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Angry antifa witch

If you’re not enraged you’re not paying attention. What happened in Charlottesville is absolutely horrific and disgusting, but it’s not surprising or new. I am angry I am hurting. I am worried I’m not doing enough. I am a mentally ill, chronically ill witch. I want to go to rallies, I want to protest, but I am not strong enough. I am strong enough to hurt them with intent. 

I am so angry…. I just did an impromptu binding. I’m on vacation and literally had none of my supplies. I had a coffee filter, dental floss, black pepper packets, and a pen. I wrote binding sigils around the circle of the coffee filter and wrote nazi scum in the center. I filled it with black pepper and bound it with dental floss. So I decided: coffee filter to filter out the nazis, kkk, ect; black pepper to symbolize their darkness and how it will be their downfall, mint dental floss to choke out their hate speech. I held the whole bundle under running water and let the black pepper bleed through, symbolizing the washing away of these deplorable sacks of human garbage and chanted: “You are being washed away like the stain that you are.” “Drown with your beliefs.” I then flushed the bundle down the toilet. “You are being flushed out, you will be flushed out.”

Every little thing helps. Do what you can. Do not let these fascists, xenophobes, racists, bigots, nazis, ect. win.

Trump's Win and the Efficiency of Magick

I think what I am struggling with most is how much Magick so many witches worked to prevent Trump and how none of it seems to have come to fruition. Where did we go wrong? I have a friend who felt we were repaid for our hexes etc. I think part of it is of course that we did not do as much in the real world to prevent him. Or perhaps we were not strong enough. Thoughts?