Rules for RPG horror games

1) Save every 5 seconds. (You’ll thank me later)

2) Don’t trust anybody.

3) Don’t.Touch.The.Piano.

4) If you see a weapon,pick it up.

5) Get a calculator.(There is always a number puzzle)

6) Have your finger on the sprint key…just in case.

7) Don’t get attached to any characters.(One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made)

8) Go to the bathroom before playing.

9) If you forgot to do 8),sorry you’re on your own.

10)  Don’t have anything breakable nearby.You might either rage or jump with fright.

  • horror game: don't play this if you get scared or disturbed easily. this game is forbidden to those who are unable to distinguish fiction from reality.
  • me: *spamming the start button* ok yeah lets play the damn game
  • me, later that night: *brandishing some random object* cmon zombie motherfucker get out here so i can kill you and then go to sleep

So I’m playing Ib for the trillionth time, and each time I play, I notice something new that occurs if you backtrack quite often.

Not sure if a post has been done on this before, but I mean… Why not?

If you go back through the whole museum as soon as Garry is added to your party:

Added dialogue for Liars Room, hide and seek room, and you can now get sassed out by that friggen ant. He will also be slapped by the naked lady painting. It made me laugh, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just the thought of Garry being like “lol bewbs.”

Also, read all of the artwork in case you get the black key during the second playthrough. (I highly recommend it. More Garry action!) Most paintings have extra Garry dialogue. Psst more Garry = win/win situation.

If you go back as far as possible as soon as Mary joins your party:

You now cannot look through the mirror.  As if Mary didn’t mess up enough, now she cuts you off from Garrys’ face. I was so pissedu. 

New conversation about the porno book. This also made me laugh. Probably because such similar situations have happened to me in the past. Cries.

If you also backtrack after the lights turn off on Mary and Ib right before “Separation”, you get new descriptions for what is inside the art boxes. It makes it all nice’n creepy. 

Yey well that’s just what I found tonight, and I felt the need to make a post about it. XD But really, the little details added here and there in games like this, are what makes them so enjoyable to play again and again. 

*Flashes Luigi death stare*

Peace outu.


It’s finally done! After years of telling myself I’d draw the mcs of rpg horror games it’s finally done. The games are, from left to right:

First row: Ib, The Witch’s House, Yume Nikki. Alice Mare, Bevel’s Painting, Paranormal Syndrome, Akemi-Tan, A, Trauma Traum

Second row: Paranoiac, Mermaid Swamp, Forest of Drizzling Rain, Angels of Death, Re:Kinder, Fantasy Maiden’s Odd Hideout, Cloe’s Requiem, Amayado Bus Stop, Utahonotatari

Third row: Ao Oni, Shoujo Kidan, Mad Father, Misao, Bury, Blank Dream, Shiro no Noroi, Little Red Hood, Insanity Moon

Fourth row: Utopia, Read Material World, Memento, Cradle’s Dream, Black Coffin, End Roll, Farethere City, Wizard of White Box, Kioku Shoujo

Thank you so much to @vgperson @balthasar02 @tosiaki7 for translating most of these games! However, some are untranslated, so I’m not exactly sure what their English titles would be. Thank you very much to everyone who helped tell me about them :)

Also thank you to @misc-rpg for the support!

What RPG horrors are the signs
  • Aries: The Witch's House
  • Taurus: Alice Mare
  • Gemini: Mermaid Swamp
  • Cancer: The Crooked Man
  • Leo: Forest of Drizzling rain
  • Virgo: Misao
  • Libra: Ib
  • Scorpio: Mad Father
  • Sagittarius: Yume Nikki
  • Capricorn: Corpse Party
  • Aquarius: Cloe's Requiem/.flow
  • Pisces: OFF