Wendy Davis- an Execration

Rise up, O He who is great of strength.

Rise up, O He who is strong of forearm.

Rise up and assist this woman in her crushing of the foes of Ra, these usurpers and rebels that wish to undermine the very rights of these your people.

Rise up and alight the room with your Brilliance so that anyone who even thinks to speak against this Wendy Davis will be struck down where they stand and robbed all of their intelligence, literacy and heka so that they will have no feet upon which to stand.

Open up the ways so that she may continue to move forward in her quest in the name of ma'at. 

Strengthen her spine so that she will be able to stand firmly in her Place. 

Breath your Life into her lungs and heart so that she will finish this in victory.

And fire. Because what is an execration without fire. Flip it upside down, it’s balls.

Ann Richards (1933-2006), Former Democratic Governor of Texas from 1991-1995.

You fierce Texan beast of a woman who fought for me, stood up for me, and others like me whose voices are not always heard, or considered.

I pray that you look over your daughter, Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and the work that she does. I pray that you strengthen and defend your daughters in spirit, fighting at the capitol, your former home.

I pray that you support Wendy Davis, who stands up for me today. She literally stands – for 13 hours, with no food, water, or even a bathroom break. Let her stand with your strength. Do not let her falter.

Today millions of women in Texas stand to lose access to their rights. Their health hangs in the balance on this day. You were tireless in your work during life, and I pray that your indomitable spirit continues on in death, and that you will fight for us, as you always did.