with a flowercrown because


Also just in case my new followers haven’t seen my face, here it is. 

(snapchat is a fucking blessing for looking good amiright)

This is a total sellout but I have an instagram too (look at me trying to gain more followers jfc) but its ‘cheekysmagic’ if any of you are interested x

I’m gonna awkwardly hide behind a wall now and cry because you guys deserve better from my flowercrowned ass 

I like that it looks like (??) Jake and Dirk have marshmallows and candy corn on their flowercrowns, respectively, because Jake is a soft marshmallow and Dirk is indeed an acquired taste, vehemently hated by many, adored by some.

Ruby and Sapphire, in what me and my girlfriend were wearing yesterday.
We showed up wearing red and blue outfits on accident, and they looked like something Ruby and Sapphire would wear, so here it is.


Christmas present for my bae, @marsminer-venusspring <3 I know the merc and venus one are older, but I didn’t feel like recreating them and I know I did them enough justice in those pics. 

All in order of more recent to oldest, its Mars, Keith Pone, Merc, and Venus! I did the bois facing right and the grills facing left because why not!

All with gay flowercrowns because they look cute.

Keith, thank you so much. For being an AMAZING friend. You’re one of the reasons why I’m where I am today, and I appreciate it so much. From even when my art wasn’t the greatest, you art traded with me because you believed in me (or atleast in my opinion, you saw something greater). So thank you.

I draw for you constantly because you inspired me to do greater, and now I’m giving back to you <3

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas! <33