Zodiac Witchcraft Aesthetics
| They focus on the planets and stars. Their grimoires will have information about each planet, the zodiac and astrology, and the enjoy nocturnal magic based on astronomical charts and the alignment of the planets.|

Sign: Aquarius
Month: February
Color: Galaxy
Emotion: Hope

Come get a reading from me, today! I do tarot card readings through channeling your energies to give the most accurate reading for you. This is what has started me off in my gifts as a child in becoming the Witch I am today. I have always wanted to help others somehow, someway. The spirits have guided me to give that help through the secret of the cards. 

I give readings from $5-$20:

$5: Three card tarot reading

$10: Six card tarot reading

$15: Nine card tarot reading

$20: Celtic Cross spread

You can go on www.blackwitchtarot.bigcartel.com to purchase your reading now (o:

I thank you all for your support in my spiritual journey! 

fuckign witches part 1

@catnippackets ‘s witch au makes me want to cry a little (lot) so

i’m gonna attempt to write something that might evolve into something bigger?

edit after writing: oh yea im gonna make a part 2

(it kind of seems sheith-y but it’s not it’s gonna b klance-y)

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