with a dinglehopper

There are many reasons why I don’t buy the cynical interpretation that Ariel gives away her identity for a man.

One of them starts in the next paragraph. Another one can be read here.

This screencap comes from her introductory scene. She’s searching through a shipwreck for human artifacts–which is her passion–when suddenly she’s attacked by a shark.

While fleeing, she accidentally drops her bag full of artifacts right in the shark’s path. Without hesitating, she chooses her passion over her safety, risking her life for a dinglehopper.

The girl is an anthropologist who studies humans. That’s her passion, that’s how she spends her time…that’s her identity.

Sure, Eric is the catalyst that leads Ariel to changing her species and leaving her family–he certainly intensifies her feelings–but they’re feelings she already has, and they dictate most of her life.

If Ariel had the chance to become a human before she met Eric, everything that we know about her suggests that she probably would.

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ravenclaw/the houses singing or watching disney movies?

  • ravenclaws are the most annoying people to watch disney movies with because they can never just watch the fucking movie
  • It’s all ‘did you know Sterling Holloway also voiced winnie the pooh, kaa, and the cheshire cat?’
  • ‘did you see that cameo of lady and peg?? wait I’ll just rewind it for you but watch closer this time’
  • ‘did you know disney world is the same size as san francisco?’
  • and be prepared to listen to the sound track for the next week because the ravenclaw is going to be singing it under their breath for the foreseeable future 
  • playing ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ during quidditch practice to get the team motivated
  • ravenclaws suddenly realising they have a muggle studies project due tomorrow that they haven’t started and deciding to wing it
  • they ended up spending ten minutes talking about the impact of the dinglehopper on modern muggle society
  • intense debates in the common room about which house various characters would be in
  • belle becomes something of a house icon
  • ravenclaws come up with ideas for disney related pranks that they don’t always have the nerve to pull off
  • which is why it’s always useful to have connections with the gryffindors
  • there was one time when all the cutlery in the great hall started singing and dancing to be our guest
  • and the other time someone picked up a cat and started singing circle of life, only to realise the cat was in fact mcgonagall (they still maintain the detention was worth it)
There's not much content for this ship yet so here's some Moana X Ariel

* Ariel combing Moana’s hair with a dinglehopper (even though by the end of the day it’s garunteed to be tangled again)
* Ariel getting Moana to get up simply by leaving their bed - and Moana complaining and then following her
* Them never napping because they’re just exploring and running around all day
* Them being the #powercouple of Motunui
* Moana fanning Ariel with a coconut tree leaf (or Modern AU: covering her in sunscreen) because she worries about her
* Moana crying at sad movies and Ariel cuddling her
* Ariel setting the smoke alarm off cooking and Moana giggling too much to be able to help her
* Moana loving spicy food and Ariel struggling not to tear up over a quesadilla
* Ariel sat down because saying she doesn’t like to dance and Moana dragging her up and teaching her to dance
* And also them slow dancing with their feet in the ocean


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Junkrat and/or McCree trying to woo a mermaid who doesn't understand what he's doing, so they're just like, "what a funny man always bring weird land stuff"


You broke through the surface of the water and approached the junker waiting on the shore, smiling warmly at your warm-blooded friend.

“Oi,” you called, adopting the greeting he always threw at you. Junkrat grinned wide, stooping down to your level as you beached yourself moments after.

“Oi, cutie,” he chirped. In his hand was a large bag, and already you were trying to keep a straight face. “Rounded up somethin’ special for you today!”

Jamison had a habit of just…bringing you things in an effort to court you. Ever since you’d expressed your love for collecting, he’d arrived every single day with something new for you to take home to your cave. It was a sweet enough gesture, you knew, but not everything he brought was…well…


“Oh?” you said, pretending to be interested. Junkrat nodded enthusiastically and reached his hand into the bag, pulling out - “Oh!!”

It was a very large, very shiny, jewel. Immediately, your webbed hands shot out and grabbed it from him, grinning wide and squealing with delight as you inspected it.

“Figured you’d fancy a diamond. How’d I do?” he asked. You barely paid enough attention to nod a response, watching it glitter in the sunlight and reflect pleasingly against your scales. Yes, this one was going to look very nice in your cave.

“Jamison, it’s beautiful,” you said, “thank you! Finally, a gift for my collection!”

“Heh, what about all the other things I gave ya?” he asked. Your face reddened in surprise, having not intended to let him know that most of his ‘gifts’ were actually rotting somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

“Er…” you mumbled, shooting him a smile, “Uh, never mind that…”


The familiar sound of his spurs against the ground was what made you lift your head from the rock you’d been peacefully sunbathing on, siting up to regard him on the shore with a drowsy smile.

“Howdy, sugar,” Jesse greeted, smiling widely at the sight of you, “ya gonna lie there and cook all day or are ya gonna swim over here an’ greet a fella?”

“I’m not sure,” you teased, flicking the edge of your tail in the water, “this is a really nice rock. Very comfy.”

“Yer not even gonna come over fer this?” he asked, holding up a box in his hand. Your curiosity piqued, you approached him and beached yourself with a grin. “Greedy, ain’t ya?”

“Only because I have someone willing to enable me,” you responded, reaching up for him. Jesse stooped down and sat on the ground, leaning forward to give you a quick kiss on the cheek before presenting the box to you. You ignored the flutter in your chest and ignored his flirtatious gesture in favor of tearing excitedly into the package.

“Oh! It’s a…” you said, your enthusiasm dimming in seconds, “it’s a…erm…”

“A fork!” Jesse declared proudly, as if it were the end all, be all of gifts to offer a mermaid you were trying to romance. “Suppose yer kind call ‘em Dinglehoppers.”

You couldn’t help it. A snort left your mouth, and then a snort turned into a giggle, and then you were outright laughing. This idiot cowboy wasn’t serious, was he?

“I’m not sure if you know,” you smirked once you’d managed to calm down, “but The Little Mermaid is not an accurate portrayal of mer-person culture. Or intelligence. I know what silverware is.”

“W-well, shoot, darlin’,” McCree stammered, smiling sheepishly at you, “that wasn’t racist o’ me, was it?”

You smiled and shook your head, handing the fork back. He took it without complaint.

-mod Viena

Part Of Your World (Part 2) [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: people wanted part 2 and i was like hell ye

Part 1

You met a lovely lady just now. Her name is Caitlin; she helped wash you and gave you this lovely pink gown. It’s beautiful; it enhances all your curves yet, it also poofs out around your hips. Smiling at her timidly, you walk into the dining room, cheeks the same color of your dress when you catch sight of him.

Hearing the doors open causes Barry to turn his head away from the window; mouth dropping a little. Blushing harder, you walk towards him, hair in your eyes and hands behind your back. His knee high black boots echo through the room as he pulls a chair out for you. “You, uh, you look beautiful…” he grins, bright green eyes watching you sit before walking around the table.

A smile appears on your face. “So, Barr, this is the woman you were telling Iris and I about?” a man questions, folding his hands on the table. The prince nods, swoop of hair bouncing, all of his attention focused solely on you. Clearing his throat, the older man peers at you, cracking a tiny smile. “I’m Joe; the adviser, if you will.” he introduces just as the food comes out.

“Bon appetit.” a woman grins, placing a plate of food and silverware in front of you before taking a seat herself; her cream dress contrasts perfectly with her skintone. Oh! She must be Iris!

Peering down, your eyes light up when you recognize the utensil. It’s a dinglehopper! Scuttle taught you how to use one of these! Your fingers wrap around the silver narrow handle and you lift it, combing the prongs through your hair. The three of them stare at you with confused faces, making you stop, dropping the dinglehopper on the table and biting your lip, hands on your lap.

Joe coughs awkwardly, poking his food with the utensil. “Have you shown, um,” he swallows, gesturing towards you. “The town yet? I’m sure she would love to have a tour, right, Iris?” The woman hums, grinning brightly at you. Blushing, you still feel a pair of green eyes watching you. “Barry?” Joe coughs again, sitting up straighter.

“Uh huh…” Barry hums, focused on you for a moment before snapping his head up, lifting his chin from his palm. His white pirate-like shirt sways against his toned torso, exposing some of his pale chest. “I mean, yes. Yes, a tour would be great.” he nods at Joe before turning his attention back to you. “I’ll prepare the horses and we can go out tomorrow. Does that sound nice?” the brunette asks nervously, picking up his dinglehopper.

Nodding vigorously, you lean forward, lips tilted up into a broad smile. The prince mirrors your face, peering down at his plate of food. This is perfect! Tomorrow you can get Barry to kiss you! Well, hopefully, since you only have two more days. Picking up the utensil again, you nod to yourself. Dinglehoppers aren’t meant for your hair. Always remember that.

In 5th grade an anti-drug campaign came to our class and at the end of the presentation we got these weird bird pens as gifts and someone started calling them dinglehoppers and it kinda exploded and we had a dinglehopper economy and government and everybody turned their pencil boxes into houses and we’d decorate them cut their hair and give them tattoos and some people made outfits for their dinglehoppers and would sell them and others would build and sell furniture and there was notebook paper money being passed around and this lasted the whole year

Learning to Love (Trixya) - Matilda

A/N: More super gay angst/fluff straight from my brain to yours. Honestly, don’t read this unless you like cheesy love stories and borderline laughable prose.

(And thank you to Lale for being my own personal cheerleader while writing this!)

-tw for like self-esteem issues? & reference to AN abusive relationship

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“What is it this time?”
“And who is it this time?”
“The lifeguard, or so he called himself.”
“That was quick.”

Here’s MerWill and Hannibal enjoying themselves at the beach, maybe somewhere private, for @youkindofstuckwithme​ and more MerWill for @jayswing96​.

And to answer another question, yes, Hannibal is still his usual self. The only minor change in his profile is that his clientele isn’t limited to humans. 

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