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Rules: 10 Characters/People You’d Like To Kiss

I was tagged by the two wonderful lovelys @supernatural-stuff-of-course & @violetmina Thank you!! Sorry I took so long I’ve been busy :( –These aren’t in really any order. This is just how I was able to remember them!–

1. Crowley [Supernatural]

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2. Mark Sheppard [Actor]

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3. Dr. Brenner [Stranger Things]

4. Vincent Nigel Murray [Bones]

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5. Ron Swanson [Parks & Rec]

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6. Jim Sterling [Leverage]

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7. Gary Bell [Alphas]

8. Castle [Castle]

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9. Nate Ford [Leverage]

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10. Dr. Gordon Lawrence [Reoccurring character in the SAW Franchise]

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According to the marketing guys behind Red Stripe, it’s a traditional Jamaican style lager with a rich history. Which is a lie. Red Stripe was first brewed in Illinois for a century before it was bought out by some British guys during Prohibition. Unable to sell in the United States, they marketed it to soldiers stationed in Jamaica. After proving popular in Jamaica, Red Stripe was then marketed back to the States as an exotic foreign brew. Thus proving that, with good enough marketing, you can convince people of anything.

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1. Have a scene with a dog wearing a referee’s shirt, a bad guy dressed as a stereotypical British police officer, and… whatever the third guy is

2. Need to zoom in on them in the next shot

3. Be too lazy to adjust the background characters 

4. Just make ‘em all disappear, because you foolishly thought ScoobyDooMistakes would never exist to call you out on this