CVLT Nation Streaming Witch of The Waste - Made of Teeth

Vancouver’s Witch of the Waste are about to release their second EP, Made of Teeth, on March 21st, 2015, and they are sounding angrier than ever before! This death horde is coming for your jugular with tracks that will eradicate your ear drums and brutalize your braincells! We are…


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  • <what she says>im fine
  • <what she means>Turnip Head really got screwed over in Howl’s Moving Castle. He was there for Sophie from the very beginning- he found a place for her to stay, he tried to comfort her when she was sad, he helped with the chores, he SPLIT HIS FUCKING POLE IN HALF to save everyone, and what did he get in return??? Nothing. He admitted that he was in love with Sophie, and she promptly turned around and confessed her love for Howl right in front of him. Howl, who whined like a little bitch the whole movie and threw tantrums because he didn’t like his hair color and yelled at Sophie because he had a problem with the way she cleaned. What the fuck.
the signs as Howl's Moving Castle characters
  • Aries:King of Ingary
  • Taurus:Prince Justin
  • Gemini:Lettie
  • Cancer:Calcifer
  • Leo:Madame Suliman
  • Virgo:Honey
  • Libra:Heen
  • Scorpio:Turnip Head
  • Sagittarius:Howl
  • Capricorn:Markl
  • Aquarius:Sophie
  • Pisces:Witch of the Waste