witches' hats

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One summer, Poppy kept bugging Branch to show her how to get around London the regular way since she is fascinated by it. I think that she would act a bit like Mr. Weasley did in the fifth movie.

Okay but Poppy already wears kinda odd clothes in the normal human au. Just imagine the shit she’d wear in the Hogwarts au holy shit. Bigass floral witch’s hat, brightly and elaborately patterned robes, a necklace of every colour crystal under the sun and with her vivid pink hair and glittering freckles, she’s a fucking explosion of colour. How blatantly would she stand out in the middle of Muggle London

Branch probably has to talk her into wearing Muggle attire. But since all he has are his own dully coloured clothes, she’s understandably appalled. Poppy’s gotta wear an overgrown grey hoodie and a pair of baggy jeans. She’s absolutely horrified.

She gets over it eventually once they actually get out into the street and Poppy finally gets to take in London. The brightens up immediately and even though Branch is the only one who knows where they’re going, she still seems to be the one dragging him around. Shes amazed by absolutely everything so Branch doesn’t have much difficulty in showing her things she’d like and making her smile. It’s one hell of a date anyway.

Whenever I feel in a witchy rut, like I don’t know what to do next, or simply stalled in my practice, I go back and re-read the Witches Sequence of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.

Nothing will teach you more about witchcraft than Granny Weatherwax.


Color tests for the witchy couple I dreamed about the other day~ Ayline and Sigur! She is a plant witch, specialized in potions and he is a soldier for the wizard army protecting their realm from monsters. 

I hope you’ll like them~  

  • My friends: don't get dressed up all weird and witchy, it's just a causal thing.
  • Me: yeah okay sure! *turns up in a floor length black dress with complimentary lace cape - decorated in moons and stars, covered in layers of crystal necklaces with herbs and flowers tucked into and falling from my large black hat*