“Aslan & Lucy”

Here is a tribute piece that I made for Gallery1988 for their upcoming “Tiny Tales” show based on well known children’s books. I made a post about my process on my website which you can read about here: http://nolenlee.com/2016/10/20/narnia-tribute-piece-and-process/


I got tagged by @impossiblephantomwhispers I guess I have to name 5 different OTP from 5 different fandoms so lets see what I can do

TimKonBart (DC, pre-New52) I know it’s a Throuple not a pair I don’t care 

Nico di Angelo and Will Solace (Heroes of Olympus) 

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BluePulse (Young Justice) 

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Josh and Arnold (Please Like Me) 

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Brian and Justin (Queer as Folk) 

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Special mention because there is no fandom of this, but my favorite fictional couple are Ryan Thompson and Garrett Powell from the book 366 Days I hope people go read it, because they’re special and I love them

moving on um…. who to tag I guess @sofiama @witch-boy-666 @wintersoldieringg @thefingerfuckingfemalefury @holyromanhomo @patheticgayblog

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Can boys be witches??

Boys can definitely be witches. Generally, boy witches are just called witches, but some of them feel more comfortable with different terms, like “wizard" or “warlock.” However, I think both those terms have different connotations, and if they do I have no idea what they are. I’ve seen a few posts talking about them in the past, so maybe some of our followers will be able to help us out. -GW


It’s finally finished! I’ve been working on this for a week and I’ve loved every second of it.
I needed a good excuse to really get the hang of Clip Studio Paint and I wanted to make a big background-heavy piece again. This setting worked perfectly for that.

I recently saw this video by @hewhois and I got instantly inspired. It made me want to draw a modern male witch in his private den. I loved the peace and comfort that the video emitted and I did my very best to create a similar feeling. It’s so difficult to capture a very specific mood, but I hope I succeeded!