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New Design(s) for the Deck Wallets!

Today I took some time and tried to see what I could do with the design of my Deck Wallets. Up until now I have used the faux leather on the outside & the inside of the Wallets… And I started to wonder and thought about doing something that could offer a little more customization…. and voila! 

The next round of Deck Wallets I will be crafting will have actual fabric insides, mostly prints that are similar to the one pictured here because I don’t like for spread cloth prints to be too busy as to take away from the cards. The faux leather was hefty material, so the new editions will have felt inside them to keep those decks protected as well as aesthetically wrapped! 

Also, this particular Wallet isn’t listed in my shop yet, so if you’re interested in it, send me a message!

Today’s Prisma Visions reading February 26, 17: King of Pentacles, King of Chalices and VII of Wands

The road to completing your goals is a balancing act, almost like walking a tightrope. Falter and fall, but walk deftly and you can navigate the treacherous path forward. On one side, you have actuation, mental fortitude and passion. On the other you have emotional control, intellect and caution. Both sides are balanced in the middle with control. Note that the first two cards are both kings. They rule over different kingdoms, but rule they do. You are the ruler, the leader, and while people will look to you for guidance, your inspiration and natural intuition will help if you only let them. Don’t be afraid of using all tools at your disposal to complete your goals or to help others. Put forth your whole self or don’t bother at all. If it’s not worth all of you, then it’s not worth it for you.

A Witch’s Wand

In witchcraft, a wand is used for directing energy in rituals and spells. It represents energy, power, and fertility, and is used as both air and fire element. Each wand can be as unique as the witch that wields it. 

🌟 To Build:

Unlike brooms, wands require very little work put into their production, unless you want to. Some traditions call for a witch to find their wand in a fallen branch and forbid against breaking one off the tree. Carving is optional, as is the choice to embed it with crystals, wrap it with wire, tie with ribbon, carve sigils, etc. 

A few possibilities for wands based on wood magic correspondences:

ALDER— Weather magic, necromancy, courage and passion 

ALMOND— Wisdom, prosperity, love magic, healing 

BIRCH— Intuition, creativity, love, healing, protection 

ELDER— Healing, protection, banishment

HAZEL— Truth, divination

HOLLY— Purity, sun magic, strength, protection, luck 

OAK— Protection, fertility, strength 

REDWOOD— “King of trees”, strength, protection, creativity, enlightenment 

ROWAN— Defense, creation, travel

WILLOW— Healing, protection, spirit work  

YEW— Strength, change

🌟 Note:

However, please note, a wand does not need to be made out of wood. A wand can be found in many things and anything that is dear to you. A spoon, a pencil, a wrench, a plastic toy wand. If you can find magic within the instrument, it is a wand. 

Full Moon Clarity Tarot Spread
1: what’s been hidden
2: what’s ahead for you
3: what’s influencing you
4: what’s led you to this point
5: what’s left for you to do

This spread is to help use the full moons light to illuminate some questions you may have been having and what you need to keep in mind for the coming cycle!

This is just a quick easy spread you can do every full moon. Keep track of your progress and see how it connects for your year, January’s full moon is the perfect time to start and a good opportunity to get your baseline done…that way you can only improve.


The Year Ahead Tarot Challenge

A month of questions crafted with the intent to help you set your intentions for 2017, and to promote Self-growth throughout the whole year… 

2016 has been a year of heartache and disappointment. We are all ready to leave this year behind and begin anew with 2017.

Hosted by TheCrownedCrow and Static-Chaos, we ask that you join us in the month of January with this tarot challenge.

The Year Ahead tarot challenge has been designed to help you create a personal map for the year of 2017. This will be a map that not only helps you realize your goals, but also helps you grow and connect with your inner Self. This challenge will hopefully help you prepare yourSelf for a year of abundance and happiness.

We advise you make a list of intentions: all the goals that you wish to manifest this year. You may post your list, or keep it to yourself. Write yourSelf some notes on this list as the challenge progresses. Keep it to refer back to throughout the year, as it will be your map.  When 2017 ends, open up this well-worn piece of paper and see for yourSelf what you have the power to bring into fruition.

We invite you to share with the community your answers by tagging your journal entries and photographs with #yearaheadtarot. You may use whatever practice you deem fit for this challenge: tarot, oracle, runes, etc. There are no set of rules pertaining to how many cards are needed to answer a question, you may pull as many or few cards as you feel necessary. 

1. The New Year brings a moment of clarity as I look to the future. What do I need to keep in mind while setting my intentions for the year ahead?

2. The New Year also brings a moment of reflection. What is something I learned in the previous year that will help me grow in this one?

3. As I look over my list of intentions for this year, what will help me stay focused on achieving my goals in the months ahead?

4. I have my intentions set, but what is something not listed I need to focus on this year that will help me thrive?

5. Winter’s cold harvests the Summer’s remnants for new growth in the Spring. What is something I should leave behind so that new growth can take place in the coming months?

6. The aurora borealis can be seen dancing in the skies this time of year…. How might I be a beacon and uplifting inspiration to others?

7. The stars are brighter during the winter months. What wisdom do the heavens have to offer me during this time of renewal and new beginnings?

8. Winter is sometimes harsh, and unforgiving. What can I do to help strengthen mySelf against the cold and dark times I will encounter this year?

9. The hearth offers solace and warmth. How might I allow mySelf moments of comfort throughout the year to renew my spirits and realign my intentions?

10. No two snowflakes that fall from the skies are alike. What do I need to realize and celebrate about mySelf that makes me uniquely me?

11. Breath can be seen in the cold months…. What do I need to realize about the words I breathe into existence, and the effect they have on those around me?

12. The first Full Moon of the new year. What mysteries do her beams bring to light? What can I do to best prepare for the unknown in the year before me?

13. Ice covers the lakes and ponds. In what aspect of mySelf might I be walking on thin ice? Where should I focus on strengthening mySelf?

14. When life gives you a blizzard, make sno-cream! How can I engender a true sense of positivity in the face of adversity?

15. The winds of the changing seasons howl… How might I logically learn to combat my fears and embolden mySelf this year?

16. As spring takes winter’s place, I will continue to realize my intentions. How might I nurture the seeds of intention I have planted and bring them into fruition?

17. The warmer weather and the sun promise new life. What seed(s) do I need to plant in the garden of mySelf to bring me happiness and abundance this year?

18. Spring showers wash away the dust of the dry seasons. What do I need to keep in mind this year after tough situations resolve? How do I truly appreciate my good fortune?

19. The fireflies ignite, heralding summer’s arrival. What can I do to ignite my intuition throughout this year and learn to trust my innate knowledge?

20. Preparing for the coming harvests during the summer is often a cumbersome task. How might I prepare mySelf for the work needed to successfully realize my goals and growth of Self this year?

21. The heat of summer dries the earth, leaving her quenched. How can I serve to fill the cups of those around me who are parched and withered?

22. Summer often brings turbulent storms that destroy crops and storehouses…. How might I best prepare to deal with life’s storms and moments of inevitable, extreme changes?

23. During summer the crickets sing peaceful lullabies as the night falls and the temperature cools. How can I begin to understand the balance of life and better perceive the silver-linings of situations?

24. The time of harvest has come. As the intentions I have set for this year begin to manifest, how might I prepare myself to receive them, if either they manifest as I intend or otherwise?

25. I realize as I will grow and change this year, those around me will also. As those around me change, how can I be supportive and nurturing - even if I do not perceive their changes as constructive?

26. As I pull my focus inward this year, I am able to see my core, my true Self…. What do I need to remember as I examine this part of mySelf?

27. As the wheel of the year turns, I see and understand the earth’s cycles. How do I learn to recognize and respect the need for movement from one phase to the next?

28. The holidays of the coming year allow me time to be with family and friends. In what way can I strengthen my ties and better connect with those I consider family?

29. It is seldom I experience a year without any ailments. How can I remember to nourish and keep my physical Self healthy throughout this year?

30. With each day that passes of this coming year, my heart will steadily beat. How can I increase the capacity of my inner heart to accept and give more love this year?

31. I realize that there are many pieces to the whole that keeps the universe ticking. As I journey through this next year, what must I remember when I feel insignificant? What makes me integral to the machine of this clockwork universe? 

Cauldron Tips & Tricks

My favorite witchly tool is hands-down the cauldron. There’s so much that can be done - elemental magick, honoring your deities, setting a hearthfire, the list goes on!

Choosing Your Cauldron: Cauldrons come in varying shapes and sizes, but are commonly made of cast-iron and have handles. There are cooking cauldrons, which operate like large soup kettles, small, portable, mini-cauldrons for indoor use, big older copper cauldrons, and modern day kettle cauldrons, safe for cooking while camping. The ideal Witch’s cauldron is cast iron, has handles, and has a lid, if only for practical reasons: The cast iron makes it safe for many heat and flame-based spells, the handles make it easy to carry when it’s hot, and the lid is used to stamp out fires before they get out of control.

Cauldron Upkeep

Rust - This is a very real danger when filling your cauldron with liquid. Remember to always rinse out and pat dry your cauldron.

Fires - Keep a lid and sand on hand to extinguish any magickal fires. If oils are used, water won’t work as well as an extinguisher.

Tradition - I like to keep a sprig of seasonal herbs, or something else decorative, in the cauldron while it’s on the altar, so it isn’t empty. You can put the lid on it, or leave it uncovered, as you wish.

Cauldron Work

This is just the tip of the iceberg - here are some of my favorite uses for a cauldron, whether on the altar or without!

  • Honoring the Elements: Fill your cauldron according to the season or day’s elemental hold. For water, you can fill your altar cauldron with spring or rainwater and float a candle and herbs/petals correspondent to the day. For fire, you can light candles to flicker in your cauldron (see below for a safe method). For earth, the cauldron can be filled with fresh dirt and decorated with an herb bundle. For air, incense can be burned in the cauldron, on a charcoal round, or as a cone.
  • Cauldron Candlefires: You can have a blaze in your cauldron without having a hearth fire! Line the bottom of your cauldron with any type of sand (often referred to as “cauldron sand”), deep enough to stick candles of your choice in. The sand will support them, and the wax will be easier to take out.
  • Incense: Cauldrons are fantastic vessels for incense. I use mine to hold my loose resin incense, burning on a charcoal round. The handles make it perfect for carrying around a sacred space to welcome visitors and the deities. Sand should be laid down in the cauldron, and stick incense can then be placed in it to burn, or a lit charcoal round, or a piece of cone incense.
  • Scrying: Cauldrons are wonderful crying vessels. An experienced scryer can fill a cauldron with water and gaze within, or you can wax scry by dashing warm candle wax into cold cauldron waters, then interpreting the symbols.
  • Offerings: You can use cauldrons as offering bowls for your altar, your deities, or for any other purpose.
  • Balefire: Cauldrons traditionally were used to hold balefires, sacred fires of nine woods. You can safely keep a small balefire in your cauldron by layering some sand, making a small hole, placing some kindling, then topping with your bale woods (which don’t need to be nine - you can light a non-bale, regular magickal fire with your regular woods).

The possibilities only expand when you have a food-safe cauldron for cooking. Go forth, Witches, and cast! :>

- Ash

a witch's tools

🔮 crystal balls are used to scry.

💎 crystals are filled with energy. which makes them epic for spell work.

🕯 candles contain all the basic elements of the world — air, earth, water, fire. earth in the wax. water is the melted wax. the flame is obviously fire. and the air is smoke.

📖 grimoires. it’s where you put your witchy experiences, your research. all the things you have learned about magick.

🥀 herbs have magical properties for healing and spells.

⚗️ jars. it’s pretty obvious — you can contain your crystals, herbs, etc in them.

🍯 mortar and pestles to grind and mix your ingredients.

📝 sigils is a symbol created for specific magical purposes. so, they are powerful if you know what you want out of them.

🃏 tarot cards. a simple card reading can tell you about your past, present.. and future and how you can shape it.

☕️ tea and coffee are often used in the witchcraft community. they are energy manipulating drinks.

✨ wands are used by the witch pointing the wand and directing all energy towards the subject at the other end. it is viewed as an extension of the witch’s energy. it is extremely helpful in long distance spells.

📚 your local library is bound to have some non-fiction witchcraft books. not really a tool but it’s definitely a resource.

Witchy Tip:

If you can, when jarring stuff you’re going to use exclusively for magick, color code it. Red for non-edible, green for edible. Is that rosemary straight from the herbs and spices cabinet from the kitchen? Label it green. Oh, that’s not culinary lavender? Label it red, you gotta remember that.

And for when you’re perusing through your jars to see what things would work best for the spell you’re whipping up, it’d be very helpful if you listed the magickal and/or medicinal properties on the back of the jars beforehand. It helps save you time for those moments in life where you have to throw together a spell and you don’t have time to flip through your BoS or Google to find a spell to cast.

putting the properties on the back has also proved to be a good studying technique. It reminds me of how one studies by use of flash cards.


A recent Spell Book order I finished. It’s a large, 600-page book bound in what I believe is sheep skin. A gilded crescent moon shines on the front cover, surrounded by a triple-line border. 

For Young Witches 

This post is for ‘young’ witches for the most part. If you’re currently living in your parents’ household and you practice magick, this post is for you. Ok, so I guess you probably know by now that magick is for you. I guess you now know that magick is your “Home”, you now know that this is YOUR path, you know that you’re at the right place. Good. But you cannot practice as much as you want to or you probably do not really have the freedom to do so. 

You may be living with religious parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents who are not really fond of magick, let’s put it this way. So you come on here and you see all these incredibly beautiful posts, all these incredibly beautiful pictures, photos. Tools, rituals, spells, you name it, it’s all here and you know that you cannot do any of that for the time being. Many of you cannot even purchase any tools whatsoever. Don’t be despondent because of this!

I used to be exactly like you but not anymore. You won’t be a teenager for the rest of life. You won’t be living with your parents for the rest of your life. You won’t be a minor forever. So chin up! Like, now, smile and chin up. I know what it’s like but please know that you’re not the only one. I know how brilliant and beautiful people’s tools can be, their books of shadows, tarot decks, candles, herbs, incense, athames, and so on and so forth but 


 There is only one thing you need to do magick. Know what that is? It’s you, love. It’s you. It’s always been you. So don’t let the fact that you don’t have any tools keep you from practicing magick. Don’t let that bring you down one bit. 

  • You are a creator.
  •  You are THE creator.

 The tools – all of them without any exception whatsoever – can only help you with your magick. No tool can do it for you. No tool can do magick for you, no tool on its own can bring about change, results, manifestations. You are the one who brings about change through your thoughts, emotions, and intention. 

Besides, you can always craft up your own tools. I’ve seen some truly wonderful tools here on tumblr, all of them hand-made, all of them incredibly beautiful. Don’t have any magick books or can’t afford them? No problem! There’s tons of books that can be found online. So don’t give up. Don’t give up on your path. Don’t give up on your practice. Don’t give up on yourself just because your parents do not support your choice. You may respect their choice, respect the fact that they have different beliefs than you but don’t let that affect you too much. 

If you have done your ‘’soul-searching’’ and you have reached the conclusion that magick is for you, just do it anyway and again, BE CREATIVE! Eventually, you will leave your parents’ house and you will live on your own and let me tell you there’s nothing in the world that could top that off. Nothing. Just imagine it. Imagine having your own apartment, your own place. You could set up as many altars as you wish, you could do magick whenever the hell you’d want, you could do whatever you want, whenever you want it. And you WILL!

And when this happens you will be free to practice freely. You will be able to get as many tools as you wanna get. You will be able to purchase as many books as you want to purchase. For all I care you could even turn your entire apartment into an altar room (or two… or three… or more!). Gosh, I’m so guilty of that. I can still remember that day… the day I got my first tools, my athame, my first tarot deck, my crystals, my wand, altar clothes. I was literally shaking. I couldn’t breathe. That day must have been one of the happiest days of my life. I was so happy that I was gasping for air. I just couldn’t stop smiling and that day will come for you, too. But until it does, please smile, please be patient with yourself and keep practicing. Keep reading, keep expanding your horizons and your knowledge! Keep learning, keep studying, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. Don’t give up! There is Hope. 

~~That day will come, you know it will and when it does you will be the happiest person on Earth. Smile and CHIN UP my fellow witches. ~~


This is for a request made by sabrinahasablr :3

Tools for the Kitchen Witch

Here is a list of things that I would suggest that kitchen witches keep on hand. I know that we get a little caught up in the THINGS of witchcraft, but for the kitchen witch the things are much more simple and easy to come by. Also I feel like kitchen witchery is kind of about these things:

  • Wand: for a kitchen witch, the wand is one of the super fun items. Because… your spoon is your wand! Pick a favorite metal spoon or a wooden spoon, maybe decorate it, maybe not. Designate that as your wand, and make sure every magic concoction is given a good stir with it. Even use it in non food spell casting! Brandishing a spoon has a very unique and powerful feel to it ;3
  • Besom: the witch’s broom can take many forms. I like to have 2; a practical broom that I can use to clean and to cleanse, and a little broom for more symbolic cleaning. I’ll use it when I feel particularly yucky and I “sweep” out the air around me. I made mine from willow branches, and wrapped them in a long string to make the handle, and dipped the tip in wax. Easy! The kitchen witch can use any old broom to be their besom.
  • Cauldron: you’re probably getting the idea. The cauldron doesn’t have to be massive, cast iron, and hang over a fireplace. Choose a pot to be your cauldron. Specify it for magical concoctions. Making a super-charged soup for cold fighting? Pull out the cauldron! You can even use it every day, because magic is best when it happens all the time. I also keep a small ceramic bowl that I use as my mini cauldron, much like my mini broom, it’t for more symbolic workings.
  • Athame: any kitchen knife can become your athame, but having a special knife set aside for specific plant harvesting is I think a good idea. I also have a neat (and useless) arrowhead knife that I use for symbolic things in spells and rituals,
  • Empty jars. Lots of empty jars. Spells and storage!
  • Sewing kit: I really like making little sachets of herbs for various spells, and as a kitchen witch I’m always fixing and making things. Also who hasn’t had a button fall off their favorite shirt?
  • Herbs: There are a great number of dried grocery store herbs that I think a good kitchen witch will want to keep on hand, both for cooking and for magic. The are thyme, garlic, onion, ginger, bay leaf, basil, oregano, rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon. Sage is of course the witch’s all purpose cleanser, and lavender is a great herb to have. These may not be as easy to find, however lots of lavender soaps and oils are becoming available.
  • Cook book: get the most all inclusive, massive, wonderful cook book you can find. Write in it. Find things on the internet and print them out. Build a massive library of delicious things to do with food.
  • Spell book: This is also your Book of Shadows. Every witch should keep a journal, notebook, and or their own personal book in which they gather information on their craft. Record everything, even things you later don’t believe. Be informed!
  • Notebook
  • House plants: House plants are air cleaners, mood boosters, and good friends. Jade and other succulents are extremely easy to care for. I feel that kitchen witches are well suited to keeping little friends, for good spirits and the like.
  • Candles: keep candles on hand, also for spells. Birthday candles are great for some quick magic.
  • Hearth: I know that in the modern world, having a fireplace isn’t going to be possible for everyone. Kitchen witches are about the home, and as such I think that we need a “hearth”. For the urban and or poor witch, this can be a stone, a candle, a jar, anything. Make it your center. Make it the essence of your home. This makes cleansing and assessing the energy of your home a little simpler. It’s also a great way to help acknowledge the home as an entity with a heart.

That’s it! Most of these are easy to get, not only inexpensively, but also at pretty much any store. And even so, I want to say again that not all of this is necessary. You just need a kitchen to be a kitchen witch, really!

Happy cooking kitchen witches!

Be warm and be well,