with a boy like that it's serious

Sometimes I forget that these people

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were born the same year as these people

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But then again

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In conclusion: everyone’s a dork

I need Shini to just drag Leo’s ass. just fucking drag him hardcore. there is no way she doesn’t look at this cocky teenage boy and think anything other than “ugh.”

basically just imagine Shini and Karai having tea in their super secret lair for Morally Ambiguous Ladies, and Shini going

“That boy was my competition? Really?”

“It was a phase, Shini. A phase.”

“Couldn’t you have at least picked the intelligent one?”

and somewhere, Donnie shudders right down in his soul. he feels he dodged a bullet somehow.

i feel so stupid i just started watching samurai jack from the start and realized that “jack” isn’t his real name?? it’s just a nickname that was given to him by some street boys. he just said fuck it and called himself jack

Ranking of every Dragonite sprite on Bulbapedia

A soft and friendly boy… shows a lot of charm and personality, I’d trust him with my life

This is a boy that is dead serious about having fun. Adventurous and trustworthy in its simplicity

Curious and bold, just like a Dragonite should be. A solid boy, I’d trust him with my crops

This is a good boy, he is ready to make friends and have fun. The nicest boy on this list

This builds further on the RS sprite. I like the positioning of the feet, it adds a lot of charm. His smile is a lot more subtle though, which makes him inferior to the RS sprite.

All this boy wants is to make sure you’re doing well. I love his smile, he’s warm and trustworthy

Solid enough, but he doesn’t look quite as soft as a Dragonite should be

Same as BW, except they made him softer. Not much else to say here, he looks good but is sort of bland in comparision to other sprites

I don’t like this. Why is he yelling. What’s wrong, friend

Looks unneccessarily unfriendly and edgy. This is more the face of Lance when one of his boys uses an illegal move than anything else. I don’t trust this boy

Oh dear lord, this one’s a mess. But instead of trying to categorize him, I’ll just call him what he is: BAD

Kitten (M)

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**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/ 

pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 3.2k
request: Hello, is it possible to do a yoongi dominant smut? With him being so serious but the moment he gets you in bed its all about hair pulling, handcuffing, hard spanking, being tied down and vice versa. And he ends up wanting more. Lol Thank you
a/n: okay so anon I didn’t know what you meant by wanting more or vice versa but I hope you like this. Also this is my first real Yoongi smut (surprising ik since I’m the biggest hoe for him)

⚠️ ~ smut warning ~ ⚠️

“So you’re back on tour next week?” You ask, looking up at the boy in front of you. Your hand traveled down his arm which was covered with his leather jacket, your eyes soon after falling to the empty space to your left where you knew Yoongi was lurking. He was somewhere, but you hadn’t seen him since he left you on your own to talk with Namjoon to one of the girl group leaders and you decided that revenge was a dish best served cold. “What countries are you going to?”

The boy, with red hair and really pretty eyes who you had quite easily forgotten the name of, smiled lazily and took a sip of his drink. He was in some group but honestly you had little concern to who he was or what he was doing here, you just wanted Yoongi to get a little bit angry. “All around Asia. We start in Shanghai, finish here in Seoul.”

“Shanghai is so pretty. I’d love to go one day,” you answer, gazing off into the distance again to try and spot Yoongi’s face or hair or something. His yellowish whiteish shirt was enough to catch your eye.

“Play your cards right and you might come as my plus one,” the boy told you. His sly wink caught you a little off guard and ultimately made you a little worried that you were taking this too far. How were you meant to play your cards right with someone you didn’t even know the name of?

“If I also play my cards right can I come? We’re not going to Shanghai for a while either and I miss it there,” Yoongi’s voice sounded, mostly from out of nowhere. When you felt his hand on your waist, his body moving next to yours in a slow manor, you sent a small prayer of thanks to whoever sent him to your rescue. The boy’s expression turned a little sour when he say Yoongi, but it didn’t seem to change Yoongi’s tone. “Come on, Chanyeol. Don’t you think we make a great pair?”

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Y'all are imagining Alec sneaking out of the Institute as a serious thing but tbh all I see is him running around humming the Mission Impossible theme song loudly and doing unnecessary parkour and rolls and somersaults and saying “PARKOUR!” under his breath every time he performs a stunt and whenever he runs into someone he freezes and looks straight ahead as if not moving will suddenly make him invisible and the other person or people will be so weirded out that they’ll slowly walk away and then Alec will resume his singing and continue leaping and humming his way to Magnus’ loft

What if Oikawa and Iwaizumi started dating because of a small misunderstanding?

Like….in college one of the boys goes overseas to study for a while and they kinda lose contact because of the different timezones and just super packed schedules.

It’s a few months before they finally get some time to text and catch up with what’s been going on in each other’s lives.

They talk like no time has passed and everything is normal between them.

“You in a serious relationship yet, Shittykawa?” Iwaizumi would teasingly ask.

“No; the person I like is too far away :(” would be Oikawa’s response; hoping he’s being vague enough that Iwaizumi wouldn’t know he’s the one Oikawa meant. Then he quickly sends, “You?” afterwards to try to shift the conversation.

“Shit, well, okay. I’ll be back in a few weeks, and if you’re willing to work things out then so am I.” Iwaizumi’s response makes Okiawa practically choke on air because holy shit is he serious??? How the hell did he even know Oikawa was talking about him???

Oikawa immediately calls Iwaizumi and is like; “Are we on the same page here??? What did your text mean???”

“Exactly what I said. I’ll be back in Japan in a few weeks and if you want to be in a relationship with me then we can make this work.” Iwaizumi sort of grumbles, clearly embarrassed but Oikawa could still hear the happiness in his voice.

After the call ends Oikawa is on could nine for the rest of the day and nothing can bring him down.

He later finds out that everything happened the way it did because Iwaizumi misunderstood. When Oikawa had sent the message saying, “You?” Iwaizumi had thought it was Oikawa’s way of cautiously confessing.

They’re both embarrassed by the misunderstanding but are happy that things worked out the way they did.

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Do you think Isak went to Even's house for his birthday ??

i think he was there since friday,and in the early hours of sunday a similar thing like ep10 opening scene happened only this time it was lighter, just watching his boy sleep and smiling to himself,all excited that his boyfriend now is 20,…and when even opens his eyes isak grins and evens like “its 7 in the morning how can you smile so early” and closes his eyes ready to go back to sleep and isak bites his bottom lip still smiling and he’s just “its your birthday” and evens like “I know” and isak “happy birthday” and even looks at him ,into his eyes and then lips and he smiles too and isak acts all serious like “what are you smiling about its only 7 in the morning” and even does the thing where he puts his tongue against his teeth and smiles and he snorts in disbelief ,….then after isaks breakfast attempt they sit down on the floor like in ep2 and he gives even his gift,and he’s so excited about it and even just can’t stop smiling and he’s like “you’re ridiculous” but he’s excited too and he opens the gift and idk let’s say its pretty woman on dvd plus a picture of them together as the two main characters lmao and they laugh about it and then evens like “this is really amazing but you know which gift i love the most” and he takes the bow from the wrapping and puts it on isaks head and he says “you” and isak rolls his eyes with a soft smile and even whispers “thank you” and isak knows he’s thanking him for everything not just the gifts but for being there ,being with him,loving him,accepting him…..sigh

Women in fandom: *sexulize gay men and boys call trans boys slurs and names in fanfic because its sexy call all gay ships sin and call the memebers of the ship dirty sinners call mlm uke and seme have serious debates over who bottoms and who tops demonize female characters and male characters who are poc, trans, disabled or mentally ill read a manga about a mlm with bpd who stalks and breaks into someones house which they blame on his bpd that gets kidnapped and is forced to have sex with a man who doesn’t even like him because an anime with two dudes ice skating was too soft and cuddly even though it was an actual relationship between two men*

Dating Them Includes - Yoongi (BTS)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

  • Always carrying a backup pair of headphones on you, for him
  • Constantly being asked to review his music because
  • ‘Baby, you’re my muse, its for you’
  • And you love it so fucking much
  • ‘Yoongi, lets do something fun today’
  • ‘Naps are fun’
  • Him always supporting you and encouraging you to do what you love
  • But also demanding your attention at the same time (low-key though, cause he’s yoongi)
  • Forever having his arms slung around your shoulders anytime there are other boys around
  • Its cool you like it
  • Being able to tell when he wants to laugh but he’s keeping his ‘serious face’ on
  • He’s protective but he knows you can handle yourself but
  • still
  • Will not hesitate to step in
  • Surprisingly super sweet cuddling
  • Like fucking aegyo cuddling ok
  • ‘Don’t tell anyone jagi’
  • ‘Of course not’ *immediately texts Jimin*
  • Him feeling comfortable enough to come to you with his problems and vice versa
  • LOves to growl at you when you fuck
  • Like you’d be going at it, real intense, and he’d be moaning and grunting like normal and then
  • Fucking animal yoongi comes out and there’s no stopping it
  • (but why tf would you want to tbh?)
  • very nice after care, latched onto you for hours, very sweet yoongi things
  • Even though you’d argue about little things sometimes
  • It would be a very strongly bonded relationship, nearly impenetrable from the outside

because nothing screams “FASHION!” like rhinestones on your boots

On the other hand, the fact that Gon knew he had to use excessive force in order to get Illumi to pay attention to him says a lot about his character. He doesn’t like to be looked down on, and this scene proves he’ll do whatever he needs to in order to get his opponent to take him seriously.

Even at this point, I can see the boy who coldly stared Pitou down, and convinced them he was a serious threat through the force of his will alone.

(I wonder if Killua ever found out Gon confronted Illumi in order to rescue him? Does he know Kite’s not the only person he would face down monsters in order to save?)


Serious texts with Jungkook ~ For anon

the ship of time

The mid to late 90s were a uniquely productive time for video games. Sega and Nintendo were still heavy hitters in the console space, with Sony’s first console being the fresh face at the party. PC games had come into their own, with the development of dedicated video cards and software drivers. CD-ROM was still a fairly novel standard, though it had been refined somewhat since aberrations like the Mega CD and the Philips CD-i. But with this shift in technology came a change in expectations as to who video games were for.

The latest machines weren’t just toys for kids: they were serious multimedia entertainment systems for grown-ups. But if video games were supposed to be for adults now, you wouldn’t have necessarily known it from their content. Titles with mature themes were widely available, if by ‘mature’ we mean gratuitous violence and sexualised imagery. Adolescent boys and young men were still the true target market. Something like Phantasmagoria was about as serious as the medium got: an interactive horror movie spread across seven CDs, it was astonishingly graphic, even by today’s standards.

This is not to say that games with serious ideas and themes did not exist; they just weren’t always packaged in this way. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a game that might not feature on everybody’s list of games with mature intent. The N64 had its fair share of games rated for older audiences — from the celebrated adaptation of Goldeneye to Conker’s Bad Fur Day — but in this case, the facade of the gentle, family-friendly Zelda franchise concealed something quite radical. It wasn’t only that this game could be sinister, even frightening; it had a thematic ambition that asked the player to not only do as they were told, but to consider their own personal role in a story.

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boys with little to no muscle mass
boys with chub but its perfectly okay because its like cuddling a teddy bear
boys who paint
boys who write
boys who like the beatles
boys with curly brown hair
boys with honey eyes
boys with dogs
boys who leave bands
boys who start beach boys tribute bands
boys named ryan ross
just boys in general
lms if u agree

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I think what your doing is coolio and I won't stop you from making an angsty story and having fun with a floofy ship, so please everyone, if you don't like the ship and your bothering Wolfy Mod about it then please follow a different blog with Tomtord or whatever, I don't want Wolfy Mod to be stressed with this.

Aaa don’t worry about it stressing me out, it can just kinda be like “are you mcfuckin serious” after every update there’s an ask like “Tom!! What about Tord?” or a “TORD GO PROVE YOURSELF TO TOM” etc etc, shit like that. like. boy. its gonna be angsty either way. if you thirst tomtord you can just request it on my main bloggo or look at someone else’s askblog >.o
-Mod Wolf

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Okay serious question which naruto boy is the thicc-est? I know like gaara is a skinny twink but with all the exercise lee does he must have cakes for days.

ok gerson first and foremost i absolutely loathe you

and yes, i think ur right lee and naruto are definitely the most thicc??? i cant think of anyone else who could beat them lmao… i think i would say naruto might have a little edge over lee too bc lee is narurally a little on the thinner side? so even tho hes DEF got a lot going on its never QUITE as prominent as naruto, who is stockier by genetics

but anyways to reiterate, i hate you gerson

How do I tell you... - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Pairings: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Word count: 2040

Prompt by @bhishak: Hello, I was wondering if you could write a Peter x Reader. One night the reader passes out at work, she ends up at the hospital but its nothing serious. She gets a call from Jean because the boys ( Like Kurt, Peter, and Scott ) were getting worried, she asks Jean to pick her up, on their way back the reader confesses to Jean that shes pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Peter, let alone her father Xavier. ( You decide what the readers special ability is!! ) Please and thank you!! [A/N: I didn’t include a special ability because I didn’t feel like it was necessary for the plot.]

Warnings: pregnancy, fluff

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A/N: Ooooookay, let me say something. I love the Quicksilver Fox is created, he is an amazing character and I was already sold when I saw the arcade games in his room in both DOFP and Apocalypse (I’m sorry, I’m such a nerd and also a gamer, he just had me instantly. ;-;), but I’m absolutely not sure if I did well with his character, I apologize if I didn’t, I probably need a little more practice. This was kind of a difficult subject for me to write on, since I don’t have any personal experiences with pregnancy, but I really hope you guys like it, and obviously I am hoping that the person that requested it likes it! I would really appreciate feedback on this, since I have a lot of doubt. But here you go. Enjoy it, and as always, tell me if you like it.♥ Sidenote: I’ve been listening to 80s music the entire time I was writing this. :’)

“Ahh let’s just stay in bed a little more Y/N, and then we can play games and pull pranks on Hank and Kurt and everyone.”, Peter growled as he pulled on your arm so you would lay down again.

“Pete, I really need to go right now, we’ll do all those things later, alright? Love you.”, you said and gave him a little peck on his mouth, but he quickly pulled you closer to deepen the kiss. You played along for a little while, but you really needed to go, else you were going to be late. “Work’s calling, Speedy. I’ll try and be back as fast as I can.”, you blew him a kiss as you left to go to work.

Against your father Charles’ will, you had decided to work as a wedding planner, you loved convoying people on their way to that special day, pick out creative and nice choices for everything a good wedding needed. Also, you desperately wanted to live a normal life aside from being a mutant, and teaching at your father’s school just wouldn’t let you. The first few hours were pretty uneventful, you had assembled a list of bands that would potentially meet the wishes of the couple you had been assigned to last week.

You felt an increasing giddiness rising, you’d had this a few times since knowing about your pregnancy. It was two months ago when you had found out that you were pregnant from your boyfriend, Peter, and you hadn’t had the courage to tell anyone yet, not even your best friend Jean. There had been a few times you could’ve told Peter, you had just been to afraid of his reaction, but you were even more freaked out about the response from your father, the Professor had never really been content with your and Peter’s relationship, he thought Peter was incredibly annoying and had avoided to meet the two of you together, he rather spoke with you alone. Now that you were pregnant, he was probably going to be furious and maybe even disappointed, you couldn’t even imagine what he would say.

You tried to distract yourself from these thoughts by checking your e-mails, but the giddiness wouldn’t go away. It had you worried, usually, this only lasted for a few minutes, but somehow, it became even stronger. Getting a glass of water would probably be the best idea right now, but you found it difficult to stand, you tried to steady yourself by leaning on an armrest, but the chair fell to the floor with you, and for a moment, everything went black.


When you woke up, it didn’t take you long to realize that you were in a hospital. The walls around you were all white, the room smelled of sanitizer and you were laying in a bed with white sheets. Suddenly, the door opened and a doctor stepped in. “I see you’re awake, Miss Xavier.”, she said with a smile and stepped a bit closer to your bed. “What happened?”, you asked, looking at her a bit confused. “You passed out, Miss. It is nothing serious, but we need to inform someone about this, it could possibly happen again in the future, since it’s related to your pregnancy. They can also take you home, if you would like. Who would you want us to call? Your co-worker gave us the phone numbers of your father, Charles Xavier, your boyfriend, Peter Maximoff, a friend of yours, Jean Grey-Summers…”

“Jean!“ you insisted, "Please call Jean. Actually, can I make the call myself?”, you asked quickly, before she would decide it would be best to call your father.
“If you wish, Miss, you may make the call yourself. I will check back with you in a quarter hour, please wait for me before you leave, we will make a prescription for medicine against sudden giddiness, to prevent this from happening again. Also, we need to make sure Miss Grey-Summers knows about your condition.”, the doctor left with these words after handing you the phone.

Hesitantly, you dialled the number of the phone in Jean’s room. You didn’t want to tell her about the pregnancy, or have anyone else tell her about it, you weren’t prepared for this. As you heard the ringing tone, you jumped, but quickly caught yourself. “Jean Grey?”, the familiar voice at the other end answered. “Hey Jean, it’s Y/N…”, you wanted to cut straight to the point, but your got interrupted by your best friend. “Oh my gosh, Y/N! The boys and me were crazy worried! Scott, Kurt, Hank and Peter have all come in here to ask me where you are. I said I didn’t know, but I told your father you were working late tonight. What happened?”, she seemed to be really excited to hear you, but to be fair, you didn’t have any idea for how long you had been in the hospital. “I’m fine, really. I passed out at work and I was at a hospital, it’s nothing serious. I’m at Y/HT/H (your hometown hospital), could you please pick me up? And please, don’t bring Peter.”, you insisted, “I’ll explain it later, I promise.”

“A… alright, be right there.”, she was clearly confused, but you were glad that she didn’t ask any questions. “Thank you, you’re the best.”, you responded and then hung up.

Only minutes after the doctor came back to your room, Jean arrived, accompanied by another doctor. “Here it is.”, he said and opened the door for Jean. She thanked him with a smile, then came to hug you tightly. “I’m so glad you’re okay, honey.”, you chuckled at how cute she was when she was worried. “Hello, Miss Grey-Summers.”, the doctor that had been waiting in your room caught Jean’s attention, “The incident today wasn’t serious, but I need to inform you that Miss Xavier is fifteen weeks pregnant and since this is common during pregnancies, we will prescribe her medicine to prevent these incidents from happening.”, she said calmly.

“Fifteen weeks? That’s almost four months, Y/N, why didn’t you tell me? Does Peter know about it?”, your best friend exclaimed in shock. “No, he doesn’t. Can we please talk about this in the car?”, you begged, you weren’t comfortable discussing this subject further in front of the doctor. “You can take Miss Xavier home.”, the doctor said to Jean, then she turned to you: “This is your prescription. And I suggest that you inform the father soon.”, she advised as she guided the two of you to the exit. As soon as the door closed, Jean was all over you. “Congratulations, sweetie! I’m sure you and Peter will make great parents!”, she hugged you happily. “Jean, please.”, you pleaded as you gently pushed her away from you, “I…”, you climbed into the passenger seat. “What if he doesn’t want it?”, you looked at her, your eyes full of anxiety, the thought of him leaving you popped into your head, and you had a hard time fighting back the tears at the thought.

“Oh, Y/N, of course he does, he is head over heels in love with you, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to start a family with anyone but you.”, she laid her hand on your shoulder to comfort you until she started the car. “Plus”, she smirked, “he’s thought about proposing a couple of times.”, you were surprised at that statement. “How did you… You’re unbelievable, Jean!”, you laughed as you figured she’d looked into his mind. “Oh come on, it was for a good purpose!”, she defended herself and you just shook your head. She was truly the best friend in the world.

After a few minutes with little conversation, you wanted to get one more thing off your chest. “How… how would I tell my dad?”, this had been bothering you more than telling Peter, and if anyone, you wanted to ask Jean for advice. “Honey, I know he’s not necessarily showing approval of your relationship.”, she began and you sighed. “What else is new?”, she ignored your comment and continued, “But really, he’s just having a hard time letting his little girl go. Take Peter with you and tell him to calmly explain to the Professor that he wants the best for you, just like him. It may not sound like it, but it will help. Charles is warm at heart, and whatever makes you happy, makes him happy too. Believe me, Y/N.”, what Jean said had a calming impact on you, it made you feel a lot easier about the situation.

When you arrived at the school, you walked in with a lot more confidence than before, you felt prepared, your best friend at your side. You were greeted by the view of Peter, Kurt, Scott and Hank, all sitting on couches the had apparently moved into the hall, sitting at a table, Kurt nervously tapping his fingers on the table, Peter occasionally speeding around the room with a worried expression on his face. It was Hank who first noticed you, “Y/N!”, he exclaimed, and before he could hug you, Peter was already holding you in his arms. “God baby, where have you been?”, he asked. “At a hospital, Pete, I’m fine. But there’s something I have to tell you.”, you cleared your throat, but for no apparent reason, you didn’t seem to mind the other boys in the room as you started to speak: “Peter, I’m almost four months pregnant. I know, I should’ve told you earlier, because if you don’t want it, I’m afraid it’s…”, you bit your lip, but Peter just gave you a small kiss. “Baby, I want it. There is no one I would rather want to have child with than you. You will make the best mother in the world, and I will try my best to be a good father, we could go shopping tomorrow, you know, and get all the things we need and we need to…”, you felt tears of joy forming in your eyes as you hugged Peter even tighter. “Slow down, Speedy. We’ll figure it out, alright?”, you kissed him once more before Scott and the other boys approached you to congratulate the two of you.

You couldn’t ever have imagined to receive such a positive response, your friends were so supportive of you, once again reminding you how great they really were.

You heard wheels rolling in the hall, you knew who it was, and you started to get nervous again. As Peter noticed, he took your hand in his and you squeezed it when your father appeared in your sight. He slowly came closer and you gulped as he looked at you with a straight face. “I’ve heard.”, was all he said.

“Professor, may I say something?”, you were surprised at how politely and calmly Peter talked to your father, and judging from his expression, your dad was, too, but he gestured for Peter to speak on. “I love Y/N with all my heart. She is my one and only, and no one could make me happier than her. I promise you, I won’t do any harm to your daughter. I couldn’t.”, he looked at you shyly and smiled softly, now it was his turn to lightly squeeze your hand. “I will take care of the baby and I swear professor, I will try my best not to annoy you.”, you were speechless. You hadn’t ever heard Peter speaking with your father, or anyone, as politely and with as much sincerity as he was now.

Your father laughed lightly, “It’s alright, Peter. I know your intentions are pure. I give the two of you my blessing. I’m sure we’ll get along somehow.”, Peter chuckled at your fathers response, clearly relieved, just like you.

You couldn’t help but have a big grin on your face, you felt so much relief and happiness and love at this very moment that it was hard for you to say anything, but you didn’t have to, Peter had already grabbed your other hand and leaned in for a kiss, and before you closed your eyes, you thought you’d caught a glimpse of a smile on your father’s face.