attention glamour witches!

or any witch!

Pacifica is a vegan and cruelty free makeup/skincare brand that has a line of products with crystal infused properties! the crystal generally used is rose quartz which is amazing because it promotes any type of love, especially self love in the products. here are just SOME of the products i’ve found to be great:

they list what type of skin type it’s best for, the ingredients, and details about the products. the sprays can also be used to cleanse an area or object!

reblog if your blog is safe for trans witches, non binary witches, bisexual witches, gay witches, pansexual witches, closet witches, mental ill witches and all type of witches 🔮🌿



as a huge fucking thank you for 2k, I wanted to do a cute giveaway for you babes! the content is intuitively and hand selected for the mystics & witches that visit my blog. these objects are all designed to aid you in your spiritual journey and invite loving energy into your life! all crystals are ethically sourced and purchased from a shop that I love with my whole heart. this giveaway will be available internationally and will end on June 22nd at 11:59 EST. 

✨What’s Included: ✨

- The Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans. I chose this one because it’s so quirky and perfect for readers of all experience!

- ‘Goal Digger’ Journal 

- 1 Sage Bundle. 

- 2 BBY Fluorite Points 

- 2 Palm-Sized Chunks of Rose Quartz

- Raw Amethyst Cluster 

- Selenite Palm Stone

- THE MOST HANDSOME CHUNK OF CLEAR QUARTZ. in sunlight, he captures so many rainbows and is perfect for anyone wanting to take their magick to the next level! seriously whoever takes this big bby home is so lucky!

- A Free In-Depth Reading w/ YOURS TRULY! if you’re new to my blog, search the tag ‘commissioned readings’ to see what types of readings you might win. 


✨How To Enter: ✨

- must be following me! 

- reblog & like to receive one entry!

- if you reblog to a sideblog, make sure you put your main url in the caption or tags. if you don’t your entry might accidentally get left out.

- DON’T tag this as ‘giveaway’! This risks having the notes messed up by spam accounts and shit. 

- for every reblog you get +1 entry! just don’t reblog more than 3 times a day bc I’m pretty sure your followers don’t wanna be spammed lmao.

-winner will be chosen randomly on JUNE 22ND!



☆ hey there witchy friends! ☆

for celebrating the wonderful support which i get from you guys and because i just looove making these things, i am doing another give~awaythis time there will be a lot of handmade stuff ^___^ !! — [ marked with * ]

☆ treasures

  • the 5 elements represented in jars *
  • lovely notebook ‘mermaids are real’
  • 7 different enchanting incense types
  • 13 assorted tumbled and rough crystals
  • 3 small mint green butterfly candles
  • one packet of rose incense sticks
  • grandma’s homemade calendula salve *
  • 3 magical girl charms with rose quartz *
  • 4 pretty lavender amethyst candles *
  • large vibrant fluorite crystal sphere

♡ rules

  • must be following me @noonymoon
  • must be 16 years old or have guardians permission
  • no assholes, racists, terfs, etc. do i have to say more??
  • reblog this post maximum !! TWICE IN A ROW !!
  • reblog as much as you want IN TOTAL
  • no give-away-only blogs and no spamming (!!!)
  • must be willing to give me their address
  • winner must answer my msg within 24h
  • i ship internationally and for free!
  • please don’t tag as give away
  • not affiliated with tumblr.
  • spend one ko-fi – get 13 extra entries *

* this is not required but it is appreciated of course ♡

☆ details

elemental jars:

  • fire jar: matches, 2 white candles, fire agate, juniper berries, cinnamon
  • air jar: bird feather, lavender (in resin), moss, ‘clear wind’ incense
  • water jar: blue moon water, sea shells, glass pebbles, catnip (in resin)
  • earth jar: jar with sand + pebbles, earth colored marble, cone pieces
  • spirit jar: rose quartz + amethyst, tiny mirrors, glitter, a letter to you!


  • kalahari jasper (large and brown)
  • aventurine (small and green)
  • two solar quartz (very colorful)
  • ametrine (purple and orange)
  • pink agate (small and pink)
  • labradorite (grey and shiny blue)
  • hematite (dark silver and brown)
  • blue goldstone (dark blue + glitter)
  • agate rune ‘hagalaz’ (black)
  • two agate slices (ice blue + white)
  • honey calcite (orange, transparent)
  • large dark and vibrant fluorite sphere


it is home-made by my beloved and totally awesome grandmother and she makes it of natural bee’s wax, calendula, st. johns wort and lavender, i think! all the ingredients grow in her own garden. i am not entirely sure about mixture but it is A MIRACLE for wounds, dry skin, inflammations, burns, stings, etc. !! we use it since forever ♡♡♡

the give~away ends on 21st of September ☆

have fun and good luck! ♡ lots of love and positive vibes for you all and happy witching! ☆