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you do know how unreliable all of llewellyns books are right?

(For those not in the know, this is in reference to a Llewellyn link for a 50% sale off their website I posted here - don’t bother now, the sale’s over.)

  1. Do you understand how unbelievably shitty it is to say ALL books published by Llewellyn are crap? There are hundreds if not thousands of authors under them. They’ve been publishing since 1901 and have even published Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune. 
  2. I’ve been at witchcraft since the ‘90s and Llewellyn was the go-to books at the time because they’ve been publishing New Age and witchy shit since the 60s. So I’d say about 75% of the people practicing owned and started their practice off with a Llewellyn book
  3. Yes, many of the books they publish are misinforming or shaming. Do not blame a publisher for the author’s words. Should Llewellyn strive to publish historically accurate information and material that isn’t shaming? Absolutely but you’re going to find many university publishers producing books with just as much outright bullshit being published as Llewellyn. They’re just the big name and easy to dump on.
  4. Not all their books are shit. There are at least four texts on my bookshelf right now I reference every so often. Again, it depends on the author and the subject matter.
  5. I’m the kind of person who recommends examining a book ahead of time (through the library, reading it in the book store, online, or borrowing it) and decide there and then whether it’s worth your money. Most of my books were gifts and I request dozens of books at a time from my library. Sometimes you can skim through a book in under an hour, pick out three spells, and return the book with no skin off your nose. You’ve got three new spells and you didn’t spend a dime. That’s worth the hour in my opinion.
  6. I said, at the bottom of the post, that I was putting the link up for the decks and pendulums. Because they too were 50% off. One deck was under $7 USD. Say what you want about the books but $7 for a tarot deck is a good deal. Pendulums were fairly cheap too, if I recall. 
  7. I’m all for reviews to say why X book is shit or why you won’t read Y author. I put said reviews up myself. But let’s not outright deplore all books published by Llewellyn until they’re examined shall we?