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Azpitarte Smith&Wesson revolver

Manufactured by Azpitarte in Eibar, Spain for Dr Angel A. Alsina c.1905 - serial number 308850.
9x20mmR/.38 S&W six-round cylinder, double action, gold damascened in the Eibar style, pearl grips.

Damascening is done by scratching the surface of the gun and then hammering in gold foil or wire on the resulting roughened metal. The result is extremely flat compared to an inlay, but allows for more detailed motifs.


Jarre target pistol

Manufactured by Pierre J. Jarre in Paris, France c.late 1850′s - serial numbers are for peasants.
12mm metallic cartridge with percussion nipple, breechloading top-break caplock mechanism, the breech opens when the user pulls back on the trigger guard.
The action locks itself if it detects no nobiliary particle in the user’s name.

v-conscience  asked:

I know you're a gun blog but being that you're swiss I figured I'd ask anyway. What's your opinion on luminox watches?

I’m not a huge watch-nerd, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. 

They are cheap Swiss watches, with a good Ronda mechanism, and if you like their look and need visible time in the dark, it’s far from a bad choice.

In that price bracket, you don’t have a lot of choice anyway, aside from a high-end G-Shock or the recent Victorinox I.R.O.N. which seems to be pretty good too (the Victorinox is built like a tank, but I’m not sure how readable the time is without illumination).

Maybe @pietrootton has some input ?