My ice cream selfies! 
I did it with all the Overwatch characters I could find that weren’t too busy being cool. ovo 
I’m not sure how Genji would eat ice cream? I wish him the best though.
Then later I found a Geralt!! And he looked so rad. I was gonna take a full picture of him, as I was struggling to hold the ice creams, then was like “you know what, this is better” and he was p down to eat ice cream so.

can you tell which flavor is my preferred
sorry you guys get sherbet 


After gnomes, elves are the eldest race on the continent. They created a magnificent civilization and the greatest human cities, like Vizima and Oxenfurt, were built upon elven ruins…. Elves believe that they were created, unlike humans, who evolved. For this reason, some elves consider humans to be little more than hairless apes…. Elves don’t discuss their faith in the presence of humans, because they think the barbarians would be unable to grasp its philosophical and mystical subtleties….

- The Witcher Wiki


Sunday y’all get another Elven set. Yay!

anonymous asked:

Bless you for drawing that young Emhyr *_* i could stare at him forever

Emhyr’s truly a fascinating character in the books as well, and i love how they portrayed him in the game a lot!  :) and I’m sure i’m not the only one to wonder what he looked like when he was younger..  *wink wink*