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What Supernatural ships do you have? Destiel is my otp but I do enjoy reading wincest fics

I used to ship destiel (it’s how I met Rachel) but then like ??? I stopped and now I ship wincest (when I first watched the first episode and Dean tackled Sam I told my friend I shipped if bc I didn’t connect that they were the brothers in the beginning)
I lowkey use it to cope sometimes oops

also Sam and any sweet boy (preferably the sweet witch boy from season 12 that I can’t think of the name of rn)
and Sam and Kevin

and ruby and Jess

eyyyyy, do you love boy witches?? do you love boy witches who were cast out of their coven/family when they were just a young boy and branded a warlock? do you love boy witches who grew up to become grumpy old man necromancers who can’t seem to stay in one place for longer than a few months, much less admit that he loves his girlfriend of centuries and wants more than anything to stay with her forever???

then boy do i have the stale cinnamon roll for you

he shows you he cares by grumping at you and telling you you’re a fool and helping you anyway, it’s NATHANIEL RATHE, EVERYBODY!

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Wally: Excuse me, but I’m a scientist and there’s no such thing as magic so shut up 

Kent Nelson: *does magic*

Klarion: *does magic* 

Kaldur: *does mermaid magic*

Doctor Fate: *possesses Wally and makes him do magic while he watches from inside his helmet alongside another guy who’s not only dead but also does magic* 


[Witch Boy AU] Credence Barebone

There was no denying that the boy was strange.
Dressed in black from head to toe, weird tattoos covering his arms, his nose always stuck in his books.
He rarely spoke to anyone - except to his cat when he wasn’t simply mumbling to himself.
Nobody really knew him, or knew about that tall, mysterious man who suddenly appeared in the neighboorhood.

I got inspired a lot by @dakotaliar‘s wondeful drawing of Credence for this aesthetic <3 I just love how she drew him ! I kept the original concept but added the ‘witch boy’ concept because I really like the idea.

Take a look at her work down here :D



To celebrate the start of 2017, I give you the Modern Male Witch Bathroom! I’ve been casually working on this for weeks and I finally finished the animation today.

This is an older version of the flower witch boy I designed a while ago. I thought he would fit nicely in this setting. He is now a plant/crystal/water witch <3

This is the second piece in my Modern Male Witch Project.

Available as print on Society6