witch's familiar


witch’s familiar, a super-rushed 8-page comic about a human named November, a crow familiar named Hemlock, and a witch named Moira, in which Nov gets her phone stolen and they both… get their hearts stolen? By? Each other? It’s gay. That’s all that matters. 

November belongs to @seasideleaside!!!!!


I researched about familiars today, after re-reading the post I reblogged about them.
I looked for a tarot spread to help me find my familiar, but I didn’t find any (if you know one, feel free to share it in the comments) so I made my own !

And I made a sigil too. Because I love sigils. (Same, if you know other sigils with a similar effect, don’t be shy !)

Precision about the tarot spread :
The first question might also be “Am I ready / what do I need to be ready [to find a familiar] ?”

Witchcraft & Dogs: Witchy things to do with your dog

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As a witch I find it very hard to find ANYTHING about dogs and witchcraft. Cats are more commonly found for pet spells. So, to even things out a little here with our feline friends I have come up with a short list of witchy things to do with your canine companion!

  1. On walks take moments to rest and soak in the environment with your dog. Walks can be very intimate with nature. Dogs are also great for finding unique witchy things naturally like seashells, giant acorns, or cool rocks for example.
  2. If you like to use sigils, take a permanent marker and draw a sigil for protection or health on the bottom of feed dishes. Boom! Every meal is enchanted now.
  3. Make homemade dog treats! I mean any Kitchen/Hearth witch would love doing this. I often like making dried apple crisp and natural peanut butter balls with very small amount of organic peanuts for texture for my dogs. Apples bring health and fortune while peanuts (peanut butter) is good for strength and resilience.
  4. Bath magic with dogs is amazing! Dogs love soaking in baths with flowers and oils too. Make sure all bath magic spells are safe and edible for dogs BEFORE you place them in the tub. Dogs will try to ingest what’s floating/infused in the water so make sure it’s not harmful to them.
  5. Make your own charms for your dog’s collar. They can be used as amulets of health or protection jewelry for your special pup.
  6. Infuse spells for the home and sacred spaces with dog fur naturally obtained in your dog’s hair brush. A lot of protective wards can be boosted by your dogs loyal guardian spirit and banish evil away.
  7. Want to boost your bond with your dog(s)? Light and burn mild incense and read a book (a witchy book is what I do) to your dog. I even make dog safe lavender honey milk tea and share with my dogs while I read to them to make it more of a ritual type activity. Doing activities like this are amazing for strengthening the bonds between a witch and their dog(s).
  8. Make your own perfume spray for your dog with essential oils. Lavender, mint, and sandalwood are generally safe to use but as an added precaution I always test my sprays on my bare skin and wait 24 hours (kinda like the hair test for anyone familiar with home hair dye kits.)
  9. Buy the ready clay kits at craft stores for children’s hands and use it for your dog’s paw instead. Carve a sigil in the middle of the clay and press your dogs paw into it. Press in and add your own stones, herbs, crystals, shells, etc. Now you have a protective ward to hang or display in your home infused with your dogs protective energy.
  10. If you like knitting or sewing magic, make your dogs different cloths (like a sweater) that can double as practical and adorable. A real fun way to display witchcraft without anyone knowing that it’s witchcraft!

****Please make sure that anything you involve your dog in they are always safe from harm. All witchcraft involving a dog should be pet friendly at all times. Do not force your dog to participate in your craft if they don’t want to; that’s animal abuse. Thank you & fair winds witches!****

Me, smelling various jars of I don’t know what to figure out What It Is: I’m a witch

Me, surrounded by tarot cards that card roasting me, crying: I’m a witch

Me, touching any cat ever: I’m a witch

Me, staring at all the notebooks I bought for grimoires while holding the composition notebook I Actually Use: I’m a witch

Me, choking on incense smoke: I’m a witch

Me, spilling tea everywhere: I’m a witch