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Final Chapter: We Have Forever

As promised, here is the second part of my two-shot!  I hope you all enjoy it, it really warmed by heart writing this little fic!  Much love to my canon babies!

~ 10 Years Later ~

“Hey, Lu, are you nervous?”  Levy asked as she came around the table that Lucy was seated at in the guild hall.

“A bit actually.”  Lucy admitted, chewing her lip in thought.  “I don’t really know what to expect, you know?”

“I know how you feel.  It’ll be fine, trust me.”  Levy patted Lucy’s head and smiled down at Lucy.

“Thanks.”  Lucy smiled up appreciatively.  Lucy had been nervous for months, and now that the time had finally come, well, her nerves had skyrocketed to an entirely new level.

Levy bid her farewell with one final comforting pat on Lucy’s shoulder, and went off to scout for Gajeel.  Lucy sighed, she was content and happy, but everything was about to change and she didn’t know how it would go.  Everything had been at peace for so long, it was nice to have the guild so happy, but she had been focusing on one thing for the past four and a half months.  She was happy, of course, but continuously nervous.

Shortly after the war, almost eleven years prior, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy, and Carla all set off on a hundred year quest.  Of course, it wasn’t actually a hundred year quest, no, the mission itself had been posted on the guild’s wall for a hundred years.  Natsu had been dying to take the request and they were finally able to once all of the chaos was over.  

The mission was difficult, after all, Gildarts was the only one to ever take on a hundred year quest and survive it, so they had taken things cautiously.  It took Team Natsu just over seven years to complete the mission and they all had learned a lot and matured within that time.  The mission certainly lived up to its name as a hundred year quest; only the most skilled mages took on those kinds of jobs, so it was one that Lucy would never forget.  However, that’s the topic of another story for a different time…

Lucy sat in an almost trancelike state at her table, reminiscing about the past, and watching her guild mates in the hall.  Makarov had actually retired about four years after they left for their journey, and Laxus had become guild master. Lucy thought he did a wonderful and had really come around to be a great person; he had truly repented for his past.  He and Mira had gotten close over the years and actually ended up getting married and were expecting their second child.  Freed was to be the godfather and Lisanna was the godmother.  

Within the year that Team Natsu had left, Levy and Gajeel announced that they would be getting married, which Lucy and the rest of the group had hurried back to the guild for their wedding.  They had twins a few months later, Shutora and Yaje; they were nine now.  They were the first to be parents and Lucy had never been more happy for her friends.  Levy had asked her to be godmother to the twins and Lucy had been more than ecstatic to accept.  

Others weren’t far behind; though Gray and Juvia were apart while they were all on the hundred year quest, every time they would stop home at the guild, Gray would make sure he spent most of his time with her.  They had already been dating before they left for their mission, so there was no hard feelings as far as ‘love rivals’ go.  They ended up getting married after they finished the mission; Gray was sure to beat Juvia to it when it came to asking her to marry him- she was ready to propose to him herself.  They had a daughter named Briny, she was going on two now.

Jellal and Erza kept in touch during the seven years and the group had often conveniently run into him throughout that time.  They got together officially about two years after they left, and Lucy had made sure that Erza got the ‘fairy tale’ wedding that she had always wanted.  Though Jellal did not accompany them on their journey, he often made appearances at Fairy Tail, and shortly after ending their mission, Erza announced that she was pregnant with a baby boy. The guild had scolded her on continuing with her journey even though she knew she was pregnant, but she had assured them that she put him in no danger, and she was absolutely fine.  It almost gave Lucy a heart attack knowing the things that Erza did while pregnant.  Their son, Tenchi, was just going on four now.

It warmed Lucy’s heart to see her friends so happy.  Pantherlily helped with Gajeel and Levy’s twins all the time, he absolutely adored them.  Cana and Gildarts had continued to remain close, and he even helped her out when she volunteered at the orphanage once in a while.  Wendy and Chelia were closer than ever and she often visited Lamia Scale to see her.  

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The Art of Deception (M)

mafia!luhan, 14.8k, was wondering if u could do a bad boy! luhan scenario []

warning: possible triggers (death, murder, illness, etc), smut (oral and some lovely luhan kisses!!)

Luhan is trying to hold onto his own reality. You wouldn’t do that. He thinks you wouldn’t. He knows you’ve been hiding things from him and he knows there’s truth behind your words but he thinks that everything you’ve told him is not a lie. You love him. You do. 

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some interesting screenshots and my comment:

1. Add.. can headless chicken run?

2. i thought u were innocent Add..

3. …but best for u *winks*

4. Proof that Ciel is normal :P

“I’ve been watching you.”

His dark voice looms right behind you. Cold and dark as the night, it stifles you frozen. You dare not breathe nor blink for fear of Luke getting closer. But he does. And he isn’t alone. No he has his trusty gun, the one that never misses. And you feel him press the muzzle hard against the back of your skull. Shutting your eyes closed tunes out the visual world.  The audio world though, not so much. You can still hear the familiar click of the revolver snapping into place.

“I see you night after night. I know you’ve been stealing. But I’m afraid I can’t let you do this anymore.”

“Luke, please, I can explain.”

“There’s nothing to explain,” he says harshly. “A good spy knows his enemy when he sees one.”

Putting your arms up in surrender, you slowly turn around to face him, looking him right in the eye. You search in his baby blues for the last hint of mercy and hope to God he’ll drop the gun.

“Lu, babe, I love you. Please, just think about what you’re about to do.”

“I love you too. But it’s too late.”

With a shaky finger, he pulls the trigger. The gun fires, nailing you right in the chest with a foam bullet.

“That’s what you get for stealing all the cookies.”

Luke blows at the Nerf gun muzzle like it’s steaming hot. Then he takes the last Oreo from your hand, and eats it all in one bite, before carrying you back to bed.

spy!5sos blurb night with featuringluke and acoustcmichael

glitter25critter  asked:

I'm sorry if this sounds offensive, but how to I describe characters of different races? Like do I just say their race when I describe their appearances or do I specifically describe their skin tone? I'm only asking this because I don't want my readers just assuming my characters are white, but I don't wanna be offensive with my descriptions. Thanks so much, and sorry again if this is offensive in any way :)

It does depend a little on the genre you’re writing– is it real world or secondary world? Is it historical, contemporary or futuristic? Do the countries we know now exist in that time? 

For novels set in the real world, and novels where concepts of different ethnicities as coming from different nations exist (e.g. fantasy with real world counterparts), I really do think the easiest and most realistic way is to just say their race/ethnicity. When I see someone, I think something along the lines of, “that Polynesian boy wearing the red hoodie over there.” I don’t poetically describe the colour of his skin in my head and leave how what ethnicity I actually think he is. 

I’ve also seen advice saying that you should not only point out the race of your PoC characters, but your white characters too. Personally, I think this depends on the setting of the story that you’re writing, but if your story is set in a multi-cultural setting, then it’s a pretty good idea. 

There really are other ways to let readers in on someone’s race other than describing skin colour, for example, their name and/or surname (You wouldn’t think someone with the name ‘Lu Xiaoling’ was white, would you?) and subtle hints in conversation (“I went back to India to visit my grandparents over the holidays.”

In cases where either 1.) the protagonist has never seen someone of that race before, or 2.) the idea of ethnicity being attached to specific geographical location doesn’t exist, it gets trickier. In these cases, you’ll probably just have to describe their skin colour and features. Just be careful not to use cliches and stereotypes (’slanted eyes,’ ‘chocolate skin’ etc.) and make it clear that they are not white. 

At the end of the day, if readers still pull a Rue (THG) or Magnus Bane (TMI), then you’ve tried your best but it’s really out of your control. 


Exo Scenario: Pretend Boyfriend with Luhan ~

Can I request a Luhan scenario where you and him are strangers, but you see your ex walk in (he still likes you) so you panic and ask Luhan to pretend to be your boyfriend until the ex goes away. Fluffy ending?

I seriously love writing Luhan so much :) Thank you for sending this in and I hope that you like it! Let me know what you think :)

You had been trying to enjoy a meal by yourself - not something that you usually did - when you had seen your ex boyfriend come in. You were the one that had broken up with him, and as much as you tried to tell him that you felt nothing for him over the months that you had been apart, he still insisted that you had made a mistake and that you still had to like him, even a little bit. 

You didn’t want him to see you, sitting there alone, and assume that you were waiting for him, or waiting for someone that hadn’t shown up, making your ex say things that you really didn’t want to hear right now. 

So you were quick to look up and motion for the boy that was sitting two tables over.

“Hey!” you whispered aggressively at the stranger, waving your hands at him to come over to your table, before your ex noticed you.

The boy got up from his table, confused by why you were calling for him, but you just grabbed his arm and told him to sit down. Just in time for your ex boyfriend to come walking by your table with the hostess, motioning for him to follow after him.

“(Y/N)?” your ex asked, seemingly surprised that you were at the same restaurant as he was. You wanted to call him out, because you knew he had probably seen you telling one of your friends on Twitter that you were heading out to dinner. He knew all of your favorite restaurants.

“Hey…” and you tried to not make it awkward for the stranger in front of you, but what else could you do, but tell your ex that you were here with someone else. “Ahh, this is my boyfriend.” and you widened your eyes at the stranger to play along with you. He took the hint and introduced himself without the awkward silence, thank goodness.

“Hi, I’m Lu Han. Nice to meet you.” and the boy bowed his head as he shook your ex’s hand, making your ex uncomfortable with how friendly he was.

“Ahh, okay.” your ex nodded, “Well, it was, uh…nice to meet you.” he coughed to hide his discomfort, “I guess I’ll see you later.” and then he was leaving, the hostess taking him to his seat now. You sighed when he left, letting your head fall into your hands in relief.

Looking up, you saw that the stranger - Lu Han - was looking for some sort of explanation, his eyebrows quirked curiously at you.

“Sorry about that. I just…” but you didn’t need to explain.

“Hey, it’s alright.” and the smile that adorned his face was handsome enough that it made you smile in reply, “I get it. Didn’t want your ex seeing you alone. I’ve never been in the situation before, but I understood.” and he nodded toward the table that he had just been at, his food still waiting there for him to return, “Hold on a second.” and in the next second, he was grabbing his plate and silverware, coming back to sit with you despite the trouble being over.

“You really don’t have to…” you started, but he shook his head.

“No, it’s okay. I mean, we’re both eating alone right? Might as well save space in here.” Lu Han looked around, seeing the forming line at the front of the restaurant, people waiting for seats. “Besides, it looks like they’ll need the room now, anyway.” his smile quirked at the side of his mouth and his eyes glistened brightly when he looked over at you. He had really beautiful eyes.

“Thank you.” you said, hiding your face in your hands for a few seconds again before you introduced yourself to him. No longer exactly strangers, but it still felt a little awkward.

Lu Han didn’t stop smiling at you throughout the entire dinner, especially not when he said, “You’re welcome, (Y/N).” his voice wrapping your name up in a delicate tone.