• <what she says> im fine
  • <what she means> Turnip Head really got screwed over in Howl’s Moving Castle. He was there for Sophie from the very beginning- he found a place for her to stay, he tried to comfort her when she was sad, he helped with the chores, he SPLIT HIS FUCKING POLE IN HALF to save everyone, and what did he get in return??? Nothing. He admitted that he was in love with Sophie, and she promptly turned around and confessed her love for Howl right in front of him. Howl, who whined like a little bitch the whole movie and threw tantrums because he didn’t like his hair color and yelled at Sophie because he had a problem with the way she cleaned. What the fuck.
the signs as Howl's Moving Castle characters
  • Aries: King of Ingary
  • Taurus: Prince Justin
  • Gemini: Lettie
  • Cancer: Calcifer
  • Leo: Madame Suliman
  • Virgo: Honey
  • Libra: Heen
  • Scorpio: Turnip Head
  • Sagittarius: Howl
  • Capricorn: Markl
  • Aquarius: Sophie
  • Pisces: Witch of the Waste
Imagine when chaol finally comes back from the southern continent
  • Chaol: who's that guy with the army?
  • Aedion: the Prince of Wendyln
  • Chaol: okay... what about that girl with the red hair?
  • Rowan: queen of the wastes
  • Chaol: ... is that a witch coven?
  • Dorian: yes
  • Chaol: and an army of silent assassins??
  • Lysandra: yep
  • Chaol: Nevermind, where's Aelin? I'm sure she can explain
  • Gavriel and Lorcan: ...

To Kill a Witch

Everybody knew how to kill a witch, but nobody had ever told James how to ask one for a favour.“ 

A James and Lily AU in which Lily is a witch, James is the only son of a wealthy trader, and Tom Riddle is leading the Witch Hunters in a righteous crusade.

the first four chapters are available to read on ff.net and ao3

these two are legit couple goals <3

ok but crack!headcannon sjmaas concept...rowaelin!sonxfeysand!daughter, part 1

PART 1.5  PART 2

-so this takes place like 50 years after acowar, and like 100 years after tog6, when everyone’s happy and safe

-so rowaelin!son is the youngest, with two older sisters, and is the only one that looks just like Rowan, minus the eyes which are aelin’s

-he’s a young warrior, praised by aedion, all of the cadre, has tattoos and all, but to Aelin he’s always her baby boy

-while feysand!daughter is an only child for now, she has feryre’s hair, face, and all her powers, but everything else is rhysand, attitude, cockiness, eyes and wings

-rhys is insanely protective of his little girl, so you can imagine when she’s 17 and she, goes to nightcourt alone, without permission, she’s promptly sent to the cabin for a week as a punishment

-so rowaelin!son, 18, goes to help his sisters transport Auntie Manon’s witch mirror, from the waste lands to Adarlan, and of course the three argue about how to get it there, one thing leads to another, and he falls in

-two days into her stay, feysand!daughter hears a crash outside, and she’s shocked to see it’s a very handsome, very unconscious fae boy

-she immediately, thinks he’s from summer court, with the white hair and all, but his attire is way off, and she’s never seen the type of writing that make up his tattoos before

-despite her instincts, she can’t bring herself to leave him outside alone, so she  brings him back to the cabin

-he doesn’t move for a whole day, she has him tucked away in a guest room with a dozen blankets

- she plans to ignore him, but she’s dying to get a better look at his tattoos maybe for a painting, and her curiosity gets the better of her so she pulls up his sleeve

-aaaaand, sure as wyrd wakes him up