Top 10 Films of 2015

Since my list for 2014 became an all time most reblogged post on Tumblr (source not needed it’s legit), I will now present the follow up with my Top 10 List for 2015:


Carol tells the story of a young woman and an older wealthy woman who fall in love with each other.  The film has everything going for it: incredibly gorgeous cinematography, magnetic and meticulously framed shots, a heavenly score, and two fantastic lead performances (cough category fraud). It is a shame that the Academy decided to snub Carol for Best Picture and Best Director. For shame. 


Room tells the story of a young boy who has been growing up in a small room for five years with his mother. The film absolutely destroyed me. With its poignant script and excellent direction, Room captivates the audience with its unique and deeply emotional tale about discovering the world and the inseparable bond between a mother and child.


Furiosa ft. Max is by far the best action film of the decade for me. Basically a 2 hour car chase, Mad Max is more than just a non stop action movie. With amazing set piece, masterfully crafted sequences, mind-blowing effects, and a screenplay full of nuances, Fury Road offers a thrill ride with layered storytelling beneath all the explosive surface.


It has been a while since I have seen a movie as unsettling as The Witch. Not exactly full of scares like Insidious or The Conjuring, this period piece horror film is a slow burner that is filled with a dreaded atmosphere from its very first shot, and the tension just gradually creeps up throughout the runtime, resulting in an unforgettable and terrifying entry to the genre.


Being one of my most anticipated film of the year, The Revenant does not disappoint. With stunning direction from Inarritu and out-of-this-world cinematography by Lubezki, this just cannot go wrong. The film contains one of the best scenes I have witnessed on screen, in particular the bear attack sequence and the fight scene in the end. Although the middle is a tad slow at times, The Revenant is still able to portray a captivating and brutal story of revenge. 


With the state of current horrors, movies like It Follows is always a nice change. Consistently eerie with well crafted suspense, this original movie (as well as a giant love letter to 80s horror) goes down as one of the more memorable addition to indie horror with a soundtrack to die for. 


Unhappy with her life, a Japanese woman travels to America to find the treasure in the film Fargo, believing that it exists. It’s a shame that Kumiko has been greatly ignored this award season. Slow but never boring, Kumiko is a visual treat with a unique script that is made possible by the talented Rinko Kikuchi.


Thoroughly slow paced and subtly eerie, Ex Machina is one of the best new sci-fi movies about A.I gone wrong. The entire film is a gradual buildup to the climax, where every secret comes out under the sun, and that buildup is fantastically done, leaving you craving to know what really is going on.


Not very known by many people (such a hipster amirite), Man From Reno is a truly captivating crime thriller that needs to be seen. One aspect I really admired about this movie is the fact that two of the protagonists are Asian, something that is rare in an English speaking film, let alone a genre film. Constructed like a puzzle with missing pieces, this Hitchcockian thriller  will leave you guessing and in shock with its twists and turns.


Another solid output from Studio Ghibli, When Marnie Was There is a poignant piece about friendship. As expected, the movie is blessed with impeccable directing and art, something that Ghibli is famous for, as well as their ability to tell a story full of depth and emotion. Marnie offers a clever script, mesmerizing animation, and a haunting revelation that will have its viewers reeling.


INSIDE OUT: Hilarious and emotional, Pixar rises again with their latest production.

SPY: A hilarious action comedy led by Melissa McCarthy and a scene stealing performance by Rose Byrne.

COMING HOME: A heartfelt love story about a man who attempts to reconnect with his wife, who no longer remembers him due to amnesia.

DOPE: An exciting and honestly fresh coming of age movie accompanied by beautiful cinematography and fantastic soundtrack.

THE FINAL GIRLS: A clever parody on the horror genre with an unexpected emotional core.

i have a lot of hp questions
  • how common is homeschooling 
  • are there primary school equivalents to hogwarts where you learn basic reading, writing, math, and some wizard history
  • can wizard kids go to muggle primary school for the cultural experience
  • do muggle inventions in the wizard world function like they do in the muggle world or do wizards use magic to cheat. examples: ministry of magic elevators; are they levitating boxes or do they operate on a pulley system; radios; actual radio waves or just magic
  • hogwarts has plumbing (as seen by how the basilisk got around) but do newer buildings utilize magic in their toilets/showers
  • about how long does it take wizards to adopt muggle tech (trains, cars, etc)
  • if merlin was a real figure why did no one care he was fucking around with a muggle king
  • same for morganna
  • was the lady of the lake a witch??? mermaid??? other???
  • if magical creatures are real how many greek myths are real
  • are the gods in greek myths just wizards who fucked up going uuuhhh yeah im zeus lets have sex??
  • is bigfoot real or a muggle hoax
  • how intelligent is bigfoot and is he one of many bigfeet
  • same for nessie and the yeti
  • is there a department of the ministry of magic that deal with muggles thinking they’ve discovered a new fossil or creature deep in the rainforest but is just a magical creature and they have to be memory wiped
  • what is the evolutionary line for today’s magical creatures
  • is anyone with magical background but some muggle blood considered a half blood? like harry (muggleborn mother, muggle grandparents) vs seamus (muggle father)
  • vampires can exercise restraint (as seen by the vampire at slughorns party) so are they allowed to participate in society to the same extent as werewolves? is there more or less discrimination 
  • are squibs 100% magic free or is there a spectrum ranging from accidental underage type magic but cant wield a wand to absolutely no magic
  • where do squibs go to school
  • can squibs have magical jobs that dont require wandwork for example instead of filch being a janitor teaching care of magical creatures as hagrid cant use a wand officially 
  • do squibs make up a lot of desk jobs at the ministry 
  • what the heck does mrs. fig do for a living
  • can squibs make potions
  • can muggles make potions that dont require wandwork
  • how much say does a person have in their animagus animal
  • do they have a certain affinity or leaning towards one in particular and can that be overcome
  • do patronus always match the animagus 
  • are metamorphmagus restricted at all by body mass
  • are metamorphmagus restricted to human/humanoid forms
  • why is the wizard currency so inconvenient; both heavy and a weird equivalence
  • are wizard checks a thing for purchases that require a lot of galleons
  • theres a salem witches institute. what actually went down at salem? were the people who died actual witches or just unlucky muggles? if witches did they actually die? is the institute meant to be an ironic joke or a way of memorial
  • was joan of arc a witch
  • its important to me she is so she gets to live
  • are there wizard religions
  • are there wizards who believe in muggle religions
  • is religion less of a thing and philosophy more of a thing
  • how attuned to magic are cats
  •  both mrs norris and crookshanks are extremely perceptive (mrs norris seeming to be able to see through the invisibility cloak and crookshanks knowing sirius was human) is this the norm or are they exceptions
  • did mcgonnagal choose her animagus to be cat so she was more attuned in that form? or to be able to communicate with her fellow magic sensitive felines for info
  • how does one actually learn divination
  • is it a meditative process? or a you get it or you dont sort of thing
  • how accurate is a good divinator 
  • can muggles catch magical diseases
  • can muggles become werewolves
  • is felix felicis illegal in muggle competitions/lotteries
  • if two people were to drink felix felicis in the same dosage at the same time and played a game of chess who would win
  • would it be a draw until it wore off on one player
  • is effectiveness at all tied in to size/magical ability (so ginny vs hagrid) or is it a one dose fits all situation
  • based on that does it wear off at the same rate for everyone
  • why was dumbledore given a hard time for being a muggle lover when as previously stated MERLIN WAS HELPING A MUGGLE KING
  • oh yeah does that make avalon real
  • was atlantis real????
  • are there any wizard cultures that dont use wands to perform magic
  • what wizard holidays are there
  • is the wizard economy at all connected to the muggle economy in terms of crashes or booms
  • is wizarding government largely elective? or does it mirror the muggle government it shares the country with
  • what is the complete list of flora/fauna that a wizard cannot own without a permit or when living in close proximity to muggles
  • what is the protocol for telling a muggle youre a wizard
  • does it have to be a romantic/familial relationship or can you tell your muggle bff
  • do you have to register muggles that know about the wizarding world
  • do they get some sort of documentation to flash to avoid being memory wiped in ministry matters
  • whats up with wizard borders and or passports
  • what kind of mental health care do wizards have
  • aside from aurors are there any other police/enforcer equivalents
  • is wizard chocolate different in makeup than muggle chocolate
  • are both equally effective in recovering after a dementor attack
  • was chocolate invented specifically to counter attack symptoms and then passed on to muggles because they cant see dementors so whats the harm in sharing and giving them a little something to make them feel better
  • did wizards invent hot chocolate so during winter when S.A.D is rampant (lack of sunshine??? or dementors??) muggles would unknowingly be more likely to combat the depression 
  • are there any famous historical figures that muggles know about but were actually wizards (ie Joan of Arc etc)
  • is victorie dealing with any temper issues due to her veela and kinda wolfy blood
  • how many seers are there and how often do they make predictions; alternatively how long has the ministry been collecting prophecies to accumulate so many
  • is there a dont apparate drunk campaign to match the muggle dont drive drunk
  • what the heck are kids who want to pursue the arts at hogwarts supposed to do
  • are other countries more advanced in recognizing the rights and equality of centaurs, goblins, house elves etc.
  • are there lesser prisons than azkaban; cause we dont need another jean val jean in there cause he used magic to steal some bread
  • are wizard lifespans naturally longer (dumbledore is ancient and voldy was kicking it good at like 70)
  • idk im sleepy now

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It had been a couple weeks since Callie had last seen her aunt. She’d sent an owl and hoped that she’d gotten it. When she saw her waiting in Hogsmeade she sighed in relief. “Aunt Teri,” she spoke when she reached her. “We have a bit of a problem. By trying to help, we may have made things worse…,” she commented.