Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5): Part 1}

- Heed Genevieve’s Susanna’s Warning  - 

Crumplebottom manor, 1984. Life was good for the sisters growing up. Beatrice and Belinda were happy teens, Bianca however was distant from her sisters when she was a child, she seemed to be scared of witchcraft.


♪♫ Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us
You and I ♫ 

Belinda: “I love this song!”
Beatrice: “Serena played me this song at school! Bianca come look!” 
Bianca wasn’t listening to her sisters, she found something in the corner. An old photograph… Of whom? She turned it over at it said ‘Susanna, 1848. Cat & Shadow Brothel.’
Bianca: “What’s a brothel?”
Belinda & Beatrice: “What?”
Beatrice: “What are you looking at? Gimme that! Just a silly old photograph.” Beatrice scrunched it up.
Belinda: “Oooo! Beatrice look! Madonna’s up next!”
That photograph was there for a reason. A warning!! Susanna lived in Armadillo and revoked something terrible, yes she was a brothel mistress but what Bianca doesn’t  realise is that Susanna is what she’ll look like when she reaches young adulthood. Susanna is one Of Bianca’s past lives!

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Witch tip

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