a witch’s palm.

palmistry placements that may indicate certain natural traits or abilities related to witchcraft.

the mystic cross.
“x” shaped cross located between the head and heart lines.
indicates that spirituality, witch’s intuition, and acknowledgement of power or ability were understood at a very young age.

the psychic cross.
“x” shaped cross located beneath:

  • the index finger: blessings from jupiter/zeus. wisdom, and a great capacity for knowledge. often destined to teach or impart. 
  • the middle finger: blessings from saturn/cronus. intuition, and a great capacity for visceral power. often has natural ability working in dreams and meditations.
  • the ring finger: blessings from sun/apollo. attraction, and a great ability to naturally draw in your needs and desires. often powerful with enchantments. 
  • the little finger: blessings from mercury/hermes. instinct, and a great natural ability for practice. often adopts new methods with ease and natural talent.

the psychic triangle.
triangular shape located beneath the ring finger.
indicates that in this life, or another, you have chosen to suppress your abilities. they are likely powerful, but potentially caused harm- intentionally, or not. (this does not mean they are unreachable, it more likely encourages you to work very consciously.)

the healer’s mark.
a series of parallel lines located beneath the little finger.
indicates powerful healing abilities; the more lines, the greater the gift. 

the traveller’s mark.
a series of parallel lines located beneath the mount of the moon.
indicates that there is an innate talent and drive in travelling both the physical and the astral planes. a natural ability for astral projection; the more lines, the greater the gift.

anonymous asked:

I saw a post about the do's and don'ts of leaving offerings to nature, and it got me thinking. I'm a green witch, so I'm very concerned with taking care of nature, so that post got me concerned about something. See, I buried a "witch jar" in my backyard (glass jar with sharp bits inside). I buried it where I was sure it wouldn't disturb any creatures, but it's obviously not biodegradable. So was it bad to bury it/should I dig it up? I just really don't wanna hurt nature

Yeah, burying any kind of glass is basically the same as littering so it would be a good idea to dig it up. There are lots of biodegradable ways to bury things that you can research!

Witch Crafts:  Witch Ball

Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years. Their purpose is to protect the home and its inhabitants from evil and harm.   Traditionally, you made a witch ball every year to seal fortune and protection for the next twelve months.  You can hang this ornament in a window, over a doorway, in a bedroom or even outdoors; wherever you feel it would serve its purpose the best. It would look lovely as a Christmas or Yule decoration as well!

You can purchase empty ornaments and bottles from craft stores, or re-use old light bulbs for this!  Fill it with the following:  

  • Sprigs of Lavender to encourage a calm, peaceful environment
  • Chamomile Flowers to aid in relieving anxiety
  • Yarrow, Roses and Rose Quartz crystals to encourage self-love and love in relationships
  • Jasmine Flowers to attract wealth  and sweet dreams
  • Cinnamon to draw happiness and  comfort

You could also include:

  • A seashell and a shark tooth to incorporate the magic of the sea
  • Curly pods (because they are so cute!)
  • Cloves to attract good luck and prosperity
  • Anise wards off the evil eye
  • Other tiny crystals for added energy
  • A bay leaf for protection

stendahls  asked:

Hello!!! Im a baby witch (about to dive into my first studies tonight, actually) but im hesitant to start because im worried about the bad side of it. I have really bad anxiety and i was wondering, is bad shit a big threat? Im talking like, poltergheists, hauntings, being cursed, pissing off a deity, etc. i was raised to believe even just Speaking about witchcraft would bring bad luck upon you, so im really worried im going to accidentally curse myself or something ))):

Hi! While it’s unlikely that you’ll curse yourself or attract bad things, it’s important that you do enough research to be able to protect yourself when performing witchcraft. I believe that you should always have some level of protection when doing spellwork, and some spells may require more protection than others. Nothing bad will happen *just because you practice witchcraft* but having said that it’s crucial not to meddle with things that seem dangerous or that you don’t have knowledge about. With me for example, I know next to nothing about spiritwork, so I don’t attempt it. But if I researched heavily, started off small and was confident in my ability to stay safe and know what to do if danger should arise, I might attempt it then. The same applies to your craft, whatever that may involve. One of the first things I recommend baby witches research is protection. For yourself, your home and your workspace. I won’t say that witchcraft doesn’t have the potential to be dangerous, because, like with pretty much anything, it can potentially be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing and you aren’t prepared. So to avoid this - research ways to protect yourself (both mundane things like candle and fire safety, and also things like psychic shielding). Go at your own pace and only do workings you are comfortable with. I don’t mean this to scare anyone - and again, bad things will *not* happen simply because you practice witchcraft - but at the same time I don’t want to sugarcoat it and say that witchcraft can’t possibly have any dangers. Just stay safe and do things within your comfort zone until you have enough knowledge and confidence to try new ventures.

🕯️Ways to Celebrate Imbolc 💐

Imbolc is celebrated on or around February first to welcome the earliest beginnings of spring.

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🕯️Honor or welcome the sun by lighting a candle in your home (you can do a fake candle if you’re not allowed to light a real candle). If you really want to go all out, you can light every single fake and real candle in your house!
🕯️Get crafty! Make candles, Brighid’s Crosses, Brighid dolls, sun catchers, or start building a garden. Imbolc is a great time to plant seeds (unless it’s too cold outside; indoor gardens are always an option)!
🕯️Decorate your altar and/or home with crystals, flowers, stones, candles, images of the sun, or any other decor that celebrates the coming spring!
🕯️Divine your future! Get out your tarot cards, pendulum, dowsing rod, bones, or other divining tools and ask for advice or insight into the future.
🕯️Take care of yourself and your home! Do some spring cleaning and cleansing and take time for yourself. Take a bath, clean off your desk, do some easy cleaning or deep cleaning, whatever you prefer. This is a great time for cleansing and purification!
🕯️Cook and share with friends and family! Pies, cookies, bread, whatever you want. If you have the energy, you can cook a feast and celebrate with your loved ones, including deceased loved ones.
🕯️Visit a lake, stream, well, or another body of water. If you want to, dip a ribbon in the body of water and then hang it on a tree (remember to not litter; you could use a tree in your yard and later tie the ribbon off) to send a message of hope and healing!
🕯️Visit a park, lake, or forest and pick up litter. This is a great way to honor the coming of spring, but if it is too cold, you can always wait until it gets warmer!
🕯️Say goodbye to winter and start to welcome spring! You can do this through prayers, spells, thoughts, or actions. Meditation is one great way that you can do this! Cleansing, new beginnings, thriving, purification, and gratitude spells are also great ideas.
🕯️Honor Brighid if you wish to! You can make Brighid crosses or dolls, set a special place for Her on your altar or in your home, give Her a prayer or offering, or something else that honors Her during this special day.

Astro Witch 101

So, you love astrology but have just realised that you are no longer just your sun sign. It’s a confusing and intimidating thing for a beginner astro-witch to see. That’s why I have decided to create a little guide to help anyone out. This will be the very basics but will be added to over time. Baby steps for baby-witches.


Sun Sign = The controller. This is your main sign. The sign you have known your whole life thinking that’s where it ended.

Moon Sign = Your inner-self. Your emotions, inner-thoughts, wants and needs are all controlled by your moon sign.

Ascendant/Rising = Acceptably called either, the Ascendant/Rising is your natural mask in the face of society. So basically, this is how people view you.

Mercury = A very important sign, it rules your decision making mind. It is how you communicate and can be easy to spot in a person.

Venus = This sign rules love and finances.

Mars = Most represent Mars with anger, and this is true. But it is so much more than that. This sign rules our animal instincts, energy, action and sexual desires.

Jupiter = This sign covers rules both generosity, tolerance and wisdom.

Saturn = This sign represents fears, our limitations and responsibility

Uranus = This sign is all about individuality. Progressiveness, forward-thinking and fresh-starts.

Neptune = This sign rules the subconscious. Dreams, psychic-sensitivity and inspiration.

Pluto = This sign represents rebirth. New-beginnings and growth.

👁️Realize Your Wrongdoings Curse👁️

This spell is to make someone realize and feel guilty about their wrongdoings.

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👁️ Ingredients:
👁️ Poppet, taglock, or other representation of the target
👁️ Paper and pen
👁️ Container
👁️ Lemon juice
👁️ Onion powder
👁️ Optional: googly eyes

👁️ First, take your poppet or other representation of the target. If you have googly eyes, put those on it if possible. Have the surface entirely covered except for the representation’s eyes if it has them.
👁️ Then take your container and line the bottom of it with googly eyes if you have them. Take the pen and paper and list their wrongdoings and then put it into the container along with the representation of the target. Say, “Look at what you’ve done wrong, [target’s name]. [Their wrongdoing(s)] shall always be on your mind. You can never look away from what you’ve done!”
👁️ Then add the lemon juice and onion powder to the container and say, “You shall feel incredible remorse and guilt for [their wrongdoing(s)]. You shall never forgive yourself for [wrongdoing(s)]!”
👁️ If you want this to be a hex, add on, “Until you have done right by me, you shall be forever cursed to feel the utmost guilt for your actions henceforth.”
👁️ Close the container and keep it in a dark place. Cleanse your space.