with a fancy play from

Witch Tip:

Poppets do not have to be fancy. They can be made of cloth from torn t shirts, play doh or simple salt dough, paper dolls, or anything else you have laying around. There’s no need to go buy special materials (unless you want to) when you can finally repurpose the old sheets you refuse to toss. As long as you can stuff it, you’re good to go!

Asked for like drawing requests day or two ago and actually got one, yayay!

I do like drawing those nerds a lot so requests with them are almost always welcome, though I’d probably prefer more detailed request with them, since I wasted a lot of time just staring at the screen going “but what will I draw them doing??” since I didn’t just wanna draw them standing around or something :V

ambereka  asked:

Hey Emiru :) You seem like such a sweet, wonderful person. Please take care of yourself and do nice things for yourself while you're feeling down! Take a break from streaming, play other games, get a fancy lush bath bomb and just unwind, anything. Go out with your friends if you can, or save for a visit home to go visit your brother and bunnies :). You have lots of people rooting for you, don't be afraid to ask for help from those who love you. I wish you all the best <3!

Thank you!! :) It means a lot