ID #69624

Name: Clara
Age: 15
Country: Germany

hey, champs!

my name is clara, i’m a mediator and my zodiac sign is aquarius. no one can stop me from dreaming, basically. i suffer from wanderlust, i want to sit back in my chair when i’m 80, happy that i got to the whole world. i’m really fond of asian culture, asia might be my favorite continent to travel to.

i’m fluent in english, i’d also rather speak english than speak in my mother tongue, german. i’m currently learning korean, though i’m not very confident about my skills yet.

i love video games, mostly fantasy rpgs. such as dark souls, skyrim, the witcher, etc. maybe you’d like to exchange steam ids one day?
netflix is also one of my addictions, too.

tv series i enjoy: game of thrones, how to get away with murder, orange is the new black, daredevil, lucifer, house of cards, etc.

movies i enjoy: STAR WARS!! all marvel movies, everything made by tim burton.

my music taste: p!atd, fall out boy, 21 pilots, troye sivan. and i also really, really love indie. i listen to asian music from time to time, too.

now, onto my biggest addiction: art.
i love everything artsy, i want become an architect one day. currently i major in graphic design, it fuels my creativity. i also like aesthetic things, they’re just really pleasing to the eye. i draw and paint a lot, play around with photoshop from time to time. i also really like taking photos.

i consider myself a mature, open-minded person. i have no problem with any sexualities, genders or races. neither of that does any difference, as long as we get along with each other, it’s all good. i’m not judgemental and respect the opinions of people a lot. of course i also have my own opinion but i’d never try forcing it onto someone else. i’m always down to offer a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear, i’ll always try to give a good advice.

Preferences: i don’t really have preferences, age doesn’t really make a difference to me as long as we get along well, i don’t care. sometimes you’ve got to draw the line though, so… 13-30? that’s quite random, haha.

i don’t usually talk to boys a lot, so i would find it cool if some boys would come out of their hiding to contact me. i really don’t mind your gender though, just hit me up! any country, i like meeting people from all over the world. 

anonymous asked:

Since you mentioned that you enjoy Western RPGs, have you played The Witcher 3? Also I love Uncharted 4, dem landscapes (^=^) I see you did a lot of analysis just thought Witcher 3 might amuse you plus it's original story (books) is really rich!!

Ahh, The Witcher.

It’s one of those great series that kinda passed me by. It originated as a PC/Microsoft exclusive series, and only recently moved to be multiplatform. I’ve always been a Sony gamer. Not that I have anything against Microsoft or Nintendo, but I dunno, Playstation has always been my gaming platform, so I didn’t play the first 2 Witcher games.

I thought about getting 3, but The Witcher is a very story focused game, and I wouldn’t wanna jump in at No.3. That’s why I’m so glad that Playstation was able to get the entire Mass Effect series after it started out as being Microsoft exclusive. I always liked the look of it, and when the series became multiplatform in 2011 I was ecstatic. It’s definitely one of my favourite series of all time. Maybe the Witcher could have been the same, who knows, but it’s a shame :(

Also, Uncharted FTW! That’s another one of my favourite series’. For a while, I always thought No.2 would remain the best one, but I dunno man, 4 is freaking awesome, it may just be slightly better! :D 


“ In the end, he is just a regular horny guy. Well, maybe not that regular, considering his strange kinks. Perhaps that’s the reason he ended up preferring men - women probably didn’t agree to his… terms.                         

                            Seeing him in battle, listening to his speeches… one may think that he is totally dominant in bed, sadistic even. But, to collide with everyone’s expectations, he is the exact opposite.

                            To release his tension, he asks - silently - for dominance, for humiliation. Not on others, you see, but on himself. Every night, he crawls. He suffers, and try to end his suffering, yet he can’t let himself be seen like that - totally exposed - at least not by some random guy.

                            How can I make him trust me enough so I can end this agony, and start another, much more enjoyable? " 

 -Some days before-

                            Geralt and the Scoia'tael had just left Flotsam, the witcher was feeling a strange aura around Iorveth, and planned to discover what was wrong with the rebel commander.

                             Iorveth, saying that he was tired from the struggles of the day, left the deck and headed to the boat’s interior. The strange feeling around him was still there, what made Geralt’s curiosity become even stronger, forcing him to follow the elf.

                           Standing in front of Iorveth’s door, the witcher heard odd heartbeats and heavy breathing. Geralt was worried about Iorveth’s health for a moment -  until he sensed another person’s presence. He immediately went on his knees to see what was happening through the keyhole. What the witcher saw truly surprised him.    

                            Iorveth, with his hands tied behind his back, his face smashed in the bed and his bare ass lifted up. Geralt didn’t believe what he was seeing, but when he saw the other elf slapping the butt of his commander, he nearly fell -  what could expose his hiding and spying. The elf, slender and not apparently strong, totally using Iorveth’s body - who was taller and stronger. Iorveth could easily push the man away. Realizing this made Geralt doubt even more what he was seeing. All that "madness” was consensual and wanted by Iorveth.

                             Both elves changed their position a bit and Geralt could not see them through the keyhole anymore. Frustrated, the witcher decided to wait a bit and see if he could hear something else. 

                             Only gasps and heavy breathing. Stayed like this for a few minutes, then stopped. Geralt was surprised, but silently went back to the deck, to avoid any unwanted meetings. A few moments later, the elf that was with Iorveth appeared - angry-looking as any elf.  "Strange" - Geralt thought - “He seems to be just an ordinary soldier.” - To think that a regular warrior (and a man) had that kind of relationship with the scoia'tael commander made the witcher shiver.

-Back to the present-

                             Geralt could not think of much else during the trip, and was glad that they arrived in Vergen fast enough. The witcher was really troubled by what he saw of Iorveth and ended up not being able to look to him in the eyes. Iorveth probably could see that Geralt was avoiding him, but showed no signs of it. 

                            In Vergen, after a couple of problems, including the poisoning of Saskia, Geralt, still thinking about that night, was a little afraid - for the sake of his own sexuality. He saw himself fancying Iorveth and didn’t know if he liked that or not. In an attempt to take Iorveth off his thoughts, Geralt tried to complete some of his tasks and clear his mind. Between missions and walking, Geralt headed to Iorveth’s hideout,almost unconsciously, while his desire for the elf - for his disappointment - just grew. 

                             Geralt’s frustration was interrupted when he arrived in Iorveth’s house. As he entered, scoia'tael’s angry eyes covered his body - but no one of them was from Iorveth, neither from the soldier that the commander had spent that night with.                                                                                                                      

                             "They’re together" - Geralt thought, while, for unknown reasons, he felt a little uncomfortable.

                         - What do you want here? - an elf suddenly asked.</p>

                         - I’m… looking for Iorveth. - Geralt didn’t really know why he was there, either.

                        - As you can see, he is not here, so move along. - the soldier said, almost too fast.

                       - Can I know where he is? - Geralt started to feel even more uncomfortable after seeing how unwanted he was in the scoia'tael territory.                              - No, but he will be back by the night.

                       - Thank you… I guess.

                              Geralt left the house and let out a deep sigh - “They’re fucking, and for some reason, I think all of his soldiers know about it” - he talked to himself - “Guess the only thing I can do is wait.” - And again, the witcher went back to his normal state and started to look for the ingredients of Saskia’s antidote.


This is my first work in English, so it is full of basic errors. I’m sorry if they are too horrible, but will not learn if I do not make mistakes. Thank you for understanding.