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Protector - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: mentions of abuse

Requests: Anon 1: Number 4 with jughead please!
Anon: Numbers 4, 14, and 18 for juggie jones from the prompt list please?
@samiloves2sing: Could you please do a 1 and 4 with Jughead from Riverdale that ends up with y/n and Jughead being together cause they both have crushes on each other
1. “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”
4. “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”
14. “I promise that I’ll protect you.”
18. “I think you’re worth much more than that.”

Summary: Jughead and the reader are at Veronica’s party and Jughead talks to the reader about their abusive father.

A/N: To the 2 anons and @samiloves2sing, I hope you all don’t mind but you all had similar requests so I thought that I could combine them and create an imagine that could have a part 2 with the final prompt? Let me know if you guys want a part 2. I hope you enjoy it, it’s one of my favourites!! Xx

Mask - Noun: a covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or frighten others. Verb: to conceal (something) from view. It’s almost fitting that you should be at a masquerade party, for you are both covering your face as a disguise and concealing something from view. The former being a symbolic foreshadow to the latter.

Veronica insisted on having a party to release all of our emotions as Riverdale’s tragic downfall increases. Her theme is almost poetic. A masquerade. Whether she realises it or not the theme is a metaphor for Jason Blossom’s murder as his murder could be hiding among us. Hiding behind a mask of lies every waking moment of the day.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only one hiding something. Your father, a well loved council member, abused you behind closed doors. Your mother had passed away during childbirth and your father had never recovered. 4 years ago you had turned 12 and your father came home drunk. Up until then he had been a good father but the 12 years of bottled up resentment had finally burst. You took the beatings and after he had passed out you would tend to your wounds and escape to Pop’s, where your dark haired crush and best friend would be waiting for you.

You never told Jughead what happens but after a few meet ups where you had consistently shown up with multiple bandages and (at times) casts, he put two and two together. Most of the times he would distract you from the day’s events and let you read and give your opinion on his novel, but there were the days where he would take you to the twilight and cuddle with you while you watched movies. You knew he wasn’t one for affection or physical contact so knowing he was fighting his natural instinct to shy away from those things, helped mend the emotional and mental issues you had accumulated.

And so its with a knowing look that Jughead greets you with that you know that he knows what it’ll cost you to show up at Veronica’s party. You look away from the brooding writer to try and forget about the impending doom that will befall you when you leave the blissful chaos you’re currently in the middle of.

“A beautiful mask for the beautiful mystery in black,” you hear your crush comment behind you. You turn around, a blush tinting your cheeks and your heart skipping a beat at the compliment.

“And a simple mask for the perceptive writer,” you remark, locking eyes with him and conveying all your emotions through your eyes.

“Should we get you a drink m'lady?” He obnoxiously bows with a wink.

“As long as it’s not alcoholic,” he grins and starts to make a reply only to be interrupted but a certain, drunk, redhead.

“Oh (Y/N) have a little fun! It’s a party after all,”

“Archie I-” he shushes you and shoves a drink in your hand.

“When I come back, that drink better be gone,” he grins walking away with a sway in his steps. As soon as he’s far enough, Jughead, who you hadn’t noticed had left, came back with a drink in his hand and swaps it with the one Archie gave you. Smiling at him gratefully you take a sip. Lemonade. He always knows what to do. You skull the drink as Archie turns around to look at you and you flip your cup, showing an empty cup. He grins nodding before going back to…you don’t even know what he’s doing. After a couple of hours, you and Jughead escape into a room and lock the door, securing a quiet and peaceful escape.

“(Y/N), are you alright?” He questions as you both sit down next to each other on the bed.

“Yea, I’m alright, just tired,”

“You know I’m not talking about the party,”

“I know but I can’t give you an answer you’ll be satisfied with,”

“(Y/N), how about you come stay at the twilight with me tonight? Nothing will hurt you there,”

“Juggy, no. I can’t,”

“I promise I’ll protect you,”

“Jug I’m not worth your protection. You need to be focused on someone else. I’m a lost cause,” you pause a while before smiling, “I’m a lost girl, soon I can go to Neverland.” You make a reference to your favourite childhood story knowing your raven haired confident would understand your hidden message.

“(Y/N),” he frowns, “ you know I think you’re worth much more than that. I’m not letting you go so easily” You breath hitches at the implications of your crushes statements.

“Jughead, you can’t protect me. It’s too dangerous and you’re the only thing left that is important to me now. Please don’t put yourself in harms way for someone like me.” He stands up, takes his beanie off and runs his hand through his hair in frustration. He then quickly turns around, grabs your head and crashes his lips to yours. Your eyes widen in shock and the force and passion of his kiss takes your breath away. You quickly recover and kiss him back with just as much passion.

“I’m not letting you go back there,”

“You can’t stop me, my father is the only family I have left,”

“(Y/N) you have me,”

“I know I do but letting you protect me would only hurt you. It’s like letting you stand in front of a gun that’s gonna fire towards me regardless of its obstacle.” He sighs giving up.

“Fine, but I expect to see you at Pop’s at 9 tomorrow morning and not in Neverland. Understand?” He tells me in a firm and commanding tone. I notice the fear in his voice and hug him tightly.

“Thank you Jug.” We pull away and I look at the time.

“It’s really late, I should go home before it gets worse,” he looks at me worriedly.

“Ok, let’s go,”

“You’re not coming with me”

“I’m going to walk you home, and you cannot say or do anything about it.” You both walk out of the room, find Veronica and thank her for the party. You both then start making the doomed trek to your house. Halfway there Jughead grabs your hand and squeezes it reassuringly.

“I’m not gonna let anything happen to you,” he says.

“Ok,” you simply reply, getting tired of the constant circle the conversation is going in.

When you’re two houses away you stop, let go of his hand and turn around to face him.

“Juggy, thank you for everything but now you have to let me go,” he grabs you by the waist and kisses you again, softly this time. You wrap your arms around his neck and you hold each other tightly, afraid to let go. When you both break away for air, you peck him one more time and then walk to your house. Giving Jughead one last look you walk inside to face your father.

“(Y/N)! Your finally home,” he spits at you with disdain. “I told you not to go to the party,” he gets up from his chair and starts coming towards you, backing you up against the wall. He takes another swig of his beer and raises the bottle behind his head. He goes to take a swing at you, when the front door bursts open and your dad is knocked to the ground. Your knight in shining armour, Jughead, steps in front of you.

“You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”

A/N: part 2 anyone?

Y/N = your name

Lauriam.... yes, I’m finally talking about him

Yada yada, time paradox, yada yada, killed an innocent child, pbbt. Done, in the past. Nothing to care about. 

Theories floating all over Tumblr for the past 2 weeks consisting of mostly insane time traveler Marluxia exfuckflower have definitely caught my attention. Don’t worry, people in my ask box. I’ve been crafting this theory for a while. And it’s fucking pissing me off where I ended up. ‘Cause no, it’s not satisfying. And yes, IT MAKES SENSE. I’m so mad where I ended up after pouring so much time into this. I was expecting something incredible and… to be honest, touching? But, no. Tetsuya Nomura stomped on my heart. Again. 

I’d recommend cranking up some tunes ‘cause this is gonna be a doozy. Might I recommend this? Personal favourite ;)

Let me introduce you with a question… Can just one essay make you feel respect for character development and feel righteous anger with an overwhelming need for justice? Hopefully by the end of this, your answer will be yes.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: what to watch and the order to watch it in

So, you wanna do a MCU marathon? Looking for a guide to help you in these laborious times? Well look no further! (I love gifs, so thank you to all the amazing creators of the ones I have used in this guide. I applaud you.)

EDIT: This is personally how I would do it. freetotheworld1 pointed out that The Incredible Hulk should be watched after Iron Man 2 (the change has been made) and that I didn’t add one-shots. I wanted to do this guide with only the movies and TV shows. 

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Tips before you start:

1. I would recommend watching the TV Shows because, in the end, everything is linked to each other. The shows have important information and back stories that wouldn’t be shown in the movies.

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2. Different dimensions. Marvel has different dimensions and realities because if you think about it, couldn’t there be alternate universes out there? I’m not going to dwell on it too much so here are the three main universes you should remember:

  • Earth-199999 [Marvel Cinematic Universe]
  • Earth-1218 [Our reality, where superheroes don’t exist]
  • Earth-616 [The most common universe where most of the Marvel Comics take place]

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3. Marvel works in phases. There are three phases to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each having around 6-10 movies. The plot sauce gets thicker and thicker as the phases go along. 

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4. When watching the TV Shows, remember to stop and watch the next movie. It’s always one of those things where the show carries on after the events of the movie. 

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5. Always stay after the movie is finished. This is a Marvel fan’s number one rule. There are mid-credits and post-credit scenes that have vital information for the next movie (well, most of them). So join the bandwagon and laugh at the silly people that walk out of the theatre after the last line has been said.

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What I learnt / Things that happened at the London Chinwag
  • Ok so first, they started really late because every time one of the cast members came into the corridor a load of kids ran out of their seats and it took ages to calm down
  • Abby said the producers are devils
  • The open auditions were originally meant for casting AUDC season 3 but the producers put it on hold so had to use the auditions for something else - so made up the ‘new team’
  • Abby thinks the new team is a ridiculous idea because she would never want to put a team directly against her own
  • A former student of Abby’s is the director of dance at Wicked the musical all around the world
  • Gianna is the sweetest thing , I got a photo with her
  • Melissa can’t count (sorry)
  • The girls danced to girl party and Mackenzie was wearing a headset and was lip-syncing and then when they went to answer questions this man gave the other three girls a microphone and Maddie got up and said 'Mackenzie needs one too because that mic isn’t real’ and then they started laughing because it was supposed to look like Mackenzie was singing and it was really cute
  • Nia said there was a rumour going around that she was at Chloe’s house and Chloe pulled out her weave - when Nia said Chloe’s name Abby glared at her then told her to tell the story
  • Someone asked what they thought of Kalani and Maddie got really excited it was so cute
  • They danced in the audience and I got a high five from Kendall
  • Abby said that the mums are always drunk , then said 'not the ones with me but the ones not with me’ meaning Christi and Kelly
  • Nia is homeschooled
  • Mackenzie is going to write some music with her producer
  • The guy from Sheer Talent was just walking around straightening his leaflets and he didn’t say a word to anyone it was creepy
  • Maddie was so sweet when people were getting their photos taken , to one girl she said 'you’re so pretty’ and when she walked away she kept telling Kendall how pretty the girl was
  • Another girl walked past Maddie and she had really long black hair and Maddie started saying 'woah guys look at her hair, it’s amazing' 
  • Abby said she had yelled at 3 mothers because they were distracting their kids whilst they were getting their photos taken
  • Nia said she considers all her fans her friends
  • Kendall’s favourite group numbers are 'Yum yum’ and 'Sugar babies' 
  • They all love the upcoming nationals group number
  • When the girls chose people to ask questions, if they said 'um’ first Abby wouldn’t let them ask the question
  • There were two cast members from Matilda in the audience who asked them to come see their show and Abby asked for free tickets and the girls were in awe of them it was adorable
  • The girls said they have seen hate accounts for themselves on Instagram but Abby said it’s just 10-12 year olds with no life and they ignore them
  • When I went up to Gianna I asked for a photo then I asked to buy a T-shirt and she said 'finally someone that’s actually wants my help’
  • Melissa’s accent in real life is so strong and her voice is super high 
  • Abby told the story about how she and John came up with Dance Moms
  • Apparently Abby wasn’t originally supposed to be featured in the show but the producers saw what she was like and put her in
  • She said that the kids on SYTYCD are too old to be competing and should be working 
  • Some people asked really stupid questions , like 'how old are you ?’ and 'what characters were you in Freaks like me?’
  • Maddie learnt the 4 minute chandelier routine in 2 hours
  • Maddie says Sia is a huge Dance Moms fan and knows all the dances
  • Maddie was scared to walk around the Chandelier set at first and wanted the director to come with her 
  • When Maddie was organising Chandelier , the producers said they would have a couple of days to learn the dance and Abby said Maddie only needed a couple of hours because she’s so quick
  • The girls get off a the plane after spending all week together then ask for a sleepover

I’ll probably think of some more stuff later, but the girls were really sweet and the mums chatted to everyone :) i’m just annoyed my video didn’t work because it was PERFECT sorry