This is an extremely popular occultist on tiktok.

Here he is responding to a Jewish person saying that Judaism is for Jews. If you are not Jewish, you cannot practice Judaism, which is why we have a conversion process. ei, why Judaism is a closed practice.


um………not to be controversial but it kind of irks me when i see white people on social media use blatantly obvious hindu / native american practices and call it ‘witchcraft’…….is it just me? like hello at least acknowledge that you’re using rituals from a whole religion that a lot of people follow and educate yourselves a bit because i am extremely uncomfy *cough* witchtok *cough* i’m looking at you

If there’s one advice I can give to baby witches, it’s this:

Learn the basics. Jus the very basics that you can find on tumblr. Lunar cycles, candles, herbs,meditation, really just the basics.

And then I want you to sit down and think about what you want to do with your path. Try to figure out what path would work for you or what interests you before you do anything else. And then leave witchblr and witchtok, forget the spells you find and try to look for books on that certain topic instead.

Because what I see a lot of baby witches do, and it’s something I’m also guilty of, is that they dive in head first into the modern, western witchcraft that’s all over witchtok and tumblr. Which is good if that’s what you want to do. But allow yourself to move away from that path and find out what truly interests you.

When I started learning about witchcraft I didn’t know anything else than this modern western witchcraft that we see everywhere. But it was only this year that I really realized that I didn’t like that because it didn’t feel personal. So even though I used to do spells, now I don’t do that because I’m at the research phase 2.0. And it’s amazing. It feels so much better to learn about hungarian paganism and folklore and how I can incorporate that in my craft than just doing general spells with generic ingredients. And that’s because it feels more personal.

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Hi chat, I have a question. What are some of the biggest misconceptions you know about? Unlike most of witchblr, you actually read academic texts :p but yeah! Thank you!

Ah, the infamous witchblr. I hope it’s not as bad as tiktok. I’ve got quite a few, and I’ll go over them here.

The idea that hellenic polytheism is not a religion because it’s not Christianity 

You might go — “wait, what?” But I’ve actually seen this quite a few times. Ive met people who say they’re hellenic polytheists, but then call themself an atheist because “hellenic polytheism isn’t a religion.” Well, it is, even if it doesn’t have culturally Christian standards :p This idea comes from the idea that Christianity = religion when Christianity is just one religion. Hellenic polytheism is a religion. 

(And just in case, please don’t argue this point with another unrelated topic. I’m only talking about this specific case.)

The notion that kids or beginners can’t worship the gods

Saying that the kids can’t worship the gods is so historically inaccurate it hurts my soul. Do they forget that this was a religion that people were born into? That they worshipped the gods since they were young? I understand that kids can be stupid, but I’ve seen 13 year olds who are well read, pious, and respectful. 

And the idea that a beginner polytheist can’t worship the gods because of a lack of experience — then how will they get experience?? It’s like trying to apply for your first beginner job and one of the requirements is experience, but you don’t have experience yet!

Lastly, we all know how witchtok likes to gatekeep gods and it doesn’t make sense. These are gods that have been worshipped by kids and “beginners” for thousands of years. You have highly parental gods, gods like Apollon & Artemis who protect the youth. 

The idea that the titans aren’t gods and that you can’t worship them 

The titans are gods. And you can definitely worship them. I mean, they had cults back in antiquity too! Some might say “well, the titano-” no. Hell, not every titan sided with the other titans — titans like Helios joined Zeus’s side :p Even Kronos was celebrated — alongside Zeus, and he’s the ruler of Elysium — granted by Zeus.

And as someone who worships Helios, I get very annoyed at that one. 

The idea that you can’t worship x god because you’re y

You can worship Artemis if you’re a man or nonbinary. To say otherwise is just… plain wrong. I guess they’ll just have to ignore all the Male devotees back in Ancient Greece. Smh. 

That you can’t worship heroes 

This probably due to hero worship not being a well known topic, but you can totally worship heroes. I even made a Hero worship 101 guide.

That magic is “untraditional” “not correct” or “not historical” in our religion 

This one in particular annoys me. It’s like, read a damn ancient magic academic book right now. Look to gods like Hekate, Helios, Kirke. Yes, modem witchcraft isn’t like Ancient Greek magic, but like. Stop. Everything changes and grows. 

And oh, some might say “adding the gods to witchcraft is not historical-” stop. Look to magic in Alexandria, the PMG, the curse tablets, Medea, etc. Some hellenic polytheists hate witches and I’m like :// stop. Yes, Wicca can be annoying because of all the misinformation, but still. 

Even in the Iliad, there’s magic. Look to Kirke, daughter of Helios, for more information. 

I’ve even seen some say that the “true religion” doesn’t allow witchcraft and divination, and to that I say, run because that’s a literal cult if they say they have the true religion. And divination was HUGE in Ancient Greece. We have multiple divination types, and even an academic text I’d recommend on it: Ancient Greek divination by Sarah iles johnston. 

The idea that an altar is necessary 

It’s not, and not everyone in Ancient Greece could have a shrine. An altar is a tool for worship, not a requirement. 

That altar is spelled “alter”

Altar and alter have very different definitions and I tend to get confused because I don’t realise that they’re trying to say altar and not alter.

That some gods are “beginner friendly.” 

There is no such thing as a “beginner friendly” god. Gods aren’t level up systems, they’re individuals. It’s like saying you can level up with your friends, like, dude no. Go with who YOU want to worship and feel comfortable with.  

That tiktok is a good source.

Tbh I’d just stay away from tiktok. It’s not going to help you at all. If you need academic texts, hmu and I can try to get some for you. All I want is for y’all to succeed.

These are all the ones I can muster up right now. This took quite a bit of energy from me to create — feel free to add on! And give good reasoning too. That’ll help anon most : D

Y’all remember when we used to use “blr” for tags? Like plantblr, studyblr, writeblr, momblr?

“core” is just the new, universal term for “blr”

i.e you can use the term “scenecore” on twitter or insta, but it wouldn’t make much sense to use “sceneblr” on any other site than tumblr

tiktok has it’s own “blr” going on right now, for example “witchtok”

Non-basic beginner witch tips, part 2
  • If you want to buy crystals, buy selenite and clear quartz early on. Selenite cleanses and charges other crystals, and clear quartz can be used in place of any crystal (as long as it’s charged with a specific intent). You don’t need to buy every crystal with any magickal correspondence ever know to humankind. Start small, and you can build your way up.
  • Astral projection isn’t that easy! TikTok witches make it seem like it’s quick and fun with the comedy videos they make. AP can be very difficult and it’s definitely not for everyone. (I’m inexperienced in AP, but when I know more I can make a tips post.)
  • If you want to read runes, you don’t need a fancy crystal rune set! You can use marble tiles (like the ones on your bathroom floor), flat rocks you find in nature, or even a rune app, which could help you learn about the meanings. (This tip was submitted by another user- thank you so much!
  • Spell jars aren’t simply throwing a bunch of herbs and crystals into a bottle and calling it good. You have to charge the jar with your intent. This can involve putting sigils or runes into the spell jar, charging the candle or crayon you use to seal it with intent, placing sigils or runes around the spell jar, or simply visualizing your intent and speaking to the jar about it.


Hi friends! Thank you so so so much for 100 followers! (And 840 notes on the part 1 in this series? Wow!) This part 2 probably won’t do as well as the original post, but people asked for it so I’m making it nonetheless. (Also, if you have more non-basic tips, please comment them or message me because I can’t look at all the reblogs.)

Much love and blessed be!


The trump administration recently came out with talks of banning tiktok in the states. They say its because the app “takes user information” and or is a “breach of privacy” but we all know because its the app thats trolling his rallies and spreading information about BLM, trumps not so secret racism and fascist views. 

This is where you all come in. Please do the following:

  • Save all BLM,ACAB,Racial justice related content and post it to other platforms. Save what you can. Repost everything to every platform in mass. Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Do not let the information about the protests and other various social issues die out if the app is taken down
  • Go to trumps app on the app store (yes he had an app) and leave a 1 star review. Feel free to make this review as outrageous as possible. All that matters is that we get the app below a 1 star rating. If this happens Apple will automatically take the app down. If he feels so entitled as to limit out free speech and platforms, we will limit his. 
  • Reblog this post (if you have other ideas on how to troll the government please add them below) so that more people see them and join us

Its our time to fight back. Its time. 

There has been a LOT of misinformation going around about the “witches” who hexed the Fae and the Moon, so let me clear this up:

Artemis is NOT hurt apart from her feelings and her pride. She is upset, but she has not been physically harmed in any way.

A witch in one of my servers last night tried to do a “protection spell” for the Moon Goddesses in general, and it actually pissed Hecate off. These Deities do NOT need your protection, they need reminders that they are respected and honored.

Apollo is incredibly pissed off, Artemis is definitely upset, and I’m sure the Fae are also incredibly angry, so please keep an extra eye on the ones that live in your home.

As a reminder, fae work is also VERY dangerous and a very advanced concept.

If y'all have any questions, concerns, or any additional information to share, feel free to ask here or DM me!

Hey all my socials are flooded with this hexing the moon nonsense that really just sounds like corny white girl boredom but some people are actually upset about this so if you’re worried here’s some insight:

1. Nothing is gonna happen and even people commenting like ‘Artemis is mad’ who said that? These dumb ass bored baby witches? Like unless Artemis herself comes to you like: these bitches are about to get slapped, I wouldn’t take it seriously.

2. If experienced witches across the GLOBE cannot hex Trump or Bolsonaro out of office how are some beckies with a Sephora witch kit gonna do an ounce of harm to one of the oldest most powerful forces of nature? They are just dumb and bored don’t give it attention.

3. The moon is a reflective spirit it literally reflects energy so if you’re that upset and worried the moon is going to deflect that shit back anyway.

4. People are probably getting weird dreams or not sleeping right because the moon is entering a powerful new moon phase where it’s recapping all the eclipse energy from the first new moon in cancer so it’s going to bring up a lot of shit to reflect and wrap up on. Today alone the moon is aspecting a lot of planets. It’s not cause they are successful at hexing the moon.

5. There are some really important things to channel your energy towards so unless someone’s gonna leak these witches accounts so we can print out their profile pics and bury them inside a rotting apple and bury it on this final crescent moon then I’d suggest focusing your energy towards shedding away stuff that needs banishing like the disproportionate amount of funding the police force in the US receives.

Hope this insight helps

Witch community: oh hey u guys are back early

Me: moon and fae are hexed

Witches: what?

Me: *loading an egg, sage, and more herbs & supplies in my bag then running back into the forest* moon and fae are hexed. They’re planning on the sun next.

Witches: what—


Look, yall, I try not to take overly hard stances on practices that aren’t mine, but i have my limits.

You can’t hex the moon and expect anything to happen. It’s a moon. What are you going to do, give it bad luck? What are you even trying to accomplish? What makes you think your marshmallow gun of a hex is going to even cause a DENT in the energy of a celestial body?

In that same vein, a hex isn’t going to hurt a deity. At all. It’s a DEITY. Thinking you can beat them at a magic fight is the definjtion of hubris, and also it’s a DEITY, what are you thinking/how can you POSSIBLY be that disrespectful, at the very least towards their followers.

A deity isn’t gonna come “get” you for getting so into the image and performance of witchcraft that you lose touch with reality. Everything going on in witchtok right now is the sign of a SERIOUS issue with discernment. This is what happens when we dont set boundaries for ourselves and believe everything that’s put in front of us.

Deities have been through worse than a bunch of teens thinking they can hex the moon. There have been wars, oppressive regimes, and genocide over the way people worship. There have been people claiming they ARE deities and forming cults. This is nothing. This is so small. Lets not all get in a tizzy about it

Stop Normalizing Abusive Relationships with Deities

I’ve been thinking more about the whole gods harming their worshipers discourse on TikTok and I think it goes a lot deeper than just spreading fear and misinformation in our community. 

By so casually going onto social media and posting about these experiences as if that’s just what happens as a worshiper, the message they are sending is “The gods can and will ABUSE you and you deserve it” 

They’re basically normalizing abusive relationships with deities. And I say this as someone who was in an abusive relationship. 

Swap out any of the gods in these stories for a mortal and we all would be calling the cops. So why is it okay for a deity to cause such harm?? The answer is that it isn’t. 

These people shouldn’t be promoting these kinds of relationships. It’s harmful, especially to the younger crowd who already struggles greatly with their own self worth. 

And truthfully by normalizing abusive relationships with the gods, they’re also normalizing abusive relationship in general. If you can accept a god causing you harm, you’ll likely accept it from anyone. Because the feeling of “I deserve this” and “This is my fault” will transfer over into other relationships. 

So essentially what these TikTokers are doing is creating an enviornment where more young people are going to be susceptible to abusers. 

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💥Umm are we gonna talk about the witch-dumpsterfire that is Witchtok?

Generally I see two things with Witchtok:

  • Disreputable intermediate witches who fearmonger, misappropriate, and/or try to claim they’re your teacher.
  • Beginner witches trying to sound like advanced witches and spreading misinformation.

To my followers: If you’re trying to learn witchcraft and magic from Witchtok, please do yourself a favor and dump all of it. Until Witchtok gets better there’s no discerning that mess.