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Please don't attack young witches!

So many of these young girls and boys are trying desperately hard to understand and use difficult concepts in their daily life. We have to encourage exploration! If they use a term incorrectly, politely correct them and explain what they may have been trying to use! We need to foster growth! I’ve seen too many witches and pagans alike jumping down the throats of young kids who are accidentally being “offensive”. Please remember what it was like when you first started. Remember trying to find your footing.

Hot Foot Powder aka Banishing Powder

*Black pepper
*Cayenne pepper
*Sulfur (you can get sulfur tablets anywhere vitamins are sold. It can be used to treat diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, tendonitis, and achne if you need an excuse to family )

Grind ingredients together to form a powder. Sprinkle the powder on the targets door step if you want them to move, under their desk or where they stand at work to make them change jobs, or even in their shoes would have the same effect if that is easier to get to.

Witch tip: foot baths!

Seriously, if you don’t have access to a bathtub (like in a dorm), have issues with sensitivity, or just want your product to last longer, try soaking your feet in your bath salts of choice. Envision the negative energy flowing out through the bottoms of your feet and being washed down the drain when you dump the water. You’ll use less of it than if you had a full bath, and you can get a decent sized tub at the dollar store for cheap. Plus, if you work on your feet all day, it’s a great way to relax. You could also finish it up with a nice foot scrub and some nail polish to match your intent, if you’re into that. ✨

Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder is used whenever you wish to make someone leave you or make it so that they never stay in one place too long. I’ve heard of people using it and having it so that the person is constantly moving for the rest of their life. It is very simple to make and most of the ingredients you have in your home, or can be substituted for things in your home

Hot Foot Powder Recipe:
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
Black Mustard Seed
High John the Conqueror Root
Gun Powder 

Make into a fine powder and keep in an air tight container until use. Due to the nature of some of the ingredients, I advise caution when using to keep away from sensitive parts of your body, make sure you are not allergic to the sulfur, and please wash your hands with soap and water afterwards.

The only ingredients on that list I believe are mandatory would be the Cayenne, the black pepper, and the sulfur(which can still be substituted, I’ve just found it’s not as potent in my practice). Anything else can be substituted. I also use Chili Powder in mine along with other things I think would be necessary for the intended purpose of that particular batch of Hot Foot Powder, such as trusty black salt made with ashes from banishing herbs, iron dust, graveyard dirt, and other things.

Whether you pour it on their tracks, put some in their shoes, sprinkle on their doorstep, put a picture of them in a jar of it, mix it with war water for an especially nasty batch of that, or any other use for it, this stuff is amazing and potent. Got a horrible roommate? Sprinkle some behind them while they’re leaving the house, then once they’re gone, sweep all of the room out into the main room and then out the door, successfully ridding the home of them and you can now start searching for a new roommate, or refurbish that room into the spiritual room you’ve always wanted.

I am currently midway in the process of drying out chicken feet. Without a food dehydrator it is a very long process using salt and one of the lowest heat settings on your oven. Chicken foot charms are used by many practitioners of different metaphysical systems of witchcraft. However, the practice originally comes from Voodoo and Hoodoo. Chicken foot charms are used for protection and to “scratch out” negativity. These are also used for enemy workings to “scratch at” or “scratch” your enemy. Usually you would paint up and decorate your chickens foot charms, but I am familiar with practitioners using the dried chickens foot as is. Your chickens feet would go through a process of consecration, blessing, and charging prior to use. You may hang these charms in your home, car (to protect from theft), and even incorporate into jewelry and with mojo bags.

Magickal Herbs: How to... "baths"

Herbal Baths: Whether it is a bath, sitz bath (hip bath), foot bath or finger bath, the herbs (or herbal infusion) in all cases highly diluted with hot water.

Bathing work naturally externally but volatile substances released can thereby be also partly inhaled (mainly etherical oils).

Best way if you don’t want to deal with herb residue in bathtub, is to make a decoction and add it to the bathwater. Or use a tea egg. You can also wrap herbs in cloth. 

The principle is based on a combination of herbs and heat. Heating of your body or part of it makes you relaxed and calm. Heat also accelerates healing of muscles and relieves rheumatic pain.

The usual herbs used for baths are: 

  • Chamomile 
    This herb soothes nerves and bid relief from stress. Very good for babies and for the moms as well, for a good night rest. 

  • Basil
    The spicy scent is energizing and a very good one for start of the day or a busy night.

  • Eucalyptus
    This herb is best added as oil to the bath. This helps with a painful throat, stuffy nose and lack of energy.

  • Lavender
    The most known herb for bath, soothing and relaxing. I love to use this one in combination with rosemary.

  • Lemon (as oil) and lemon balm
    Refreshing scent and energizing, helping with sore skin and muscles.

  • Rosemary
    Helps with aching and sore muscles. Works wonders when your throat hurt and your nose is stuffed. 

  • Sage
    This amazing and universal herb has a stimulating effect when used in bath. Not everyone might like it’s scent though, so use small amounts of it in baths.

  • Calendula flowers 
    These are soothing for dry skin and help with eczema and healing wounds and to soothe mosquito bites. Very useful for small children baths. 

  • Marjoram
    Also known as wild oregano, is a decongestant (helps with stuffy nose) and is invigorating. It aids with muscle pain and strains.

This is when you will find me,
in my witching hour…

anonymous asked:

I love the ocean (I don't live anywhere near it though) but I have galeophobia,(I'm terrified of sharks), and this causes me to avoid swimming in any body of water. I'm looking into becoming a sea witch. But should I avoid that too because of my fear?

You can totally still be a sea witch! If that’s what you feel drawn to then go for it!

You can still be a sea witch and not step foot in the ocean :)

Sea Witch Resources:
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Go for it darling! :D

Halloween PSA

Halloween is coming soon!

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So, with that in mind, I wanted to go over a few things.

1) Don’t try to play fetch with the werewolves, they won’t fetch the ball. They’ll probably fetch your tibia from your flesh.

2) Don’t throw random things into the Witch’s brew. They work hard on that shit and don’t want some punk ass throwing dirt into their Chaos Cauldron.

3) Don’t try and steal the Vampire’s capes. Vampires are chill yo, do you want your blood still in your body? I thought so.

4) Don’t mess with the ghosts. How would you like it if someone came into your house and started fucking shit up? Also, don’t mess with Ouija boards unless you know what you’re doing or have someone who knows what their doing. No, ZoZo or whoever the fucker is is not contacting you. It’s Steve the Ghost who got bored. 

5) Goblins do not like it when you touch their faces. No, they aren’t wearing a mask, yes they’re just that ugly. 

6) Don’t tell the Banshees to shut up. Just … don’t.

7) Don’t unwrap the mummies. They’ll blow away in the wind and now you’ve got a murder on your hands.

8) If you see Satan, tell him I said hi.

9) While the Swamp Monster does like water, I would suggest not pelting him with water balloons and spray guns. He doesn’t have the sense of humor like Big Foot does.

10) Speaking of, Big Foot is a real push over and a prankster himself, so watch out for him. He likes to leave his footprints every and he can throw his voice so he’ll roar south when he’s like west or something. But he’s cool.

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Another one of the new herbal pendants. I wanted to experiment with something that was still pretty rigid but with more delicate petals, and Bird’s Foot Trefoil seemed like a good candidate. I wasn’t expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. The petals definitely did whither a little, but not so much so as to be unrecognizable, and the resin hides a lot of the harsher wrinkles very well once embedded.

This is another “Midsummer” pendant, using a sprig of Wild Oat and Bird’s Foot Trefoil harvested at sunset on Midsummer evening.