witch's brew recipe


Time for Cooking with Cayde!™ Lol

Today’s recipe is!!!
Elderberry Cider!

*Big ass cinnamon stick
*Some orange rinds (twist those bitches my witches)
*Couple star anise uhh stars?
*Small handful of dried elderberries
*About a handful of dried rose buds
*Throw some lavender in that bitch
*Like 6 cloves
*ALLSPICE (about 12?)
*2 cups of sugar
*3.5 cups of water

Throw all that into your pot/sauce pan/ cauldron and set the heat to medium high. Bring to a rolling boil for like 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then strain it off into a different pot or directly into a mug. Voila!
I usually like to drink it with a little milk mixed in but that’s your preference! Also, if y'all don’t easily have access to any elderberries, SAFE dried rose buds, or lavender then shoot me a message and I’ll try to hook you up! Faeries love this stuff btw! Stay witchy my friends 💙

"Feel the Love" Witch's Brew

💖this brew is great for sharing with a loved one or enjoying by yourself. I use this to feel really nice and calm when I’m anxious! Especially since I’m not super fond of lavender and chamomile based teas. 💖

(Measurements can vary,,,I just toss in handfuls to be honest. Always remember to research herbs before use and consumption!)

You will need:
🌹dried rose petals (culinary ones plz)
🌹dried hibiscus flowers
🌹cinnamon chips/sticks
🌹one dried rose hip
🌹3 clove buds
🌹a small orange, quartered w/ rind on
🌹a small apple, sliced

Bring water to a boil, then toss in your herbs and fruit to steep. I recommend squeezing the juice from the orange pieces before tossing those in.

Enchant as you add each ingredient, stirring clockwise to invoke love and calmness.

Let the herbs and fruit steep in the water for at least five minutes. Go a bit longer for a deeper flavor (and color!) all the while focusing your intent.

Strain out all the solid matter. Compost that goodness.

Pour into glasses! At this point I like to stir in a bit of honey to taste! Honey is wonderful (support your local bees). Roses and honey 🍯🌹 are a classic combo.

Enjoy!! Let me know if you like it.