Dat ending tho.

Just got the worst ending for Witcher 3. Bit disappointed cos I thought the choices I made were right for Ciri, like stopping her from destroying Avallach’s lab over some sidebitch he had. I accompanied her to Skjall’s grave and all that sentimental stuff. Obviously I was compelled to save her ass from Eredin the whole time, but when she started acting up and getting all angsty, I thought the decent thing would be to advise her to grow up a bit. When she’s not complaining about how she’s being mollycoddled to much, she’s pissed off that I wasn’t cheering her up with some bullshit “Oh, don’t worry about it”, or “I don’t care, do what you want”, weak ass, non-committed lie.

So, after days worth of playtime, she dies in the attempt to save humanity after I’ve faithfully slaughtered every threat to her survival, and what’s my reward? Dying alone in a fucking commode in the middle of some swamp straight out of Shrek the Third.

I think I got into that game a tad to much.