witchy princesses

how to feel like a fairy princess at home 🌷

• keep fresh flowers or a mini succulent garden in a favorite spot of your room
• adorn the spaces above and around your bed with lights, faux-flower garlands, and flowy fabrics
• keep a little dish of dried fruits or nuts near your bed (for those tiny cravings of tiny foods)
• make a glittery mason jar, filling it with your secrets written on little scraps of paper
• let in the sunlight as much as possible
• display your fairytale books
• play soft, classical music and let the sounds flow out your window

✨💙Sea Witch Tips💙✨

Ocean water is perfect for all types of magic and also adds some extra protection to the spell!
✨White round seashells are the “white candle/clear quartz” of seashells. You can use them for everything and also for an extra boost!
✨ Algae and seaweed also have different correspondences and checking those may be a really good idea! In general, they’re used for protection, psychic abilities and weather magic.
✨ All seashells can be used for protection spells.
Sea salt is really useful for cleansing.
✨ Rocks or seashells with holes on them can be used for protection, luck and wishes!
✨ You can make some sea salt boiling sea water! Just remember to let it sit and filter it before.
✨ You can use driftwood for many different things, as making a staff or a wand, or just using it in different spells!
✨You can collect different things for your craft directly from the beach! As seashells, seaglass, rough quartz and much more!
Don’t take starfish out of the water! They die rapidly and they’re an endangered specie. You can touch it as long as it’s not outside the water
✨Don’t take animals or creatures from the sea, respect their environment! ❤
✨ If you’re going do a spell on the beach, remember to use biodegradable materials!
✨ Cleaning the beach can be an awesome offering!
✨ Remember that all the offerings you’re going to leave in the water should be completely biodegradable!
✨ Be careful with crystals that you put on the water, some can be toxic or can dissolve.
✨ When working with different types of fae, remember to be really respectful and stay cautious.
✨ You can also have a fish familiar. Remember to take really good care of them!fish also need specific conditions to be truly healthy! Do your research before taking one home.

💙I also recommend reading my Sea Witchcraft post here, it has some more tips and advice new sea witches may find useful!