Hall. As usual, the Hall was packed with fellow students enjoying a delicious breakfast. The group of us found our usual seat, Hermione and Ginny sitting with Harry and Ron, the twins and I meeting up with Lee, Katie, and Angelina. Right away, we helped ourselves to plenty of food and started up a casual conversation. George draped an arm around my shoulder as we enjoyed breakfast. I leaned into his embrace, resting against his firm chest. It was a comfortable morning, the hall was buzzing with excitement for the Hogsmeade trip later in the day. I sat in silence, nodding along to the conversation around me and appreciated my friends company. After everyone finished their breakfast, the group of us headed back towards the common room. George and I hung back a little and walked behind the rest of our friends.

     “You’ve been awfully quiet today, is everything okay?” George asked softly, his arm still around my shoulders.

    “Perfectly fine, just still a little sleepy.” I smiled up at him in reply.

    “Good, I don’t want you sick for Hogsmeade today.”

    “Do you have plans for Hogsmeade?” I asked the the tall boy.

    “My only plan is to take my gorgeous girlfriend on a date today. That’s only if you don’t have other plans.” he shot me another sparkling smile.

     “Of course not. I’d be honored to go on another date with you.”I responded, laying my head on his shoulder. He let out a celebratory “whoop!”, which made me laugh immensely. We walked the rest of the way to the common room with smiles etched onto our faces. When we walked in, our friends were already there, sitting around the fire. They were packed onto the couches like sardines.

    “Oh hey! Look who finally showed up! The lovebirds!” Lee exclaimed, causing the rest of the group to yell in response. George waltzed in, giving them a dramatic queen wave as he walked and plopped into the only open armchair. I stood and smiled at all my friends. I caught George staring at me with a cocked eyebrow. Once he caught my attention, he waved me over. I strolled over to him and once I stopped in front of him, he latched his arms onto my waist. He continued to pull me down onto his lap. I leaned against his chest as his hands rested on my hips. We slowly joined the ongoing conversation.

     “I’m just saying that the Hollyhead Harpies are far superior to any team.” claimed Fred, smoothly making his point. A heated debate quickly erupted from the group. I enjoyed the yelling and laughed as I watched the arguments fly. I felt myself get sleepier as the minutes ticked by, snuggling closer to the boy behind me. I closed my eyes and gently drifted off to sleep.

    “George, we leave for Hogsmeade in two minutes. I think you should wake up sleeping beauty now.” Katie Bell suggested from another couch.

    “Nah, you guys can head out. I want her to get a bit more sleep, we can met up later.” replied my boyfriend nonchalantly.

    “Well okay then, suit yourself pal. See ya later.” stated Angelina, standing up and following the rest of our friends out the door.

    “Peace out bro.” called Fred to his twin from the door.

    “See ya dude.” quietly replied George. In my sleepy daze, I nuzzled my head closer into George’s neck. “Okay, let’s get this sleepy head up to bed.” he whispered to himself. He placed an arm under my knees and around my lower back. He then stood up, carrying me in his arms. He walked toward the stairway that lead up to the boy’s dorms. George stepped lightly, trying to make as little noise as possible. He tiptoed up the steps and into his shared room, gently closing the door behind him.

     “Hmm, Georgie?” I mumble in a daze.

     “Right here love, I gotcha.” he told me softly.

     “Where are we going?” I slurred, shifting gently in his arms.

     “We are in my dorm for a nap.” he grinned, laying me onto his bed.

     “Mmmm, k.” I lazily say, rolling over and stuffing my face into his pillows. They smelled like him, minty, musky, some peppermint with a hint of smoke. He chuckled at my sleepy state and began to change into comfy clothes. He pulled his christmas jumper over his head. Then, he slid off his blue jeans and put on a cozy pair of sweatpants. Lastly, he kicked off his shoes and laid next to me.

     “Well, hello there. Fancy meeting you here.” George goofed with a silly posh accent, turning his attention to me. I grinned at his words.

    “How ya doin’ Georgie.”

     “Well, I spent most of my day with the most beautiful girl in the world. So, I’d say it was pretty good. “ he flirted.

    “Oh hush!” I giggled, re-stuffing my face in his pillows to hide my reddening cheeks.

    “Hey! Who said I was talking about you?” asked an appalled George. I gasped dramatically at his statement.

     “How dare you! How could you?” I gasped, faking crying with loud, over dramatic sobs.

      “You know I’m kidding love. There isn’t anyone more gorgeous than you.” he reassured with a kiss on my nose then on my forehead. “Now it’s time for a nap.” I nodded and curled into his chest. The quiet was calming but unusual. Then it suddenly hit me.

     “Wait!” I yelled, flinging myself yup. George followed in suit, pani clear on his face. “What about Hogsmeade? You had a whole date planned!” I exclaimed, feeling awful about ruining the date he had planned. George visibly relaxed.

      “Oh don’t sweat it. Honestly, this is so much better than anything I had planned. Much better than having to be social.”he explained, “I mean, if you really want to we can go.” he shrugged.

      “Do you wanna go? I can go change real quick and be ready to go.” I say.

      “Nope, I’m perfectly fine with staying in bed with my girl all day.” he told me, laying a kiss on my head and draping an arm around me. I rolled over and layed my head on his chest.

     “Well okay then. Are you sure that’s what you want?” I agreed, double checking that he was sure.

     “There’s nothing I’d love more in the world.” he beamed, kissing me on the head once more. I smiled lightly at the red haired boy who rested next to me.

      “Nothing more in the world? Really?” I teased, picking his brain.

      “Hmm….There is one thing.” he hinted.

      “Which is..?” I trailed over, motioning for him to finish.

      “Spending the rest of my life with you.” he told me sincerely, his cheeks slightly. I blushed bright red and hide my face in the crook of his neck. “Awww! Is somebody flustered?” he teased, making me blush even more.

     “Oh shut up you little punk!” I mumbled into his neck, smacking him lightly.

    “Oh! Okay! So that’s how this is going to go! This means war!”he declared, flipping over so he was hovering above me. Right away, his slender fingers wiggled into my sides. I started cackling instantly. I was insanely ticklish and George was using this against me.

    “Stop! Stop! Please! I’m sorry!” I yelled through my non-stop laughter.

    “Hmm, let me think? NOPE!” he announced. I squirmed desperately trying to escape George’s tickling fingers but tragically failed. I laughed and laughed until tears brimmed my eyes.

    “I take it back! I surrender!” I begged but his merciless tickling didn’t waver.

    “Say ‘George Weasley is the best boyfriend ever and has gorgeous hair’” he insisted.

    “George Weasley is the best boyfriend ever and has gorgeous hair!” I yelled, struggled to get the words out through my laughter. The second I finished the phrase, George’s terrible tickling stopped. I layed on the mattress, panting in attempt to catch my breath.

      “Aw thanks hun! You’re pretty okay too!” he pretended to gush at me, acting like nothing happened.

     “Really? After all of this, I’m only okay? Geez! How kind of you!” I said, rolling my eyes and speaking sarcastically.

     “I was kidding babe and you know that, you goof. You are the best person I’ve ever met.” he confided, pulling me closer to him once more.

   “You my favorite person, Georgie.” I told him as a snuggled closer to his side.

    “God I love you.” he sighed, wrapping me in his arms so he was now holding me.

     “I love you so much George.” I confessed. He kissed my forehead yet again. We sat in silence for a couple moments, enjoying each other’s presence. My eyes were drooping, sleep inching in.

      “Ya know, I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m gonna marry you someday. I imagine us old and grey, watching our grandkids run around the yard. I can’t picture my future without you.” George whispered, running his fingers through my hair. My heart swooned at his words, knowing exactly what he meant.

     “I know exactly what ya mean babe. I can us having three kids, growing up playing outside and being best friends with the family’s kids. Everything I plan for in the future has you in it.” I revealed, glancing up to meet him.

     “I can’t wait to spend forever with you.” he grinned. “Now, let’s take a nice nap. I’m pretty sure my tickle attack tuckered you out. “ he suggested.

    “That sounds great and I’m glad we both agree that it was an attack.” I agreed. He laughed at my words. I smiled up at him, loving the sound of his laughter.

     “Okay. Now, naptime. For real this time.” he said, calming down and closing his eyes. I stole one last glance at his relaxed state before closing my eyes. Slowly but surely, I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

      “Oh! So this is where you guys have been!” a loud voice yelled, interrupting our sleep a couple hours later. I heard George groan from beside me and felt him shift around.

      “Fred? What do you want? Go away.” he grumbled, clearly annoyed at his twin.

     “In case you forgot, my dear twin, this is also my room.” Fred replied in a smart aleck tone.

     “We’re trying to sleep, you ass.” George snarled.

     “Well, I can see that! We thought you guys went to Hogsmeade without us.” accused Fred. I could feel the irritation radiating off George in my sleepy state.

     “We didn’t go dummy. Now, can you leave us alone?” begged George, pulling the covers up higher.

    “Fine. Dinner starts in a half hour.” informed Fred.

     “K. Bye.” mumbled his brother. Fred left the room, grumbling about his brother being rude. George rolled from his back to his side. I was still wrapped in his arms so now we were laying face to face. My eyes were still sealed shut but I was awake enough to hear everything. He laid there quietly, gently breathing. This peaceful laying continued as I fell back to complete sleep.

      “Hey love, it’s time to get up.” a soft voice whispered, a hand running up and down my back softly.  I pulled myself from sleep and peeked my eyes open. George laid in front of me, watching me with tenderness and his hand rubbing my back.

     “Hmm?” I hummed, sliding closer to him.

     “Dinner starts in five minutes love, so you gotta get up.” he explained. I looked up at him to see him still gazing at me with adoring eyes and messy hair.

     “You are aware how impossibly cute you look right now, right?” I wondered.

     “You have no room to talk sweetheart, you look drop dead gorgeous.” he confessed. He leaned down and pressed a sweet kiss to my lips. It was a tender moment. “Now we have to get up and go to dinner, In case you forgot, you haven’t eaten since breakfast.” he reminded me.   

     “Fine. I guess if we have to.” I grumbled. George rolled out of bed and started to change. He yanked a random t-shirt over his head and swapped his pajama pants for a pair of casual sweatpants. I still laid on the bed, not bothering to change.

    “Are you gonna change?” questioned George.

    “Nah, this is fine.” I shrugged.

     “Do you want a jacket, it’s kinda chilly?” he suggested. I nodded and rolled out of bed. George dug his grey Quidditch hoodie out of his trunk and tossed it at me. The hoodie had marron writing on it and read George’s last name and number on the back. I pulled the sweater over my head.

   “I’m all Weasley-ed out.” I joked, gesturing to his old shirt that I was wearing under his jacket. He laughed in response. I redid my ponytail and slide on my shoes from earlier. When I finished, I noticed George watching me. “You ready?” I asked, walking over to him.

    “Yep.” he said, giving me a finally kiss and draping an arm around my shoulder. “Let’s head to dinner.”. We walked downstair, out of the common room, then to the Great Hall. We walked silently down the halls, still sleepy. Together, we pushed open the oak doors and headed into the buzzing dining hall.

      “So, I see the sleeping beauties decided to wake up.” remarked Hermione as we took our places at the table.

     “Did true love’s kiss wake you up George? Or was it true loves cuddle?” joked Ginny.

     “Hahaha. You’re sooo funny, Gin.” sarcastically laughed George, helping him to some chicken.

    “Don’t be ashamed my dear brother, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good cuddle session.” comforted Fred, who chimed in on the joke.

      “Oh shut it! Let a man take a nap with his girlfriend in peace!” George defended. I laughed at his weak defense statement.

    “Leave him alone, he can’t help his cuddly habit.” I told them, poking fun at him. The table laughed at the look of disbelief on his face, caused by my statement.

     “I thought you were on my side!” George exclaimed, flabbergasted. 

      “I am!” I claimed.

      “Okay, when did it become pick on George day?” he wondered. We all laughed then gradually changed the topic. Our friends told tales of their Hogsmeade adventures. Dinner was full of laughter and enjoyment.

     “You ready to go doll?” asked George. The question confused me.

     “Go where?”

      “I was thinking we could sneak out to Hogsmeade for dessert since we didn’t get to go earlier. Of course, we don’t have to if you don’t want to.” he elaborated.

     “I’d love to go babe”

     “Great! Wanna head out?”

      “Sure thing.” We stood up and bid our friends goodbye. George took my hand in his as we walked out of the Great Hall. “Should we stop and get you a jacket? You are wearing short sleeves and I don’t want you to catch a cold.” I told him, not wanting him to get sick.

      “I guess that would be smart. Thanks love.” he said, kissing the top of my head and heading to the common room. We reached the common room quickly and headed straight up to George’s dorm. I flopped onto his bed while he dug out a jacket. He grabbed a hoodie and pulled it over his head.

     “You ready babe?” I asked.

      “Yup but do you want pants to put on? It’s chilly out.” he suggested, “You can wear a pair of mine if you’d like dear.”.

     “Sure, thanks Georgie.” I replied, sitting up from the bed. George tossed me a pair of black sweatpants.

      “These are small on me, so they should fit better.” he explained. I nodded and pulled the pants on over my thin cropped leggings. They were kinda baggy but very comfy.

      “Perfectly fine.” I announced, standing up. George didn’t answer, he just stared at me. “Uhh, George? Hun?” I asked, but he keep on staring, “Everything okay?”. George snapped out of his daze.

     “What? Huh? Everything’s fine.” he told me, blinking twice.

     “You sure? You were staring at me.” I informed my boyfriend.

      “You just look impossibly cute in my clothes.” he confessed, walking up to me and wrapping his arms around my body.

     “Do I now?” I teased, reaching up on my tiptoes and draping my arms around his neck. He smiled down at me and hummed in response. I leaned up and met his lips. The kiss was soft and sweet. He tasted like mint and had a gentle touch. We detached lips and touched foreheads.

    “Hey babe?” asked George.

   “Yeah Georgie?”

      “I love you.”

      “I love you, George.”. He leaned down and kissed me again. The rest of the night went smoothly. We had a peaceful dessert date and an easy night. Dessert was delightful as we had simple conversation on our way back to George’s dorm. Our friends were nowhere to be seen so we headed straight up to bed. George and I cuddled up and closed our eyes as another day at Hogwarts drew to a close.   


Plot: just Seb fucking you in a bathroom | Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, oral, fingering, this gif I added???

Word count: 2375

A/N: I haven’t posted in a while so take this as a peace offering! Also, I’m not at home and I have really bad Internet access here so I won’t tag anyone atm!

Masterlist | Request

Originally posted by sebastiansource

A New Year’s Eve party with your co-workers, in a club. What a dream come true. This was the last place you’d wanted to spend the last night of the year, but here you were, standing next to the bar, a glass of red wine in your hand, waiting for your friend who promised to be back in 5 minutes, but it had already been about 20.

You watched people grind on each other on the dancefloor; two of your male colleagues making out in the corner across the room made you smile. They always did have a crush on each other, it was adorable, yet gross since they were practically dry humping each other in public. 

But then your friend popped up right behind you, startling you. “Giiirrlll, you have no idea what just happened.’‘ 

You snorted. ’'What?”

“I just met my possible future husband! Did you know Chris Evans is here?” she practically squealed. You arched an eyebrow in question, since you weren’t really familiar with the name. 

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Taking Care of Her

Written for: 12 Days of Christmas Day 6

Prompt: Fuzzy Blankets

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 809

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Sorry this was late and some of the tags won’t work and I’ve tried everything. Please forgive me. Christmas keeps on creeping closer. All errors are my own, gifs/photos found on Google unless noted above, and as always thank you so much for reading!

Summary: The reader has caught the flu so her doting boyfriend is making sure she’s well taken care of.


    “Don’t you think you’re going a little bit, overboard Dean?” Sam asked looking into the shopping cart. Dean had piled in four thick fuzzy blankets that had various Christmas patterns on them and then thrown in ginger ale, various soups, hot chocolate mixes, and a variety of different medicines because he was unsure of what they currently had stocked in the bunker.

   “No,” he replied gruffly picking up some fuzzy socks with the Wonder Woman emblem on them tossing them into the cart before moving on to the next aisle. “Y/N’s sick and she always takes care of us so I’m going to do the same.”

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Just a Kiss

Draco x Reader

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As you begin your final year at Hogwarts, you are happy to get back to the hustle and bustle of class schedules, long nights in the library and nights exploring the castle. As a muggleborn, you have made it back to the school by some creative manipulation of your family tree and a couple of wizards claiming relation to you. The Ministry of Magic has allowed you to come back to school and you are grateful for every brick, every corridor and even Peeves.

Gathering your spell book and heading out of the Ancient Runes class, you hear a familiar drawling voice behind you. “How did you get in here mudblood? I am sure you’re here by mistake.”

Freezing on the spot, you look over your shoulder to see Draco’s rigid pale face and crisp silver eyes. Damn, he would be so gorgeous if he wasn’t always lobbing insults every time you see him.

“Are you sure I am the one that is here by mistake? I was unaware ferrets were on the list of approved pets this year. Remind me again who you belong to.”

Stunned only for a moment, Draco narrowed his eyes threateningly. “You will pay for this Y/L/N. Just wait.”

“Looking forward to it,” you bark back at him. Turning on the spot, you heading back to the dorm. The commonroom of Y/H/N is bustling and you gather a few of your friends to tell them about the confrontation between you and Malfoy. Your friends are helping you to hide your muggle status and vow to keep you company in the corridors to provide protection for the next few weeks. You all agree that this will all blow over as soon as everyone starts drowning in homework and no one has time to start petty fights.

Two weeks later Malfoy caught you, with a few friends, outside of the library.

“Still hanging out with the mudblood?” he said in a sarcastic tone. “You know; I wouldn’t even stand next to her. You might catch a muggle virus and have your pureblood status removed.”

Anger began ripping through your body as he laughs at his own joke. You lunge forward, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, and kiss him directly on the lips. Your rage mixes with an odd sensation of enjoyment as your body begins to hum with excitement. Why are you enjoying this? You hate him… or at least you thought you did.

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Good girls don’t (sneak peek)

There are a lot of things good girls don’t. They don’t laugh too loud, they don’t dress too short, they don’t swear and they don’t put themselves out there. They wait, and they do it while sitting properly in their pristine white dresses, with their hands crossed over their laps and their back sitting up straight.

There’s a lot of things good girls don’t and getting their panties wet every time they see a guy is definitely one of them.

You rubbed your thighs together as your fingers pressed tightly to the table you were sitting in, trying to hold on to a reality that was slipping away as you looked at him. You imagined the taste of his skin, and how it must have felt against yours when he was lying on top of you, and you thought about the fire of his kiss, and how it probably tasted like peppermint and just a tiny hint of sin. You thought about heaven and having him lie next to you at night.

The fire that had settled in your lower tummy was going to consume you all at any moment, and you shifted in your seat, trying to release some of the pressure that had built between your legs. You were definitely wet.

But as much as you tried, you couldn’t stop thinking about him, imagining yourself on your knees while your eyes obediently locked in with his. You imagined your lips wrapping around the two fingers he was offering to you, and the light bob you would do to take them all the way in, while your tongue pressed to them to suck them lightly, looking at him as his eyes, usually green and sweet, turned dark, the burning lust covering them as he gazed down at you. You even imagined the light gag of your throat as he pushed his fingers all the way in, and the moan that bubbled up from your very core when he slid them out, the strings of spit that fell down making you blush as you looked down.

“Look at me, yeah?” He would say, with his voice a little raspier than usual as he kneeled in front of you. “C’mon, kitten, look at me.” He would repeat his command slowly, a smirk curling up the corner of his lips as your eyes fluttered open to obey him. “Look at me while I fuck ya with my fingers, yeah? Use all that spit you left. Were you imagining my cock?” He would ask, his smirk growing bigger as you nodded, still unable to speak your own words, as your heart was knotting on your throat and beating rapidly at the sight of him. “You’re such a fucking good girl.”

“Hello! Are you there?” You heard someone say right next to you, the sound of your voice taking you by surprise and causing you to jump on your seat as a gasp left your lips. You had to thank your lucky stars the light in the room was pretty crappy, as you were fairly certain that you must’ve looked like a tomato at the moment, red up to your hair and firing up as you tried to sit still and crossed your legs.

“Jesus, Gems, I should put a bell on you.” You mumbled, crossing your arms over your chest, much like you had done with your legs, an armor of protection against the world, just in case someone could read your thoughts and know…

“Sorry, just needed to know if you were still with us.” She smiled, the same childish smile you had seen so many times on her brother before. The very same one that made your knees buckle down every time it was directed at you. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, just a bit hot.” You smiled, looking at her as she took a seat right next to you, and looked to the stage where her brother was playing the guitar softly.

“He’s killing it, isn’t he?” She grinned, unable to hide her pride. “Makes you wanna kiss the idiot.”

“It does.”

It was impossible not to look at him. Harry owned the stage like he was meant to do just that for the rest of his life like he was born to be a star. Even with his disheveled hair, and the pink pants that you hated, he looked like a star, the brightest one up in the sky, and you couldn’t help but let your heart soar in your chest for him.  

I hope you can see, the shape I’ve been in

While he’s touching your skin

This thing upon me, howls like a beast

You flower, you feast

The set finished, although you weren’t sure how long it had lasted or how many songs he had sung. You just knew he looked glorious through every minute of it, and that the most sinful thoughts had reigned over your body during every second of it. He was hot, clammy hands and beads of sweat running down his spine as he made his way to you, and you let your eyes run down his neck, thinking about how it must feel like to kiss it, right where his pulse point was, and taste the saltiness of his skin after a concert.

“You sure you’re ok?” Gemma asked you once again, scrunching up her perfectly done eyebrows as she threw a worried look at you.

“Yeah, Daniel just hasn’t answered my texts all day.” You shrugged your shoulders, looking at her with a soothing smile as she pursed her lips a little bit, the frown on her forehead deepening as she took a big breath, one of those that warned you were about to hear a piece of her mind.

“Good, Daniel’s a bloody wanker, who doesn’t even want to call you his girlfriend. Tell him to sod off, you deserve better.” She said like she had just told an order you were supposed to follow suit. It didn’t matter, anyway. You hadn’t texted Daniel all day, and you weren’t even sure you wanted to. Still, he was a nice excuse, a great diversion from your real thoughts.

“I know.” You nodded.

“Do you girls know” Harry said, as he plopped right between the two of you, and his arms went around each of your shoulders, his lips curling into a huge grin as he looked at you, the sudden urge to kiss him bubbling in your tummy. “this is a party? Why the sad faces?”  

“We just had to listen to you sing.” You smiled, wriggling your eyebrows as his smile disappeared for a second.

“It was quite a travesty,” Gemma added, and by now, the frown on his face was almost ridiculous, as he squinted up his eyes to his sister.

“We’re still recovering.” You said. Harry stood up straight, crossing his arms over his chest while he tried to hide the pout that was threatening to come out if he didn’t hear reassuring words in the next couple of seconds.

“You were fantastic.” You caved in, smiling softly as a grin curled up on his lips. For a second there, you could’ve sworn his eyes had flicked to your lips, following the movement of your own as you spoke, but it was too quick, probably just a fickle of your imagination that was still heated up from all the dirty thoughts that had been circling in your mind.

“Thank you, love.” He whispered softly before turning to his sister. “And you’re not invited to anything anymore.”

“She started it!” She complained, rolling her eyes as he jumped from his seat to talk to the crew. He shook every hand, and kissed a lot of cheeks, saying polite things to everyone as he made his way through the room.

“Let’s go and look for him or we’re not getting outta here ever.” She said, smiling widely as she jumped from the table and looked at you, beckoning to follow her. Her expression turned serious, solemn almost, and her hand went to her tummy and she stood up straight. “And then, we’ll party.”

“Oh, I should probably go and look for Daniel.” You said, stammering a little when your eyes fell on your lap, not wanting to look at Harry anymore than you had to. You were afraid that if you did, he would know all the things you would let him do to you.

“Oh, no!” Gemma said, widening her eyes as she took your hand in hers to pull you off of your seat. “I told you, Daniel’s a bloody wanker. We’re going to party and he can go fuck himself.”

There was not much room for discussion, cause her hand was firmly wrapped around yours and as she started to walk to the exit, she dragged you behind, making you run a little so you could keep up with her. Harry shrugged, following behind the two of you to quickly disappear into of a black car that was waiting outside for you.

You sat next to Harry, which probably wasn’t the best idea, cause you could feel the warmth his body irradiated right next to you, threatening to spark the fire that had already settled down. Your fingers trembled, itching to grab his hand in yours, or maybe to trace down his thigh, squeezing the meaty parts between them as you leaned to give him a kiss.

The ride was torturously slow, every bit of it filled with Harry’s scent, cologne mixed with the sweat of his skin, and with the thoughts of him pressing you down to the mattress, arms pinned to the bed while his lips sucked on your skin. You could barely keep up with the lazy conversation, dizzy from all the images that kept rushing in your head.

“Babe?” You heard Harry say, but that wasn’t what caught your attention at all. It was the sparks, literal electric energy, that escaped out of your skin when he touched you, skimming his fingers lightly on your arm to call for you. A gush of air left your lips, and your eyes slowly met with his. They were green, bright and sweet even in the dim light of the car, and they looked at you with such intensity you had to wonder if the world had disappeared around you. “We’re here.” But it hadn’t. You looked out of the window now that the car had stopped, and for the first time, you noticed you were in front of Harry’s brand new home.

“I thought we were going to party.” You said in confusion, taking his hand to let him help you out of the car. This time it was more of a firework, a subtle, intimate firework that sparkled and shined just for the two of you. You looked at your joined hands, wondering if you were going crazy, or if he could feel it, the silent pleading of your own body to be his.

“I’m not in the mood for people.” He shrugged. “We can party here. Do you have anywhere else to be?”


“Good, I want you here with me.” He smiled.


The idea of a party often involves alcohol, loud music, and annoying people. This one had all of the above, the bubbles of alcohol buzzing in your head as you laid down. The grass was wet and it was probably a bad idea to lie on it while wearing a dress, but Harry was next to you and you were gazing at the few stars that popped up in London’s sky, so nothing really mattered.

The back of his fingers brushed against yours and you turned around to look at him. There was a boyish smile on his face, showing off his dimples as he laid on his side. His bottom lip got trapped between his teeth, and once more the intensity of his gaze was enough to leave you breathless.

“You deserve better, y’know that, right?” He said in a low voice, his minty breath fanning over your skin as you tilted your head to one side.

“Not everyone can be Harry Styles.” You shrugged, a smile curling up the corner of your lips when you peered up to be. “He’s not half as bad as Gemma makes him out to be, Harry. And it’s not that serious, anyway. I don’t wanna marry him, I just…”

“He’s a nice shag?” He smirked.

“He’s decent, and I’m not discussing my sex life with you. I’m not that drunk.”

“He cannot be a good shag.” Harry chuckled in disbelief, turning to lie on his back. The little hairs on your neck rose, looking at him as the light laughter rumbled in his belly. “First, I’ve seen his cock…”


“It’s not that impressive.”

“What were you doing looking at his…” You stopped yourself, grunting a bit as you turned around to lie on your back as well. Your arms crossed over your chest and you frowned as you looked at the stars up above you.

“His what?”


“Oh, c’mon, say it!”


“That word has to look so fucking pretty coming out of your lips. C’mon, say it.”

“You’re an idiot, Jesus.” You laughed, but still, a weird pride settled in your tummy at his words. Pretty, something looked pretty when you said it.

“Just say it!”

“His cock, Harry, his cock!”

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I imagine Lance smelling like peaches with a hint of peppermint (his chapstick is peppermint scented)

ohhhh ok ok u got me messed up now 

- keith reaching over lance to grab the food goo and he can smell lance’s peach and vanilla shampoo, and his heart kinda squeezes in his chest
- lance comes to keith’s room and sits on his bed, just talking to him, and when he leaves keith’s pillows are scented with peppermint and he burrows his face into them 
- lance: ‘ugh i miss perfume i smell so bad’ keith: ‘no you smell amazing- i mean what huh who said that’ 
-  lance putting his arm around keith on the couch and pulling him close to whisper something funny into his ear, and poor pining keith almost dies on the spot because lance is warm and smells like vanilla, and if keith just turns his head he can nuzzle his hair 
- lance: ‘keith what kinda shampoo do you use?’ keith: ‘uhh idk just like,,,that altean soap’ lance: ‘oh my gOD NO WAY you’re having some of mine’
- now keith smells like vanilla and peaches, and he hides his blushy smiling face in his pillow because he smells like lance, who he adores
- lance offering some of his peppermint chapstick to keith, and keith blushes because it’s like a kiss 

Let Me Warm Your Heart Part 3

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Word count: 3040

Summary: Being rescued by a kind woman has loads of benefits. She cleans your wounds, cares for you and you get a glimpse in her life. Is this the beginning of that fleeting feeling called ‘love’?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the FBAWTFT, JKR does. If I did, my boi Credence would have the mushiest happiest ending ever. GIF Credits to the owners. That cute face though!! 😍

Warnings: Mentions of blood, abuse, loads of fluff

It was normally a short walk from the sushi shop till Y/N’s apartment. The upside was the confectionery on the corner. Having a sweet tooth, she was wise enough to keep her candy stash refiller close. Its windows were usually pristine and the door was always open. Through these, wafted the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread or melting chocolate, which the baker used in abundance in a variety of goods. That evening she was walking back home, just about to turn the corner of a road filled with closed shops. They looked like dark, empty husks left by their occupants for the day, she thought, especially the eerie mannequins wearing the flapper dresses. Y/N was wondering whether one would look good on her when she heard the sounds of a scuffle. 

“What ya boys say we beat some sense inta him?” It was probably the drunkards that frequented the playground she thought. They were usually up to no good. Not wanting to get involved but curious nonetheless, Y/N crept up the pavement and cocked her head to the side, hiding behind the barely there, crumbling excuse of a wall surrounding the derelict playground. The scene made her draw in a sharp intake of breath. Whimpering in the clutches of one of the drunk hooligans was none other Credence. Putting her Auror reflexes to use, she gave out a shrill siren-like whistle and a quick Sonorus charm did the trick. “Shit. Why’s the police here?” one of them muttered before they shoved poor Credence to the ground and made a run for it.

Making sure that the hoodlums were completely out of sight, Y/N approached the shivering boy lying on the ground. She muttered Quietus, stopped whistling and waved her wand once, charming the area to make it seem empty so that no one accidentally stumbled upon them. She stowed her wand in its holster and approached the quivering boy. “Are you alright?” She asked in the gentlest voice she could manage, trying to pull his writhing form upright. But scared to his wits end the boy seemed to have gone into a panic attack. No amount of coaxing and cajoling was making it through to him. Taking his face in her hands, Y/N stared into his chocolate brown eyes for a few seconds making sure that she had his undivided attention. “It’s okay love, they are gone. You are safe now. Nothing will harm you…I won’t let anything harm you!” on hearing this, awareness dawned in his eyes. 

At least that was what she assumed when he gave a muffled sob and threw himself in her arms. Slightly taken aback by the sudden action, Y/N just whispered soothingly until Credence calmed down. Realizing that the people threatening him were long gone, he sagged in relief, his whole body turning limp in her hands. He sniffled quietly in the crook of her shoulder, his tears leaving a wet patch on her cloak. Credence idly thought that the woman smelled wonderful, like freshly mowed grass, coffee grounds, peppermint and a hint of something flowery. His fingers, which had been clutching tightly to the fabric of her cloak loosened their grip and withdrawing from her embrace, he blushed and gave her a small nod. “Thank you….for saving me and…sorry for….” at this point, he merely pointed to her cloak which was streaked with blood from where his fingers had gripped her.

Y/N’s eyes widened and Credence prepared himself to be admonished for ruining her clothes. But instead, she took his hands in hers and gasped audibly. “I am so sorry. If I had realised that they were harming you, I would have done something faster.” He looked at her with a puzzled gaze and she couldn’t help but think that he looked adorable. Puffy eyes which had turned red from the crying, a tear-stained face streaked with patches of blood when he had wiped his face, a pale face and mussed up hair. If you could ignore the obvious signs of being beaten, he almost looked like he had woken up and couldn’t get a bearing on his surroundings. Pulling him up with the tenderness of a mother with her newborn, Y/N spied the abandoned bag of food that she had left at the side walk when she saw the drunkards about to beat him up. She bent down to pick it up and said, “Let’s get your wounds bandaged.”

This was easier said than done. Credence had been reluctant to go to her house. “It’s getting late. My Ma…she will worry.” Detecting the notes of hesitation in his voice at the mention of his mother and not one to accept such feeble excuses, Y/N had said, “It won’t take long. I live just 5 minutes away. Come on, we need to stop that bleeding.” With this they had found themselves tiptoeing up the staircase and entering the apartment silently like fugitives. All this was a necessary precaution against complaining neighbours, she had said. God knew what kind of a fuss Mr Smith would create if he knew she brought ‘roughened up, good for nothing men’ to her house (his words not her’s). At this point her visitor had opened his mouth probably to turn down her help again but she had silenced him saying, “I’ll get the medical supplies. Just make yourself comfortable, okay?” Settling Credence onto the sofa, she entered the kitchen and retrieved the first aid kit from the nearest cabinet.

She unwrapped the gauze, cotton swabs and bandages, glanced over her shoulder to ensure that he was still in his place and took out her wand. It would do no good to either him or her if it was found out that she was a witch. For her because she would lose her job but majorly for Credence, because he was the eldest son of an anti-witchcraft zealot and it would be ironical if it were found out that he was rescued and helped by a witch. That didn’t stop Y/N from bewitching the medical supplies to heal his wounds faster though. Maybe she could even convince him to take a potion for minor abrations, she had a bottled version ready for times when she was posted on field cases. She filled a bowl with water, took some wash cloths and with the slightly magically modified medi-kit in tow, she entered the room again to find him staring at the photos adorning her wall.

Hearing her enter, Credence whipped his head to look at her and held up his battered hands as if non-verbally praying his innocence. “I am so-sorry. I was just looking. I d-d-didn’t touch anything I s-swear.” She frowned at his sudden frightened demeanour and said, “You don’t need to apologize, I’m not angry. I did say you could be comfortable. You can have a look around if you want.” Approaching him, she set the medi-kit and the bowl on the nearby coffee table and stared at the photograph that he had been staring at before her arrival. He looked at her once again with a confused expression. “If…if you don’t mind me asking, who…who’s that?” he timidly pointed at a picture of a family of three. A pig-tailed girl of no more than 6 years sat on a man’s shoulders, grinning ear to ear with a flower crown atop her head. A woman kissed the man’s cheek and held the girl’s hand while the man, presumably gave a huge belly laugh.

Fondness washed her features as she looked at the photograph. “They are my parents, that beautiful woman is my mom and the man laughing so raucously, looking like a happy lunatic, is my father”, Credence looked at her face but she had said it more out of warmth than with malice. “And that’s me seated on my father’s shoulders, pretending that I was the Queen and they my humble servants. I remember mother saying something on the lines of, “Well, a Queen needs a crown” and made that for me.“ She pointed at the tiny flower tiara and brushed the black and white picture lightly, as if wiping away non-existent dust.

Y/N seemed to be reliving that day of so many years past and he couldn’t help but feel the nostalgia colouring the room with something akin to love. “They look like nice people”, he said softly, breaking Y/N from her reverie. “They were.” She replied, looking back at him with a smile crinkling her features. But the smile seemed just a touch distant, hinting more of sadness than joy. He noted the past tense but didn’t pry further, it wasn’t his place. “Alright. We have to get your hands healed, take a seat.” Doing as he was told, Credence sat at the edge of the sofa. Y/N opened up the medi-kit and set out a roll of bandages, a bottle of some clear liquid and an ointment, before taking a seat beside him. She took his hands in her’s again and said, “I’m going to clean the dried up blood from your wounds. I’ll try to be careful but it might hurt just a smidge.“ 

He was thankful that she was being so thoughtful and gentle with him. She drenched the wash cloth in the bowl and painstakingly cleaned his hands. Sitting stock still so as not to impede her, Credence didn’t dare utter a word of discomfort. He was used to beatings much worse than this. Being treated so kindly was what he was unused to. He took in her form, gently tending to him, oblivious to his staring or the effect that she had on him. Her lashes, long as they were, brushed her cheeks everytime she blinked. Her touch was cool and gentle, holding his hands delicately, as if made from the softest of feathers. She absentmindedly brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen out of its place in her braid and he noticed for the first time how shiny her hair was. Being in such close quarters with her made Credence hyper aware of her ethereal beauty.

He couldn’t help but feel the tightness in his chest return, but this restricting feeling was different from the one he felt while in the playground. While that had felt as if he was about to explode like a pressurized cannon, this felt as if a mass of frothy bubbles had filled up his insides and where bursting to be released. “This might sting a bit”, she said again as she took a fresh cloth and dipped some of the liquid in the bottle onto it. It did cause him a bit of discomfort but he remained silent through it. It was the least he could do for her. “I think the wounds are cleaned up, all that remains is…” She trailed off, looking at his hands first and then fixing her sharp gaze on him. Credence looked down at what she had seen and shifted restlessly. The dried up blood had given his hands the illusion of being scar-free. And lost in his observation of her, for a moment, he had felt scarless too, both physically and emotionally.

Brought back to earth and it’s harsh realities, he said, “It’s okay. You ….have done so much… for me. I could bandage them…later.” He looked anywhere and everywhere but her, as if the mere sight of her would break this seemingly dreamlike state that he found himself in. If he met her eyes, she would know. She would know the truth. The truth about him, his Ma, his beatings, his tainted blood and all the things that were wrong with him. She would be repulsed at the mere sight of him and look at him with disgust just like Ma was. And then, she would have nothing to do with him. But Y/N surprised him once again. She took his hands and rubbing some of the cooling ointment on his hands, bandaged them carefully. She seemed angry but at what Credence didn’t understand. Had he said something to upset her?

“You don’t need to hide it. I can see what she has done, I’m assuming it is her by the way you react to her…” she whispered, but her voice carried to him in the stillness of the air. She brushed her hands on his palms, feeling the puckered skin which was marked in shades of red. A dull white in places where the old ones had healed and scarred, a raw red at the places where the fall had torn the skin again. Brownish bruises covered his fingers. Her flawless hands seemed almost otherworldly next to his and Credence was overcome by the urge to withdraw his hands and run away from this unreal sanctuary. “Don’t…don’t feel ashamed!” Her voice quivered and Credence looked at her again. Y/N’s face was flushed from the anger which quaked her voice and he felt touched. Nobody had ever cared for him so much. Not enough to heal him the way she did, not even to get angry over something like old scars and half healed palms. 

“You don’t need to worry. It’s alright…I…I deserved this…” He spoke carefully, trying to calm her anger and assuage her worries. She stared up at him defiantly and said, “Never for a moment should you ever think that you deserve this! You deserve kindness and love! Not beatings and pain and…not this… definitely not this….!” she trailed off, setting aside the bandages and looking at his hands again. She was more upset that he had thought and he couldn’t think of a way to comfort her. Credence berated himself mentally. He caused nothing but harm and problems for those who cared for him. It would have just been better if he had not come here.

He felt his hands being warmed by her touch and the pain seemed to abate a bit. Closing his eyes and dislodging the morose thoughts from his mind he said, “It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt…much.” He shrugged as he looked at her again. "It shouldn’t hurt at all.“ She replied firmly, resuming to bandage his hands and tidying up his bruises. After she was done with his hands, Y/N stared up at him and asked. “Are you hurt anywhere else?” Credence shook his head no. He felt an odd lightness in his being. As if he was floating in the air. “I should get going. It’s getting late…” he didn’t want to leave, this place that was the closed thing to an oasis in the desert of his life. “Wait”, she observed his face for a moment and wringed the wash cloth, motioning for him to come closer. He just stared at her, wondering what she meant. “Your face. It has a bit of blood on it. Let me wipe it off.”

If he had been frozen before, Credence became a statue carved out of stone now. There he was, sitting in the close proximity of this goddess of a being, wondering what good deeds he had done in his past life to have received this blessing. He would get beaten up a thousand times if it meant that she would be the one who took care of him like this. Slapping himself mentally for thinking of such impure thoughts, he continued staring at her as she grasped his chin with one hand and rubbed his cheek with the other. A look of intense concentration was on her face, her tongue poking out slightly as she wiped the stains away. Credence couldn’t help the blush that warmed his cheeks and dusted his face. He could feel her breath fanning his face and if he were to die this moment, he would die a peaceful death. 

Too soon the contact was over and he felt a mixture of disappointment and elation wash over him. Disappointment at the loss of the close contact and elation that it had happened in the first place. Y/N continued staring at him though and Credence couldn’t look away, trapped by the intensity of her gaze. He felt something shift in him as her eyes held his attention. It was almost as if the very air around them had changed, charged with an unknown energy. In those seconds of staring in the Y/E/C pools of Y/N’s eyes, he thought that something was about to happen. But she blinked and the moment was lost. She asked in a whisper, “You won’t stay if I ask you to, will you?” He shook his head no. “I can’t. Ma ….and my sisters will be waiting.” The implication of his words was clear. If he did not return home soon, his sister’s would suffer in his stead. 

Huffing an exasperated sigh she retreated back to the kitchen, to keep the supplies back in their place. “And I also had some nice sushi rolls today…” she knew he would still refuse but it was worth trying. Merlin, what had gotten into her?! He gave another shake of his head and said, “I must go….” He got up from the sofa and stared at her as she reentered the room to see him off. “Alright. Are you sure you can go back safely?” He nodded once in acquiescence. He fumbled a bit, unsure of what to do, as if wanting to say something but couldn’t find the words to do. He looked at her again and drawing confidence said, “Credence.” Y/N blinked once. Twice.

“It’s my name. Thank you for…saving me and helping me patch up”, he gave her a small smile. It was the smile that did it she thought. Just as he was about to leave, she spoke up, “Credence?” He halted immediately, looking at her curiously. “Y/N.” He looked at her for a moment before repeating it, “Y-Y/N.” Her name rolled off his tongue in a weirdly comforting manner. The exchange of names made something surge in Credence’s heart, something fluffy and full of warmth. It was as if the earlier bubbles had burst inside him and filled him with a joy so intense that he could hardly breathe. As he softly closed the door behind him, he couldn’t help but think, maybe this feeling was what they called ‘love’?

A/N: Holy smokes. 3000+ words. It was a race against time to finish this. Fluff is really not something that I’m used to writing. So I have mixed feelings about this one. Let me know how you felt this one was. Hope you like it! Excuse any typos. Also shout out to the fantastic @imaginingcredence whose Credence head cannons helped me survive a writer’s block. They are amazing!! ~mystical reading nerd


  • jaemin has been a metamorphagus ever since he was born
  • like literally as soon as his newborn eyes noticed the doctor he shapeshifted into an exact replica of the doctor
  • the doctors are screaming the nurses are screaming jaemin’s parents are screaming
  • it’s a mess
  • but eventually everyone comes to terms w the fact that hey, there’s a shapeshifter down the road who can literally turn into anything
  • but he’s also the only known shapeshifter in the world,,, so the humans don’t rlly know how to react or whether or not he could be potentially dangerous
  • he realizes as he gets older that he rlly can’t go anywhere or do anything without police following him
  • and it’s bc they know he’s a shapeshifter,,, what if he commits a crime and blames someone else by shifting into them??
  • so jaemin is basically suspect number one throughout the whole town
  • and it’s not fun at all because he’s basically been blacklisted for crimes he’s never committed
  • if there’s a crime that’s happened and they can’t find the perpetrator right away, jaemin is always the first suspect
  • he’s been in the police station for interagations more than he’d care to admit
  • and the overnight cell has begun to feel like a second home to him
  • the police suggest that he just stay away from humans,,, like forever
  • they basically tell him that he’s dangerous
  • “you can’t always control your powers,, what if you turn into a bear? or a lion?”
  • and jaemin tries to explain that no matter what he morphs into it’s still him and he isn’t a criminal
  • he isn’t
  • he’s just a boy who wants to go to school without the secret service tailing him
  • you’re jaemin’s next door neighbor
  • and you can see how stressed he is bc of the constant allegations and stuff
  • so in the middle of the night you text him like “hey climb over”
  • and basically when the two of you were kids, jaemin would shift into a monkey and climb the trees to get into your window
  • he didn’t know you had remembered that
  • once highschool started, the two of you sort of parted ways
  • not on purpose, you were still friends, just not best friends anymore
  • so jaemin sneaks over to your bedroom and climbs in through the window
  • and he morphs back into himself, into jaemin
  • and you smile and hug him immediately like i missed you dude
  • and he still smells the same,,, like peppermint and a faint hint of laundry detergent
  • the two of you chill on your bed and talk
  • in the darkness of your room, with the covers pulled up to his chin, jaemin doesn’t feel so vulnerable as he tells you all of his worries and stress
  • “it’s like they expect me to turn out to be this ,,, horrible person but i’m not, and i never will be”
  • jaemin doesn’t know how, but somehow you find his hand in the dark and squeeze it
  • “we know you’re good, jaemin”
  • “i just wish they’d let me be”
  • and that’s when you remember the monster house down the way
  • rumors say that a bunch of monsters live there as friends
  • you tell jaemin about it, and the thought excites him a lot
  • like he’s dying to meet other people who might understand what he’s going through
  • so the next day he talks to his parents abt it, and when they agree he meets up w vampire!donghyuck and vampire!taeil so they can see if he’s allowed in the house
  • and he is!!! and he’s so excited like he packs his bags right away and moves in
  • he becomes friends w everyone very quickly,, and they actually appreciate his abilities
  • but one thing he didn’t take into account was the fact that you would no longer be his neighbor
  • and he felt rather upset abt that some days
  • esp when he had a bad day in town and wanted to talk to you,,, you weren’t there
  • or this one time he bought a new coloring book and he ran outside w it to show it to you, only to remember that the monct house was surrounded by trees and ravines
  • so he settles for texting and calling you
  • and this works for abt a week lol
  • until jaemin misses you so much
  • he doesn’t even know why his heart is literally begging him to go see you
  • how is he supposed to know that he misses your presence so much bc he actually likes you??
  • he shapeshifts into a hawk and soars across town ,,, right into your closed window lol
  • and you wake up at the thud and run to your window to see an actual hawk slumped against your windowsill
  • so you open your window and carry the bird to your floor, not knowing that it’s jaemin
  • until he shifts back into his original form and holds his head “in all fairness i guess i should’ve asked you to open your window ahead of time”
  • you chuckle and sit down beside him like “what brings you to my abode at midnight?”
  • nd he looks up at you w soft eyes like “i missed you”
  • “o-oh,” you stutter, bc tbh you missed him a lot as well
  • it’s been lonely without his loud voice drifting into your room
  • “aren’t you gonna say you missed me too?” jaemin questions cutely, batting his eyelashes in an over exaggerated effort to make you laugh
  • it works bc you giggle and push him away “ofc i missed you, idiot”
  • jaemin smiles, and his hand reaches for yours in the dark
  • “i like it here, with you. i like that you don’t treat me like a ticking time bomb”
  • “that’s bc you aren’t,” you protest softly, squeezing his hand “you’re just jaemin, a clumsy loser who worries too much”
  • your playful banter makes jaemin feel a lot better, and his heart soars when you reach forward and kiss his cheek before getting up “let’s get to bed. we both have school tomorrow”
  • and just for fun the two of you set up sleeping bags on the floor and shuffle into them, giggling like little kids
  • jaemin reaches for you hand outside of the sleeping bag “goodnight, y/n.”
  • you grin into the darkness “goodnight jaemin”

part of monster!nct collab w @trickortaeil !! only chenle is left :’)

Hard Candy

Day 20 for @thexmasfileschallenge : candy canes.

(Written on my phone so please excuse all the extra mistakes)

On the side of an abandoned road, daylight leaving them, Mulder and Scully are in the tight grips of Murphy’s Law. It wasn’t long after they arrived in Boston that Scully was informed that her missing luggage wasn’t lost; it had never even left Washington D.C. Rental car picked up, their supposed case resolved itself as a hoax as they arrived on site. Only to be informed at the airport that there were no flights into Washington D.C. for the next three days. They decided to take the rental car home, time and money lost be damned, and now they’re here. Their car is tipped to the side and Mulder is partly under it while Scully, freezing in her short skirt and blouse, holds her flashlight to provide some extra light. Her eyes are full of concern because Mulder might be good at many, many things. Handy things like changing a tire, these are things he struggles with. Not that he would ever admit it. When Scully proposed that she change the tire, Mulder looked her up and down, shook his head.

“I can do this. No offence, Scully, but you’re not dressed for the occasion.” He said rolling up his sleeves.

This could be one of her fantasies (one she would never admit to); Mulder, slightly sweaty, rolled up dress shirt, hair that stubbornly clings to his forehead. He is biting his lip in concentration. Yes, it could be a fantasy. But it’s not. Mulder can swing a gun and his cell phone, but his hands are uncertain how to touch a tire. Scully sighs. She opens her mouth to tell him to move over, let her do it. She doesn’t care about her skirt. If it helps, she’ll take it off even. But before she can utter a single word, the disaster unfolds as if in slow motion. Mulder’s hand slips off the flat tire and in his attempt to catch it, one of his fingers gets caught under it. A crack as if someone has stepped on a twig followed by a yelp then silence. Mulder’s face turns pale; he looks like one of the ghosts he always claims exist.

“Mulder!” The flashlight clatters to the ground and rolls away. Scully takes Mulder’s hand. He is too quiet, white as a sheet. It’s his ring finger. Swollen already, a blue tinge around the knuckles. The angle is all off, the finger bent too far. Scully eyes him, his own eyes refusing to look at the damage.

“How bad is it?” He asks through gritted teeth.

“I don’t have x-ray vision, Mulder.”

“How bad, Scully.”

“It needs to be set.” He nods, takes a deep breath in preparation.

“Mulder, I have nothing here. My first-aid kit was in my bag.” The one that’s somewhere in Washington D.C. now. She never travels without it.

“It hurts.” He admits, his eyes flickering with pain. Scully wishes she could just kiss it better. The thought surprises her and she reminds herself that Mulder’s health is way more important than her inappropriate fantasies.

“I can set it, Mulder, but…”

“It will hurt.” She nods still holding his hand. There’s nothing in her purse. Not even aspirin or ibuprofen. All they have is…

“You bought candy canes, didn’t you?” She asks him. Mulder stares at her as if she’s insane; the same look she gave him earlier when he appeared from the gas station with candy canes and a grin.

“Where are they?” She doesn’t give him time to answer and rummages through his jacket coats. She comes up with a handful of sunflower seeds. Those won’t do. Then she finds them. Four red and white striped candy canes.

“Scully?” Mulder holds out his hand, away from his body as if it didn’t belong to him.

“It’s not ideal,” Scully says as she unwraps two candy canes. The soft smell of sweet, sugary peppermint fills her nostrils. “I want you to put them in your mouth and bite on them.” The expression on Mulder’s face is partly amused, partly unbelieving.

“You’re kidding.”

“Mulder, I need to set your finger. Then we get going and stop at a hospital.” She can tell he wants to protest and Scully uses the moment to stuff the candy canes in his mouth. She mouths a sorry before she takes his hand back into hers.

Her eyes are on his and when he gives her a small nod, she lets her fingers trace over his injured one.

“Three,” Scully counts, eyeing him, “two,” Mulder swallows, closes his eyes, “one.” A whisper, a snap and crack. The end of one candy cane falls from Mulder’s mouth and lands on the road.

“I’m sorry, Mulder.” Scully touches his cheek, her other hand still holding his. He nods and attempts to smile, forgetting the candy cane in his mouth.

“Not too bad.” He grins. “Want to try?” Mulder hooks his finger through the intact candy cane and loops it out of his mouth with a plop. Scully stares at it, then at Mulder, back at the candy cane. She leans forward and licks the stick. Mulder’s eyes grow wide and the other half of his candy cane falls out of his mouth. Scully licks and sucks never taking her eyes off Mulder’s. The peppermint tastes fresh, like Christmas. There’s a hint of something she can’t place; it drives her wild and she wants more. Mulder. It has to be Mulder. Scully doesn’t think about it, will blame every inconvience they’ve endured today, and leans forward to kiss Mulder. He yelps again, but this time not in pain. There’s a hint of peppermint now on her tongue, sliding over her lips. And so much pure Mulder. As she deepens the kiss here on the side of an abandoned road, with a flat tire and Mulder’s broken finger, she thinks maybe not everything has gone wrong today.

anonymous asked:

amortentia for each marauder?

Remus: Leather bound books, hot chocolate with a hint of peppermint, pine trees, the familiar scent of the autumn breeze.

James: Fresh cut grass, his mom’s jasmine perfume, a home cooked meal, the musk of Hogwarts’ hidden passageways. 

Sirius: Amber, rain, the cozy smell that emanates from Hogwarts in the winter, a hint of gasoline and leather.

Peter: Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, tea, daisies and wildflowers, the winds on the coast. 


Peony Palace

I was totally inspired by @simlush ‘s Pink Cottage so I transformed my wacky holiday home Peppermint Parcel into an equally wacky pink house! (hint: look out for all a de-holidaying of all my seasonal houses coming soon!)

20 x 15 Pink Home (1 bed 1 bath)

§ 27,200 Unfurnished

  • 1 bed
  • 1 bath
  • Kitchen, living, and bar eating area
  • Patio and porch

Download on SimFileShare or Google Drive

CC list and info below the cut

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The Signs as Winter Things
  • Aries: Half-melted marshmallows in rich, dark, hot cocoa with a hint of peppermint.
  • Cancer: Wearing a Santa hat at one point in time just for the fun of it.
  • Taurus: Buying a limited edition something or other because of the holidays (makeup, clothing, food, etc)
  • Gemini: Putting up fairy lights in their bedroom so they twinkle with wonder.
  • Leo: Getting the latest holiday trends and looking the best they can in -20 F weather.
  • Virgo: Reading a holiday themed book or going to a Christmas play of some sort.
  • Libra: Going ice skating in a park or central area with friends and/or family.
  • Scorpio: Snuggling up under a woolen blanket and bingeing so many Netflix shows. So. Many.
  • Sagittarius: Still stuck on thanksgiving for some reason or another. They love it.
  • Capricorn: Bundling up and making a snowman out of the perfect consistency snow.
  • Aquarius: Going to a park or forest where ski trails are accessible, and then go skiing.
  • Pisces: Dresses in warm flannels or sweaters to keep cosy and sits by the warm fire.
Lil Christmas Drabbles.

Self Inserts of some scenarios of our favorite turtles on Christmas. Enjoy.

Please Come Home for Christmas – Mikey

The orange loving turtle was melancholy as he walked around the lair. His earbuds blared the Eagles version of a sad Christmas song. You had told him that you wouldn’t see him for some two weeks. No Christmas or New Year’s celebrating with your favorite turtle. Family was calling to see you.

So, Mikey walked around like a zombie, the lights on the tree no longer bright to him anymore. He didn’t even know what to do. So, when Christmas came, and it was almost midnight, he was in the saddest mood ever.

Raph smacked his head suddenly and Mikey was about to go off on him but when he looked up, you were there. You seemed out of breath, your cheeks red as you held a few packages in your arms. His earbuds are pulled away in astonishment.

YourName” He said softly as you smiled. “Mikey! Merry Christmas.” He was to happy to even care about the presents. You had come home to him.

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Raph

It had been freezing in the lair but as soon as you brought each member of the turtle a personal heater, it was warming up. You had donned a cute sweater as you swayed to the oldie classic. Your melodic voice was having to much fun trying to get to Dean Martin’s octave as you decorated a fake tree. Raph had made a scarf for himself and he was watching you with a soft smile. His foot bounced to the swing beat. He was enjoying the music and you.

It wasn’t until you turned to look at him with a huge grin that he found himself singing along. You danced softly as his foot bounced more. Raph was having to much fun now, getting into the song more. The last notes were hit perfectly as you laughed happily and applauded him.

“Raph! We should sing more songs!!!” The next one began, and he shrugged helpless against your happiness. He might as well help as you went along. Light accidentally touches were nothing compared to the peace you gave him. “Merry Christmas YourName” he said softly, putting your gift from him around your shoulders. You squealed with joy at the red, homemade scarf. “Oh Raph! I love it” you reach up to kiss his cheek and that could have been the best Christmas present you could have given him.


The Christmas Song – Donnie

The old timey song ghosted around the lab as Donnie shut his computer down for the night. It was Christmas. The sound of the song seemed to grow louder as the background whirring of the super computer wound down. He took a long slow sip of his coffee you had bought him as an early gift. Peppermint with a hint of white chocolate. Perfect.

When he had appeared out of his lab and into the living room where the huge tree was glowing with decorations, he saw you exchanging gifts with his family. Each gift fit each receiver perfectly, you had planned it all perfectly. You perked up as you saw him standing from afar.

He smiles when you hand him a gift. “Glad you could make it.” Your presence was the perfect gift to him, your smile a bonus. He had never felt at peace more than this moment now.

He tucks the gift carefully under his arm and kisses your forehead, “Thank you, YourName. Merry Christmas.”

It was the first Christmas he would single you out and be by your side until the end of the night so he cold get the mistletoe kiss, and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Blue Christmas – Leo

Leonardo sighed as the perfect song came on the holiday radio station in his room. He held a picture you had taken of you two on your very first date together. Glee? He had never heard of it, but the solemn song was heartbreaking. You weren’t here next to him on one of the most important holidays for couples. Your gift was under the tree, waiting for you when you returned.

A knock was heard, and he was gruff in his tone, “Go away. You don’t need me out there.”

“Awwww fearless. Not having a good holiday” your voice said teasingly behind the door.

He was quick to throw the door open, eyes wide in shock, “YourName…” You smiled as you held out a gift in perfect folds and cobalt blue.

“Merry Christmas Leonardo” you said softly before he pulled you into a warm hug.

Christmas was already so much better with you around, “Merry Christmas.”