with a fedora tipped to the side

The Angel of the Night

Summary: When the chance to party comes along, none of the Avengers can resist the call of a night out but can the crush you have on a certain Captain stay hidden after a few drinks.

Author Note: Writing for Nicki’s Holiday Challenge being hosted by the beautifully delightful @dreamingintheimpalawithdean,  the prompt I was given is in bold.

Word Count: 1127

Warnings: None, just some fluff and some flirty, suggestive Steve


Letting your hair down was something that didn’t happen all that often when you were part of an elite group tasked with keeping the world safe. So when the opportunity arose to forget your responsibilities and drink the night away, there wasn’t a single member of your team that didn’t jump at the chance to have some fun.

Hearing rumours of a fancy dress party taking place at a secretive underground club, the excitement within Stark Tower was palpable.  The thought of being able to spend just one night away from training or active combat missions was exhilarating and the fact that everyone attending would be in some form of disguise meant that you would be able to have a good time without being the centre of attention.  So, as soon as it had been decided that you were going, you had grabbed Natasha and, after a quick consultation with Tony, you had all ran off to gather everything you would need for your costumes.


After running around the city for a good portion of the day, and spending so much money that you had potentially drained one of Tony’s bank accounts, you arrived back home to start getting ready.  You were so happy at the prospect of being able to spend an evening having fun with your colleagues that you could hardly sit still at Nat attempted to put the finishing touches to your look.

“Y/N!  For the love of god, can you please sit still, just for ten minutes.  I just need a little more time and then you can go and harass someone else with your craziness.”

“I’m sorry.  It’s just been so long since we’ve been able to relax that I just want to be out there having fun.  It’ll be nice to spend some time in the city without having to worry about taking care of some major international incident.”

Rolling her eyes at you, Nat turned back to the task in hand; styling your hair into elaborate curls and pinning it into place.  She’d been forced to listen to your running commentary on how wonderful tonight was going to be for the entire afternoon and was desperately trying to instil a vague level of calm in you so that she could finish the job. Just a few minutes later, she stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“Ok, you’re done.  Now go and chatter away to someone else – Tony’s probably started the drinking already so go and find him.”

With a smile on your face, you hugged her and leaving her room, you danced off through the hallways to find your favourite partner in crime.


Arriving as one big group was ever an option so in order to keep from drawing too much attention to yourselves, you walked through the door of the club in small groups of two or three.  As you and Tony had worn coordinating outfits, it was only natural that you were together and, as Wanda had been ready fairly quickly, she had jumped in the car alongside you.

Heading straight for the bar, you took in some of the amazing costumes that people had put together; there were a fair few Captain Americas and a handful of other superheroes, as well as pirates, Disney princesses and even a medieval knight.  It was wonderful to be able to walk through the crowds and not be recognised.  Grabbing a cocktail from the bartender, you quickly drank the fruity, tropical tasting beverage and made your way to the dance floor, determined to have the most fun possible.

Dancing however was made a little complicated by your somewhat over the top costume.  While Tony has dressed as the very epitome of evil – a devil – you had come as the exact opposite; wearing a flowing white dress and shining halo, you looked every inch the angel you were supposed to be.  The only thing causing any real issue was the fact that your wings kept getting in the way whenever you tried to spin around.  That wasn’t going to stop you though – it just made everything a little more interesting, especially when you almost smacked a fellow partygoer in the face with the tip of your wing.


Despite spending the night dancing and drinking with various members of the team, hours passed before you finally caught a glimpse of Steve.  As you stepped off the dance floor to rest your aching feet, you saw him standing to one side, drink in hand, talking to Clint and dressed as an iconic movie figure.  There, not more than ten feet away from you, stood Steve Rogers, fedora on head, whip in hand, looking like the best interpretation of Indiana Jones you have seen outside the silver screen.

Your breath hitched in your throat as he raised his glass to his lips, swallowing down the last remaining drops of the amber liquor before he started to make his way over to you.  You soon gave up all hope of acting like a normal human being as he got closer to you, the crush you’d been harbouring for the captain for almost as long as you’d been a part of his team choosing this exact moment to rear its ugly head. Trying to bluff it out, you simply threw yourself headlong into a conversation with him.

“Indiana Jones!  Well, aren’t you just the most handsome man in this place?!”

“Why thank you.  What are you supposed to be?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m an angel of God.  I mean, look at my dress.  And the wings….I’m pretty sure they give the game away.”

And look he did.  In fact, it felt as though time slowed to a standstill as Steve’s eyes raked across your body, taking in every inch of you but finally stopping on the bodice of your dress that cinched you in and pushed you up in all the right places.  You’d tracked his eyes as he stared at you, finding yourself unable to stop watching him.  You hadn’t even realised that he’d started talking again until he waved his hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Y/N?  You still with me? You zoned out on me there.”

Pulling yourself away from your thoughts, you tried desperately to recall what Steve had said but had no success.  Instead you just stood there, staring up at his perfect features.  

“Do you want me to repeat myself?”

Nodding at him, Steve moved a few inches closer, so close that he was now pressed right up against you.  He dipped his head and whispered in your ear.

“I asked if you wanted to get out of here.  I want to see if you’re really an angel when I get you alone.”


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He Cheats & Wants You Back [Youngbin]

“Can I have an imagine with YoungBin when we date for a year then I go away for a year then come back and walk in on him kissing another girl (he moved on because I wasn’t there). I move on (with Inseong my bff in SF9) and he tries to take me back after breaking up with the girl”

word count: 2,293

When you first met Youngbin, you thought you had known exactly what you were getting yourself into.

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Firsts (PJO Sapphic Week #1)

Rating: General Audiences

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians—all media types

Characters: Piper McLean, Annabeth Chase

(Written for @pjosapphicweeks)

Alt Title: Unforgettable

Read it on AO3 here!! 

Summary: “It’s not like we don’t have practice,” Piper muttered. “I’ve kissed plenty of guys in my day.”

“I’ve kissed enough,” Annabeth shot back.

“I don’t doubt that, my pearl of wisdom. Doesn’t change the fact neither of us have any idea what we’re doing.”

“Ha. That was—”



“No good.”

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anonymous asked:

How about Skull from KHR and pretend to be married? Or another Arcobaleno like Fon? I wonder how this will turn out lol

Ugh this one’s difficult.  I can’t see Skull being fake-married to anyone aside from when it’s required on an assignment or something, and even then… welp.  I’ll give it a try.  Not particularly lengthy this time.

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s-e-kwan  asked:

Can you do a drabble about the Sakamaki and the Mukami family being forced to have a singing competition by Karlheinz with Yui as the judge? They're all singing their MORE character songs and if Yui doesn't like their performance, she can pull the trapdoor on them (make Ayato, Kanato and Ruki fall, please? And make Yui run up on the stage to hug Subaru and Azusa?) The Tsukinami's barge in halfway saying they can do much better (Bloody Best II and Versus Song)? And you can decide how it ends ;)

Originally posted by uchiha-future-wifexd

  • Word Count: 986
  • Characters: Sakamaki brothers, Mukami brothers, Tsukinami brothers & Yui
  • Theme: SFW
  • Continuation here

Let’s begin.”
        Drums rolled, lights flashed as the music built upon layer on layer, the colour lights danced around the room grew brighter. Swirled around the stage before directed towards the judge, the crowd cheered. Howls and claps resounded around the room as another drum roll set before their ears. Trumpets sung loudly as the pianist glided their hands over the keys, everyone’s head snapped back towards the judge.
        Sat with confusion washed over her complexion, her pink eyes blinked as her head snapped from corner to corner. Shouts and cheers of her own name yelled across the room from one side to one another, only for her seat to push herself up. Muscles jolted as she stumbled against her own feet, her fingers curled around the table before her as she jumped once more. The curls of her own blonde strands jumped with her from her shoulders towards her back before she had fully turned.
        “Um…” Yui took in a breath, eyes widen with each second as she scanned across the room. From vampires to werewolves, all the demons continued to cheer. Some wore the smirk her eyes had immediately recognised as others just simply grinned. It was full packed with creatures that could advance and kill her in one second, yet a smile managed to slip passed her lips. “I’m Komori Yui, I’ll be your judge for this event!” Her fingers curled in front of her lap as she quickly bowed towards the audience. Stumbled back on her feet, Yui soon stood up as the smile turned towards a grin. “Please take care of me!”

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[Closed RP with ainsley-russet]

Toreth stopped in front of a stranger, putting a hand up in front of her. “Halt there!” She said in a confident and commanding voice, her trench coat obscuring her body and fedora tipped down enough to obscure her face. “You… I can feel it. The darkness within! You hold it within yourself just as I must contain these hellish powers which would divide many in twain… You need help containing this darkened power, sealing it like I needed to do within myself!” She said, moving her hat to the side just enough for a golden eye to peer out at the stranger, a grin on her face.


i can’t believe memes are actually illegal in russia. imagine. a jail cell. dusty alabaster walls locked on three sides, rails on the fourth. sun trickles through the bars on the window, into the stillness. a heavily tattooed, bald man with arms thicker than his head turns to his cellmate, a young white male, his tongue orange with cheeto dust, and says, “i kill fifty men with plastic knife and get life sentence. what did you do?” and his cellmate just tips his fedora and says, “memes, comrade.”