witch's foot

Hot Foot Powder aka Banishing Powder

*Black pepper
*Cayenne pepper
*Sulfur (you can get sulfur tablets anywhere vitamins are sold. It can be used to treat diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, tendonitis, and achne if you need an excuse to family )

Grind ingredients together to form a powder. Sprinkle the powder on the targets door step if you want them to move, under their desk or where they stand at work to make them change jobs, or even in their shoes would have the same effect if that is easier to get to.

this is Le Mont Saint Michel, in Normandie, France. it’s also where Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is located. and listen i KNOW Beauxbatons is supposed to be in the Pyrenees but it’s only rumored to be so i will take this hc to the grave

ok now that this is out of the way hear me out 

this is le mont saint michel, and depending on the tide it’s either an island or accessible by foot

the witches arrived in 1265 and never left because come on, even the location screams magic it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. even the wizarding world has aesthetic needs to fulfill.

there are some muggles on the island, but most of them have been there forever and their parents before them, and having lived through WW2 and the invention of television,  they can think of weirder things than magic. Also they have other shit to do than go and tell everyone about beauxbatons and plus they quite like those wizards, they’re polite and make delicious drinks so everyone is happy to mind their own business. 

and this pals, is Beauxbatons Academy of Magic : 

the architecture is famous all over the world and has therefore attracted many tourists over the years so the academy has decided to open some parts of the castle to the public. 

but do not worry they’ve thought this through! a powerful glamour has been cast over the whole place for it to look to the muggles like they’re visiting an abbey. 

for example, this is a muggle photo of a statue of Nicolas Flamel, famous alumnus of Beauxbatons Academy. 

and if you’re still not convinced here are a couple of photos proving that this place is definitely magical

Bonus : this is La Mère Poulard, the best restaurant on the island. Anne Boutiaut, who owns the place, is a 166 yo witch and to this day, she still hasn’t disclosed to recipe to her famous omelet. the muggles think she’s just in very good shape for her age. 

you can also see witches and wizards of all ages, unwinding with a butterbear after a long day, looking fondly at the oblivious muggles 

it’s a happy place 

BEHOLD the baba yaga hand of glory and divination!! 

🔮all will be revealed🔮

This will be silkscreened in the near future and, baba yaga willing, you’ll be able to find prints at STAPLE! this coming March in ATX 💕

Digital, 2015.

I am currently midway in the process of drying out chicken feet. Without a food dehydrator it is a very long process using salt and one of the lowest heat settings on your oven. Chicken foot charms are used by many practitioners of different metaphysical systems of witchcraft. However, the practice originally comes from Voodoo and Hoodoo. Chicken foot charms are used for protection and to “scratch out” negativity. These are also used for enemy workings to “scratch at” or “scratch” your enemy. Usually you would paint up and decorate your chickens foot charms, but I am familiar with practitioners using the dried chickens foot as is. Your chickens feet would go through a process of consecration, blessing, and charging prior to use. You may hang these charms in your home, car (to protect from theft), and even incorporate into jewelry and with mojo bags.

Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder is used whenever you wish to make someone leave you or make it so that they never stay in one place too long. I’ve heard of people using it and having it so that the person is constantly moving for the rest of their life. It is very simple to make and most of the ingredients you have in your home, or can be substituted for things in your home

Hot Foot Powder Recipe:
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
Black Mustard Seed
High John the Conqueror Root
Gun Powder 

Make into a fine powder and keep in an air tight container until use. Due to the nature of some of the ingredients, I advise caution when using to keep away from sensitive parts of your body, make sure you are not allergic to the sulfur, and please wash your hands with soap and water afterwards.

The only ingredients on that list I believe are mandatory would be the Cayenne, the black pepper, and the sulfur(which can still be substituted, I’ve just found it’s not as potent in my practice). Anything else can be substituted. I also use Chili Powder in mine along with other things I think would be necessary for the intended purpose of that particular batch of Hot Foot Powder, such as trusty black salt made with ashes from banishing herbs, iron dust, graveyard dirt, and other things.

Whether you pour it on their tracks, put some in their shoes, sprinkle on their doorstep, put a picture of them in a jar of it, mix it with war water for an especially nasty batch of that, or any other use for it, this stuff is amazing and potent. Got a horrible roommate? Sprinkle some behind them while they’re leaving the house, then once they’re gone, sweep all of the room out into the main room and then out the door, successfully ridding the home of them and you can now start searching for a new roommate, or refurbish that room into the spiritual room you’ve always wanted.

Some Basic Roots Herbs, Minerals, and other natural materials of protection:

Angelica Root (purifies home, protects babies, and mothers)
Anise (wards off evil eye)

Basil (family protection & happiness, drives away evil)

Bay Leaves (keeps away evil, jinxes, & enemies)

Betony (provides protection from disease, evil entities, and reverses hexes)

Black Cohosh/ aka Black Snake Root (strong all purpose protection against unwanted persons & snake bites)

Black Pepper (is used to harm others, or to provide protection against witches, or foot track tricking)

Blessed Thistle (protects the home from evil)

Boneset /aka White Snake Root (protects against unnatural illnesses & jinxes. & snakes of course)

Boldo (Household & personal Protection)

Calamus/ Sweet Flag (jinx breaking)

Chamomile (protects home, children & removes jinxes)

Citronella (spiritual cleanser, gets rid of evil)

Comfrey (for safety when traveling)

Devil’s Shoestrings (useful for clearing away evil, or reversing evil tricks)

Dragon’s Blood (very powerful for all purpose protection, wards off evil)

Eucalyptus (cleanses home of evil spirits & negativity, gets rid of enemies)

Five Finger Grass (wards off evil, provides luck & protection while traveling)

Garlic (hang in kitchen to keep away unwanted visitors. used in 4 thieves vinegar)

Graveyard Dirt (Real graveyard dirt- not an herbal replacement) (used to harm others, also for strong protection)

Hen’s eggs (preferably from a black hen, but in a pinch any egg will do) (used for uncrossing)

Horehound (protection from wild beasts)

Hyssop (cleanses home & clears away crossed conditions. A spiritual cleanser- see Bible Psalm 51)

Lavender (protects home, marriage)

Lemongrass (draws good luck while protecting from evil)

Lye (esp. a brand called Red Devil Lye. Bury outside in 4 corners of property in unopened with the devils facing outward. protects from enemies. Caution- highly corrosive & hazardous to handle. But very effective)

Motherwort (protection of family & home)

Mugwort (safe travel)

Peppermint (protects from enemies, jinxing, reverses curses, and if burned on cleanses home of unwanted spirits)
Red Brick Dust (protects home, and illegal businesses)

Rosemary (a strong home protection esp. for women)

Rue ( clears away or reverses jinxes, purifies spirit and home. use in bath to break spells. wards off evil eye)

Sage (the smoke, cleanses the home of negativity and lingering evil spirits. wards off evil eye)

Silver mercury dime (use to ward off tricks, goofering or any other evil doings)

Star Anise (protection from evil eye)

Sulfur (used to do evil work, but also to counteract evil work & for uncrossing. Protection against enemies)

Vervain/ Verbena (protection from evil, used for uncrossing, & protection of home & marriage)

Vinegar (4 thieves vinegar for protection against enemies)

Wormwood (safe travel, personal safety)

Halloween PSA

Halloween is coming soon!

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So, with that in mind, I wanted to go over a few things.

1) Don’t try to play fetch with the werewolves, they won’t fetch the ball. They’ll probably fetch your tibia from your flesh.

2) Don’t throw random things into the Witch’s brew. They work hard on that shit and don’t want some punk ass throwing dirt into their Chaos Cauldron.

3) Don’t try and steal the Vampire’s capes. Vampires are chill yo, do you want your blood still in your body? I thought so.

4) Don’t mess with the ghosts. How would you like it if someone came into your house and started fucking shit up? Also, don’t mess with Ouija boards unless you know what you’re doing or have someone who knows what their doing. No, ZoZo or whoever the fucker is is not contacting you. It’s Steve the Ghost who got bored. 

5) Goblins do not like it when you touch their faces. No, they aren’t wearing a mask, yes they’re just that ugly. 

6) Don’t tell the Banshees to shut up. Just … don’t.

7) Don’t unwrap the mummies. They’ll blow away in the wind and now you’ve got a murder on your hands.

8) If you see Satan, tell him I said hi.

9) While the Swamp Monster does like water, I would suggest not pelting him with water balloons and spray guns. He doesn’t have the sense of humor like Big Foot does.

10) Speaking of, Big Foot is a real push over and a prankster himself, so watch out for him. He likes to leave his footprints every and he can throw his voice so he’ll roar south when he’s like west or something. But he’s cool.

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Another one of the new herbal pendants. I wanted to experiment with something that was still pretty rigid but with more delicate petals, and Bird’s Foot Trefoil seemed like a good candidate. I wasn’t expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. The petals definitely did whither a little, but not so much so as to be unrecognizable, and the resin hides a lot of the harsher wrinkles very well once embedded.

This is another “Midsummer” pendant, using a sprig of Wild Oat and Bird’s Foot Trefoil harvested at sunset on Midsummer evening.

Stormed Off

The witch, annoyed, stamped her foot and stormed off.

Quite literally.

From her heel, plumes of silver and black smoke coiled to form a small platform. A haunted wind picked her up and flew her away, leaving her date to stare in silent confusion.

Magic Foot Baths

Okay so we all know about magic baths but what about the benifits of magic FOOT baths. I mean think about all the negative energy that collects on your feet all day, they also aren’t time consuming, and some of us don’t even own a bathtub.
And they can be super simple too, sometimes I just add some salt, and it’s relaxing as hell.