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New Larimar wire wrap that I just listed in my Etsy!🌸 Larimar is a rare form of Pectolite that was discovered in the 1970s, and is only found in the Dominican Republic! I’ve wrapped it in non-tarnish antiqued copper wire and it comes on a lead/nickel free copper plated brass chain in the length of your choice! All my pieces also come in pretty gift wrapped boxes, and also include a free crystal gift!

bemself123  asked:

Hey do you have anything like rock crystal gem related items i could do! Thanks!☺️


DIY Gemstone Necklace

Turn your minerals, gems, tumbled stones, etc, into a wearable work of art.

DIY Crystal Stars

This are so fun and colourful; use them as room decor, tree ornaments, make them for friends, but first you gotta grow the crystals!

DIY Gem Stone Necklaces

A minimalist and modern approach to wearing crystals.

DIY Crystal Ball Jewelry

A whimsical approach!

DIY Wooden Gems

Just to be a little different.

How to Grow Your Own Crystals

A fun experiment to try out! Plus the results could be so amazing.

DIY Glycerine Soap Gem Stones

Get squeaky clean with these sudsy soap gem stones.

DIY Lightsaber Crystals Hair Comb

And last, but not least, this hella sweet comb!!

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I don’t mind telling you, this is one of my favourite looks. Because I live in a frozen winter hellhole, I may or may not have spent a significant portion of the last four months wearing long velour skirts in these exact shades (Smooth Chocolate Ruby and Deepest Funky Raven, in case you were wondering).

“Be the witch you wanted to be when you were a child.”

So I just bought a dress and a hat which make me look like I’ve just gotten off a flying broomstick and am about to throw hexes at people. I am so happy with this look, I know this is a load of crap, but I kinda figured out my style (the one I like wearing the most or better yet, the one I was always drawn to) could be easily called either hippie goth or witchy chic :)) and I am now embracing it wholeheartedly. God, I will enjoy this autumn so. And the summer is not even over yet.

And now, I’m off to start packing for a camping trip I’ll take tomorrow; I’m going hiking in a mountain range I’ve always wanted to go to and I really, really hope the weather will take pity on me, since every time I went hiking this year I’ve done it in heavy rains or storms. So yeah, some clear skies sure wouldn’t hurt.