🌧❄️✨ "Let it Snow!" Jar Spell✨❄️🌧

- A Jar
- Crystal Dust (represents snow)
- Cotton balls (represents clouds)
- Snowflake sigils: “Let it Snow” (a bunch of tiny ones on little circles of paper)
- Red and Green ribbon
- Jingle bells
- a pinch of Peppermint (for cold)
- White candle (for charge)


Throw the cotton balls, crystal dust, sigils, and peppermint into the jar.

Tie the bells onto the jar with the red and green ribbon.

Light the candle by the jar to charge it; Focus intently on snow falling from the sky and covering the earth in a big, fluffy, white blanket.

Then go outside and shake that jar at the sky!


Note: If you don’t have crystal dust, chips or small pieces of crystal quartz will do just fine!

❄️ A Spell for Snow ❄️

inspired by the scene with lucy and the book of incantations in the voyage of the dawn treader, a spell to help bring snow and cold weather

❄️ gather: a pineocone, water, sugar, and a white ribbon. 

❄️ dip the pinecone in water, don’t let it soak

❄️ roll it in sugar until some sticks. 

❄️ tie the white ribbon around the pinecone

❄️ hang somewhere outside

❄️ as you hang it, chant:

With these words your tongue must sew,
for all around there to be snow

Gentle reminders!

  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional medical care
  • Never use a herb/plant without researching it until you know it like the back of your hand
  • This includes combining herbs together. It is like chemistry, if you have no clue what could happen if those two mix, it can be very dangerous!
  • Never harvest a plant yourself from the wild as you can easily be mistaken which can cause whole new problems
  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional help
  • Witchcraft is not a substitute for professional help

Seriously guys, magic is great and can help, but you should not substitute professional help with magic. Be responsible, and stay safe.

Yule rituals, since they fall on the longest night of the year, are very effective when practiced in total darkness. Take time to reflect upon winter’s reality: darkness, cold, silence, motionlessness—all the outward signs of death over which life will triumph.
—  Yule WitchBox Grimoire Page

“As an animist I believe everything in the Universe possesses souls and is sentient. I believe the Universe itself is a massive sentient being and all within it are pieces of this great being just as our bodies are composed of individual organs, systems, bacteria, and parts, each distinctive from the other, but working in united harmony for the body they compose. Like ancient animists before me, I believe this creator-being is too great and too distant for us to directly commune with just as our liver cannot talk to us directly. But there are intermediaries to help us tap into the greater ebb and flow of the Universe just as our organs can send signals to our brains that something is either wrong or alternatively good. For us here on planet Earth, the intermediaries include the Sun, the Moon, the more distant stars, and the much closer plants and animals all around us. I believe these entities are divided further into great spirits some call gods who have their own distinct personalities within their cultural contexts. Animism, monism, and polytheism do not conflict within my syncretism.”

Lawless, Sarah A. 2011. “Cosmogeny of an Animistic Mystic.” Sarah Anne Lawless. February 5. http://sarahannelawless.com/2011/02/05/cosmogeny-of-an-animistic-mystic/.


You guys, I made the first batch of shirts!

They’re available now, and there are three styles of shirts (the crew-neck sweater, the women’s fitted tee and a basic tee (they go up to 5 XL I believe!) and a sticker! So prices range from $5 to $30! Also available in multiple colors!

You can find them here, and they are available for the next 20 days!  (so until the 23rd of December)

There will be other styles and other designs coming, and I can bring this design back if you want it again! This is just the first initial one that I wanted to get out for you guys because so many people asked for them. 

I made these in a style that I would personally wear and love (LIVING for the sweater okaaaay), but feel free to send feedback and suggestions, including other Curvy Witch Club designs!

(also if you buy one PLEASE send me a photo of you wearing it so I can cry of happiness and love ok)

I love you guys!

Thank you for the inspiration to create something so fun!

There is something bittersweet about aesthetic witchcraft posts. More and more these days, cultural diversity and appropriation are both topics of interest that are slowly being involved into the community. However, there still seems to be this ideology that I’ve seen among others that white, cis, young, and thin are default witchy looks. Give me trans boys of color. Give me chubby dark skinned girls. Give me older Mexican curanderos and black Mambos, all with wrinkles and aching bones and eyes of wisdom only acquired through a lifetime. In a group of witches I’ve been practicing with for 3 years and been friends with for much longer, no one out of the six is a young, thin, white, cisgendered individual. Magic is universal, so let’s actually show to non-witches that truth.