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i was tinkering around with some hand crossbows and flammables and i made this cool thing that shoots super hard(i called it a pistol cause it sounded cool). but. taako blinked into my workshop, looked at my pistol, muttered something about accessorizing, took it, and then blinked away. i can't find him. i don't know how powerful he's become. it's truly the end of times

Just saying

TWDS7 was so badly written.
especially to Carol and Daryl’s story arc.
(regardless of shipper point of view.)
Remember when filming spoiler spotted NR/Daryl on set, we all wondering why Daryl has to be in so many location, Kingdom, Hilltop, Oceanside & Sanctuary, now we get it.
Seems it’s just for him to be on screen so can attract certain group of people, actually Daryl has almost zero purpose in those stories, even when there’s a chance for Daryl to beat up Dwight, yet being stop by Rick, WTF?!

And ant the oceanside scenes, Daryl just be there to setup explosion? and using his crossbow to point at those women and children? is this the Daryl we all know for 6 seasons?

Same thing to Carol, giving the story for her to stay away and pushing people away,  just like TWD pushing Carol/MMB fans away for the entire season.

And no mater how Carol being sad and alone, no doubt she’s still the best fighter and able to do anything if she wants to.
No surprise seeing Carol return in full badass and full armored in finale, no surprise having Carol return to save the day, those are known facts.
Even Carl also be sidelined and his father seems forgot his son still having an eye patch, and he never talked to him about how he felts.

The entire season had lost their focus.

The entire season had lost their humanity.

The entire season just …


They are the walking dead now.


@fatmaninalittlesuit just a few of my designs 😶😶😊
(the anchor is 8 years old and needs a re-do) would love a gypsy sleeve (romani is in my blood) & a woodland sleeve
Gypsy sleeve
~ fortune teller with crystal ball, tarot cards and 3 skulls with different masquerade masks
Woodland sleeve
~ a robin and wren 😊 rabbit and owl, deer gun and fox crossbow

I’d like the anchor on one thigh and lighthouse and compass on the other, and then the big hero six helmets and tadashis cap going down the back of my calf with baymax out of his suit at the bottom (don’t judge, lol) 😜

There’s more but I should stop!!!


The Big Joe 5 Slingshot Crossbow of World War II,

Developed by the Office of Strategic Services (predecessor of the CIA) during World War II, the Big Joe 5 Crossbow was a weapon produced for the purpose of covert and silent assassination. Unlike other crossbows, the Big Joe was more of a slingshot, the energy of the weapon being produced by its 300 rubber bands rather than its triangular frame. Light and compact, the Big Joe featured a folding stock in order to make the weapon more compact.  The draw weight of the Big Joe was around 550 lbs, far heavier than any person could reasonably be able to cock.  Thus the folding buttstock also served as a rack and pinion used to cock the bands.  Maximum range of the Big Joe was around 250 yards, with optimum range being around 100 yards. To complement the Big Joe, the Little Joe was also developed, which was a crossbow slingshot pistol utilizing the same concepts.

Prototypes were produced for field units in Europe, and for Alamo scouts and Marine Raiders in the Pacific, but it was most likely never used.

Things that are fucking me up rn: The untouched burger and fries at the table like he’d been sitting there drinking for hours, and Granny at some point had unceremoniously dropped the plate onto the table with a pointed quirk of her eyebrows and a even more pointed “Soak it up, Captain.”

And you know he would look up at her and do that quick, tight smile he does in thanks (fooling no one), and she’d narrow her eyes in response (not fooled). And she’d sigh and head back behind the counter keeping an eye on him as he gently moved the plate to the side and stared into the bottom of another glass.


meet my shit archer oc matthias who may or may not be flirting with hanzo just to spite jesse (he french btw,,,,,,,,,,,he also need friends)


I’m playing as a witch in our newest campaign….magic is a lot harder than I thought.

Context: we’re in a cave and the party split up. 4 people just fought 9 spiders and all but one were knocked out. Now it’s me and 2 other people trying to fight spiders in a different part of the cave and one girl was already knocked out and inflict light wounds isn’t doing much for me.

Me, panicking: should I use my crossbow? Should I use a spell?

our DM, who is trying DMing for the first time: why don’t you use one of your hexes?

me: they wouldn’t fit in this situation…

the sorceror, who is really good at pathfinder and DMs a lot: I told you misfortune would be a good idea…

me: DON’T YELL AT ME!!! ALL I HAVE IS “KILL SHIT” (blight) AND “TALK TO SPIDERS” (tongues, in which I could have spoken to the spiders for a minute)


Me: is it too late??

our DM: well, you already cut 2 of its legs off so it probably won’t want to listen to you