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Yooo, I remember when you used to type as ENTP so what signs or characteristics made u realize u use Se instead of Ne?

It had to do with me finally deciding I was thinking too much so I Stopped Thinking. And then bang bang bang, Ni came knocking on my door and I had this weird stock epiphany that went along the lines of “Dirt’s real. I can stick my hands into dirt. I can’t, however, stick my hands into Politics.” I left the situation with a better understanding of both dirt and politics, as well as the things that I could and couldn’t stick my hands inside of. 

From then on I started thinking again, and it was a lot different than the way I was doing it prior to that moment. I started in the domain I //could//, in fact, stick my hands into and used the knowledge to deal with the domains I couldn’t stick my hands into. It worked. 

But in actuality, I realized that a lot of the N types I knew had very different priorities than me, and I started hanging out with more people which provided better insight into how others view me. It’s definitely as some sort of xSTP lol, but the I vs. the E really depends. 

Common Crush

I’ve had this in my notes for a long time but I decided in honour of Cyrus looking back, I would post my first Jyrus fanfic. Honestly it’s not very good it’s just some random thing I decided to write because I’m Jyrus trash. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Cyrus develops feelings for Jonah, but are the feelings just one-sided?

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cyrus sat against a tree after one of Jonah’s frisbee games, thinking deeply even after everyone had already left.
He has never really had a crush anyone. That is, before he met Jonah. It started out slow at first. He would smile whenever he passed by him in the halls, he would watch him during class. However it started, it did stumble into a full on crush eventually. When Cyrus first started liking Jonah it was confusing. He’s never liked anyone, so he never really thought about his sexuality or anything like that before. It wasn’t until he found out that Andi started hanging out with Jonah that he started to feel something. He was kind of mad? No, jealous. Yeah, he was definitely jealous of Andi and Jonah, but he was really jealous when he found out about Amber. He knew that he could never come close to the beautiful blond high schooler or his talented best friend. And there was also the fact that he wasn’t a girl. He’s never had these kind of problems before. Liking someone. Not getting liked back. Liking a boy. It was all to confusing and complicated he didn’t exactly know how to handle it.

“Hey, Cyrus?” A soft voice broke his worrying thoughts.

“O-oh hey.. J-Jonah!” Cyrus’s voice broke and he sighed under his breathe.

“What’re you thinking about?” Jonah asked and sat down next to Cyrus.

“You..” His face went red. “You’re.. G-game.. You were great. What are you d-doing back here?”

Jonah chuckled softly. “I forgot my jacket.”

Cyrus frowned. “You gave it to Ambrr before the game.. She left with it.”

Jonah looked startled. “Oh well.. I forgot.” He chuckled. “Why’re you still here?”

“It’s complicated.” Cyrus sighed. Jonah tilted his head.

“Just thinking about someone.. That I l-like.” He finally said, looking at the frisbee player nervously.

“You like someone?” Jonah grinned. “Is it Iris?” Cyrus shook his head.

“N-no…” He answered.

“Andi? Buffy?” Jonah had a hint of something in his eye.. Jealousy? No, that wasn’t possible.

“A.. A b-boy…” Cyrus stuttered. Jonah sighed as if he was relieved about something.

“Oh..” He smiled. “Anyone I know?” Cyrus’s eyes widened slightly by how calmly he answered. He didn’t freak out or question it, he just listened.

“Uh.. Yeah.” Cyrus turned and was suddenly very interested in the sunset.

“Why are you so upset about liking him?” Jonah questioned.

“Well obviously.. Because he’s straight.. and he has a girlfriend.. And my best friend also likes him.” He rushed through his words quickly. Jonah laughed and looked at him, amused.

“Are you /sure/ he’s straight?” Jonah smiled.

“Well.. Yeah.” Cyrus frowned and Jonah moved slightly closed.

“Maybe he’s not.” Jonah said slowly. Cyrus looked at him curiously.

“Okay.. Let’s say he’s not.” He started. “He still has a girlfriend.”

“They could’ve broken up…” Jonah looked at him softly. Cyrus started realizing what was happening.

“What about Andi?” Cyrus looked at him. Jonah shrugged.

“She’ll be happy for you.”

“Why would she be happy.” His heart beat sped up as he stared at Jonah with slightly confusion.

“Because.. Your crush likes you back.” Jonah replied sweetly.

“He.. He d-does?” He stuttered. Jonah just nodded slowly.

“He does.” He replied. Cyrus sighed softly and grinned brightly.


“You’re awesome, Cyrus.”
Cyrus looked down and smiled.

“Th-thanks.. J-Jonah…” His voice broke and his cheeks tinted pink.

Jonah smiled and grabbed Cyrus’s hand gently.

“I like you… Jonah.” Cyrus whispered. Jonah laughed lightly and the stars sparkled in his eyes.

“I like you too, Cyrus.” He whispered back.

I wrote every single memory

I can’t feel

burning this journal
would not be enough

I want to frisbee this
shit to France
let it bounce off
of the Eiffel Tower

entering the atmosphere
exiting the stratosphere

I was held captive
by your Love, I figured
they would lead me to
a metaphor and they
did a good job

I don’t want you
to burn in the sun

I don’t want you
to burrow yourself
in the coldest
crevice of Pluto

I don’t want you
to bury yourself
in a black hole
to stop existing
and exist at once

I don’t want you
so every line of every
page is where I put you

so sent from
the people
who know
the most, since those
were born out of their

you will spin
past the sun
past pluto
past the darkness

to a place no one knows
to a place no telescope
can reach
to a cell of nothingness

you will beg
to at least feel numb
or feel forgotten

and you won’t feel either

Misheard Hamilton Lyric Starters

“Everyone attack, and meme!”
“In their thighs I see you”
“You strike me, as someone who has never had salad thighs”
“In the eye of a dairy queen there is quiet, for just a moment”
“Go home chicken tender”
“Half dressed, apologetic, on meth, she looked pathetic”
“It’s either that or meet the business end of a stale baguette”
“I hope this lettuce finds you in good health”
“How you gonna get your death plan through?”
“Let’s hatch a plot blacker than the kettle corn in the pot”
“Listerine has its eyes on you”
“Love doesn’t discriminate between the singles and the dates”
“Who provided those funds? Ants”
“Who lives, who dies, who eats your nori”
“Imagine what gon’ happen when you try to tax our frisbees”
“It might be nice to get ham and cheese on the side”
“My name is Avocado Hamilton”
“My name is piplup, I am a poet”
“Southern mac ‘n’ cheese loving democratic republicans”
“I am just a guy, trying not to cry”
“I offered to walk a gnome”
“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from gay to gay”
“Don’t forget the fries”
“Best of limes and best of lemons”
“They won’t teach you this in your classes, but look it up, Hamilton was staring at asses”
“We’ll never be free until we eat gravy”
“That’s when miss Mariah Carey walked into my life”
“And ___ is hideous, that doesn’t mean i want him/her/them any less”
“He/she/they is/are twerking through the unimaginable”
“Everyone give it up for america’s favorite fighting frenchman: GAY BAGUETTE”
“We are out gayed, out manned, out numbered, out planned”

Mom Deals With Local Traffic

When I was a wee thing, my parents moved out the the Highly dubious condo in East Palo Alto and into a relatively nice suburban neighborhood, into a house immediately across the street from my new elementary school.  Immediate, as in, less than 40 feet from the traffic circle.   Mom would wave at me from the driveway sometimes while I was in class.  This should have made getting me to and from school easy, but there was an issue:

I still had to cross the street, and because I was living in the over-caffeinated heart of silicon valley at the time, that meant dodging the local commuters barreling through the school zone at upwards of 40 miles per hour with no regard for the stop signs.

The flashing “School Zone” signs were ignored.  
The city refused to put in speed bumps or devote extra patrol cars.
One of my classmates grandmother’s volunteered as crossing guard, and some jackass in a BMW ran over her foot on the first day.

Now, mom declared as we drove Mrs. Manchez to the hospital her foot in a beer cooler full of ice, Would be a good time to take the law into my own hands.

So after dropping Mrs. Manchez off at the hospital, we drove to the thrift store, where my mom found a navy blazer, aviator sunglasses, a pilot’s cap and an old, clunky-looking hair dryer.  

The next morning, mom went out to the sidewalk in her new “uniform”, with the hair dryer and a legal pad so she could write down the grocery list.  Every time a car would come roaring down the road, Mom would look up, point the hairdryer at them, and, and write something down.  

I remember listening to brakes squeal all day the first time she tried it, Mercedes and BMWs screeching to a crawl as they passed the school, glaring at her.   By that afternoon, cars were creeping along at an over-cautious 10mph, and I was able to get home without taking my life into my hands.

After that, Mom went out “in uniform” every couple of days, because intermittent re-enforcement is what REALLY gets a change in behavior going, and point the hair dryer at anyone speeding through the school zone, usually while writing down grocery lists or short stories, or drawing unflattering caricatures of the other PTA moms.

Eventually, however, one of the cars that came through was a patrol car, and he slowly pulled to a halt in front of mom, glaring at her though his own reflective glasses.

She smiled an waved the hair dryer.  “Good afternoon!”

“…What’re you doing?”  he groaned, 3 in the afternoon entirely too early for this shit.

“Writin’ a grocery list.”  She beamed, and when that failed to satisfy him, she explained about the speeding problem and that if they couldn’t send a partol car out here to ticket people regularly, she figured that a hair dryer would be the next best thing.  Working like a charm so far.  They didn’t even notice the little airplanes on the Pilot’s hat.

The officer stared at her for a moment longer before his face broke out into a slow grin.  “Y’know, when we’re out of a car, we usually wear visibility vests.  So more people see you and your… Phaser.”

And that’s the story of how Mom and Officer Brown met and started the neighborhood watch program.

what IS the problem with fidget spinners:

  • - Teachers are not educated on what fidget spinners/fidget items are used for and automatically assume them to be “toys” and “distractions” and ban them from classrooms, getting rid of a valuable resource for those who benefit from stimming/fidgeting.
  • - Kids/students who use the fidget spinners as frisbees or use them obnoxiously in the middle of class (spinning them in the air or doing tricks with them while the teacher is trying to teach the class).

what ISNT the problem with fidget spinners:

  • - neurotypical kids/teenagers using them in the way they’re supposed to be used.

“Captain America Fitness Challenge” um I need to know more???

  • is this like……. Standard Curriculum™ that every highschooler has to do?
  • or is peter’s phys ed teacher just That Cool that he brings in this stuff in a last ditch effort to get the kids to actually participate
  • how does it compare to the pacer test
  • what does it involve?? Does it actually have anything to do with the way cap fights
  • or, in other words, is there a frisbee involved
  • if it is based off his fighting style how many children need to get injured before the school drops the vid
  • is there one… for every avenger ??
  • or was Steve just deemed the Wholesome One
  • why is it still being used after he became an international fugitive and all that isn’t all that shit like Not A Good Example
  • and is that actually steve who filmed it or a look alike
  • I’m gonna assume it’s steve bc that makes it much funnier
  • how many of these… have been made
  • is there a whole series?
  • so
  • many
  • questions
Unexpected Aspects of the Types

ENFP: They actually crave schedules and structure like nobodies business, if and only if it revolves around their passions. 

INFP: The “manic pixie dream girl” stigma is so wrong. 90% of them are more along the lines of “embittered memelords” with a splash of off-beat and sensible fashion. 

INTP: They’re actually excellent in social situations that they throw themselves into. Your odd aggressiveness and shouting is amusing and weirdly charismatic. 

ENTP: You’ll have to murder them a thousand times before they’ll admit that they actually DO crave harmony and peace more than chaos; Debate and verbal jousting (and memes) is just their way of getting there. 

ENFJ: The worst time management skills. Worse than all of the P’s put together, bar none. You got stars in your eyes and not a single “no” in your throats and it often leaves you ragged busybodies from over committing yourselves. 

INFJ: Despite their ‘mysterious and secretive nature’ stigma, if you engage them in a deep conversation about their passions, 9 times out of 10 they will splay their soul to you even though you met 5 minutes ago at a college party.

ISFJ: They’re known for being the kindly, grandmotherly type that just wants the best for their friends, but the flip side is they’re all basic bitches that secretly crave being a tool. They’re usually just too nice to go Full Douche™, praise the Lord. 

ESFJ: Despite being known as the social butterfly, the Fe and Si combination sometimes makes for an extremely judgmental, polarizing, and single-minded personality, and can seem like the most socially inept/oblivious person in the room. 

ESTJ: Weirdly enough, more often than not, they’re one of the most socially graceful and self-aware people in the room. That, or they’re utterly cringeworthy. Not really any in between. Just don’t get them started on politics (I’m begging you). 

ISTJ: Despite the ‘emotionless Traditionalist™ robot’ stigma, although they can’t offer consistent emotional output, all of the ones I’ve met are some of the most emotionally stable, mature, and available people I’ve ever met. 

ENTJ: Your responsible, efficient, and commanding CEO of a friend is actually the biggest procrastinator in the game, bar none. It’s hidden under a few hundred layers of self-confidence, but they need the stress of the last minute to feel anything in this world. 

INTJ: Massive internal war between fearless, emotionless sociopathy, and caring so deeply for a select few people that they’d give up every ambition to follow them to the ends of the earth without a single plan. TL;DR, their black and icy hearts are secretly hearts of gold and they absolutely abhor that about themselves. 

ESFP: Your favorite quick-talking, loud-mouthed, social explosion with all the friends is probably pretty lonely on the inside. Almost every ESFP I’ve met has huge commitment issues (big and pretty accurate stereotype), but few people realize it usually comes from self-knowledge of their sporadic nature, and they keep people at an emotional distance as a result, so they don’t end up getting hurt. Advice: letting people in and trying to make it work is infinitely better than loneliness in a crowd. 

ISFP: The EXTJ’s WISH they could be as soul-crushingly terrifying as your favorite superwholockian, equestrian painter friend when somebody’s crossed their family or friends. 

ESTP: The “sex, drugs, drinking, and more sex” cliche with ESTP’s is so dumb because literally every ESTP I know doesn’t care about alcohol or sex more than any other person I’ve met, but they ARE infinitely more obsessed with ultimate frisbee and bridge jumping. 

ISTP: The calm, rational, logical side of Ti is thrown completely out of the driver’s side window when they’re behind the wheel, because these hoes have the worst road rage I’ve ever seen, without exception.