with a facemask

Imagine if they fey were more human

  • Cassian who has a 14 step skin care routine to get rid of his spots
  • Az who is the annoyingly perfect skin one who Cass whines about
  • and Rhys with super sensitive skin and if he so much as thinks of using one of Cass’s products, his skin breaks out
  • On Wednesdays and Sundays, Cass uses facemasks, hair pulled back into a tight bun after a shower to put them out without getting any in his hair.
  • He’s the kinda guy who makes you a mojito and puts a straw in so you can have cucumbers on your eyes while wearing a face mask
  • He has a whole range of beauty products
  • Everyone thinks they’re Mor’s but she just has One (1) bottle of moisturizer and then various make up items
  • She lets Cass do her wings tho, because he is Precise man with good style
  • Amren and Mor got drunk once and left multicoloured kisses over both his and Az’s face. Azriel had more on his face though, in another colour which Cass thinks might’ve been his
  • HONESTLY mors lipstick collection would be…. legendary(thanks @cass-ian)
  • But half of it was Cass’s but then Mor saw it and claimed they ‘weren’t his colour’ and took them to 'make sure his money wasn’t wasted’
  • Luckily tho, Amren hasn’t found out that she 'borrowed’ her dark red
  • “That was made from actual blood, child” “it’s pretty and it’s mine now amren” (thanks Cass-ian) 

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so I was talking with my pal about Gladstone and Daisy and it turns out we both had the same headcanon that Gladstone is actually 100% gay and the whole world is aware of this apart from Donald, but Gladstone let's him think he's a romantic rival for Daisy bc he loves putting Donald's nose out of joint and Daisy plays along with him on this because sassy gay friends are good for making your layabout boyfriend appreciate you more

this is some astonishing insight here and I can completely buy into that

Face Masks for Oily Skin

for @blacknwhitelife02
These are a few, use the ingredients you happen to have

1- Half a banana, a few spoonfuls of honey, a spoonful of lemon juice. Mash together w/ fork

2- Half a cup of oatmeal (rolled oats), a few spoonfuls of honey. Combine.

3- A handful of strawberries, a spoonful of lemon juice. Mash together w/ fork

(You can basically mix and match these ingredients based on what you have in your fridge. Other good ones are yogurt (PLAIN & UNSWEETENED), blended cucumber, and egg white.)

Good luck!! 💕

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Egg White and Yogurt 

This mask is not only easy, but incredibly effective. Egg white tightens pores and helps with oil production, as well as lifting up the face. Yogurt softens and moisturizes the skin, and helps face discolorations and blemishes.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, 1 egg white

Use: Apply to clean face and leave on for until it is completely dry

Watermelon and Banana

Most oily skin in dry underneath the surface, which causes the oil glands to produce more oil. Watermelon is an excellent way to moisturize oily skin, and coupled with banana, it is perfect to nourish skin and control oil production.

Ingredients: about half a cup of mashed up watermelon without the seeds, half a ripe banana mashed up (optional: 2 drops of tea tree oil)

Use: Apply to clean face and leave on for 10-15 minutes

Peach, Egg White, and Sour Cream

Peaches are full of vitamins and minerals, and are great for moisturizing. Sour cream contains Lactic Acid, which is an amazing natural exfoliant, and is known to boost collagen production. Egg white is excellent for tightening pores and fading discoloration. 

Ingredients: 1 ripe peach, 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of sour cream

Use: Apply to clean face, and leave on for 10-12 minutes.