more serious topics and what not.

In regards to investigations into UK fiance and banking, even though the people are guilty of serious, very serious manuiplations and misdeeds, the investigations aim to degrade,embarrass and ridicule the culprits. It leaves for very uncomfortable watching, better ways of handling this without stooping to a primitive approach.

I think my favourite -so far- of Inside No. 9 Series 2 is Episode 2 - The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge :
Two Witch hunters are summoned to the town of Little Happens in order to try a defenceless old woman.
It’s really good it’s like a witch trial with a mix of modern day language,slang and since it’s a child of 2 of the League of Gentlemen it’s full of dark humour and twists and turns.

My writing office sits an hour’s drive away from where one of the most famous witch trials in English history happened in 1612. Twelve people history knows as The Pendle Witches were charged in the Lancashire Witch Trials with the murders of ten people by the use of witchcraft. Witchcraft was a label applied to practices society believed influenced the mind, body, or property of others against their will - or undermined social or religious order. Based on this ruling, all things deemed as sinful - actions, emotions, thoughts - could and often were attributed to witchcraft as the cause.
As I sat down at my desk this morning I was thinking about how we are silenced, by others but also by ourselves. What dream would we go after, if we had no fear? What would we pour our heart into, from the truth in the marrow of our bones, if we weren’t afraid of being judged? What imagination could we conjure into being, if we weren’t under the constant scrutiny of our own inner-critic?
How do we realise that our judge, jury and trial by fear is just an illusion?
We exercise our free will to feel and create anyway.
Here’s to an abundantly, creatively, freely-expressive Friday.

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