witch vibe


To clean a room from bad vibes, there´s always different methods but I like to use a simple and more personal one.

 First, gather dried herbs. It´s more special if it´s your favourite, since its your room. Mint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary , Lavender Buds, you choose. 

Then, you have to burn them on a old frying pan or the herbs alone if you like, just be sure to turn out the fire quickly, the point is to leave the aromatic smoke. 

Pass the herbs around each corner of the room while thinking of positive energy, of things that make you happy and give you peace of mind. 

Lastly, once you are finished, open the windows and place the ashes and remains in a garden or the natural soil. It´s preferable to thanks the earth for letting you use the herbs to clean your place. .゚☆゚. - Bo

Spell Jar to Enhance Productive Energy (if you feel low on energy)
  • Things You’ll Need:
    - Yellow Candle (productive energy to seal jar) *optional  
    - Cinnamon or Cayenne pepper (success and energy)
    - Black Pepper (enhance energy)
    -Crushed Red Pepper (enhance energy)
    -Dried Lavender (healing, calm, anti-stress)
    -Dragon’s Blood Calcite/Red Calcite (enhance energy, grounding) *optional

What To Do:
Layer the ingredients, filling each with intent and energy. Once you’re done layering, seal the jar with the wax from the yellow candle. The crystal can be used to enhance the intention while your creating the spell jar. Just meditate with it for a few minutes.

*These are just some things I associate with gaining/enhancing energy. Change them if you need to. Also I put “or Cayenne pepper” because I had that originally, but didn’t realize I was out of it.

Good luck on your journey and sending you positive vibes!✌🏻🔮🍀


This! 🙌💎💜✨ Who loves Amethyst as much as I do?!

I would like all of you moonbeams to keep in mind that all of my crystals are carefully hand selected by myself, and then brought to my home where I cleanse them and care for them until they are sent to their new forever home. It’s as if my soul reaches out and chooses the crystals.

From my soul, to yours,