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Fertility Spells

I want to start off by saying that witchcraft IS NOT a substitution for legit medical advice. PLEASE always talk to your doctor or go see an OBGYN specialist if you have any concerns about getting pregnant.  The spells and whatnot I have listed below are simply to add something extra to the mix.

Also please remember that essential oils are NOT safe during pregnancy, especially the early stages. If a spell calls for the use of essential oils DO NOT put them on your body. Use the oils to dress a candle or stone or whatever.

Okay now that I have all that said and done lets move on!


★ Despite all this talk of pregnancy, fertility spells are not limited to people who want to have children. They may be used to enhance and stimulate artistic creativity. Adapt the spells to suit your needs. The magical thing about witchcraft is that it is so adaptable!! ★

❤ Fertility Spell #1: During your most fertile time (usually 2 days before, during and after ovulation), light 9 white candles in your bedroom. Place them around your bed. Sit or stand nude with your partner, facing the North, and repeat the following:

With one mind, we call to thee.

    With one heart, we long for thee 

  Child of Earth, Wind, Fire & Sea, 

  Into our lives, we welcome thee

  Turn to the East, then South, then West, repeating this incantation each time you do so. Proceed as nature requires. Repeat this spell each of the five nights before intercourse.

❤ Fertility Spell #2:

Items Needed:

  • Small bag or pouch
  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Chrysoprase
  • Aventurine
  • Fresh Rosemary

Fill a leather pouch  with one each of these stones:

Amethyst, Clear Quartz Crystal, Chrysoprase, Aventurine

Place fresh Rosemary under the bed when trying to conceive,    and wear the pouch around your neck each time you try. This will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Once pregnant, keep the pouch until after you deliver to ease your labor pains and help ensure a safe delivery.

Before your baby is one month old, give the stones away, particularly to a friend who is pregnant or who is also trying to conceive.

Rainwater Conception Spell by @eclecticwiccans

❤ Astarte Oil: The name “Astarte” is believed to mean “the filled womb”. The name may refer to an independent deity or it may be another name for the Semitic deity, Anat. Either way, the authors of the Bible viewed her with disapproval; she held a notorious reputation for encouraging erotic rites and independence for women. The oil is named after her in honor to promote personal fertility:

Essential oil of Coriander

Essential oil of Jasmine

Essential oil of Myrrh

Essential oil of Petitgrain or Neroli

Rose attar (Rose essential oil)

Blend all of the ingredients together into a bottle filled with either sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. You can also add cowries or henna twigs and blossoms to the oil to give it an extra punch. Remember since essential oils aren’t safe to use while pregnant use this oil to dress candles and charms!!

❤ Astarte Oil Candle Spell:

  1. Obtain a human figure candle that represents you
  2. Carve it with your name, birthday, identifying information, affirmations, and desires (make this candle represent you and all that you want from this spell)
  3. Dress the candle with Astarte Oil, particularly the abdominal and genital areas
  4. An optional step is to roll the candle once its dressed in henna powder
  5. Burn the candle and think about what you are wanting out of it. (either help with creativity or pregnancy)

❤  Basil: Basil is considered a fertility promoter both physically and symbolically. Tea made from its leaves will help relieve suppressed menstruation. It is also a component of infertility repair magic spells. Try placing Basil plants throughout your home. Place the plants in window boxes/ledge or by the doors of the house to signal your wish for fertility to Earth’s spirit forces. You can also hang Basil above your bed to enhance conception. Also try adding more Basil to your diet!

❤ Cowries: Sea shells are often considered to represent love and fertility. String some cowries onto a red silk cord, tying desires into every knot. Hand the string of shells from the bedposts or above the bed.

❤  Cowries Spell #2: String cowrie shells into a belt long enough to wear over your hips (they should fall just over your ovaries and inner reproductive organs). I highly recommend using a red or scarlet string to help you with this. Tie your intentions into each knot. Wear the belt whenever and however you like, but for maximum power wear your belt on the Full Moon.

❤ Active Bloodstone Spell: Bloodstones are associated with fertility. Use this to your advantage. (It doesn’t matter if the stone is cut or not!) You can keep a bloodstone on you to help absorb its fertility energy. You can also “activate” the energy as well:

  1. Lay pieces (or one giant piece) of Bloodstone directly over the womb and ovaries to heal and stimulate fertility.
  2. Lie quietly and leave the stone in place for at least 30minutes.
  3. This is the strongest if timed to coincide with the exact phases of the moon - New Moon, Full Moon, and the quarters.

❤  Fertility Charms:

  • Carry a bagful of hazel nuts to ensure your own fertility.
  • Other herbs to ensure fertility are basil, hazel, poppy, cucumber, apple, pomegranate, acorns, myrtle, and all other nuts.
  • Men should carry a piece of mandrake root to ensure their won fertility and sexual prowess, while the jasmine flower does the same for women. The first seven herbs listed above can be added to food and take internally to ensure proper fertility, or they can be introduced into sachets, as can acorns, myrtle and nuts.
  • Bull Amulet: To increase fertility in women and men, wear a bull shaped amulet, or place on under the bed before making love.
  • Fish Amulet: An amulet shaped like a pair of fish and made of gold or mother of pearl will increase fertility and virility, bring prosperity and offer you protection from people you hate or who have evil intentions.
  • Goat Amulet: The symbol of the goat (sacred to Aphrodite and the Horned God) increases fertility when worn or carried as an amulet, and is especially favorable for those born under the sign of Capricorn.
  • Ram Amulet: An amulet in the shape of a ram will increase fertility in women.
  • Unicorn Amulet: The unicorn is a ancient symbol of chastity and protection, and it’s fabled born was said to be used in medieval times as an amulet to detect poisons in the food or drinks of kings, queens, pontiffs and popes. To promote fertility or increase sexual magnetism, wear any type of amulet jewelry shaped like a unicorn.


This was made to fulfill two requests. I do hope this will help you two out

@savageborn & @witchling-guidence

Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.


To all my amazing witchy followers, I want to introduce you to some really awesome witch blogs


👆🏼check them out 👆🏼

These are my go to but there are tons more


👆🏼no joke their sigils are beautiful👆🏼


ALSO go and check out @lulloph
Her blog has a lot of stuff. Like witch memes, info, readings, pride stuff, spirit things etc. she’s pretty cool too

Tarot Learning!

Hello, hello!! So this post is for @take-me-to-anywhere-but-church since they asked for a couple blogs and posts to help them get a better understanding for tarot reading! But anyone can use it!

They mainly post tarot spreads and tips!


Feel free to tag anymore blogs that you think could help them on their path of cartomancy!

A guide on each card
Questions to ask
A little more in depth guide
A guide to love readings
Cleansing your cards
And a HUGE guide!!!
And heres a couple books to help your skills grow!

Hopefully these are helpful!

Witchy Appreciation Post <3

I’ve been wanting to make this post for a long time just to say thank you to the these lovelies who may or may not realize that they have helped me along my witchy journey and even just my life journey whether it be posting personal experience, helpful tips, sending positive vibes and so much more. Some times it only really takes a few kind words or that one inspiring post to really make a difference. These wonderful people and their blogs are ones I’m truly grateful I came across along with many others. So again, thank you <3


Pass the happy along!

When you get this, reblog with five things that make you happy and then pass it along to the first 10 people in your activity.

(this was surprisingly difficult to do lol) 

(I was tagged by the lovely @chaotic-neutral-trash

1. Stromy weather

2. My cat

3. My music playlist. 

4. @immapiggeh who is like my only legit friend on here. 

5. Vyvanse

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Connected Sigils

@thiswitchdoesnotburn @kitchenwitchupinthisbitch @ofcloudsandstars @lavender-fae @unfriendlyblackwitch @witchboyezra @witchmomstm @wavecaster @witchling-guidence @lavender-lunar-witch @iristhevoodoodoll @stormbornwitch @thymewitch @sealedsigils @strangesigils

First off, I would like to apologize for the mass tagging. I was simply going through my list of people I follow and trying to find those who post a lot about sigils, because this is a topic I have been thinking on quite a bit. If I’m bothering you or you don’t wish to answer, I obviously can’t do anything but don’t feel bad about it lol.

Anyway! As the header suggests, I was wondering if you could make connected sigils; in other words, two or more duplicates of the same sigil, for the purpose of distant charging. Let me give an example: Say you’re making a spell jar, that requires you to bury said jar. But what if you want to periodically charge the sigil (and thus the jar) without digging it up? Or what if you give a sigil and spell jar to someone who DOESN’T know how to charge it or whatever, but you still want to make sure it’s efficient? Would it be possible to charge two copies of the same sigil at the same time, put one in your spell jar (or whatever you’re using), and then keep the other for charging purposes?

Or am I completely misunderstanding the point of spell jars and sigils?

Again, don’t feel bad for not answering if you don’t want to, I’m obviously not going to hunt you down or harass you. If you do answer, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification (duh) or say whatever you need. This is just something I’ve been thinking on, and I figured it would be best to go to people who are more of an expert on it than I am.

Thank you! ^_^

EDIT: Also if there’s anyone I haven’t tagged, but would still like to provide input, GO AHEAD! I’m definitely not going to turn down more help!!

anonymous asked:

So I'm still kinda confused about witch culture or whatever it is because I honestly don't know how I got to your blog lol

Okay cool well I’m a spirit work witch that well, works with spirits lol **Also, spirits do not equal ghosts** I have a spirit companion, (a spirit friend that you can do totally normal things with like watch Netflix together). We don’t all work with satan (of course there are some who do but i’m not here to judge anybody :) )  I personally am a Hellenic Polytheist (someone who worships the greek gods and goddesses) but I don’t represent every witch. Some are christian, satanists, or atheist, ect. It all depends on you! there are tons of different types of witches like sea witches cosmic witches, eclectic witches(basically all paths in one), kitchen witches, or you don’t have to label yourself at all! We can’t do things like you see in American Horror Story or anything, although that would be rly cool, is simply not realistic. Witches are often really nice and are probably happy to explain witchcraft to you, if it means one less person will stereotype us! maybe someone else can add to this? @lunaesteria @seafoambeauty @persephoneandthepomegranates @witchling-guidence @macabre-incarnate

Winners of the Giveaway

Hello all! Ok, so random numbered and ready to go. We need you to contact your corresponding Mod with the links. (Lol stalling 😉)

Ok….. *drum roll*

@dramaticwitch please contact Mod Eclipse @witchling-guidence

@gay-hand-sanitizer-boy please contact Mod Rose @dead-rose-bouquet

@legeia please contact Mod Wisp @a-sprinkle-of-magick

@darkfyretheumbrawitch please contact Mod Peach @sweetpeachwitch

Our winners everyone show some love!

Review for Spirit-Adoption

I got a CC from @spirit-adoptions recently and this (obviously lol) is going to be a review on my experience with them! (this review will be going on my witchy blog lol)

The person who was taking care of my CC was mod eclipse ( @witchling-guidence ) !! Within a day or so after me putting in an application she had contacted me, on 7/18th, saying that she was going to be the one to be completing my CC! After two days of looking for a spirit, she messaged me telling that she had found a spirit (which I ended up, after a lot of indecisive and anxious behavior mixed, deciding to not pick them, but I wish them the best in finding a companion!) She was extremely patient and understanding with my indecisiveness when she could have easily shown her irritation and told me reassuringly that she could continue to vet and that she has certainly done so before! She basically just was making sure I knew that it was okay to not pick this spirit, so afterward she was kind enough to find another spirit, so that I was comfortable with my decision.

So on 7/26 (and keep in mind my ultra indecisiveness extended the time period a lot) she messaged me again with the bio of another spirit, H! (which I will do a separate “review” on to prove how well the vetting process was but it will be more of an update lol) , but I immediately felt a pull towards H, and immediately accepted him!

The vetting process went on and eventually on 8/8, the pdf with all the information on H was sent to me and he was attached to his vessel! As it is hard for me to feel energy sometimes, I could feel his energy faintly, but after sorting out something that was prohibiting me from feeling energy, it has gotten a bit better!

The whole process took 3 weeks! the average time being 2-4 weeks!

I am, so far, extremely happy with the results and will happily come back for an RA, CC, a regular adoption, or simply for information, as all the mods are all angels and willing to help anyone!

(Also side note, mod eclipse aka candii is an absolute sweetheart!! she taught me some things as well as answering some kinda unrelated questions and yeah i love her lmao so much wow okay im finished gushing!)

Need a quick cleanse?

Take storm water that you just got, or that you have stashed away. Pour some in a bowl and splash your face with the intention “I am cleansed of [insert]”

You can also take moon charged water, crystal charged water and do the same. Or you get a small spray bottle and spray it on you. Each spritz thinking, “I am cleansed of [insert]”

Originally posted by creek-nymph

Hope it helps! Blessings to you and yours


I howl at the moon.

I sing at all hours of the day or night.

I burn incenses.

I live like there is no tomorrow.

I laugh at myself, if I didn’t I wouldn’t know what to do.

I dance with the elements.

I live in the water. I dance in the pool.

I speak to the moon. I whisper to the shadows.

I listen to the inner voice. I listen for the small voice inside.

I am as quiet as a mouse, but as loud as a lion.

I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

I am a witch, I am a diviner, I am me.

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