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Cassian witnessing Jyn vs Swan. It's almost as captivating as her clobbering a lot of Stormtroopers, except there are lots of feathers flying and she's swearing that she's going to eat the damn bird after she wins. Except Cassian has to cook it, because she doesn't know how to roast a swan.



If you think I’m fucking around for one goddamn second you’re out of your mind:

Rebel Captain Swan Lake AU:

Cassian watched the bird arc through the sky on a gentle breeze, his crossbow poised. It would be the last chance to bag anything after a long day of unsuccessful hunting. 

But it was so pristine, so…beautiful. 

Despite his perfect sight on the animal, he couldn’t bring himself to fire. Something in him told him it wasn’t right to kill such beauty. There was something oddly…human about it. Cassian’s heart surged, as though he saw some of himself reflected in the life he had spared. He watched it float through the air, towards the sunset’s reflection of the water, creating a continuous distance on the warm glow and its reflection, divided by the thin black line of the shores. 

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Before the Troll can catch up to Dolph and Faelynn in the burning building, Belladonna splashes it with a flask of oil and gains it’s undivided attention. As it charges to attack her she casts Burning Hands and sets the brute alight. Dodging the deadly slashing claws Eldon uses his Moon Beam spell to sear the Troll with painful light. As the monster begins thrashing about in pain Dolph charges back out of the flames swinging his axe. Finally able to overpower the rubbery horror even the newly arrived Zomgron (formerly Melgron) gets in on the action groaning and pummelling with undead strength.

Glim, Trikis and Robinia decide that after scaring the looters away from the Antiquarian’s Shop they might as well take a look around inside. Trikis is particularly keen to see if there’s anything he could take. It’s not looting when heroes do it, and the trio finds a metal spider that Robinia the Hunter keeps his Crossbow aimed at, certain that it is going to suddenly move and attack. Glim finds a glass jar with what seems to be the preserved remains of a Sprite in it, and an ominous glass vial with Abyssal writing on it. Trikis finds a vicious looking dagger which pleases him greatly.

Momentarily distracted by the discussion of the dagger, Robinia is certain the spider moved and decides to catch it in a glass jar before it moves again. Pouring out some liquid and a hairy severed hand on the floor he sneaks up on the clockwork insect and with all his skill moves lightning fast to trap his quarry in the jar. It doesn’t move at all, but he places a heavy book on top of the jar for good measure.

Eldon arrives and there is some discussion about whether he will drink the Abyssal Potion or not when he spots some movement behind the counter and slowly moves to investigate. Crouching down to see what’s there in the darkness a hairy hand suddenly spring out at him.

Here are the XP totals for the characters in this week’s session:

Glim, 5th Level Gnome Wizard (Conjurer) - 9097 xp
Belladonna, 5th Level Elf Fighter (Eldritch Knight) - 6510 xp
Faelynn, 4th Level Elf Bard (College of Lore) - 5621 xp
Eldon, 4th Level Gnome Druid (Circle of the Moon) - 5021 xp
Pituitar, 4th Level Elf Fighter (Champion)  - 4600 xp
Dolph, 4th Level Human Fighter (Battle Master)  - 4940 xp
Trikis, 4th Level Half-Elf Druid (Circle of the Land) - 3631 xp
Robinia, 3rd Level Human Ranger (Hunter) - 1956 xp

Belladonna is now 5th Level!

Miniatures by @okumarts, @printableheroes, @chiefasaur, @stuartdraws
Maps by Heroic Maps

Hey Stan, where did you get that boat?


Hey Stan, where did you get that mask?


Hey Stan, where did you get your fez?


Hey Stan, where did you get that crossbow? 


Hey Stan, where did the phrase “Hot Belgian Waffles” come from? 


Hey Stan, how do you know there’s a secret button on the wall?


Hey Stan, where did you get Journal 1?


Hey Stan, where did your love of money come from? 


Hey Stan, where did you learn to lie? 


Hey Stan, where did you learn how to punch triangles?


Hey Stan, where did you learn how to fight?


Man, Stan got a lot of things from his past and his family