with a dinglehopper

There are many reasons why I don’t buy the cynical interpretation that Ariel gives away her identity for a man.

One of them starts in the next paragraph. Another one can be read here.

This screencap comes from her introductory scene. She’s searching through a shipwreck for human artifacts–which is her passion–when suddenly she’s attacked by a shark.

While fleeing, she accidentally drops her bag full of artifacts right in the shark’s path. Without hesitating, she chooses her passion over her safety, risking her life for a dinglehopper.

The girl is an anthropologist who studies humans. That’s her passion, that’s how she spends her time…that’s her identity.

Sure, Eric is the catalyst that leads Ariel to changing her species and leaving her family–he certainly intensifies her feelings–but they’re feelings she already has, and they dictate most of her life.

If Ariel had the chance to become a human before she met Eric, everything that we know about her suggests that she probably would.


And then there is the youngest in her musical debut
Our seventh little sister, we’re presenting her to you
To sing a song Sebastian wrote, her voice is like a bell
She’s our sister, Ariel!

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ravenclaw/the houses singing or watching disney movies?

  • ravenclaws are the most annoying people to watch disney movies with because they can never just watch the fucking movie
  • It’s all ‘did you know Sterling Holloway also voiced winnie the pooh, kaa, and the cheshire cat?’
  • ‘did you see that cameo of lady and peg?? wait I’ll just rewind it for you but watch closer this time’
  • ‘did you know disney world is the same size as san francisco?’
  • and be prepared to listen to the sound track for the next week because the ravenclaw is going to be singing it under their breath for the foreseeable future 
  • playing ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ during quidditch practice to get the team motivated
  • ravenclaws suddenly realising they have a muggle studies project due tomorrow that they haven’t started and deciding to wing it
  • they ended up spending ten minutes talking about the impact of the dinglehopper on modern muggle society
  • intense debates in the common room about which house various characters would be in
  • belle becomes something of a house icon
  • ravenclaws come up with ideas for disney related pranks that they don’t always have the nerve to pull off
  • which is why it’s always useful to have connections with the gryffindors
  • there was one time when all the cutlery in the great hall started singing and dancing to be our guest
  • and the other time someone picked up a cat and started singing circle of life, only to realise the cat was in fact mcgonagall (they still maintain the detention was worth it)

Mugman and Cuphead try to be friends with that one perfectionist fork-kid who lives three islands down. 

And/or, I couldn’t help myself after seeing this 

The backgrounds are from the Funfair Fever Run & Gun level in Cuphead

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Look at ya! Look at ya! There's something different. Don't tell me. I got it. It's your hairdo, right? You've been using the dinglehopper, right? No? No, huh? Well, let me see. New seashells? No new seashells. I gotta admit, I can't put my foot on it right now, but if I just stand here long enough, I should... - Scuttle


There's not much content for this ship yet so here's some Moana X Ariel

* Ariel combing Moana’s hair with a dinglehopper (even though by the end of the day it’s garunteed to be tangled again)
* Ariel getting Moana to get up simply by leaving their bed - and Moana complaining and then following her
* Them never napping because they’re just exploring and running around all day
* Them being the #powercouple of Motunui
* Moana fanning Ariel with a coconut tree leaf (or Modern AU: covering her in sunscreen) because she worries about her
* Moana crying at sad movies and Ariel cuddling her
* Ariel setting the smoke alarm off cooking and Moana giggling too much to be able to help her
* Moana loving spicy food and Ariel struggling not to tear up over a quesadilla
* Ariel sat down because saying she doesn’t like to dance and Moana dragging her up and teaching her to dance
* And also them slow dancing with their feet in the ocean


it literally doesn’t matter if biology is fake and sex isn’t real and there are infinite combinations of sexes and gender identities 

you can call them whatever you want, but in the REAL WORLD there are two classes of people–those who PERFORM reproductive labor, and those who EXPLOIT reproductive labor. call ‘em dinglehopper and snarfblat if you feel like it, but i’ll be dead in my grave before i pretend that dinglehoppers know what it’s like to live life as a snarfblat because they prefer to wear clothes typically reserved for snarfblats


☆ Samezuka Shark Week ☆ | A new item Pt 2~ ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Such puff puff. Such fancy~! ✾(〜 ☌ω☌)〜✾

Rinrin was the most excited one but after realizing he didn’t have hair nor fur to use the dinglehopper, he was disappointed until Kisumi pointed out that it could be used on Gummie! Even Sou liked that idea ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚

The trio left soon after to go play with Shiny and Gummie after saying goodbye to silly Sei. They promised to bring more treasures soon ♡

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(Im sorry if i sent too many!! I was on a roll and love this idea of child!verge) On yeah, Logan teaching virgil things. Like just simple words and such. Mess about with Rubik's cubes and reading. More then once Patton found them cuddled up with a book nearby. Patton teaching verge how to eat. Jes a fussy baby, but Patton's actions and noises are too funny. Roman teaching him to write and draw. He makes all the cute pictures to stick on the fridge and makes princely v proud.

this kinda gave me a good minuscule plot idea bless 👏🏻

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The longer Virgil was a child the more frustrated, and worried Logan became. Physically Virgil stayed the same, but mentally he seemed to keep regressing. Logan felt like Virgil himself panicking, and jumping to conclusions. He needed to discuss this with the other two elder sides so while Virgil napped in his room Logan called them to the common room.

“What’s up with you, nerd?”

Logan sighed, and pulled at his hair as he desperately tried to resist his urge to strangle the prince.

“What’s up is you, and your ridiculous fantasy world getting us into this mess!”

Roman sighed, and sat next to Logan.

“Logan, I am working on fixing it, okay? I can only do so much.”

Logan groaned, and stood up so suddenly it startled the other two.

“And what if you’re too late? Virgil seems to be regressing more and more the longer he’s a child. His speech has become far more baby like. I’ve had to remind him what simple words mean, and read to him more often. Yes, I’ve read to him when he was an adult, but he hardly understands anything! What if he’s stuck like this, Roman?! Ever think about that being a possibility?!”

Roman stood up, and faced the panicked side.

“Geez, Logan. Calm down. You of all people should know that ‘what ifs’ are not helpful in these situations.”

Logan chewed his lip nervously, and looked at Roman. He wasn’t sure why, but there were tears forming in his eyes, and he felt incredibly stupid.

“You.. are correct. I.. I apologize. Just.. keep trying. We need Virgil back.”

Roman’s harsh demeanor immediately crumbled at the sight of the usually put together side so distraught. He reached out to hug him, but stopped himself.

“Logan… I am doing everything in my power to get him back. Just.. keep teaching him things. I’ll go back to my dream world now. Everything will be okay.”

Logan sighed, and wiped his eyes under his glasses.

“Yes, well, go on then. I will wait for Virgil to wake up, and continue the lesson I’ve made for him.”

As if on cue a tiny sleepy voice spoke up behind them.

“I don wanna do more learny things.”

Patton, and Roman giggled at the adorableness despite Logan’s increasing frustration.

“We’ll do something easy today, okay? Come on.”

Logan walked over to the very sleepy Virgil, and picked him up. Virgil immediately nuzzled his face into Logan’s neck, and yawned. Logan sighed, and sat at the dining room table placing Virgil in his lap.

“Look, Verge. We can read some of these books. They’re easy.”

Virgil glared at the books then at the other sides that were staring at him adoringly.


Roman chuckled, and muttered a “good luck” as he sunk down. Patton smiled at them then sunk down to his own room. Logan muttered indignantly to himself which made Virgil giggle.

“Oh yeah my pain is so funny to you isn’t it?”

Virgil nodded, and grinned at him. Something that was quite rare for him to do even when in child form. Logan couldn’t help smiling.

“You’re lucky you’re adorable, Virgil.”

Once the word “adorable” left Logan’s mouth Virgil stopped giggling, and glared at Logan. Logan merely chuckled, and opened one of the books on the table. Which he’s come to learn was one of child Virgil’s favorites. Moonlight: The Halloween Cat.

“Think you can read the first line for me?”

Virgil took a moment to scan the words on the page then softly read aloud, “M-Moonlight loves the night. I-It is her favorite time..”

Logan proudly beamed at Virgil, and urged him to continue.

Once Virgil finished the whole book, with a bit of Logan’s help, he yawned while rubbing his eyes tiredly. Logan chuckled, and grabbed another book as he stood up.

“Still tired?”

Virgil nodded, and curled up to Logan with his thumb in his mouth. Logan silently chided himself for finding this so adorable as he moved to lay on the couch. Once he got them in a comfortable position, with Virgil laying on top of him curled up against his chest, he pulled Virgil’s thumb out of his mouth earning a small whine.

“Thumb sucking isn’t healthy, Virgil. Now let’s read one more book, and then you can sleep, okay? I suppose we can just work on improving your hand-eye coordination another time.”

Virgil nodded sleepily, and mumbled something Logan couldn’t understand.

“What was that?”

“You rwead to me. I too sweepy.”

Logan’s heart swelled, but he chose to ignore it as he opened the book to begin reading.

About five minutes later Virgil was asleep, and Logan found himself drifting off as well. He tried to fight it off, but he was warm & content with Virgil in his arms so he let his exhaustion consume him.

Some time later Patton popped back up into the common room to find Logan, and Virgil curled up together still sleeping with a children’s book long forgotten, and abandoned on the floor. He tried really hard to contain his squeals, and used his phone to snap some pictures. There was no way he was letting this be forgotten. It was too cute.

The next day Logan decided it was Patton’s turn to teach Virgil something.

“Patton your child is a ridiculously messy eater. That’s child, and adult Virgil. I’ve been teaching him things related to cognitive thinking. You, being the father figure, should be teaching him proper etiquette.”

Patton couldn’t help giggling at the thought of his child always making big messes, but nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, okay I can do that, teach!”

So, come dinner time, Patton placed Virgil into his lap so he could help him.

“Look, Verge this is a fork. Or a dinglehopper like in the Little Mermaid! But we don’t brush our hair with it. It helps us eat! Try it.”

Virgil scowled at the tiny fork in his hand then smirked as he realized exactly what Patton was trying to do. He calmly placed the fork down, and picked his food up with his hands as he smugly stated a simple, “No.”

Logan, and Patton sighed as Roman giggled like an idiot.

“What if we do it like this, kiddo?”

Patton took the fork, scooped some food up, and started making airplane noises as he moved it towards Virgil’s mouth. Virgil tried to lean away from Patton as much as he could without falling off his lap.

Virgil whined, “Nooooo!” but Patton sounded ridiculous so he couldn’t help letting a few giggles escape. Patton giggled along with him, and gave up trying to feed him.

“Alright, kiddo. We’ll work on this tomorrow at breakfast. Just eat.”

Logan groaned, and frowned disapprovingly at Patton. Virgil smirked evilly at the logical side. Logan narrowed his eyes at him suspiciously. Patton noticed this so he looked at Virgil to see what Logan was so suspicious about, but Virgil immediately turned his smirk to an innocent smile.

Patton shrugged, and let it go. Roman giggled to himself some more as he secretly observed everything.

After dinner Roman scooped Virgil up, ignoring his protests, and brought him to his room.

“Sorry, Verge, but I wanted to help you with something!”

Virgil scowled at the prince, but said nothing silently urging him to explain.

“So, Logan told me about your paint incident, and while it sounded like an adorable incident you really shouldn’t do it again. So! I’m going to teach you how to draw, and paint neatly!”

Virgil shrugged so Roman took that as an okay, and set him in his desk chair. He then went over to his closet, and pulled out his art supplies.

“Do you want to use crayons or paint first?”

Virgil paused to think then made grabby hands for the big pack of crayons.


Roman smiled, and set the crayons down next to the mini sketchbook he gave Virgil.

“Think you can draw a cat for me, Verge?”

Virgil nodded, and immediately pulled the black crayon out then focused on his task.

Roman watched intently until he noticed Virgil shift around uncomfortably. So, to make Virgil more comfortable Roman pulled up another chair, and pulled out his own sketchbook to start drawing with him. He didn’t miss the adorable little grateful smile Virgil tried to hide.

About five minutes later Virgil set his crayon down, and hid his drawing against his chest. Roman paused his own drawing, and turned to face Virgil.

“May I see the little artist’s masterpiece?”

Virgil blushed profusely, and reluctantly shoved the sketchbook into Roman’s hands. Roman chuckled then gasped once he turned it over.

“Aw, Verge. This is amazing! I like his purple eyes, and plaid patches. Is it supposed to be you? His fur looks like your hoodie.”

Virgil shrugged as he blushed more at the compliments.

“N-No, I-I just like the design, and I th-thought it’d look cool on a cat.”

Suddenly a light bulb went off in Roman’s head.

“Give me.. one moment, Verge.”

Roman looked thoughtful for a moment, confusing Virgil, then snapped his fingers. A cat plushy that looked similar to Virgil’s drawing appeared in his hands. He smirked proudly at his little creation, and handed it to Virgil.

“There now he or she is real.”

Virgil hid his smile by quickly tackle hugging Roman, and burying his face into his chest. Roman chuckled, and held him for a little while.

The two spent the rest of the evening drawing, and painting. Roman of course making sure Virgil didn’t make a giant mess which he was surprisingly successful in doing.

Eventually Virgil started to become sleepy so Roman picked him up, and sunk down to his own room to put him down for bed.

He read him a quick bedtime story then placed the cat plushy, which he called Cat Skellington, in his arms.
He left once Patton came in to tuck him in, and say good night.

Once Roman returned to his room he cleaned up the art supplies then climbed into his own bed, and fell asleep as he thought of more ways he could potentially get their normal Virgil back.

The next day Roman picked Virgil up so he could place his drawings on the fridge right next to the paintings he previously made a mess with that Patton proudly put there.

After trying to ignore Roman’s proud praises while hiding his blush Virgil let Patton help him eat his breakfast properly.

Logan smiled, feeling his heart swell with pride, as he watched all of this unfold before him. They really needed normal Virgil back before things got any worse, but in the moment this all felt okay.


child!Virgil will be the death of me he’s just so freakin adorably chaotic