witches are still human to me

Small Things To Contact Spirits About

…If you want to flex your communication muscles but don’t want to be cutting deals or making things complicated for now. Just little things to try.

  • Let me hear a love story
  • Show me a song from your people
  • Tell me something you did today that you are proud of
  • Let me draw a portrait of you
  • Tell me a little about your culture
  • Ask me any questions you may have about human culture (and I will answer them, if I can.)
  • Look at this song/story/poem I wrote, tell me what you think.
  • Tell me my local reputation, if I have one.
  • Tell me your story (and if desired, I will record it and pass it on for more to see.)
  • Share a joke.
  • Let me admire your beauty/grace/powerful appearance/plumage/scales/wings/great personality
  • Tell me about your friends
  • What is your one big token of advice?
  • Teach me how to make my home more welcoming for you (while still being safe for me.)

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there’s like 2 eps left and i’ll admit a very small smart of me is still hoping that they let bamon happen at like, the very end. the build up is there, they just need to follow through. the satisfying thing about it happening in the finale is that the writers can’t fuck it up after that, you know? they can walk off into the sunset together, bickering, and smiling at each other in that way they do, and i can fill in the rest of the blanks without the writers twisting it up unnecessarily


relating to, but not limited to, witchcraft & witchery. may or may not contain triggers, categorized by good/bad/neutral as requested.  please proceed to read/reblog with caution.


❛ not all spells are bad, you must stray away from the bad magic. ❜ 
❛ there’s nothing wrong with a bit of magic, as long as it’s for the good. ❜ 
❛ you’re like a vase and the magic is the water.  ❜ 
❛ i don’t need magic to see that. ❜ 
❛ not every spell is considered to be bad. ❜ 
❛ this spell book here contains no such bad magic nor will it ever. ❜ 
❛ i’m working up a new potion. it’s for the greater good, of course. ❜ 
❛ i’ve never used my powers/magic for anything but good things. ❜ 
❛ there is no competition with magic, you either possess, or you don’t. ❜ 
❛ no one power/magic is better nor greater than the other. ❜ 
❛ remember, everything you learn is to be used for good. ❜
❛ you think every witch/sorcerer is bad? do i look evil to you?  ❜ 
❛ i’ve only ever used my magic/powers for good. ❜ 
❛ it’s not the magic/powers that are bad, it’s the person who possesses it. ❜   
❛ there is good and bad in everything, you must always chose to be good. ❜ 
❛ my powers/magic are not a weapon! i will not be treated as such! ❜ 
❛ i cannot help you with your wishes, it’s far too evil. ❜ 
❛ magic is a delicate thing and i treat it as such. ❜ 
❛ i don’t always use magic/my powers, i don’t always need to. ❜ 
❛ it is a blessing not a curse, it’s only a curse if you wish to do evil. ❜ 
❛ i did come here to show off my powers/magic, what do you take me for? ❜ 
❛ i’m not a witch! i’m a person possessing magic. big difference. ❜ 
❛ these are healing potions, they will heal just about any form of life. ❜ 
❛ the good always outweighs the bad, just remember that. ❜ 
❛ it’s best to use magic/powers when you understand them.  ❜ 


❛ i’ve never used magic for anything other than evil. ❜
❛ i will be the greatest and the most powerful, mark my words. ❜
❛ i’ve hexed so many people, i’ve lost count. ❜
❛ a curse is never easy to lift, hence the sole purpose of it. ❜
❛ what’s the point in having powers/magic, if you don’t take advantage? ❜
❛ you have always abused your magical privileges.  ❜
❛ i wouldn’t use my powers/magic for the good if it was life and death. ❜
❛ you really only know how to cast curses/hexes? ❜
❛ i specialize in curses and hexes only, anything else is just noise. ❜
❛ shhh, you shouldn’t even speak of such dark magic. ❜
❛ this book is full of the darkest magic you’ll ever read. ❜
❛ what is the difference between voodoo and dark magic? ❜
❛ dark magic is wonderful, you learn the most from it. ❜
❛ there are so many hexes/curses to cast, i never know which one to pick. ❜  
❛ have you ever had a curse/hex casted upon you? ❜
❛ there is no such thing as good magic. ❜
❛ why are you so wicked with such a beautiful gift? ❜
❛ you do not deserve to possess magic/powers. ❜
❛ i’ve got a wicked idea in mind, want to hear? it involves magic. ❜
❛ the best magic of all, of course, is dark magic. ❜
❛ have you ever wanted to step into voodoo? ❜
❛ this a book of dark magic/voodoo, but it is not easy to open. ❜
❛ you have to do a sacrifice to get this dark magic/voodoo book open. ❜
❛ have you ever participated in voodoo ritual? it’s very liberating. ❜
❛ all of these spells contain blood and sacrifice… ❜


❛ what witch/sorcerer doesn’t own a spell book? ❜
❛ for future reference, never interrupt my ritual again. ❜
❛ gemstones are great collectibles for healing. ❜
❛ every movie about witchcraft is kind of off point, i feel. ❜
❛ i’m unable to use magic/my powers until i’m older. ❜
❛ do you fly on broom stick and all that? ❜
❛ it’s actually rather hard to stir up a potion. ❜
❛ i don’t own a wand nor a broom stick, but i will drop a house on you. ❜
❛ spell books are often hard to find. ❜
❛ i could close my eyes, pretend to concentrate and you would be scared. ❜
❛ you know they used to hang witches back in the olden days. ❜
❛ this isn’t a spell, this is common sense. ❜
❛ this isn’t magic, it’s just glitter. ❜
❛ i’ve always wanted to live in a cabin in the woods though. ❜  
❛ the best time to do a ritual is of an evening. ❜
❛ would like to do a healing ritual with me? it’s harmless. ❜
❛ let’s go candle shopping, come on! i love candles! ❜
❛ i’m still human, you know, with feelings! ❜
❛ you know, there is something else i possess; feelings! ❜
❛ look, it’s really not like any of that. ❜
❛ what’s so special about it? nothing, of course. it’s not special. ❜
❛ i don’t feel any greater or better because of it. ❜
❛ there are spells/potions that can be used for both, good and evil. ❜
❛ i would rather not use magic/my powers, i’d rather pretend i don’t have any. ❜
❛ i would never flaunt it as if it’s something so great to have! ❜

🔮witchy tips🔮

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🔮don’t be afraid to chant/speak during your spells. many people hold back from chant in their spells, or don’t give forward all of their energy when they chant. i am guilty of this as well. if you have a verbal piece in your spell, rock it, whether you’re in a coven, or alone. your spell will suffer if you do not pour your energy into it. dont be afraid! work it witch!

🔮don’t be afraid to use foreign language in your spells. although it is not completely necessary, different languages in spells are a tool that is at your fingertips. try it! you might like spell work in another language. 

🔮don’t be afraid to ask for help. if there is a certain topic you are confused on, ask someone in the community. don’t hold back from any questions. use your fellow witches as a recourse. if you have any questions, (although i’m still new myself,) you can come to me!

🔮defend your beliefs. many people imagine witches to be worshippers of satan. people believe that we sacrifice humans and sheep for spell work. you and i both know that this isn’t true, so, defend yourself! spread light on the craft. put into the world only what you wish would come to you. 

🔮be yourself in the craft. don’t hide yourself from other witches, and don’t hide your beliefs from others. it’s a beautiful world in which some scary people live, but personally, i believe our beliefs should be celebrated. celebrate yourself, because your gods and goddesses would want that for you.


The oh so powerful cured vampire - Klaus Mikaelson imagine

Request – Can you do a imagine with Klaus protecting one of his long time witch friends daughter and he feels in debt to the friend for helping him break his curse but he falls in love with her. From  @wes1wifey

I’m so sorry that this took so long and I sort of added a lot more details into the friendship so I hope you enjoy it.

Warnings – 3 different POV’s                            

Y/M/N – Your mothers name

Y/L/N – Your last name



It had been a while since I had last saw my best friend, Klaus Mikaelson. Maybe a couple hundred years at least. His sister, Rebekah turned me into a vampire a few years after they had learnt all their different trick and treats that they had acquired once their mother turned them into the people they are now. Ever since i turned, I was around at least one Mikaelson. I was there the many times that Klaus daggered his siblings and I was also there when he undaggered them, watching him face the hatred that they had for him in that moment.  I always found it weird that I never developed any romantic feelings for any of the brothers as I spent my whole 1000 years of life with them. Maybe this was because I always felt like they were my siblings too, as I did grow up with them.  

Although I love being a vampire, I miss what I never had. Every day I wish I had children or that I could do magic again. Yes I was a witch, which is one of the main reasons as to why I did grow up with the Mikaelson’s; their mother taught me the magic I still remember to this day.

Klaus’ POV:

“Y/M/N, where are you!” I roared. I could feel the walls moving in reaction to my loud voice.

“Yes Niklaus” She smiled at me. She knows I hate it when people use my full name. Just call me either Nicki or Klaus, it’s not that hard to understand. “I’m joking, yes Klaus”

“I need you to gather some witches. We’re going to break my curse”

After a few weeks of rivalry’s and unusual friendships, I managed to break my curse thanks to Y/M/N’s witch friends and the last human doppelganger.  My and my family decided to stay in Mystic Falls for a while as it was a nice town that we all felt comfortable in. About 6 months after I broke my curse, all the supernatural residents of Mystic falls learnt about a cure for vampirism and after a long journey to get it with a lot of betrayal within, my best friend ended up taking the cure after it has passed through a couple of people. And she left to start a new life.


~20 years later~

After a long thousand years, I finally got my wish, I was a witch again. The past twenty years have been amazing although I did have to move away from the Mikaelson’s as I had the cure running through my veins so I had to cut ties with all vampires. Shortly after I moved across the country, i fell in love with an amazing man a few years after I got cured and fell pregnant shortly after. My daughter is one of the best things to happen to me, she is perfect. The only problem is, I haven’t told her my past yet. She doesn’t know anything about me being alive over 1000 years, being a cured vampire and she doesn’t even know about me being a witch. I’ve been protecting her for as long as I can but im afraid it is impossible for me to do so now.  

A few weeks ago, as I was picking up some groceries, I had a weird feeling that I only used to get around vampires. As I was driving home that day, I noticed a car following me and ever since that day, the same car has been following me around wherever I go. There is only one thing to do.

“Honey” I say to my 17-year-old daughter, Y/N. “pack your bag, we’re going to see my old friend in New Orleans”

Y/N’s POV:

I always knew there was something not normal about my mother’s childhood stories or just her in general. I always had a certain vibe about her, like magical or something like that. Although that’s silly, there’s no such thing as magic.

Right at this second, I am packing my bag for god knows how long of a stay with my mom’s old friend in New Orleans that she has never mentioned before. I need to know how long we’re staying for otherwise I wont pack as much as I need, maybe more.

“Mom, how long are we staying? I don’t know how much to pack” I shout out to her, thinking she was in her bedroom next to mine.

“I’m right here you don’t need to shout” She says chuckling to herself. “You don’t need to pack much and if we end up staying longer than planned, we can just go shopping. There are some amazing shops in the area that we are going to”

“How come you’ve never talked about this ‘old friend before but now we’re going to stay with them for a while?”

“Sweetheart, just hurry up and pack and ill explain everything you need to know in the car” She explained to me. This got me worried, what else wasn’t she telling me?

I nodded, signaling to her that I would do just that and wait till the car ride to find out what I needed to know.

The car ride to New Orleans was weird. I ended up learning way more than I half expected. I learnt my mother was a witch, who was a vampire and was born over 1000 years ago. I also found out that im a witch and the bracelet my mother gave me when I was 5, stops my magic from working. It was a lot to take in.

Klaus’ POV:

As usual, Kol had brought in a sea of bodies as his search to bring back Davina still continues to fail. It’s been 18 years and he still loves her. I’ve got to say he has dedication.

Its been over 20 years since I last saw or heard from my best friend, Y/M/N. For all I know she could be dead.

As I walk down the stairs of my home, I catch sight of Rebekah and Elijah standing facing me, with 2 women in front of them. I couldn’t tell who they were but my siblings looked somewhat over the moon to see these people. I wonder who they could be.

“My darling brother and sister, care to introduce me to our guests” I say walking up to them smiling while they look over the two womens shoulders like something out of a movie.

“My my, its been a long time since I’ve heard Niklaus’ voice” There is only one person who dares to say my full name.

“Y/M/N?” I questioned my best friend as her and the other women turned around.

“Yes, its me and the latest generation of the Y/L/N witch bloodline. Meet Y/N”. She said and oh my god, I have never saw a more beautiful woman in all my life.


Werewolf!Jungkook (Boyfriend)

Last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan princes, the second half of Jinkook, the golden maknae who is so cute and funny and I’m so happy he’s come out of his shell so much bc he seems so happy and that makes me really happy bc happy!BTS is my favorite BTS, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • I’ve written three things for werewolf!kook so far, there’s the description of him as a werewolf in general, which is part one (here) part two is him falling in love with a human (here) and of course, werewolf!kook as a father (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Since one of the requests was for human!reader, I’ll be using that to start off with
  • Such a sweet boyfriend oh my lord
  • Always wants to make you happy 25/8, when you’re sad, he’s sad
  • S o many inside jokes the two of you can’t even keep up sometimes like why is that one even funny??? idk but it’s funny
  • Forever doing something funny tbh, making faces, doing that signature dance of his, talking in weird voices
  • You walk in one day to hear him using that weird deep voice he does sometimes while cooing at his dog and it’s a bit ?? to hear that voice saying shit like “who’s a good boy?? You’re a good boy!!” 
  • It doesn’t take too long for you to see him in his wolf form but it’s also not as quick as some of the other members
  • Kook doesn’t wanna scare you at all and he knows that just the fact that he’s a werewolf can be something you need time to adjust to so the last thing he wants to do is rush things and start chilling out as a wolf in your apartment
  • But he also really loves being in his wolfy state so he’s conflicted bc he can either go for it and just hope you react well or he could keep waiting
  • You know about the whole wolf thing, he told you about it when he was explaining that he wasn’t exactly human but it hasn’t really been brought up since so he’s not sure if he should bring it up again or if he should just do it or if he should ask if it’s okay
  • There’s one day where you’re meant to be gone all day long, you’re visiting some friends who live in a different city and you’re considering spending the night with them and everything so Jungkook figures it’s safe to chill out in his wolf form bc he has the apartment to himself
  • He’s not expecting you to come back that night at all so when you walk into the apartment and see a wolf in your bed, both of you are pretty shocked
  • He’s staring at you, you’re staring at him and the pup is just rolling around
  • In the back of your mind, you know it’s Jungkook bc it’s only been a couple months of knowing he’s a werewolf so you still remember the lil bit he threw in about being able to turn into a wolf but you’d thought he was joking to lighten the mood
  • You didn’t think he could actually turn into a wolf yet there’s a wolf laying on your bed, playing with your dog
  • He’s the biggest wolf in the pack so he’s not a teeny tiny pup, he’s got super long legs and he’s just overall a pretty big wolf, he’s got this really dark dark brown pretty much black fur
  • Although his eyes are more of a wolf’s size and shape, they still have the same color and the same familiarity to them
  • After that initial fear of seeing an actual wolf in your room, you put two and two together and decide to see if your memory is correct so you reach out to the wolf and hope that you’re right bc if not you may have just lost your hand
  • But thankfully you’re right and it’s just kookie and he gets so happy seeing that you accepted that part of him, his lil tail is wagging and he’s rolling around with the pup and you’re just :D bc your boys are happy
  • Seeing him on the full moon is really cool tbh bc he’s a really beautiful wolf as is but seeing him in his element is just w h o a
  • The pack is huge and the majority of them are werewolves (there are a few humans though) so it’s just countless wolves running around and chasing each other and tackling each other and play fighting and rolling around in the dirt
  • Kook has a l o t of energy, he’s a v v playful pup so he spends most of the night playing with Vmin and hobi or bugging Jin as much as he can before Jin starts chasing him around
  • The first full moon you spend with him, he’s really protective and doesn’t leave your side, even though his paw is literally twitching from how much energy he’s got built up from the full moon and his head is on your lap so none of the other wolves try to play with you bc that could end with you getting hurt
  • Once you spend more and more time with the pack, he eases up with his protectiveness
  • He helps teach you all the ways to make sure you’re safe when you’re playing with the wolves, he shows you how to warn them they’re biting too hard or getting too rough before they actually cause any damage (accidentally of course, sometimes they don’t realize how rough they’re being, especially with humans)
  • If it’s a serious threat, he won’t ease up until the threat is l on g gone and has absolutely zero chance of coming back
  • He’s one of the fighters in the pack so he’s got zero issues with defending himself or you or anyone
  • He’s not afraid to use his size to his advantage bc sometimes, just seeing a wolf of that size with that much power is enough to subdue any thoughts of attacking him
  • But also there’s always that one person who has to test the limits and it’s that person that gets the wrath of an extremely pissed off Jungkook and it’s that person that is very lucky Namjoon is there to intervene
  • Kook is protective over all of his pack but at the same time, you’re his person, you’re his mate and there’s a boost in protectiveness that comes with that
  • As I’ve mentioned in the other posts, werewolves don’t have the same type of jealousy that humans do
  • Their jealousy isn’t all that concerned with losing their partner bc they mate for life, they typically fall in love once and then that’s it, they’re together for the rest of their lives so they never have to worry about losing their partner or cheating or anything like that
  • Their jealousy is more attention based, more playful and puppy like
  • He does get jealous when you give too much attention to someone else and he does the tongue thing and just stares at you for a while before he starts doing something to get your attention
  • Depending on who it is and why they have your attention, he’ll either start doing something to impress you, like push ups, or he’ll do something dumb to make you laugh, like stand behind the other person and make faces or try to mouth whatever they’re saying
  • You’re human so you do experience the typical jealousy but kook finds it kinda cute and endearing but also confusing bc “I’m yours ?? why worry about them so much when you’ve got me for life”
  • He’s a good looking man with an amazing personality so he’s gonna get some people who are gonna be flirty or try to ask him out or anything along those lines but he’s super super loyal and doesn’t really give them the time to get that part out
  • Once he starts hearing that first hint of them getting flirty, he gets a bit flustered bc !!!! o h no that’s not supposed to happen but then he snaps out of it and makes it clear that he’s okay with being platonic completely and totally platonic just friends but nothing more than that
  • “What are you doing on Friday??”
  • “Ask my love, we probably have a date planned bc we’re dating”
  • When it comes to you being insecure about being a human in a pack full of werewolves, he’s always really supportive and sweet
  • Kook is actually really empathetic, judging from the lyrics of Begin, and there was one time a fan was crying in front of him and he kinda just held her hand and helped her calm back down as much as he could
  • He’s gonna sit with you and let you talk it out if you need to and he’ll keep your hands held tight in his and give them lil kisses and he may get a bit teary eyed too bc he never ever wants you to think like that
  • He doesn’t care whether you’re a human, witch, werewolf, whatever, he’s still gonna be a lil lovesick puppy for you and he wants you to know that
  • The next day, he plans the entire day out to make you feel special and extra loved, he’s got reservations for your favorite restaurant, you two are going to your favorite stores and spending the afternoon cuddled on the couch playing video games or watching a movie/show together
  • “You know I really don’t care about that right?? I actually love that you’re human, it’s easy for a werewolf to accept a werewolf but a human accepting us is rare so it makes me feel even more loved that you accept me anyways” 
  • Werewolf!Jungkook as a boyfriend is a playful pup with a whole lot of love for you who’s always down for cuddling in the rain and being your personal heater in winter
Fathoms Below - Part 3 (Mermaid/Pirates AU with Jason Todd)

Part 1 | Part 2

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“She can’t leave, but she also can’t stay? Do you realize how little sense you just made?” Jason asked, his voice getting louder as he became angrier.

“She can’t stay here because the kiss won’t last forever.” Bruce explained calmly. “I have seen a situation similar to this before. The kiss will only last a couple days. I’ve only seen one person stay underwater until the kiss wore off. The League had found the human and brought him back to their base. They kept him locked up until he drowned.” Bruce’s eyes grew hard at the memory. He had been training with the League, learning their fighting style. He would never forget the fear in the man’s eyes as the magic wore off and water flooded his lungs. It had been at that moment he decided to leave.

Jason looked at Y/N’s pale face. Her breathing had quickened and she was obviously terrified. He rubbed her shoulder in the hopes it would help her calm down. “We have to get her to the surface before then.”

“I agree. There is still the problem of her knowing about us though. She cannot leave with the knowledge that merfolk exist.” Bruce said firmly.

“Well, we cannot just let her die either!” Jason exclaimed. Y/N jumped a bit and he held her closer to him, as though trying to protect her from his family.

“No one here wants her to die, Jason, calm down.” Dick said softly.

“Excuse me for not quite believing that.” Jason said in a sarcastic tone. He and Dick exchanged glares.

“Enough!” Bruce cried out, tired of the fighting between his sons. “I know a way we can fix this. There is a witch who live not too far away from here. Her magic can take away memories. If you take Y/N to her before the League finds out, there is a good chance we can get Y/N home long before the spell wears off.”

“What happens if the League finds me first?” Y/N asked in a small voice. She hadn’t spoken a word since Dick had found her and Jason on the abandoned ship.

Bruce’s eyes softened with compassion when he heard the fear in her voice. “We’ll do everything in our power to help you.” She looked uncertain, but she nodded in understanding.

“Where does the witch live?” Jason asked.

“In a cave on the edge of the kelp forest.” Bruce said, he picked up a map and circled the location. He held it out to Jason, but didn’t let go. “I want Dick to go with you.”

“You still don’t trust me?” Jason asked incredulously.

“It isn’t about trust. If one of the members of the League finds her, you are going to need all the help you can get.” Bruce said as he released his hold on the map. “Keep in the shadows. Don’t move in the open. And don’t let anyone see you have a human with you.”

Dick and Jason both nodded as they started to head out the way they came, with Y/N clinging to Jason’s shoulders. “Good luck!” They heard a bunch of their siblings cry out as they exited the tunnel and entered the open ocean.

“We’re sure as hell going to need it.” Dick muttered as he looked at Y/N’s worried face. The sooner they got rid of her, the better.


Brett x Reader

A/N: This is a very old request I got from an anon and I think it got deleted when my tumblr fucked me up, but I still manage to write it down before it all happen.

Anonymous said:
Good evening, dearest! Can I request imagine, where Brett confessing to his crush-witch that she his anchor, but she afraid to say something because for witch showing their feelings is a weakness. It can be angst or fluff, I trust your choice! :) (And sorry for my language)

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The entire place was sort of remembrance to the heretic, there he sat in a chair with chains all over his body keeping him still and trapped. ”I’m back in hell ” kai muttered sarcastically trying to break free but failed. His eyes gazed around the bar, everything was bare, but there stood Bonnie Bennett behind the lights in the dark. She walked slowly into the light carrying the new ascendant. “Where is everyone” kai asked lowly starring bonnie straight into her eyes darkly.

”There is no one else, just you and your insecure little mind, and a song you hate on a jukebox forever ” Bonnie spoke playing around with the ascendant, kai’s face became still this couldn’t be happening. 

The ascendant was the only thing keeping him once again isolated, he was all alone. His head hangs low staring at the tiled floor, his mind wandered off thinking about y/n. “Bonnie, where’s y/n” kai asked lifting his head up looking at her. There was silence in the atmosphere, nothing was coming out. 

“Bonnie, where is she”

“Where, is she”  he asked again with his tone a little louder. Bonnie walked closer towards him, “She’s far away, from you”.

 Kai began to feel a lot of pain, the love of his life is back in mystic falls still under the spell, one day y/n will wake from the spell, and kai wouldn’t be there to see it happen. He wouldn’t be there to hold her or to see her face when she wakes, the pain got stronger in his chest. He closed he eyes to focus on a memory, the first time they met. She smiled so brightly at the heretic, “I’m y/n" the human girl said pulling back a strand of hair from her face. That action the human girl did made his dead heart beat fast, she was so beautiful. He didn’t want to forget about the first person who never gave up on him and gave him a chance, y/n believed that there was still good in him. The love he felt for this girl was strong, it was extraordinary. He tried to focus more, but bonnie stopped him. The bennett witch turned around walking away from the heretic, kai kept pulling hard against the chains needing to break free. 

“Wait, wait, wait “

“Please, please bonnie. You can’t do this, y/n needs me” kai pleaded once again trying to get out of the chains, he tried chanting spells from left to right but nothing was happening. What was going to happen when y/n wakes up, she’s not going to remember him. He could just imagine her waking up, she would ask so many questions about him, but nobody would answer. She would be in a lot of pain, tears streaming down her face. His mind came back to reality.






The bennett witch was nowhere to be seen. She left him alone. Kai’s eyes watered, the worst fear wasn’t being back in the prison world it was the fact of never seeing y/n ever again. Kai screamed and screamed, y/n will never get a chance to see him, he couldn’t be with her .This was it, she was gone forever. Kai parker was alone for eternity, the love of his life was also alone. The heretic cried nonstop more and more until the pain went away, but the pain didn’t vanish it stayed. Y/n was far out of his reach forever. She was gone .

Your World Come True

You wish for simple,
Return us to olden days
When life was slow,
When people worked well
Hard, but common sense reigned

But where is this place
Here in America?
At its dawn was strife and conflict
Witches burned and tea in seas
Color determined worth
And black and brown were less
Penis needed for intelligence
(The irony of that lost on them)

Women weak for they died early
In childbirth,
Pain akin to breaking hundreds of bones
While running a record-time marathon
Tell me, what man can do that
And yet humans still exist!
And women are weak?

Is it further back?
In early European history
When Germanic tribes brutally took lands

Further? With Roman brutality

Further? Before written language?
When they were no mere cavemen -
Setting up regional control
And no records to tell us more
Just big-breasted, big-thigh worship
Sophisticated handling of water
Farming and building of homes
Beautiful, intricate clay pots replaced
With mass-produced versions to meet demand
An industrial revolution -
Thousands of year before C.E.* began

So where is this simple world you want
Where everyone gets along
Where craftsmanship and hard work pay off

When were people treated equal?
Where is the place where no one loses out?

The past holds nothing like you say
And the future scoffs at wistful dreams


*Modern term for A.D., stands for Common Era. B.C. was replaced with B.C.E.

At this point, I think Witch!Sam, Bi!Dean, Human!Cas and even destiel are almost inevitable in some form or another. Now the only problem is how long it will take the show to get to each of those milestones. I see Witch!Sam coming first.

I absolutely love the idea of Witch!Sam and him comfortably embracing his supernatural elements on his own terms. It’s something I’ve been waiting to see for a long time and it encompasses a lot of how I view the show allegorically. It seems like the start of the process since the show started with Sam being afraid of himself. It will be interesting to see how Dean reacts to it.. it may still take awhile to accept it but I’ll be happy if they introduce the concept in text.

beauty & the cat

member; kill me so softly jeonghan
genre: fluff, slight!fantasy
summary; when you wake up on your twenty-first birthday, there is a human boy in your bed. you’re pretty sure you have a cat, not a boyfriend.

As your televisions continued to voice Japanese words, you watched intently. While sitting on your bed, your cat jumped up onto your bed and laid its head on your legs. Absentmindedly, you petted its white fur as you focused intensely on the movie. Honestly, you weren’t sure why you were so focused on this movie. It was just another romantic comedy that you had no chance in participating in. And tomorrow would be your birthday. Another boring birthday, most people got incredibly drunk on their birthday, but you? You were spending the last night of being twenty with a movie you’re streaming and your cat. How was anything going to change tomorrow? You weren’t going to wake up reinvigorated and ready to take on the world. 

Besides, you didn’t even have plans for your birthday. Instead, you just wanted to stay away from people, and continue to have a lovely slow day for your birthday. As much as you enjoyed being around friends, being around good people, and everything inbetween, you just wanted a day to yourself. So when the movie finally ended, you looked down to your mewling cat, and smiled. 

“You’ll be with me on my birthday tomorrow, right, Carrot?” 

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them: you can’t be a witch, you’re so nice!

me: *is just a good person*

them: you’re a witch? but you wear pink…

me: *literally wears all colors*

them: you don’t look like a witch

me: *looks like an average young female human*

them: I thought witches were like super into satan?

me: *crosses self*

them: you don’t look wicca

me: *isn’t wiccan, still a witch*



me: *thunder booms, heavenly light shines down behind me as I,dressed solely in black, whisper sweet nothings to Lucifer* DO I LOOK LIKE A WITCH  NOW, BITCH

LoneStorm’s Official Fairy Tail Fanfic Rec List

Alrighty, requested by an anon, my so far fave Fairy Tail multichapter fics!  You’ll probably pick up on how much I love AUs… 

There are some I’m following and haven’t decided on the favorite label yet.  Need to see a LOT of writing before I decide to add, so please don’t feel insulted if you don’t see yours on this list yet.  Or I may not have found it yet haha.  But please send me ones you think should be on the list and I will read and add, even if they’re your own!

Find all my faves (Including awesome oneshots)  on my favorites list on ff.net, but here are my personal recs including ones on tumblr, in alphabetical order.  Ones not marked with the (complete) are still ongoing.  (All have Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, and the rest is pretty random):

AAA by BlackLynx17

EEE!  In one sentence, the shy otaku freshmen, Wendy, starts an anime club to make friends and shenanigans ensue.  It’s hilarious and though slightly cheesy and confusing at times, it’s a fun read and rather heartwarming.  Natsu’s adorable.  

Age of Gladiators by Nicole4211

WOW.  Historically accurate and picturesque descriptions and interesting plot ftw.  Saw some really good art on this by approvesport.  Natsu as prince but dad gets killed when going off for arranged marriage in Rome and has to become a gladiator and AWESOME STUFF HAPPENS but beware of the smut children do try to keep a clean mind and skip that…  :)

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds by Soprana-Snap

THOSE DESCRIPTIONS THO yeah I know nothing about the game but you don’t really need to to understand.  It’s so FANTASTIC ALREADY EEK So Natsu’s an awesome Assassin (except he doesn’t kill anyone, and that’s why we love him) in the Fairy Tail Assassin’s guild, and when he’s ‘practicing’ he just so happens to fall off a roof.  Don’t worry – he grabs onto a window, but it happens to be the window of a rich heiress longing for freedom… woohoo!!!

Bound by Lock and Key by Ayumu Foxtail-chan

OOO!  This new chapter came out the other day and I FREAKED.  I don’t even know why Natsu is the secret, powerful boy hidden in her father’s dungeon BUT I WANNA SO BAD!  Hard to explain but AWESOME READ IT!!!

Controlled Chaos by Absolutely Unsure (Complete)

This is a buncha beautiful Nalu oneshots in a collection.  Makes your shipper heart sooooar…  These were just fantastic and I couldn’t stop reading it.  But beware – don’t get too excited about the multichapter one in the middle because the fic hasn’t updated in a loooong time.

Dark Waters by Miss Mungoe

WOW FAB!!!  Seen a lot of art for this too, much by the fabulous rboz.  So shark-people/mermaid AU GAJEVY CUTEST EVER mermaid gets a forbidden crush on a shark dude and CHAOS AND EVIL ENSUE AHAHA oh and check out Mungoe’s other stuff too she’s fantastic all around.

Dragon’s Guide to Claim Your Mate by BlackLynx17 (Complete)

I know what you’re thinking.  "Storm, no, not the mating season cliche!“  Chill, dudes.  I know the idea of Natsu’s dragon instincts making Lucy his 'mate’ or whatever is overused and considered way too… no.  But this story is one of the most hilarious and adorable you’ll ever read and I have read it several times.  Ignore the slight OOC and unrealisticness and enjoy the story and Naluness.  Basically Natsu figures he’s in love so he looks at the 'Dragon’s Guide’ that Igneel left him for advice.  Please don’t go without reading ehehehe

Living With Him by amehanaa

OKAY OKAY SO THIS FIC OKAY THIS FIC I FREAK OUT MY FANGIRL SHIP FEELS AL;SDKFJA;SK okay so this one is basically Lucy and Natsu accidentally get assigned the same apartment as high schoolers and decide all they can do is keep it that way, for cost and necessity reasons.  And then stUFF HAPPENS!!!

Love at First Site by amehanaa (Complete)

One of my fave Nalu fics of all all all time.  Honestly my feels couldn’t survive a single chapter of this beautiful frickin’ fluff and cuteness and UGH well basically Lucy gets a laptop, and the first art site she goes on, she sees there’s this guy who likes to draw, and she likes to watch him do it on the site.  Eventually, he invites her to his friends’ and his private chatroom and CUTENESS HAPPENS.

My Sk8er Boi by Tatertotrocks (Complete)

Awww, but the tough guy cute girl thing…  short AU fic but so cute, what with all the skateboarder boy falls for ballerina girl that’s restricted by her father and… just read it.  <3  Cuteness you will find nowhere else.

On Whom the Pale Moon Gleams by snogfairy

WOW SNOGFAIRY SENPAI This is the first fic I read by her and I am still amazed.  This entire concept and they’re so in character and now we’ve got some action and Nalu Nalu Nalu and it’s really hard to explain so just trust that it’s one of my favorite things ever and go read it because WOW LIFE THIS FIC

Opposites Attract by Bugseey

Ah, a lil OOC but it takes a lot to get on this list so that’s fine with me, personally.  Band member that has a mysterious past falls for a young business woman and funny stuff and later action and drama happen and YAY!

Passion is Technically Passion by EvilByNecessity (Complete)

Also a bit OOC but HILARIOUS AND SO CUTE AND WORTH THE READ!  High school AU in which Lucy and Natsu are arch enemies… but do they really hate each other as much as they say they do?  I laughed so much please read.

Possession by HawkofNavarre (Complete)

I CRIED IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STORY.  (And then went back and read it like five times)  A very very accurate version about how canon Natsu and Lucy fall in love and ugh just so good.  Really quality.

Shaved Ice by EvilByNecessity

LAUGHED JUST AS MUCH AS HER NALU ONE OMG.  Gruvia prequel to Passion is Technically Passion. Juvia, skilled at swimming though awful on ice, joins the hockey team in order to get closer to the hot captain that she’s in love with.  Much shipping and SO SO FUNNY.

Tails&Talons by snogfairy

alskdja;lkjfa;lkjs honestly probably everyone is reading this because SNOG SENPAI IS THE OFFICIAL FAIRY TAIL WRITER OF THE FANDOM AND AMAZINGNESS WOOT.  CUTEST AU – Natsu is a tattoo artist that gets hired by his cousin, whose shop is next to that of a pretty florist and BEAUTIUFL NALU HAPPENS. *SPOILER* (omg Natsu and Lucy made out like FINALLY ABOUT FREAKING TIME SENPAI… not that I’m one to talk…)

Tales of Fairies by RicardanScholar Clark-Weasley

I cannot explain my love for this fic.  It’s a massive oneshot collection, over 200 chapters, all quality and full of feels, humor, shipping, angst, and ANY FT THING YOU COULD THINK OF!! It updates about every single day.  So, so much love for this.  Every member of the Fairy Tail fandom should be following this.  Much Nalu.

The Amulet of Pyralis by rivendell101

Not very long yet but SUPER INTERESTING AND LIKE YOU JUST ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS YOUR HEART WILL BE BURNING WITH “OMG RIVENDELL TELL ME HOW THE THING HAPPENS ALREADY!!”   It’s a Djinn AU (I don’t really know what that is.)  But basically Lucy is one of the last of the Djinn Clan, who had been wiped out.  Kept in a prison, Lucy never dreamed she’d regain enough magic to break free… (A lot more than that – awesome stuff about the amulet that I cannot yet explain well so JUST READ IT)

The Dragon’s Ward by au revoir pets (Complete)

This is one of the most quality and heartwarming Nalu fics I have read.  Mentioned it in TKOF, too.  Ooooh, the feels.  Everyone on earth should read.  The princess, put to sleep to be protected from the evil Hades, is guarded by a boy with the powers of a dragon…

Troublemaker by LaynaPanda

OOC but so worth it omg.  Natsu is the guy that always torments her, but she ends up falling for him, and his jealousy is proving that he may be hiding something as well… High school AU and super addicting.

Unwanted Necessity by AelithiaSienne

Very, very interesting AU – boarding high school yet with magic and magical Nalu that warms the shipper heart.  Lucy’s the scary girl in school that has to put up a mask to keep herself safe, and while Natsu would have nothing to do with her by choice, he bears a terrible curse in which he just cannot stay away…  It’s really going somewhere!  I wasn’t going to put it on the list because the author had abandoned it, but just the other day, she updated and said she’d decided to continue!  ‘Tis fated to be put on the list, I suppose…  (Some commonly repeating typos, but worth the read nevertheless)

We Are Young by koa-chan

WOW THE WRITING IT’S SO SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL A;SLKJFASL;DFJ I CRIED.  A LOT.  YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN I CRY.  ALMOST NEVER.  This author is just so skilled in putting all emotions into the piece, making amazingly long chapters that come out every month,  and keeping the characters beautifully… in character ehe.  This is a high school AU but it is the ultimate high school AU – don’t live without reading this.  Your life would be unfulfilled.  

What’s a Witch by mslead

MSLEAD IS MY FRIEND AND SENPAI. SHE ALWAYS SAID SHE WAS A BAD WRITER WHICH  IS BULLSHIT BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING.  Okay awesomeness Nalu AU in which Natsu is a demon king that accidentally gets himself bonded by accidental magic to this human girl on earth.  So far it follows the story of them trying to survive with one another until they can get Natsu back to where he came from… if he still wants to leave by then…  THE WRITING IS QUALITY OKAY READ IT

Your Virtual Reality by Dark Shining Light

OOO This one has a really interesting plot!  Reminds me a bit of SAO.  Though they are best friends, Natsu seems to be pushing Lucy away, mostly through playing his new video game.  So Lucy gives it a try… and ends up stuck in the game!  Still wondering how she’s gonna get out and the SUSPENSE A;LSDJFASDFJ


29 - Kai Parker

[Can you do an imagine where the reader and Kai are in love with each other but they both don’t know that. And then the reader is almost dead and Kai is crying and tells her that he loves her. And the reader tells him that too. She will survive because a spell. Thank you 💗]


“Y/N!” I scream, my hand flying backwards. “Ow.”

I look back and laugh. “Kai?”

He rubs his cheek that I slapped by mistake. “Hello to you too.”

“In my defence you scared me.” I say, spinning around in my chair. I was playing Sims until Kai appeared. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“Well there’s nothing to do and you’re fun to annoy.”

I give him a fake smile. “I’m touched.”

Kai smiles and lays down on my bed. I shrug, spinning around to my screen. Usually Kai just randomly shows up, its because I’m only friend.

I don’t mind, Kai’s my best friend, we’ve known each for years. You see I’m a vampire and my brother, Stefan, and I stayed in Portland for a while and I met Kai.

The two of us just clicked straightaway and I was so upset when he got put in a prison world. My humanity went off and I killed a lot of people. It wasn’t a good time for me.

But Kai is back and now we’re practically joined by the hip, he’s my idiotic friend. Sure, he’s killed a lot of people, including his family, and is a vampire witch werewolf thing.

He’s still my friend.


“That’s my name.” I say, turning around. Kai rolls his eyes.

“I’m bored.”

“I’m Y/N.”

He frowns. “Don’t do that, you know I hate it.”

I stick my tongue out at him with a smile. “Well do you want to go to the woods?”

The woods is where Kai and I officially met, I was burying a body from a woman I drank from and he caught me. I was actually going to kill Kai, I was in a bad mood that day, but he talked his way out of it.

“And do what?”

“I don’t know whatever, sing, dance, scream.” I shrug. Kai hums.

“Ok, let’s go.”


“Remember the time we nearly slept together?” Kai asks me, I cringe and he laughs as I hide my face with my hands.

I move my hands and look at him. “Never remind me. Thank god, Damon came in.”

Kai smiles, nudging my arm. “Y/N, I can’t be that bad.”

“Kai, its just that…” I trail off and look away from him to the sky.

We’ve been in the woods for hours, laying down on the ground and staring at the sky. “I’m what Y/N?” Kai asks, raising a brow.

“You.” I say and he gasps. I laugh. “Not in that way but its just we’ve been friends for like ever and it’d be awkward if we did that.”

“But we kissed once.”

“You tricked me.”

Kai told me he hasn’t kissed anyone and I felt bad so I kissed him, but it turns out he lied. Kai smiles and I roll my eyes. “That was pretty smart.”

I shrug. “Kind of.”


“Am interrupting something?” I look over and sigh, seeing Julian there. “Y/N, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Hey.” I wave, I don’t like this guy. No one does.

“And Malachai Parker.”

“Kai.” He corrects. “But hi.”

“What are you two doing here?”

“Nothing much, what about you?”

“I was actually looking for you.” Julian says. “You see your brothers killed Lily.”

I shrug. I never really saw Lily as my mother, she left before I was older enough to realise. “And…”

“Well I think that this is only fair.”

“What-” My question is answered when I feel something stabbed my chest.

“Y/N!” I hear Kai exclaim as I gasp, seeing it’s a stake of wood.

Julian laughs. “My Lily dies so you die.”

I gasp, black spots forming in my vision. I hear Kai curse and a neck snap. “Y/N.” Kai says, picking me up in my arms.

He pulls out the wood and I cry out, seeing my hand getting grey. “K-Kai.” I splutter.

“No, no, no.” Kai says, sounding broken. “Y/N, Y/N, no.”

“I-I-its o-ok.” I struggle to say, forcing a small smile.

Kai has tears in his eyes and down his cheeks. “No, Y/N. You can’t die.”

I reach for his hand. “Ok, yo-you’ll be ok.”

He shakes his head. “I won’t.” Kai says, his face red from the tears. “Y/N.”

I smile, nodding and my eye lids drop. “Y/N, please no!” Kai cries. “Y/N, don’t go. I love you.”

I hate that I can’t speak because my mind slips away. Kai continues to ramble on more things.

As soon as my mind completely switches off, I gasp and open my eyes. The pain and wood has gone and I look at Kai.

He smiles. “How-” Kai interrupts me with a kiss. I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Never did on me again.” Kai says. I hum and peck his lips.

“Never but how did you do that?”

“A spell, I didn’t want to lose you Y/N.”

I smile, hugging him. “I love you.”

“What?” I laugh and look at Kai’s shocked face. “What did you say?”

“I love you.” I repeat. “I never realised until I heard you say it.”

Kai smiles. “I love you too, Y/N.” He replies, kissing me once more.


[End of imagine, hope you enjoyed it and no more parts. Requests are open]

terra from teen titans is still one of the most well-written antiheroines i’ve ever come across. she was allowed to be charming and funny, spiteful and angry. everything about her motivations was understandable, and we could see the layers of abuse and manipulation that led her down her path. her redemption was entirely in her hands but still a fragile thing, and she carried so much guilt and remorse that she was unreachable in a way that tragic villain boys often are. that’s why i love her so much. female characters don’t often get to be everything that makes villains so interesting to me. she was never polished down to being simply evil for the fun of it or a victim trapped by circumstance. she’s the wise-cracking tenderhearted asshole who’s afraid of letting people get close to her. she’s the witch girl with powers she can’t control but who still maintains complete control of her narrative agency. her story is a tragedy not because of how it affects other characters but because she herself continues to struggle under the weight of her decisions and failures. her triumphs sing and she is so, so human and i’m just glad she exists.

silvernight96  asked:

Hey love the blog!!! I was wondering if you could update the Demon!Stiles tag? Thank you!!!

You Were Never Meant to Know by Mooneye (1/1 | 8,521 | PG13)

“Not a fan of exorcisms, Stiles?” the figure asked as though he were enquiring about the rain.

“Not really. I could spew black bile if you’d like more authenticity,” Stiles answered.

“Stiles, what’s going on?” Scott demanded, unease growing.

Stiles is a demon, always has been, and never intended for anyone to know. Unfortunately, his secret is forcefully revealed and he has nowhere to hide.

We will find each other somehow by lightsfillthesky (3/? | 10,734 | R)

They were soulmates yet complete opposites like darkness and light, evil and good, completely contradictory but at the same it worked.

Through the decades they’d meet in new bodies, their souls recognizing each other before they did.

But it all went south, they were ripped apart, casting one to hell and the other one to earth.

Breaking out of hell, walking the earth for decades, looking for something he couldn’t quite remember anymore.

Will he finally find what he has been looking for all these years?


Stiles is a demon without a purpose and stumbles upon Derek’s pack, feeling emotions he’s never felt before, trying to figure them out as he goes. Feeling weirdly protective of these new found puppies.

Boundaries by inatshej (1/1 | 4,694 | NC17)

Stiles considers this world fucked up. Humans, werewolves, witches, they are all here, mixed up. It’s such a mess. But then again, he is a demon, so not really one to talk. Not that anyone knows about it. Still, he has a chance now, and he will introduce the order here, he will make sure they all can live normally. Even if it kills him.

Posessive by redhoodedwolf (1/1 | 2,736 | PG13)

Derek’s brain begins to catch up. “Are you talking in my head?”
“Sort of.”
“Then what are you doing?”
“I possessed you.”
Derek bares his fangs. He growls out his words. “Get the fuck out of me.”
If Derek didn’t know any better, he would have said the demon or whatever parasite is in him had whimpered. “Shit, man.” The thing sounded offended, what the fuck? “I just needed a host to stay in for a while. Mine is a little, uh, damaged. And I can’t go back yet.” 

I wish I might by Batwynn (1/1 | 13,970 | R)

Stiles died.

Stiles died and came back a little bit wrong. Like, he’s pretty sure he’s a demon-type of wrong.


“fat girls don’t wear that” “your to big to wear that. "Just because it’s made in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.” “fat girls should wear tights.” “Fat girls shouldn’t wear crop tops.” “you would be so pretty if you lost weight. ” ect.

If your anyone on the size of plus sized you grew up hearing this. Male, female and neither. I have allowed a world ruled by unrealistic beauty standards to dictate what is okay and not okay for my body. Why is it really anyone’s business? It’s my body and my life. You can think I am unhealthy all you like, I am at the point where I don’t care most days. I am still human and it still hurts sometimes.

But fuck you, this fattie is learning to love her body and she will wear what ever the hell she wants. Unless I ask, I don’t need your two cents. I am okay not being everyone’s cup of tea. 🖤💋

How can Elide have witchblood and still be human?

We’ve all been there. When Manon scratched Elide in QoS and figured out the crippled servant girl had witchblood in her, and not just any, but specifically Ironteeth. We all asked ourselves the question: wait, what? How is that possible? Shouldn’t all girls born to witches be witchlings and, subsequently, witches?

Ironteeth witches breed with human men and have witches, right? 

Yes, but also no. 

Let me explain.

So I was rereading some scenes in Queen of Shadows and I came across this passage in Chapter 12 from Manon’s POV (point-of-view):

         “Witchlings were so rare, and all of them female, as a gift from the Three-          Faced Goddess.”

Only the Ironteeth seem to have the ‘all female’ rule, as we know Crochans can have boys too (although they are significantly rare).

         “They were sacred from the moment the mother showed signs of      pregnancy to when they came of age at sixteen.”

It seems that Ironteeth (Blackbeaks, if we’re getting specific here) do not need to go through a trial or something similar to “prove” they are no longer witchlings. The moment a witchling first bleeds she is ‘of age’ and considered a witch.

         “To harm a pregnant witch, to harm her unborn witchling or her daughter-”


         “Unborn witchling OR her daughter”??????

There’s a distinct separation of words there. As if Manon is referring to two different kinds of pregnancies. What I’m saying here is that witches can and do in fact, have human daughters.

This is further evidenced in the very next paragraph after the above statement first appeared.

         “Human children didn’t count-”

Manon is referring to how human children aren’t protected or at all as sacred as witchlings.

         “-human children were as good as veal to some of the Clans.”

Not all of them, however. Interesting.

         “Especially the Yellowlegs.”

Let’s be real, ya’ll, this isn’t a surprise.

         “But witchlings…there was no greater pride than to bear a witch-child for      your Clan; and no greater shame than to lose one.”

I bolded some words in the above sentence because it clearly implies there could be something other than a ‘witch-child,’ in other words a ‘human-child’, a daughter.

I assume Elide’s mother, Marion, was born human and so was let go, moved, or was thrown out from her Clan. Manon clearly mentions how only ‘some Clans’ see human-daughters as a waste, which means there are others that might value any children they have, including humans. Perranth is close to the Wastes so it makes sense.

That’s why Elide is human while having witch blood, because witches can in fact, have human children. (At least the Ironteeth, Crochans are still a mystery) It also explains why Manon asked her if she wanted to be a Blackbeak-to be considered a witch. I’m assuming it’s because Blackbeaks keep their human children, or at least, don’t kill them. I can see these human girls being of the lowest ranks, perhaps servants and cooks and whatnot.

Anyway, it’s a theory.


Also, thanks to @propshophannah for motivating me to make this haha, I’m still in finals and it feels like I don’t have much time or motivation to write fics or finish my theories.

Strangeness & Charm // Jimin

Drabble game request: Jimin + “You’re so oblivious sometimes.” + Magic AU | for anon (s)

Word count: 2,848 words

Character: Jimin x reader

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