Brew for Winter Cold

I’ve come under the weather yesterday, and by doing this ritual I am already feeling better!

1) Start the night of. Burn some incense (Dragon Blood’s my favorite) and ask Apollo to come bless your room. Burn some sage over your bed, and demand that it be cleansed of all negative energies and promote a quick recovery.

2) Take a steaming hot shower and imagine the virus being steamed out of your body, and all the negativity to wash down the drain - standing in the steam will also clear your sinuses.

3) Change and wear your warmest pjs - our objective is to sweat out the sickness.

4) Before bed, make this potion:

-Mix turmeric, black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Take cardamom pods and cloves, and crush them. Pour boiling water over it.

-With a spoon, stir the mixture clockwise and say the following: “I call upon Apollo to bless this brew, as I drink it all my sickness will away. I bless this drink as my health will be fully restored by day. So mote it be.”

5) Drink this, and go to sleep. Lay on your back with your arms open, and feel the sickness being taken out of you.

It is preferable to have the next day free, as this is very intense and will probably drain you of your energy. I have created this last night, and while all my sickness symptoms are gone, my body is incredibly weak. Maybe cleanse your room again with incense in the morning to get rid of the energies you’ve let out.

Hope this will heal you all! Blessings ✨

*Disclaimer: I am just starting out with spells, so I can’t guarantee this will work for everyone - please be careful and stay safe!

🌞Summer Solstice/Litha Candle 🌞
-Red candle: fire element•power•sexuality•vibrancy•
-Orange peel: love•good fortune•
-Rosemary: purification•protection•
-Lavender: attract good spirits•cleansing•
-Calendula: clairvoyance•physic powers•
Set is a window to soak up and charge in the suns energy and magic.

Witchy Tips for Everyday Help

~ Put some Sage in your food for cleansing

~ Draw a pentagram with your fork in your food

~ Sleep with a pink quartz crystal

~ Burn some Dragon’s Blood incense to cleanse your room

~ Burn a white candle for peace and healing

~ Put some lavander oil on a cotton pad and put it next to your pillow to relax

~ Make some tea with Star Anise to rejuvenate

~ Meditate for 5 minutes when you wake up

~ Go for a little walk around your neighbourhood or park as the sun sets

Hey!! Are u cheap like me? Well to save you from buying actual candle holders for your taller candles, just Light a tea light candle for like 5-10 seconds until it’s got melted wax in the centre, and then use the tea light candle to melt the bottom of your tall candle.

Put out your tea light candle and super quickly smush those candles together and let them dry. Not super aesthetically pleasing or anything but it works well ((:


Hey everyone!
I’d really like to practice some sigil writing, so the first ten individuals to message me with the phrase they’d like will get one!

They’ll be in the style above. I really like tall and mostly-symmetrical sigils, if you couldn’t tell. I personally designed an extremely stylized alphabet for my sigils and I love playing around with it.

Some rules, though!
★ No phrases longer than 50 characters, please.
★ No personal information. I will be posting these once finished and will tag you. You may remain anonymous if you wish, but I won’t be able to tag you.
★ Positive phrases preferred, but not required.
★ These are only for your personal use. No replication, publication, or sales of designs permitted.
★ Be patient. I might not get to all 10 today. I will message those first 10 so they know to wait.

Also, anyone is free to use these four!


🔮Witch Bottle 🔮
~to protect and bless my home, sacred space and self.~ 🌛🌝🌜
•sharp objects to repel negativity and harm away. (Nails, safety pins, thumbtacks, broken glass, etc.)📌
•unakite stone to aid in protection and balance of spell.💎
•strands of hair or nail clipping to infuse self symbolization and power.〰
•myrrh incense to increase power and bind spell.💨
•herbs: mint (protection), heather (peace and attract friendly spirits), sage (cleansing), rowan (home protection and inspiration), rosemary (purification and health), clove (warding negativity), rose (love), lemon verbena (strength and positive attraction).🌿
•black candle for wax to seal. 🕯
“I conjure the, protective herbs and objects, on this day and in this hour, to be a protection and safeguard against all adversity and evil. Protect this house and all who dwell within. As I will it, so mote it be.” 🗝🔮🌛🌝🌜🔮🗝


It’s beginning to feel more like home now that my altar is set up (mostly). Still need to add a few things and finish cleansing and warding the house but it feels good to put most of my things in their place. #altar #witch #greenwitch #witchstuff

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Remember, witchy babes: the magic is *in you*, the tools just help. But they can be amazing helpers! If you haven’t found your thing yet, you just have to keep experimenting with whatever you feel called to. Listen to your intuition & try things out. Once you find the right witchy tools for you, you’ll know because you’ll feel the connection & with lots of practice you’ll develop a strong relationship/bond with them & they’ll really become an extension of you when you use them for years to come. 😊✌️💞⚝💎📿🃏 🕯🔮🕎📖🌛🌝 🌜