with a dinglehopper

There are many reasons why I don’t buy the cynical interpretation that Ariel gives away her identity for a man.

One of them starts in the next paragraph. Another one can be read here.

This screencap comes from her introductory scene. She’s searching through a shipwreck for human artifacts–which is her passion–when suddenly she’s attacked by a shark.

While fleeing, she accidentally drops her bag full of artifacts right in the shark’s path. Without hesitating, she chooses her passion over her safety, risking her life for a dinglehopper.

The girl is an anthropologist who studies humans. That’s her passion, that’s how she spends her time…that’s her identity.

Sure, Eric is the catalyst that leads Ariel to changing her species and leaving her family–he certainly intensifies her feelings–but they’re feelings she already has, and they dictate most of her life.

If Ariel had the chance to become a human before she met Eric, everything that we know about her suggests that she probably would.

There's not much content for this ship yet so here's some Moana X Ariel

* Ariel combing Moana’s hair with a dinglehopper (even though by the end of the day it’s garunteed to be tangled again)
* Ariel getting Moana to get up simply by leaving their bed - and Moana complaining and then following her
* Them never napping because they’re just exploring and running around all day
* Them being the #powercouple of Motunui
* Moana fanning Ariel with a coconut tree leaf (or Modern AU: covering her in sunscreen) because she worries about her
* Moana crying at sad movies and Ariel cuddling her
* Ariel setting the smoke alarm off cooking and Moana giggling too much to be able to help her
* Moana loving spicy food and Ariel struggling not to tear up over a quesadilla
* Ariel sat down because saying she doesn’t like to dance and Moana dragging her up and teaching her to dance
* And also them slow dancing with their feet in the ocean


“What is it this time?”
“And who is it this time?”
“The lifeguard, or so he called himself.”
“That was quick.”

Here’s MerWill and Hannibal enjoying themselves at the beach, maybe somewhere private, for @youkindofstuckwithme​ and more MerWill for @jayswing96​.

And to answer another question, yes, Hannibal is still his usual self. The only minor change in his profile is that his clientele isn’t limited to humans. 

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I hope you like pink! Ariel’s pink dress is one of my favorites. Some might say that a pink dress doesn’t go with red hair. But, I say that it clashes so much, it actually goes together. I chose the scalloped shorts, as they remind me of the ruffles on her dress. A dinglehopper necklace is an Ariel DisneyBound must-have! The rest of her accessories are reminiscent of her mermaid days.

OKAY I’ve been waiting to post this forever because it took so long for me to do but this is part of an art trade with ashleyrguillory. She requested the boys as disney princes and she’s drawing something for me in return! 

I figured I’ve been putting together some lists of amazing artists all night that it inspired me to be really creative!

Harry as Eric (with a little bit of Ariel hence the dinglehopper) (Little Mermaid)

Liam as Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

Louis as Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)

Niall as Prince Charming (Cinderella)

Zayn as Kida (techinically a princess but Aladdin was too obvious) (Atlantis)