witchy queue


you can have done all the research
you can have planned everything out
you can have the best ingredients
you can have done the perfect blessing
you can know the spell off by heart

well… things are gonna get fucked up 

SO! Before casting anything - PAUSE to clear your mind, concentrate and FRAME your intent, then WORK your magic!

Which broom is yours?

Flip a silver coloured coin twice to find out!

Autumn Red (Tails, Tails) - you’re carefree and passionate, witchcraft has lit a fire under you and now you live life like you’ve got nothing to lose… you’re a witch after all, you can do anything. Your broom is fast and can accelerate like a motherfucker. 

Mixed Brown (Heads, Heads) - you’re thoughtful and knowledgeable.Your witchcraft pulls on many different paths and you are always learning and improving your practice, but you’re favourite thing is to help strangers with your magical tea infusions. Your broom is strong and will help you carry your books and ingredients long distances.

Royal Blue (Tails, Heads) - you are solitary by nature, but people are drawn to your natural leadership qualities. You feel the weight of the power you have found through witchcraft and always try to use it responsibly. Your broom has a mind of its own, and is your companion on your long journeys. 

Pure White (Heads, Tails) - you are single minded and know yourself very well. Your witchcraft pulls on your own innate energy. You need to be careful to keep this energy topped up, which you do by seeing friends, watching movies and going dancing. Your broom has a great sense of direction and can get you where you need to go, even when you are low on energy. 

Witch Tip

Don’t be afraid to customize spells you find in books/online to fit your personal needs/means/personal beliefs. If you’re vegan, feel free to find substitutes for eggshells in a spell. Don’t have sea salt but a spell requires it? Feel free to use regular salt. Want to adapt a love spell into a friendship spell? Go for it! Spells aren’t a one size fits all thing, so it’s perfectly okay to adapt something to fit your needs! And just because you change something with a spell doesn’t mean it “breaks” the spell or anything. Intent is the most important part of witchcraft.

Moving to the pagan sound |

All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt | Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac | White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane | Roses Blue - Joni Mitchell | Caribbean Blue - Enya | Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush | Marco Polo  - Loreena McKennitt | Return of the Birds - Mediaeval Baebes | I Am Eve - Mediaeval Baebes | Frozen - Madonna | Summertime - Janis Joplin | Orinoco Flow - Enya | Ave Lucifer - Os Mutantes | Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun -  Pink Floyd | Hijo De La Luna - Sarah Brightman | Earth Intruders - Björk | Gravediggress - CocoRosie | Wolf - First Aid Kit | The Bannered Mare - Jeremy Soule | Scarborough Fair Canticle - Celia Pavey | Genesis - Grimes | Fuga N° II - Os Mutantes | Hunter - Björk | A Winter’s Tale - Jeremy Soule | The Great Gig In The Sky - Pink Floyd | Der Holle Rache - Diana Damrau | O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia - Nino Rota | Core Chant - Meredith Monk