Things we need to tell each other (and ourselves) more often

🌹 “You’re doing such a great job.”

🌹 “You are stronger than you think.”

🌹 “You are capable of anything.”

🌹 “Your kindness is a treasure and it’s much appreciated.”

🌹 “You are full of light.”

🌹 “I am here for you whenever you need someone.”

🌹 “I am proud of you.”

🌹 “You are such a wise person.”

🌹 “I believe in you.”

🌹 “Take time to bloom.”

🌹 “You deserve respect. Please walk away from people who treat you wrongly.”

🌹 “I care about you.”

🌹 “You have grown so much as a person.”

🌹 “You deserve the best.”

🌹 “You are valid.”

🌹 “You can make a difference.”

🌹 “You are never alone.”

🌹 “You are worthy.”

🌹 “You are enough.”

🌹 “You matter.”

🌹 “Thank you.”

🌹 “I’d like to know more about you.”

🌹 “You make me feel happy.”

🌹 “I appreciate you.”

🌹 “You have a beautiful soul.”

🌹 “I know things can be hard but I am sure you will make it through. You’ve already come so far.”

🌹 “I’m here for you.”

🌹 “You aren’t defined by conceptual things like grades.”

🌹 “You deserve all the love in the world.”

🌹 “You inspire me.”

🌹 “May your day be as lovely as you.”

I’ll be adding more when I can think of more

reminders for all witches

♥  you have the power within you to change your world

♥  your magick thrives in every cell in your body

♥  your practice, or lack thereof, is valid and good

♥  the universe loves you and you should listen to it

♥  many will not understand you, but nonetheless you are wonderful

♥  it’s okay to take breaks from practicing; you’re still a witch

♥  don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a witch

♥  embrace the way that others practice their craft; learn from them

♥  everything you do has magick woven in it

A Beginners Guide To Spirit Work.

A Spirit Work Masterpost

Written and Edited by Natsume – 10/17/2017

Hey everyone! My name’s Natsume and I am a Spirit Worker. I’m writing this post to tell hopefully help beginners and experienced spirit workers alike! All of the information will be under the cut since I have a feeling this is going to be a very long post.

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trick or treat 👻


Here are some lil witch tips I made a list of:

- If you can’t sense an object’s energy, try placing it on your ankle or foot instead of just touching it with your hands. Feet are often more sensitive then hands and may be able to pick up energy more effectively.

- Feel a crystal’s energy and try to connect with it individually before you google its correspondences. This is more valuable, as it lets you connect with it on a more personal level. Even no two, say, amethyst crystals are the same. What you research is a guide; what you feel from your connection is more accurate.

- Celtic Fire festivals: Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh / Lammas, Samhain. Solstices and equinoxes: Ostara, Litha, Mabon, Yule.

- Talk to your plant bubs. You might learn something in the long run.

- Keep reminding yourself that you are a witch. A goddamn witch! Do this when you feel down or disconnected from your craft or even just through the day as you go about mundane business.

- You don’t have to eat every meal with correspondences in mind. If you don’t know them, just enjoy your food as a gift from the earth to nourish you.

- Plants don’t just look nice in your home. They also reduce noise and stress, improve indoor air quality, boost productivity and performance and improve health and wellbeing. Magic, huh?

- Carve sigils into candles and burn with intent.

- Water divination: ask a yes / no question. Throw a tiny pebble into a pool of water and count the number of rings it forms. Odd number = yes. Even = no.

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🎃 Inktober 2017 - 17 10 17 / The Inexperienced Magician
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This agender magician just broke their first wand and it’s a bit of a problem.

I don’t know why I struggled so much with this one, but I’m glad it’s over. Also, please tell me if you’re getting tired of seeing my inktobers pop up every day? I know it can be a bit overwhelming. ;D
Ce magicien agenre vient de casser sa première baguette magique et ça lui pose bien des soucis.

Je ne sais pas pourquoi j’ai eu autant de mal avec ce dessin, mais je suis contente qu’il soit fini. D’ailleurs, n’hésitez pas à me dire si vous en avez marre de voir des Inktober apparaître sur votre fil tous les jours. Je sais que c’est un peu beaucoup pour certains. ;D