witchsona AU


“Take my believing heart!”

Little Witch Persona AU anyone? Phantom witches?? Witch thieves???

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Nine New Phantom Witches

character profiles, concepts and dialogues under the cut!

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Mya and Sarah - Witch AU

So me and Sarah ( @unisonraidd ) have been having some fun time doing tests and quiz to know what would be our super powers, if we were more Yin or Yang, what kind of witch we would be etc.. And we came up with our own characters! (/^▽^)/

masked witches are typically blessed with shapeshifting capabilities - whichever creature their mask resembles is the form they are able to take. their abilities and magic type are also generally reflective of the nature of their mask, with many often specialising in a particular school of elemental magic. their masks, while comprised wholly of magic, do have a physical form and are thus able to be destroyed or damaged, often with dire consequences for the witch involved


“We’ll steal your disbelieving heart!”

Part 3 of edit sets for witchsona AU

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[UPDATED and COMPLETE character profiles (codenames, outfit, awakening scene, dialogues) under the cut!]

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every day I spend being mildly sick I discover another route to indulgence

anyway, witches?

so I guess instead of making a proper witchsona I made a WITCHSONA AU

me and @keycrash did some talking about it under the cut but basically:

akane: ridiculously talented witch. likes to astral project, deals in spacetime fuckery, owns a little store in the city where people can buy supplies and services, book appointments, etc. very chronically ill, doesn’t show herself often.

aoi: akane’s secretary, sort of. he’s officially a hedge witch, does a lot of domestic stuff, cooking, protective charms, very practical things, whatever. but he minds akane’s shop and takes care of her orders and things like that. not naturally talented like akane but worked very very hard.

light: green witch, good with herbal remedies and medicinal tinctures. makes some stuff for akane from time to time. gets asked if he’s the seer of the field family a lot bc he’s blind.

clover: REALLY INTO DIVINATION AND STUFF. she likes to tell fortunes and read tarot and aoi’s like that stuff’s bullshit but she loves it. she’ll commune with spirits every so often just for kicks

THERE’S MORE BUT HERE’S THESE GUYS ANYWAYS. we thought out some stuff on the vlr crew but they can come later I like these guys best

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More lwa x p5 edits? Unbelievable @me A believing heart is your magic!

Dedicated to my Phantom Witch Anon who’s been drawing wonderful concept art for my witchsona AU.

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Character profiles and short onehost under the cut:

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More witchsona! Now with formal/fancy clothes! For attending witch assemblies or special missions. 

It important for smol Flun to wear the right colour robe at witch gatherings bc that tells which “witch department” you belong to. 

Bc smol Flun is a plant witch they belong to the “Nature Branch” which takes care of the nature above sea. And in turn the Nature Branch belongs to a main department called “Environment Department”. Other branches in the environment department are the Sea Branch, and the Air Branch. 

All branches have witches that specialise in different things. For smol Flun it’s Scandinavian plants in general (trees/flowers/herbs etc), but there are also witches in the same branch who specialise in things like flowers, trees, or other plants specifically. Both in specific geographic places but also in general.


P5 edits by me and concept art designs by @phantom witch anon

[Witchsona AU]

Fics so far: [Witchy Awakenings] [Birds of a Feather]

Profiles under the cut: (now with quotes and added chats)

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Now we have Crane’s costume. Our resident mom’s costume pales in comparison to our resident edgelord’s (and somehow this was harder for me to design). The red patterns are supposed to be bird feathers but somehow they look like leaves (my bad, I suck at patterning). I gotta admit, the bird on her back kinda makes her look like a yakuza, lol. Crane puts her eskrima sticks on her belt. Her pauldron are supposed to look like a bird’s face.

Keep this au alive, bud 

//phantom witch anon