with 2 threes

Miley gets to literally be naked, with some eyeballs on her boobs, no one says nothinf, shes just having “fun”

But Janet has a nip slip ONCE and it was just a pasty at that, on accident, and now shes limited to where she can go and what she can do and for what people. STILL after all these years.

You know why.

Second week went ok, could’ve been better. I pigged out on McDonald’s and then again on Saturday at a family dinner. But I still managed to lose 2 pounds!

Starting weight: 184.2
Current weight: 179.2

Week three is gonna be better! I’m gonna stick to my plan 100% and work out as often as I can. A big thanks to imgonnamakeachange and her amazing meal/workout plans!!

September TC Challenge!!!

I decided to make up a September TC Challenge so please reblog this and enjoy! I tried to make them pretty original!


1 - Describe your tc using only three words.

2 - When and how did you first realize you had feelings for your tc?

3 - If you could ask them five questions and they HAD to answer, what would you ask?

4 - Tell us a daydream you have had about your tc!

5 - If you have a Playlist of songs about your tc, what is it called and why? If not, what would you title your Playlist?

6 - What would you want from them most on your birthday?

7 - You get to spend one night with your tc. Where are you and what is the weather like?

8 - If your tc were a Care Bear, what would their name be?

9 - Share a picture of a famous person that most resembles your tc!

10 - What color does your tc look best in?

11 - What is something you have said/done to/in front of your tc that you totally regretted but that they probably didn’t think twice about?

12 - What 3 emojis best relate to your tc? Just share the emojis!

13 - Following the last question, pick one emoji that best relates to a story about your tc. Now tell that story! (Don’t forget to post the emoji as well.)

14 - Okay, let’s get super personal. How do you think your tc would be in bed?

15 - What lengths did you go to to get into your tc’s class? If you can’t answer that, what lengths WOULD you go to?

16 - Tell us about a moment that you got super jealous of your tc! (Or more than one moment if you’re anything like me!)

17  - Hey pal, how’s school going for you so far with your tc?

18 - Pretend you are your tc for a moment. Now write a blog post as if they were posting in a “student crush community” about you! What would they say about you?

19 - What is your ideal first date with your tc?

20 - What lengths would you go to to please your tc?

21 - How much taller or shorter is your tc compared to you?

22 - Do you have any nicknames for each other? If so, tell us where those nicknames came from and if you don’t have nicknames, what WOULD you call your tc and why?

23 - What fictional character is most like your tc? Why?

24 - What do you think your tc’s spirit animal is?

25 - What is the best thing your tc has said to you?

26 - If it weren’t illegal and there were no rules, do you think that you would have a chance with your tc?

27 - Write a “Facebook” status as if it were the morning of your wedding with your tc!

28 - When did you join the tcc, how did you discover it, and who was the teacher that made you want to join?

29 -  Do you know any of your tc’s family members? If yes, do they like you? If no, then do you think that they would like you?

30 - Write a letter to your future child for the day that they discover that they have a teacher crush.

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okay bruna …. ur name has been sent 2 me THREE TIMES and check this out sweetie

ur name isnt that common honey (: stop sending me your name multiple times #exposed

send me a name and ill tell u about someone i know with that name or if i dont know anyone with that name ill come up with a description of what i think of when i hear that name (unless ur bruna)

Beijing 2015 - Day 9

A thrilling competition, to the very least. Three athletes going to the tie-breaker, that’s something I had never seen. In the end Derek Drouin took the title home with 2.34, after all three athletes failed the four attempts at 2.36. Perhaps the track wasn’t the best or the weather conditions (with rain earlier in the day) weren’t the most appropriate, since many athletes jumped fairly less than their personal bests. Indeed 2.34 is quite a small height to win the world championships. Still, the lack of the great performance was balanced by the thrill of the competition itself. It is also important to note that the Canadian team gets another great result and concludes in the best way their amazing championship, in which they have definitely stood out as one of the best team, with many young athletes with great talent.

So I guess that this is the final post and I have to wrap it up. These were amazing championships, with many great and historical performances, a world record, thrilling competitions and unexpected and surprising outputs. This is basically all we can ask from such an event.These are just a lot of words to express a very simple concept: I had a lot of fun, and I’ll be missing watching the competitions with ladeamurcia​. Perhaps the only thing that missed was a great (or even at least good) result by the Italian team (my homeland), which had its worst results ever. Only one Italian was in a final (Gianmarco Tamberi, 8th in the men’s high jump). The team was kind of saved by Pertile’s fourth place in the marathon and Palmisano’s fifth place in the 20 km race walk. Still, it is a disaster, not just in itself, but because it comes from an ongoing escalation of always worse results, year after year. Now we basically have to cheer for the athletes who train in Italy. Somebody needs to be thinking about this and about all the talents we have wasted in the past and keep wasting now, and also to the lack of funding and especially visibility this sport has. All of my friends didn’t even know about the world championships. It is pointless to complain about it every two or four years for a few days and then forget about it till the next event comes up. After these bitter comments I’ll come to the conclusion and say that it has been extremely fun to write about sports and especially athletics, I’ll definitely do it again in the future and I thank all of those who read and reblogged my posts.

six things tag
i was tagged by Alaa ♥

  • one song: “I’ll be there” by Michael Jackson
  • two movies: “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 2″ and “The Hobbit”  
  • three t.v. shows: TVD, OUAT, Teen Wolf (right now, because I could say Buffy too but it’s old)
  • four (famous) people: Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Ian Somerhalder, Lana Parrilla
  • five foods: pasta, risotto, pizza, chocolate, fruits.

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Fill up the bottles and then let them pour out
I’m not down for a few sips I want the full amount
How many we finished I think I might’ve lost count
Just like when you rewrite and correctify your poems I think I might overdraft for another round
I look to my left and I still haven’t unpacked
And my bags have blocked off the hallway by the door
I look to my right and see a little back pack
With reciepts of time spent and a whole lot more

I’m talking bus tickets from ‘09 and screenshots taken at 2:05
I’m talking time spent doing overtime and hands printed, heated over mine
Cookies in the corner of a Costa that were quite spontaneously fitted in
Wrist scriptures with dotted lines in a bed with smiles misfitting in
Unzip the front pocket
Golden ice
Sharing space with 2 2 3 on three golden dice
Hearts that were pencilled in
Ink leaking from pens
Half eaten pizza and
Letters from forgotten friends

I see you barging through the front door disregard for the lack of space
You didn’t call a taxi to help you because that’s not how green paper’s chased
And you take a seat
Right next to me
And your heavy breathing is a symbol of anxiety
You take a sip of a half full bottle and spit it back out
I didn’t know you could fire breathe
You bring through one bag and I don’t know it’s depth
Because your hand goes in arms length and the unloading begins to commence
I say
My eyes have bled enough tears
So you wipe my cheeks clean
In your touch
I find strength

You hand me a plain piece of paper and a fountain pen
You tell me to invest in a new way of writing words instead of writing in silence again
Airways in her pocket and she breathes in her 6th sense
It all sounds like cool air

These words are all in past tense
We revisit in the future
And in the present we plan far ahead
Time is just a concept of numbered fragments and numb nerves
Our way is to flow slow like there’s no time set for sun burns
So breathe sweet dreams and clear skies
Take a step back, dishonour the prestige of time
And paint a pretty picture

Tomorrow is still young
And today will never exist
Like yesterday never began

I don’t think I’ve ever been there

6 random facts about meeeeee

I was tagged by strawberrylemonade15 to do this thingy and I gotta tag 10 people.

1. I am so tired right now that I can sleep for a year
2. I have three dogs now
3. I am in fact not broke but I say I am to avoid having to spend money
4. I really love my job the people are great and its fun
5. I play too many instruments
6. Badlands by Halsey is probably my favorite album right now

So I’ll tag littlepanda-29 -groovyunderwear- manatees-and-insanity slatehav bassgirl27 illlusionzz ikokolil12 phenyx1313 euphxri-a notacitizenfuckinerased


Favorite Kingdom Hearts piano tracks


“Oh, don’t you ever tell me to mind my language! Don’t you ever tell me to take the stabilisers off my bike! And don’t you dare lump me in with the rest of all the little humans that you think are so tiny and silly and predictable.”
(for amandaseyfried)


Roxas Appreciation Week

Day I  favourite scene [1 / 3]

“Come on, Sora. I thought you were stronger than that.”

                                                                        “Get real. Look which one of us is winning.”

one of the saddest things in the world is when the most optimistic members with never-fading smiles on their faces break into tears ╥_╥