If you bought a candle and it came in a jar and you’ve burned the candle but there’s still waxy clumps on the sides. But you want to keep the jar, then try this! (Just be careful and be smart about it)

Boil some water and then pour it into the jar, the wax should rise to the top. Let is sit for an hour or two and by the time you come back the solid wax should be floating at he top!
A small list of Celtic deities

ANGUS MAC OG - Ireland. God of love.

Associated with birds. 

ANU - Ireland. Goddess of fertility, prosperity, and health.

Associated with cows.

ARIANRHOD - Wales. Goddess of beauty and reincarnation.

Associated with the wheel.

BADB - Ireland. Goddess of wisdom, inspiration, and enlightenment.

Associated with the cauldron, crow, and raven.

BEL - Ireland. God of the sun, healing, science, success, and prosperity.

BLODEUWEDD -Wales. Goddess of wisdom, lunar mysteries, and initiation.

Associated with flowers and the owl.

BRAN - Wales. God of prophecy, the arts, leadership, music, and writing.

Associated with the raven.

BRANWEN - Wales. Goddess of love and beauty.

Associated with the cauldron.

BRIGIT/BRIGID - Ireland. Goddess of all feminine arts and crafts. Healing, inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, and occult knowledge.

Associated with weaving.

CERNUNNOS - Known to all Celt areas. God of the woodlands and wild animals. Fertility, physical love, reincarnation, and wealth.

Associated with the serpent, stag, ram, and bull.

CERRIDWEN - Wales. Goddess of regeneration, initiation, inspiration, magick, poetry, and knowledge.

Associated with the cauldron and the sow.

THE DAGDA - Ireland. High King of the Tuatha De Danann, the ancient Irish deities. Patron of priests; the arts, prophecy, weather, reincarnations, knowledge, healing, and prosperity.

DANU - Ireland. Goddess of prosperity, magick, and wisdom.

DIANCECHT - Ireland. God of healing, medicine, and regeneration.

Associated with herbs and the snake.

EPONA - Britain, Gaul. Goddess of horses, dogs, and prosperity.

LUGH - Ireland, Wales. God of crafts, the arts, magick, journeys, healing, initiation, and prophecy.

Associated with the raven, stag, and dog.

MACHA - Ireland. Goddess of war, cunning, sexuality, and dominance over males.

Associated with the raven and the crow.

MANANNAN MAC LIR/MANAWRYDAN AP LLYR - Ireland, Wales. God of magick, storms, sailors, weather forecasting, merchants, and commerce.

Associated with the pig, apple, and cauldron.

MORRIGAN - Ireland, Wales. Patroness of priestesses. Goddess of revenge, magick, and prophecy.

Associated with the crow and raven.

OGMA - Ireland. God of poets and writers, physical strength, inspiration, and magick.

SCATHACH/SCOTA - Ireland, Scotland. Goddess of martial arts, blacksmiths, prophecy, and magick.

Another gem from Conway - The Little Big Book of Magic.

A small list of Egyptian deities

After a good look through Conway’s Little Big Book of Magic I found this wonderful list of deities from the Egyptian pantheon that I just had to share with you all. 

AMEN/AMUN/AMMON - God of reproduction, fertility, agriculture, prophecy. 

Associated with the ram and the goose.

ANUBIS - God of endings, wisdom, surgery, hospital stays, finding lost things, journeys, and protection. Considered a messenger from the gods to humans.

Associated with the jackal and sometimes the dog.

BAST - The cat-headed goddess of all animals, but especially cats. She symbolizes the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, joy, music, dance, marriage, and healing.

BUTO - Cobra goddess of protection.

HATHOR - A mother and creatress goddess, protectress of women. Symbols include the moon, marriage, motherhood, artists, music, happiness, and prosperity.

Associated with the cow, the frog, and the cat.

HORUS - God of the sun and the moon, he stands for prophecy, justice, success and problem solving.

Associated with the falcon and the hawk.

IMHOTEP - God of medicine and healing.

ISIS - The supreme Egyptian goddess, who was honored for 3,000 years. In later times, her worship spread to Greece and Rome. Meanings include magick, fertility, marriage, purification, initiation, reincarnation, healing,
divination, the arts, and protection.

Associated with the cat, the goose, and the cow.

MAAT - Goddess of judgment, truth, justice, and reincarnation.

Associated with ostrich feathers.

NEITH - A warrior goddess and protectress, she represents magick, healing, mystical knowledge, domestic arts, and marriage. Two arrows were among her symbols.

Associated with the vulture.

NEPHTHYS - The dark sister of Isis. Magick, protection, dreams, and intuition. The basket was one of her symbols.

OSIRIS - The supreme Egyptian god. Fertility, civilization, agriculture, crafts, judgment, architecture, social laws, power, growth, and stability.

Associated with the hawk and the phoenix.

PTAH - God of artisans and artists, builders and craftsmen.

Associated with the bull.

SEKHMET - The dark sister of Bast, a lion-headed goddess. Physicians and bonesetters; revenge, and power.

Associated with the lioness.

TA-URT/TAURET - The hippopotamus goddess. Childbirth, maternity, and protection.

THOTH - God of books and learning, and the greatest of magicians. Writing, inventions, the arts, divination, commerce, healing, intuition, success, wisdom, truth, and the Akashic Records.

Associated with the ibis.

Deities of the Greek pantheon

APHRODITE - Goddess of love, sensuality, passion, partnerships, fertility, renewal, the sea, joy, and beauty.

Associated with the swan, dove, poppy, rose, apple, and pomegranate.

APOLLO - God of the light of the sun, healing, oracles, poetry, music, inspiration, magick, and the arts.

Associated with the arrow, bay laurel, and the raven.

ARES - God of war, terror, courage, raw energy, and stamina.

ARTEMIS - Virgin Huntress. Goddess of wild places and wild animals, protectress of young girls. Magick, psychic power, fertility, childbirth, sports, contact with nature, and mental healing.

Associated with dogs, the stag, horse, acorn, crescent, and juniper.

ATHENA/ATHENE - Goddess of Athens. Freedom and women's rights; patroness of career women; patroness of craftsmen. Wisdom, justice, writing, music, the sciences, invention, weaving, architects, and renewal.

Associated with the owl, horse, intertwined snakes, the olive, and oak.

CYBELE - A Phrygian Great Mother goddess of the earth and caverns, associated with the god Attis. Goddess of the natural world and wild beasts. The moon, magick, wildlife, and the dead. Originally worshipped in the form of a black meteorite, Cybele’s worship spread to ancient Greece and Rome.

Associated with the lion, bees, pomegranate, violets, pine, cypress, the cave,
bowl, and pearl.

DEMETER - Goddess of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Protectress of women; crops, initiation, renewal, fertility, civilization, the law, motherhood, and marriage.

Associated with corn and wheat.

GAEA/GAIA - Earth Goddess. Oaths, divination, healing, motherhood, marriage, and dreams. The Oracle at Delphi was originally hers, before Apollo took over.

Associated with the laurel.

HADES - God of the Underworld. Elimination of fear of the dead.

Associated with gemstones.

HECATE - A Thracian Triple Goddess of the moon and the Underworld with great power. Patroness of priestesses. The moon, prophecy, averting evil, riches, victory, travelers, crossroads, transformation, purification, and

Associated with the snake, dragon, dogs, and cauldron.

HELIOS - God of the actual sun, riches, and enlightenment.

HEPHAESTUS - God of blacksmiths, metalworkers, craftsmen, and volcanoes.

Associated with pottery.

HERA - Queen of the Gods. Use her image when facing infidelity and insecurity, and also for marriage and childbirth.

Associated with the peacock, cow, pomegranate, marjoram, lily, apple, flowers, willow, the sickle, and double ax.

HERMES - Messenger of the Gods. Commerce, good luck, orthodox medicine, occult wisdom, music, merchants, and diplomacy.

Associated with the ram.

HESTIA - Virgin Goddess of the hearth. The home, dedication to duty, and discipline. Her name was mentioned by the Greeks in all their prayers and

NIKE - Goddess of victory.

Associated with the palm branch.

PAN - God of male sexuality, animals, fertility, farming, medicine, and soothsaying.

Associated with goats, fish, and bees.

PERSEPHONE - Queen of the Underworld. The seasons, crops, and overcoming obstacles.

Associated with the bat, willow, narcissus, pomegranate, sheaf, corn, and cornucopia.

POSEIDON - God of the seas and all sea animals. Storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, horses, rain, human emotions, sailors, and weather.

Associated with the horse, fish, dolphin, and bull.

THEMIS - Goddess of law and order.

Associated with the scales. 

ZEUS - God of the Heavens. Rain, storms, lightning, wisdom, justice, the law, riches, and the heart’s desires. 

Associated with the eagle, oak, and lightning.

Conway again - this time on the Greek pantheon.

Cunning Celt's Beginner Guide #5 Harsh Truths

These are some things that not every witch will tell you, but they need to be said. No matter your path, no matter your practice, no matter your craft, these are some truths that all beginner witches need to hear.

1. Your spells will fail just as often as they succeed.
Especially your first spells. Spell failure is something that every witch experiences. It doesn’t mean that you are a failure. No witch gets it right 100% of the time, and if they say they have then they are lying. There are endless reasons why a spell mightn’t work: you haven’t properly raised energy; you haven’t raised enough energy; you have failed to direct the energy adequately; you haven’t ‘repaid’ the powers or spirits or gods you are working with (if you work with them); or it simply wasn’t meant to be. You might draw card after Tarot card and gain no insight, or stare into a scrying glass for hours and see nothing, and your pendulum will swing all over the place with no discernible message. But the good thing is that you get to learn from your mistakes, and become a better witch for it. But just because your spells will fail, doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

2. Your craft will change.
I am yet to meet or speak to any experienced witch that practices exactly the same craft in exactly the same way as when they first started. As humans we are constantly changing, growing, and evolving, so your craft will be constantly changing, growing, and evolving. Whether you change paths, or your path evolved in a way you didn’t expect or intend, it will happen. And that’s ok. Your craft will change to suit you, to become what you need it to be.

3. There will always be someone more experienced than you.
That’s just a fact of life. No matter how experienced you are, no matter how long you’ve been practicing witchcraft, there is always someone who is more experienced and who has been practicing longer. But that’s good! You can learn from them. And in time you will be more experienced than someone else, and they will learn from you.

4. You will have your doubts.
Crises of faith, doubting the effectiveness of your magic or even doubting the existence of magic. We’ve all been there. I’ve been mid way through a ritual and thought “what am I doing? This is all just hooey.” It’s ok to have those thoughts. It’s normal to have those thoughts! It means that you are a critical thinker, that you don’t believe everything at face value.

5. You may quit.
A lot of witches, not all, but a lot of witches quit witchcraft. I once decided that witchcraft was no longer for me, and I threw out my Book of Shadows. I then came back to the craft, and frustratingly had to start all over again. But that’s ok. If you go away from the craft and come back to it multiple times, you are still a witch. And if you decide that witchcraft is definitely not for you and you leave permanently, that’s ok too. It doesn’t mean you’re a fake or a poser. Once a witch does not have to mean always a witch.

These are a few of the harsh truths that I have learned along the way; things I kind of wish someone had told me when I was starting out. You will likely discover your own harsh truths, and then you can warn those who come after you.