Block List

Because of fandom fuckery, I have often had to block certain bloggers, especially being in the Beth/Bethyl/TD corner of the fandom. This is a masterpost of blogs to block. It will include blogs that have targeted my specific corner and blogs I’ve seen attack other parts of the fandom. Some blogs are on the list because their anti-whatever posts end up in the tags on mobile even when untagged. If I can, I will link posts to other warning posts that have receipts and/or more information on particular blogs, and I definitely have receipts for untagged anti-posts that appear on mobile.

A blog does not end up in my block for having a different opinion. I don’t care what you ship, I care what you say about other shippers and bloggers. All of this is to protect my and my followers’ emotional/mental health.

Update: a line through the list indicates it has been updated, so you know where to look for new blogs.

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