Humble Bundle currently has all of the RPG Maker Series on sale for the next 3 days.  Now’s a time to pick one up if you’ve never tried RPG Maker before, or have pirated a copy due to the price.

RPG Maker is an easy to use engine that requires no programming knowledge to make a game with.  While the engine’s main focus is on traditional RPG Making (Think Final Fantasy and ) adventure games like Pocket Mirror, The Witch’s House, Pom Gets Wifi, Ib, & Yume Nikki.  Visual novels can also be made with the engine as well.


Need to practice taking photos of my works (for portfolio purposes and stuff Dx)

This is my favourite art line-doodle-art cuz I’m proud of my patience on handling the details of the House (dang bricks) T_T.

I have no guts on dooling in direct ink unless I do draft sketches with my mechanical pencil. ((thus I don’t participate in Inktobers and stuff TT~TT))

I miss playing rpg horror games … Dx 


Majo no Ie (witch’s house) seems like a pretty interesting horror game. 

The most interesting thing is that there are a lot of differing opinions on the conflict between the two characters - who’s right and who’s wrong, who should be allowed to live and who shouldn’t. Who should atone for their sins and who should perish because of what they had that the other didn’t. 


Convenient DL link HERE: http://vgboy.dabomstew.com/other/witchhouse.htm

Though being super nit picky, I wanted this to be translated to “Witch’s Manson” since, to me, seems more like a mansion than a “House”. Picky picky. If you’re looking to enjoy the autumn horrors right before winter really hits, this is PERFECT so what are you doing still reading this. It’s not long at all so I HIGHLY recommend it!!!