sneaky holiday witchery

Shitty webcam pic is shitty, but from left to right we have an assortment of under-the-radar holidaytime witch work: ancestor veneration through the Dresden doll on the left, which was my great aunt’s; a sigil with candle ‘charger’ for Kyle’s Coven idea :3 and an away-from-home wellbeing spell, for my poor flat which is in who-knows-what kinda state after the only two responsible people living in the building have been away for 3 weeks. Begging the universe that our power didn’t go out the day after the boycreature left, or else the fridge contents may have developed writing systems by now.

Oh, and pro-tip! Got a candle to burn, but no candle holders? DIXIE CUPS. Turn one upside-down, cut an X in the bottom, poke yer candle through, plunk it down into another one standing rightside-up.