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DIY: Brews and Potions

Witches standing over an open fire while stirring up potions in a cauldron is one of the many romanticized views of witchcraft. Today, witches brew many things for love, luck, health, wealth, and etc. Potions are a widely regarded instrument for witches. Potions are simply liquid spells that can be taken internally or applied externally to the body. Teas, enchanted perfumes, tinctures, and washes are the many forms these spells can come in. Some are used for healing, others are used in ritual or magickal work. 

Kitchen Herbs and Common plants for Brews

Back in the day, homemade teas and salves were the only medicine available. Using these things today is still very popular and a holistic approach to health that treats the mind, body, and soul together. What you use does not have to be expensive, it can come from your back yard or your home. Many of what you already have you can use to make tinctures, teas, and decoctions. Also, syrups, tonics, waters, and vinegars. If you work with the herbs you have at home already on hand, you will be able to create your own remedy with a distinct local flavor. 

The Power Behind the Plants

It is believed that many spiritual forces animate the world; called animism. When working with a plant or crystal, or performing a spell or ritual at a specific place, witches work with the spirits behind those plants or crystals, and call upon the spirit of that location to help them in their work. There is a special partnership and alliance between the witch and spirit, manifesting in forms of animals (familiars) or in the form of other plants, crystals, and locations. Over time, working with these spirits on various projects will deepen the relationship and the witch will gain information on magical associations, properties, and lore. These things often come through dreams, inspirations, or visions. The spirit will gain energy, attention, and physical shelter as animals or plants or crystals carried as a talisman. 

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Potions, Brews and Concoctions

Infusions : An infusion is something steeped in a liquid. Either water, oil, juice or wine. Generally used for drinking or bathing yourself or other objects.

Potion : A potion is basically an enchanted infusion, used for the same things infusions are used for. An object can be put into this during brewing to add to it and then removed before drinking. E.g crystals and stones (obviously make sure they are non-toxic and clean before adding them.

Brew : A brew is a potion that is solely meant for consumption.

Elixir : An elixir is meant to give health and vitality. Different from an infusion as with elixirs powders and extracts are dissolved into and alcohol or water base and sweetened with honey or mashed fruits. As with everything these can be enchanted

Oil : An oil is made by extracting natural oils from plants. Essential oils are the pure extraction with nothing added to dilute it. An oil infusion is when you steep herbs in the oils and when you blend the oils and add a base oil it is known as an oil blend.

Powder : A powder (this one is very obvious) is when herbs, spices and minerals are ground together and enchanted.

Sachet : A sachet is a small fabric bag filled with herbs and fragrant objects.

Bath : this specific bath requires an infusion or sachet to be added. For magical or meditative purposes.

Ointment : An ointment is a salve made with enchanted herbs and others, rubbed on for effect. 

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“Abby, a young witch, decide to make some tea for her friends but she got a little bit carried away…”

Here is my one minute short film about a cute little witch! It is half 3D and Half 2D and I had a lot of fun working on it this year! I hope you’ll like the result! 

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