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Young boy training with what seems to be a rifle 11 before WW2

(picture taken from a stupid BBC article giving a lot of space for our two antigun people, explaining we don’t have a gun culture in Switzerland… and having trouble correlating both our low violent crime and our high level of guns owning and the rise of violence in Switzerland since the strengthening of gun laws of 1999 and 2008)

nickwisco  asked:

Father, I am in law enforcement and I've been having fears of using deadly force, fears that I think will lead to getting myself killed or a brother killed and I was wondering how would I get forgiveness for taking a life in defense


This is the great worry that everyone has, who is trained in law enforcement. And even private citizens, not trained in law enforcement, have had to use deadly force against criminals and intruders. The shock and pain is never easy to heal from, even if the self-defense was justified in every moral respect.

My personal opinion is this: If a person shoots and kills another person, during the fulfillment of their duty to serve and protect, and to the best of their ability followed their training protocols for the use of deadly force against a suspected aggressor, there is not a true mortal sin that has been committed.

If in the mind of the law enforcement officer, or the person who engaged in deadly force, there are sincere qualms or questions of conscience, as to what happened, then repentance and confession might be in order. 

For instance, was there some ability to weigh the use of deadly force, or the use of another method to subdue the aggessor, and the person failed to weigh this decision? Could a taser have been used? Could another shot have been used which was not a “kill shot”? Did they properly identify the aggressor to be an aggressor, or was the person actually an innocent bystander?

If a person in their conscience believes they have some guilt in negligence, then that should be taken to confession for a Catholic, for the imposition of a penance and absolution. Otherwise, the issue is one of justifiable homicide and the only healing from that trauma are the usual practices of staying active in prayer, Mass attendance, and the sacramental aids of the Church. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel


@Regrann from @grey.wolf.tactical - M1 Garand in .30-06 Springfield
The clip ejecting is the most satisfying sound in the world from the more beautiful rifle in the world!
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Springfield M1903

Classic American bolt-action rifle chambered in the venerable .30-06 cartridge. The rifle was born as a direct response for a better firearm to replace the Krag, which was outclassed by Mauser rifles used by the Spanish in the Battle of San Juan Hill. The M1903 was a copy of the Mauser action which led to a lawsuit which Mauser won, forcing the U.S government to pay the fines. Although it replaced the Krag, the M1903 was eventually replaced by the M1 Garand, however both rifles saw heavy use in World War II. (GRH)