witch's fungus


Had some of what I suspect is Leucocoprinus birnbaumii pop up in my seedlings.

Unfortunately, I found this out AFTER the sight of a rather large toadstool that popped up within the last few hours spooked me so badly that I ripped the sucker out and pitched it… then doused my babies with 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 10 parts water… then added cinnamon for an extra anti-fungal kick… muttering “not in MY house…” crazily to myself the entire time…

They’re harmless.

Whoops. Sorry, little guy, but you were competing with my purple coneflowers, and I didn’t appreciate it. Byeeeeee. Rest in fucking pieces. :)

(In other news, I will never use these peat pot pieces of shit again. All they’ve done is mold and rot and grow fungus. What a nightmare.)


Two jelly fungi that look alike but aren’t! The fungus on the left is Witch’s Butter, Tremella mesenterica, and the one on the right is a Dacrymyces, probably Dacrymyces palmatus. No big deal if you mix them up, though, because both are edible! They’re pretty bland and watery, though, in my opinion, but then again, so is celery. Be sure to cook them thoroughly before eating them if you’re up to try them. 

Fantastic fungi I've found

Over the course of the last few months I’ve been quietly snapping away at the various fungi I’ve encountered in West Lothian and the Lomond Hills of Fife.

I’ll readily admit now that I’m not a fungi person by any stretch of the imagination.  I do find them utterly fascinating and will snap hundreds of photos of them, but I find identifying them difficult.

This isn’t surprising, for there are believed to be around 12,000 known species of fungi in Scotland.  And identifying them can be even more problematic because the ones that we can see above ground change appearance at different stages of their lives.

It’s entirely possible to find two fungi in different places that look completely different, only to find they’re the same species at different points in their life cycle.  As the dome-shaped caps open up into parasols, it’s easy to get confused.  And I do.  Regularly.

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This fungus is killing a succulent at my work, making its (leaves?) slough off at the slightest touch, and breaking down the central stem… Posting so I could warn others what to look out for! (And maybe get more info on this fungus!)

The white mold looking substance on the stem is the real culprit, and I think the little yellow ball sprouting up could be a proper mushroom for this bad boy! Anyone know more?

11/15 Have you ever thought to yourself, “Swans and the Grand Canyon and sunsets and the aurora borealis and humpback whales singing are really majestic and all, but what this planet really needs is a bright orange fungus that apparently gets goats high”? Me neither.

At least I got a photo this year before they ate it all and started gleefully headbutting hay bales and trying to snort the cats.