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This Au takes place in the dark ages… don’t know if or when i’m gonna write this thing…

Pidge (Katie Holt):

Half Witch.
Her mother was a full blooded witch. When Pidge’s father and brother vanishes (along with Shiro) without any explanation Colleen Holt is blamed for their “deaths” and burned at the stake, Pidge cuts off her hair and runs away from the small town, in order to not get burned at the stake either, chased by the towns people who knew she’s a witch, she runs into a old forest where the turned werewolf wanders.

Can’t control her powers very well, since her mother never got the chance to teach her properly.


He ran away from an abusive foster home at age 10, he got lost in the big old forest during the night of the full moon and when it rose he found himself hunted by a dark beast and ended up scratched before he managed to escape up in a high tree. when the sun rose up he climbed down in a feverish haze he returned to be treated by the villages doctor, it was called a miracle that he was still alive and healing so good, the next full moon turned him and he ended up killing all the other children there, the owner of the orphanage and the towns people too, in a wild panic he runs away to find an abandoned cabin in the middle of the dark woods and took it as his home, living alone not wanting to kill anyone again.

Lives alone. Terrified of the full moon so he walks as deep as he can into a tunnelsystem of old mines and spends the full moon down there to not harm anyone, ever again.



can turn to almost every animal with more or less thought, his favourite form is a bear. He can’t remember who his family was, if they were human or not since he often wandered the woods as a bear or flew the skies for as a hawk as long as he can remember.


a child of a water nymph and human

Can control and breath under water like his mother, he had a strong bond with his mother even after her bodys death by a hunter, she still lives in the water and helps Lance from time to time if he’s in trouble near water 


retired Hunter.

Lost his hand in a hunt gone wrong and was lost for a year, with no memories, has an enchanted prosthetic limb, he’s not sure how he got it, but it moves like it’s his own hand despite the phantom pain that flares up in it from time to time, plagued by Nightmares, and PTSD

He knew Keith back at the orphanage and thought the worst when he found everyone mauled to death, he took up the hunt, to avenge the boy he kind of adopted as his brother.

Allura and Coran:

Allura is a full blooded Vampire from the Altean Clan that’s been around for 10 000 years, while Coran was bitten by Alfor when Allura was young.

The Galra:

The Galra are Full-blooded Werewolves


She’s a witch who uses the evil arts

The Blade of Marmora (They’re bad in this one):

Is a group of hunters, Shiro was part of their group and some don’t take kindly to him surrounding himself with monsters


Kings Masterlist

Kings Part Ten:

“(Y/N)?” Someone said and you stopped on your way into the bar, turning to look at them as you held the door open with one hand. “Roman said this way.” They motioned for you to follow them and by the time Camille came in from the back you were gone and the door snapped shut behind you.

“Really.” You sighed when you found the bar Roman had picked and the person he’d compelled to lead you walked off.

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Do you accept requests? No problem if you don’t, but if you do could you do some urban witch prompts? Thanks! :)

🍁 Person A runs a greenhouse shop at the edge of town, and Person B is their best customer, always having a specific list of what they need, always talking about their coresspondences and properties

🍁 Person B runs a witchy bake shop, and Person A is a new kitchen witch in town. They are now rivals in who has the best baked goods-

🍁 Person A lives in the two story apartment right under Person B. Always finding packages at the door, usually of things like crystals, plants, smoking pipes, journals. And they very much want to know what theyre being used for

🍁 Person B has always seen Person A sitting at the park, talking to themselves quietly, writing things down. Learning they were a spirit witch, and not insane, was a great relief 

🍁 Person A had a terrible cold, and was pretty sure the people living upstairs could hear her sneezing all day. They were very happy to learn that instead of a complaint, Person B brought homemade tea-

Love Sick

Imagine: You’re sick and Kol cares for you and confesses his feelings towards you.

A/N: Ok so this is an imagine I have had on another acc here, but lost the credentials to it! So before anyone says I stole it, I did not (-:

You and Kol were inseparable, partners in crime; sometimes mistaken as a couple. You have always thought of Kol as a brother you never had, but you have always wanted something more than a brother-sister type bond; not think of him as a ’Brother’. You love Kol and not the I love you brother-kind of way. You wanted to be in a relationship with him. Wanting to wake up to his gorgeous face every morning, sneaking little kisses here and there.
You were afraid he didn’t feel the same so you hid your feelings deep inside the chest underground. Breaking your heart on how you couldn’t love him the way you wanted to. Brushing it off and putting on the friendship act.

One day you got sick, the flu to be exact, how great. But you were glad at the same time, you felt normal with all the vampires, werewolves and witches running around the small supernatural town of Mystic Falls. Finally being able to lay in bed all day and watch movies and nap, but most of all Kol.

He always came to the rescue when you were ill. Brought you your favorite movies, snacks, and always cuddled with you to keep you warm and safe.
He was downstairs making you a cup of tea since your throat was sore and you could barely talk. If you did you sounded like you smoked 30 cigarettes a day.

Your stomach started to feel bubbly, feeling it churn, feeling nauseous. You knew what was coming up. Thinking if calling Kol to help you get out if bed to the restroom, but quickly backed out of that plan. You didn’t want Kol seeing you puke up chicken noodle soup in your toilet. Dragging, yourself out if bed and into the rest room and kneeled down. Feeling you body aching with every movement you made. With out hesitation you spilled out the soup and into ur toilet, gagging  as the food arose from your stomach to esophagus and out your mouth. But then you suddenly felt better. Cringing at the smell and sight you flushed it down, sighing hoping on not puking again.

Oh my god, ew.You whispered to yourself.

You lifted yourself off the floor and onto brushing your teeth, not wanting the disgusting breath and nasty after taste. But before you could Kol intruded.

Hey, Y/N darling? I broug-” But immediately stopped, dropping the cup of tea onto your floor and rushed to you with his inhuman speed, even if he was just 10 feet away from you.

Why are you up from bed, love? You should be having your rest.” He sounded quite upset but worried of your health, not giving two craps of the broken tea cup and the spilled tea. You just smiled weakly at how much he cared. Feeling yourself feel light headed and dizzy, groaning at the sharp pain starting in your head. Kol saw and picked you up bridal style and took you into your bed. Kol handing you an aspirin with your tea. Willing taking them to make you feel better. Kol, covering you in the piles and piles of blankets warming you up. Feeling the bed shift with a heavy weight coming onto it. Wanting to turn around to face him, but fail at the heavy weight of the blankets and decide to stay that way. You felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist pulling into Kol’s chest, smiling to yourself. Falling asleep quickly, letting soft little snores fall out as you enjoyed your slumber.

After an hour of a great nap, you fluttered your eyes open. Headache gone, but of course your god awful flu was still there. Still feeling Kols arms wrapped tightly around you and not wanting this to end, you still pretended to be peacefully asleep. And of course Kol thinking you’re still asleep. He spoke out, something you have always wanted to hear. “Well, darling you’re alseep and I think I should speak out what I have always wanted to tell you but too much of a coward to say this to you.” Whispering to himself, you just rose a brow about what he meant.

I love you Y/NHe breathed out, making your heart jump out of your chest. Did he just? No, not the ”I love you like a sister“ love. I truly love you, I want to wake up to your beautiful face everyday. Kiss you whenever I please, say I love you to you a thousand times a day ─ call you mine.” He sighed. But, of course you may not feel the same about me. The bratty, irresponsible Original, eh?” Chuckling at the thought of you actually having feelings for him, but you did. You just kept smiling at yourself at his words.
He did love you.
You just wanted to jump up and kiss the cheeky boy. You shifted a little, now pretending to “just wake up.” Rubbing your eyes to take away the sleepiness. Using all your force to move to face Kol, still in his embrace.

“Hi” You lazily smiled.

“Well, hello there sleepy head. You’ve been asleep for centuries, darling.” He sarcastically said, causing you to giggle.

“How are you feeling, love?” Putting his large hand on your cheek, with the pad of his thumb making circles onto your cheek.

“I’m better, actually.” Really meaning it.

“I’m glad to hear that, soon we can start planning a prank I was thinking on pulling on my dear old brother Nik.” He snickered. Causing you to smile.

“I’d love to, would be pretty fun to see klaus pissed off and try to dagger you and stuff you into a box.” Trying to hold back your laughter.

“Very funny Y/N, but do not come crawling to Nik to undagger me of how much you miss me so so much.” Showing a pout as the words came out.

You just groaned and nuzzled you face into his chest. Feeling his chest vibrating as he laughed. Soon it died down, both if you in silence. Breaking the peaceful silence, you finally said the words you’ve been wanting to say for a long time.

“I love you too Kol, I-I heard what you said earlier.” You sheepishly said.

“Did you mean what you said?” Questioning the words he said when you were “asleep.”

Kol looking down feeling embarrassed ghat you found out, he slowly nodded his head.

“Of course I love you, Y/N, you’re perfect love. You’re gorgeous, such marvelous beauty you have, darling.” Making your cheeks heat up.

“You’re hilarious! Always got the best pranks planned if I say so myself ─ though, not quite as stupendous as mine of course.” Making him smirk and just making you roll your eyes at his extreme cockiness.

“And my I say Y/N, darling, you have a smokin hot bo-” Before you could finish you covered your mouth and cringed.

“Okay! That’s enough.” Making you both laugh.

Both your eyes bored into eachother, Kol looked down to your lips and back your eyes. Licking his lips, where as you took your bottom lip in between your teeth. You knew where this was heading. He slowly started to lean in but you quickly stopped him.

“Kol no! I’m sick and gross, and my mouth has the after taste of vomit.” Cringing at the thought.

“The thing is Y/N, I don’t give a damn.” And with that he crashed his lips onto yours.

Both moving in sync. Feeling butterflies and fireworks go off everywhere. The kiss was sweet and passionate, just as you imagined, but better. You both broke the kiss, bow breathless and in amazement of how magical it was.

“Wow.” You both say in unison. Both smiling like idiots on how amazing the kiss was.

You both stared at each other for a while, but you finally laid your head back onto his chest, ready for another nap.

“I love you Kol Mikaelson.”

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N.”

How To Burn A Witch

How do you burn a witch? In the age of computers in a world where people are not only aware but also afraid of witches, it’s simple. All you have to do is expose her. Out her as a witch across all of her social media. Tell all your friends about the nasty old witch in town.

She’ll be blamed for all the mysterious things that have happened in town. She’ll be fired for her job under fear of cursing a customer or stealing from the register. Her neighbors, whose kids she used to babysit and secretly entertain with real magic tricks, will no longer let her near their children out of fear that she’ll use them in some terrible ritual. All of her friends will deny that they ever knew her so they don’t get associated with the witch just down the street.

Eventually, the witch hunt will get so bad that she won’t even be able to leave her house. They’ll spray paint slurs on her windows. They’ll track down her familiars and slaughter them, leaving the corpses on her front lawn. They might even kill animals who just look like her familiars, and leave those on her front lawn too. Why should she get to have pets, they reason, when she’s clearly the one who killed theirs with a curse?

She won’t even be able to fight back against the witch hunt because she knows that any spell she casts against them will just add fuel to the fires of their prejudice. They’ll take it as further proof that the terrible old witch really is as awful as you claimed. It will just give them more reason to fear her, and all she wants is to be accepted in a world that seems inherently biased against her kind.

Her only option will be to find a quiet moment in the dead of night and fly away from the hunt. She’ll have to drive to the next town over and keep driving until the sun rises, all the while searching for a town that doesn’t know her name or what she is. She tells herself that maybe this time she’ll be able to find a place in the world where they aren’t afraid of witches. Maybe this time she won’t be exposed and run out of town by people who are too small-minded to see her for her.

So how do you burn a witch? You don’t need a stake and a fire underneath her. All you need to do is expose her and watch her life burn itself away.

A Thing About You

Summary: When he first started noticing it he thought it was an Emma thing. It was a Killian thing. Also on FF.net
 KL for Killian Love
Word Count: 3 000+

I just need him to feel loved, ok?

When he first started noticing it he thought it was an Emma thing. And it only made him love her more.


The first time they actually ate together at Granny’s they had breakfast and he let her order for him. Emma called for pancakes and waffles and allowed him to try both and choose which one he wanted (he wanted the pancakes, of course).

He still remembers the way her cheeks flushed prettily under his awed gaze and the way she struggled to give him at annoyed look.

“What? I’m letting you choose breakfast, not our kids’ names!”

Yeah, that didn’t help much.

“Oh God! I didn’t-I-Not that we-I mean, no, I- Ugh! Just eat your pancakes!”

And he did. But she kept stealing glances at him. Observing the amount of chocolate sauce he poured over his breakfast, the way he cut the dough into four perfectly identical triangles and the way he left the slightly burned ones for last because they were just that little bit better.

The day he has breakfast at her apartment for the first time Emma makes him pancakes. Four identical triangle piles, slightly burned, with the perfect amount of chocolate sauce on top (which is a lot because chocolate in the Enchanted Forest was always bitter and here, ironically, it’s magical).

She studiously avoids his gaze so he has to settle for thanking her with a chocolate-flavoured kiss (it’s not that big of a sacrifice).

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Anonymous said:Dipper being the town witch? Dipper finished drawing the last rune and tied off the end of his cording.  "Pines?“  He glanced up with a smile to Mr, Huffman- his choir teacher.  "Mr. Huffman!  Here for your smudges?  I just finished the last one this morning.” “Thank you so much!  They’ve really been helping my wife.”  The greying man glance down at the rune chain spread out on the deck.  "Who’s that for?“ "Protection runes for Robbie.  He’s convinced that there is a dark spirit hanging around in the graveyard.”  He murmured as he dug through his work box.  "Here we are!  One classic sage, one rosemary and sage, two sweet grass and lavender.“ "How much do I owe you?”  He gratefully too the pouch of smudges, free hand digging into his pocket for his wallet.   “Nothing nothing.”  Dipper shook his head.  "I am just here to help.“ With another thank you Mr, Huffman took his leave.  "You’re such a good little witch.”  DIpper turned with a smirk at the chuckle.  Bill was leaning on the door frame with a grin. “I had a great teacher.”  He grinned back and bent down to gather up the rune chain.  "Now this ‘little witch’ has a delivery to make.“ "Mr. witch, Mr. Witch!”  He looked up to a small gathering of town kids running toward him, little Katie at the head.  "Hi Mr.Cipher!“  They greeted before turning their attention back to Dipper.  "Mr. Witch we have something for you!” “Oh- and what did you bring me?”  He gave a bemused smile as he sat on the edge of the deck.   “You always make great things for the town people so we wanted to make something for you!”  With great flare one of them… James?- produced a hat box from behind his back. With a curious look Dipper took it, opening to revel a wide brimmed witches hat.  It was dark brown, its tip seemed to want to flop to one side.  Instead of a buckle or ribbon it had a thin strip or burlap around its base twisted with skinny twigs- green moss clinging to some of them.  A cluster of dried and book pressed leaves- a few green, some in glorious fall color were stitched onto one side, a couple barely over hanging the brim.  In the midst of the leaves there was a small cluster of acorns and a couple little pine cones.   In the center of it all- looking like they were holding the whole thing together- were two painted wooden pins.  A golden triangle and a blue pine tree side by side. 'As they should be.’ He smiled.  "How did you preserve the leaves?“ "Miss. Mabel helped us with a little potion!  We wanted it to look like the forest cause you know so much about it!”  A pigtailed blonde girl- Sarah- pipped up. “Wear it!”  Katie cheered- the other kids joining her.  He felt his cap pulled off and black gloved hands reached over him for the new hat, putting it carefully atop his head. “Yay!”  The kids cheered. “Looking good Pine Tree.  You really are a good little witch now.”  Bill whispered in his ear.  "You earned your hat.“
Crossroads - part one

Summary  After Emma comes back home, she’s faced to another threat, the Wicket Witch, and she decides to bring back from the dead everyone the Evil Queen ever killed. Including Graham. (Bits of ST, of Gremma, but mostly Captain Swan.

Thank to Montana for betaing, and this is for Diana, for Lexi and for BK. Yes I’m back with a Graham/Emma/Killian fic. Sorry not sorry darlings. 

I hope you enjoy !

Storybrooke hadn’t changed much, or so Emma thought the first time she crossed the line of the town she once ruled as the sheriff, driving the bug tentatively over deserted streets of the magical town. Her hands were gripping the wheel tightly, nails digging into the leather of it, her teeth worried her bottom lip as she shot Henry, who was sitting in the backseat, looking thrilled and excited as he looked around, and then Hook a glare, the pirate looking at her insistently.

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Witch hunt AU | Closed rp


The witch has reached a new town after running for so long. Breathing hurted her, and she just wanted to rest. To sleep. The hood of her coat pulled down to cover her emerald eyes, she walked through the streets. It was evening, and the temperature around her started to get colder.

After some time she found a place where no people were around. A little alleyway. There she sat down on the ground. She didn’t look much different than any homeless woman, so even if someone passed by they would ignore her -hopefully.

For a little time she sat there, resting. Her legs hurted, she had a headache. And she was cold. Very cold. She had to do something against it before her body temperature dropped.

“ I am warm, I am fire.
All this warmth is my desire.”