witch's brew recipe


Time for Cooking with Cayde!™ Lol

Today’s recipe is!!!
Elderberry Cider!

*Big ass cinnamon stick
*Some orange rinds (twist those bitches my witches)
*Couple star anise uhh stars?
*Small handful of dried elderberries
*About a handful of dried rose buds
*Throw some lavender in that bitch
*Like 6 cloves
*ALLSPICE (about 12?)
*2 cups of sugar
*3.5 cups of water

Throw all that into your pot/sauce pan/ cauldron and set the heat to medium high. Bring to a rolling boil for like 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then strain it off into a different pot or directly into a mug. Voila!
I usually like to drink it with a little milk mixed in but that’s your preference! Also, if y'all don’t easily have access to any elderberries, SAFE dried rose buds, or lavender then shoot me a message and I’ll try to hook you up! Faeries love this stuff btw! Stay witchy my friends 💙