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So sometimes I want to include an essential oil in a sachet or a jar spell, but sachets are not meant for liquids, and if a jar spell contains mostly dry ingredients and I don’t want to turn it into an oil, I don’t want too much moisture in there to avoid mold. So the workaround is to create a salt.

  • Measure out however much salt you need for your jar
  • Put the salt into a non-plastic container (essential oils and plastic are not friends)
  • Add a drop of your essential oil (or more if you’re using a lot of salt, but the point here is to wind up with something dry)
  • Mix the salt and essential oil together really well
  • Spread the salt out as much as you can and let it dry

Once the oil has evaporated away, your salt should still smell like your oil (though not nearly as strong). That will give you a nice dry ingredient to work with, yet still give you the intents associated with your oil.

Disclaimer: Be safe with your oils and don’t go giving yourself a rash or anything by mixing undiluted oil into your salt with your fingers.

can’t we have just one day

I want to address the recent freshly picked Discourse in the pharmercy tags because it is something that does involve how i portray her - the depiction of Pharah as “manly” in the way artists have exaggerated her canon figure to be bigger and more muscular. I’m here to give a contrary opinion to “please don’t draw her like that because it perpetuates harmful stereotypes that woc are unfeminine and unattractive” and air out some grievances with fandom as a whole.

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Dowsing establishes exactly where a crystal should go in a layout or space, or on a map. It also helps select the right  crystals. If you are looking for an energy line in a space, dowsing rods will twitch and cross as you find the line. You can also ‘body dowse’ with your palm chakras or the bottom of your feet- your body tingles as though a current is running up your arms or legs. Dowsing has many other uses but these are the basics of how it is done.


- Hold your pendulum with the chain wrapped loosely around your hand and about a hand’s breadth of chain hanging down

- To establish ‘yes’ and ‘no’ hold the pendulum over your knee and ask “Is (state your name) my name?” The pendulum swings in a circle (not direction of swing) or backward and forward. This is your yes, repeat using a false name and this is your no. For a maybe the pendulum may shimmy a little or move sluggishly.

- Once you have established yes and no, ask “Is this the right crystal?” or “is this the correct place?” or whatever question is suitable for your task


- Loop the thumb and first finger of one hand together

- Place the thumb and finger of the other hand through the closed loop

- Ask your question and pull firmly, if the loop holds your answer is yes, if it pulls apart the answer is no


- Hold the rods loosely, one in each hand pointing forward. Step forward slowly. The rods swing inwards and cross over or outward as you reach a vortex energy line. With practise, you can use your yes and no movements to establish whether you have reached an earth energy or a water line, and so on.


write your wishes on bay leaves and burn the living shit out of them (I put out the cinders by crushing them with my smudge stick).

I did this neat little trick the other day for luck&prosperity and today I was able to negotiate a HUGE pay deduction for my brand new car’s down and monthly payments. Me, a first time lease holder with no credit. Me, a single, baby faced fake-adult lady.

i’m so happy i could cry ty whoever came up with this wonderful magick my bank account and soul thanks you


Y: (I hate to repeat myself but the answer is the same)

Jm: Yoongi-hyung doesn’t really like people invading privacy, but I can tell you we’re all pretty much at the same level in these contexts. And the level ain’t low



genre: smut

word count: 1,420

ship: Jungkook x Jimin

Idk if you guys like ship smuts but I still hope you will enjoy this :* P.S SORRY FOR MISTAKES :D

It was early in the morning when you woke up from the sound in the living room. You stood up and with closed eyes went to see what is going on, you walked out of the room, scratched your head and slowly opened eyes. Sunlight was coming in the room from the window and making jimins white shirt see through, but you could see only his body silhouette “Jungkookie you already awake? Ohh sorry if that’s my fault” he said with a warm smile on his face. You came up to him and wrapped your muscular arms around his hard waist. Sniffing his neck with still tired and closed eyes. You pulled him closer, so you could feel his body touching yours letting a small groan. Sunlight was brighter than before, because of the early morning there were only one or two cars outside which you could see looking down through large window it took the place as a wall because your apartment was in 8th floor. A little fog outside made the sunlight look red. One of yours hand traveled up his body touching the chest softly, then going up until it reached his head and your fingers tangled up in his hair. Jimin started to chuckle a bit and said quietly “Jungkook I think you shouldn’t be touching me like this in the morning, it makes ughh..” he moved his butt a little bit against your growing bulge. “aishhh sorry Jimin” you said in sarcastic tone and made a little push to make sure that he feels how hard you already are “stop provoking me or it’s not going to end well” Jimin turned around to face you not making your bodys to depart from each other, attached his forehead to yours and smiled not making your lips to touch, he knew that it’s like the game which one of you will lose control first and lose this game. But you didn’t mind losing almost all of the time. “oh yeah?”.. you placed your lips on his, took his little baby hands in your large ones and stepped closer to the window, so his back would touch the cold glass. You placed his hands on each side of his head and didn’t let him to move them. Jimins body shivered because of the cold sensation and mouth opened immediately because of this unexpected action, at that moment you slid your tongue in, a groan left his mouth. You opened your hungry eyes. Jimin could feel your stare and opened his eyes too. “don’t play with me babyboy, you know I am inpatient..” you could see his unsatisfied look in the eyes because of this position and that he couldn’t touch you when you held his hands. Sofa was next to you so you quickly disconnected Jimin from the window and pushed him on sofa. Jimin looked at you and bit his lip, because of the view he was seeing. Your brown messy hair, white large t-shirt and light grey sweatpants. He could bet you weren’t wearing anything underneath them because of the sharp lines of your standing member. “what you looking at?” you asked with one raised eyebrow. “nothing kookie I’m jus so needy right now..” he said as his one hand brushed his member several of times. “ you immediately took his hand in strong grip and with a lust and anger looked in his eyes. “I told you to not touch yourself without my permission!…”  A smirk appeared on Jimins face. “that’s exactly what you wanted right? To make me angry?” You climbed on top of him, starting with already deep kiss, one hand messing with his hair and other going down in the lower part of his body. Jimin placed his hand on yours and made you go faster down in his boxers. You stopped when you felt his wet cock. “what is this, that’s why you are awake this early? You played..” you couldn’t finish your sentence when Jimin interrupted you “no this is not what you think… its just..” his cheeks blushed and turned dark red. “what? What is it?” “I had a dream about you, and I couldn‘t sleep after that so I decided to go walk a little bit, I thought maybe it could make me a little less..” he blushed and couldn’t speak when you stared straight into his eyes. “ohh Jiminie, next time you will have dreams like this just woke me up I will help you” you started smirking at him. Jimin turned his head to the side so he wouldn’t be facing you. “no please don’t be embarrassed I have wet dreams about you too.” As soon as he heard these words coming out of your mouth he turned to look at you again now with large smile on his face. “you do?”. You pressed your crotch area to his and started to move up and down a bit „yes, I do“. You looked at your fingers witch were wet from touching his member before. “open your mouth babyboy”. Jimin opened his mouth immediately, then you slid your fingers all the way in, Jimin shut his eyes and licked everything of your fingers off. “tell me how you taste”. “sweet.. kookie” . You groaned in his ear, licking down his neck, then sucking harshly on his collarbones leaving huge marks. “oh god you look so good with those hickeys”. “could I please you now?”. “do whatever you want babyboy” you said with a husky voice. Jimin rolled you underneath him and went down on your bottom half. Sitting on your knees he gently started to slid down your sweatpants. “ I knew you weren’t wearing underwear..” he laughed shyly. He took your hard member in his little hands, he couldn’t even reach his fingers with thumb because of how big your dick was. His head went down and did a kitten lick on the tip of your tip without shutting his eyes he stared straight to your face. He knew how this make you feel. “Jimin aghh don’t tease me.. p-please”. With one lick Jimin went from the bottom to the top of your dick and only then took it in his mouth. At first he went slow, but not long time passed when he was already going faster than you could ask him to. “aghh Jimin I’m gonna c-cumm”. Just because you couldn’t hold any longer you had to cum on his face. “oh gosh sorry I didn’t want to.” You leaned to him and brushed all of your cum off his face. When Jimin opened his mouth you saw  a string of saliva on his bottom lip going to his mouth. You went into deep kiss, cleaning his mouth with your tongue. “I have to make up to you, because of this…” “no don’t worry kookie I like when you cum on me”. You pushed him so he were once again underneath you. With your veiny hand you brushed his cheeks,  took off his shirt, looked at his beautiful torso and licked your lips. Without waiting any longer took off his pants and underwear. “try to be quiet it’s still early morning everybody is sleeping.” Jimin nodded and you slowly pushed into him. “you are so tight Jimin a-ghhh”. You waited a little bit that the pain he felt wouldn’t be harsh. “im good” he said quietly. You started to trust in him at first slow, but with every push going harder and deeper. Loud moans left Jimins mouth with every trust you made, of course, didn’t mind that, you didn’t give a fuck about your neighbors, in this case, it was otherwise you wanted them to know how good you were fucking him and whose he is. At the end Jimin couldn‘t hold him back anymore and started screaming you‘re name even when he felt the pain in his throat he didn’t stop he knew it turn you on even more. You and Jimin came at the same time, you made a few more pushes to rode your and his orgasm, but couldn’t do it any longer because of the exhaustion. You slapped your body on his heavily breathing in his neck, looked him at the face and saw him all sweaty, his black hair messed, mouth open trying  catch more air. “I like this kind of mornings” you said smiling at him then turning back and placing your head on his chest. Jimin wrapped his arms around you and closed his tired eyes.